TNT – Friday

TONY – Good morning, TNT. It’s another Friday and another great day to see what happens. How do you feel today, DC?

DC – I feel wonderful, absolutely wonderful!

T – The PM spent time here from Iraq. What’s going on in Iraq?

DC – First, thank-you for the kind wishes for my daughter. She’s fine, with a few stitches. Thanks again

DC – Good ole Iraq had successful UN meetings and Abadi is back in Iraq. All the lawmakers have been meeting all week. All legislation has been completed and now they’re just cleaning up, as they were voted to do. CBI is prepped and let some tests yesterday that a few other guru-folks mentioned pinging. We got that as well and that was best-described as a dress-rehearsal with everybody to make sure everyone is ready to go, including all central banks. Everybody was quite pleased. You don’t do a dress-rehearsal months out, but just before the big reveal. We’re saying everybody is ready for it around the world. Security is ready. Customs guys are ready. Banks in Iraq are ready. All major political figures have signed off on it. Merchants are ready and have been trained. On TV “economic reforms coming soon” and some saying “immediate.” Banks in Baghdad are telling people where to exchange. In the morning mosques they reviewed preparations and said the UN meetings were highly successful, with a lot of back-slapping and congratulations.

T – The fact the told everybody they’d get paid at the new rate on 10/1 – how likely is that?

DC – Extremely likely. We were told not to discuss specific dates but it is very, very likely by then.

T – The Third Quarter starts on Wednesday. Last weekend I was told this would be our last weekend going thru this. It’s Friday so we’ll see. We have until Wednesday. We really don’t have anything else to talk about.

DC – The US is absolutely prepared. Repubs and Dems, UST, Homeland is ready, everybody has been tweaking and running and redoing procedures all week. Have we been this close before? This is different because (1) you have a GOI that really wants to get this done now; (2) a lot more transparency in the past month or two; (3) a USA Admin that is highly supportive in the past month; (4) Senate and House are highly supportive to get it done; (5) all political operatives are eager to get this done.

T – We’ve been this close, but not with everybody in agreement. Here’s another factor everybody should look at: if their goal is to take out ISIS, the first thing hit was their financing and income streams because they are paying people to fight.

DC – I want to address some idle chatter from people crapping on TNT, Tony,, we try not to get into the petty stuff. If you don’t like what you hear, you don’t like me or Tony, or other gurus out there, stop listening to them. It’s the work of idle minds and idle hands. Law enforcement is all over this. They listen to every call. They’re watching us because they want to keep everything straight because of the level of intelligence and influence we have. They are worried about intel leaks. If we are doing anything bad, let law enforcement deal with it. People who conspired to take other people’s money will be dealt with after the RV. Let’s let law enforcement handle. And if you don’t like what you hear stop listening. Let’s be adults.
[18:23:24] Wei Ting & Wat Ching 4 Ka Ching! Angel: T – After it happens you will hear about the arrests, you will see who gave you the right number, procedures and times. There is a list already and we do know some of the names on the list for a fact. It is what it is. You’ll see the numbers and the truth will come out in the end. Life will go on.

DC – Also, there are a lot of other gurus who have good contacts and are trying to share what they have, like all of us are. Most of us are just trying to figure it out for our fellow man. If you don’t like what you hear don’t call in.


C – Can you tell us what might be on the NDA? We’re going in there blind.

DC – When we talk about the contract rate, that’s the contract, or a specific group or country, has with the UST. The contract is very straight-forward. A = this rate and these requirements, B = this rate, some restrictions,

C = this rate, no restrictions. The NDA is going to be pretty simple, 4 pages telling you to be quiet and don’t talk about this. The bank contract is all about the rate.

C – So what about the bank requirements to do the exchange?

DC – Are there rates based on how long you keep it there? Yes. What those are exactly we don’t know. But the Chinese gov’t is buying it from you so those rates will be higher, as well as the percentage you keep in the bank.

C – What about the tax situation? Will we be taxed according to our current tax bracket?

DC – That has all changed. I’m personally planning for the highest income tax I might have to pay.

T – You have federal, state and Obamacare. It could be something totally different but we don’t know yet because it’s not decided yet. Prepare for the worst.

C – I watched the Abadi interview with CNN. He said he doesn’t think he’s getting the support from the USA and coalition forces to fight ISIS.

DC – It actually ruffled a few feathers and caused some minor bureaucratic BS within the Admin when he said that. The overall strategy is still very-much up in the air. Abadi spent a lot of time with officials going over the plan face-to-face working out those issues. Abadi is indeed in charge. He’s not crazy. He’s building a trust with the USA and is asking the right questions. He’s somebody they can work with and that helped a great deal all week. They did run a dress rehearsal yesterday and they wouldn’t have done that if those talks weren’t successful.

T – Abadi has come out publicly that he doesn’t want ground troops. They want more air support.

DC – It’s a massive mess – they are fighting with aircraft in the air from different countries, different transponders, etc. We don’t do exercises with them, so it’s a coordination nightmare.

C – What about meetings with the CBI?

DC – Those guys met all week separately and together. Those meetings were extremely successful. The World Bank and IMF all came over. A working relationship was very-well received.

C – Who is in charge of the CBI at this moment?

DC – It’s a mess. But they’ve already been given the authority. It’s almost like a committee-leadership now until it gets voted on.

DC – The top reason to watch for would be the group of folks in the USA trying to delay it. Their political winds, however, are very much in favor of getting this done now. If something horrendous happens, like a mosque attack or similar, you would see a delay. But everyone is leaning forward in the saddle. I don’t think at this point that would happen. People are saying they won’t budge off the date to get this done.

T – The date has been changing a week ahead of the date. Today is Friday and the date hasn’t changed. That’s significant and a big factor.

C – What does “done” mean these days?

T – It is done in the system. We’ve been hearing from everybody it’s done, just relax. It’s a timing issue. It’s done because they tested the system last night again. It’s done because some got paid while they were testing the system (not thousands of people, just a few). As far as a global system it’s done. And payments were made this week that couldn’t be paid unless it was done.

C – The CBI website hasn’t been updated since 9/24. Does that mean we’re in that 4-day holiday?

DC – There are 2 CBI websites (one in Baghdad and one in Houston). They can be updated within minutes. Just because it hasn’t updated in several days doesn’t mean anything. It’s not a big deal. The servers are working well because they recently tested it. And a new site will be launched when it comes back up.

C – Has Iraq’s credit rating been raised?

DC – It has and will get raised once again once the RV goes through.

C – Are the taped messages will relevant?

DC – Yes, or they can go live.

C – POTUS was speaking to the UN General Assembly this morning and mentioned a unity GOI. Was this part of the announcement?

DC – It was part of the “package” of announcements. He’s telling the world know that Abadi is working well with everyone. It’s very important for Iraq to come across as a mature gov’t. Is this part of the RV announcement? No.

T – There won’t be an announcement on the six o’clock news. But you’ll see things on business channels.

C – Do you know the buy/sell of the dong?

T – Nope. $80/million on Sterling. $58 at WF.

C – A friend needed money and sold some back and only got half.

T – That happens. And next week he’ll be sorry he did that.

C – Who determines when the contract rate ends?

T – There is a pool of money and when those contracts are filled and the pool is empty, the contract rates end.

C – Can one tax ID make more than one appointment?

DC – Yes, but not on the same phone call. Each call makes one appointment.

C – Does Vietnam have low-denoms to pass out?

DC – I don’t have any contacts in Vietnam. I know it’s loaded in the system and what the rates are, but not the specifics. It won’t concern us because we’re just doing an exchange. But it’ll be chaos in-country if they don’t.

C – How does Iraq become a member of the WTO?

DC – Iraq has already been a member since the 40’s. They fell out of favor and have been in suspension mode since the Saddam days. They have been working to regain full-standing/ascension. It’s basically a “good housekeeping stamp of approval” to be in full standing again. But that’s not required for the revaluation.

C – When I exchange I’m concerned about turning over my dinar to a banker and waiting for him to call me the next day, fearful he might tell me it’s a forgery or no good. Where’s the security in that?

DC – The way we understand it is it will work just like any other currency exchange. They will verify it in front of you before sending it off. I’ve been told if you bought it from a reputable dealer the chance of something being wrong is infinitesimally small. Or ask for a Dela rue Machine.

T – When you go to the bank there is supposed to be a bank marshal or a third person in the room to verify the count. If you go to the teller window they have a currency book you can ask to see to verify your currency.

C – Is Dr. Shabibi back?

T – Not back in charge at the CBI, but he may be consulting with them.

C – When you call the 800# and get 20 minutes will you be able to open a new new account? Will there be enough time to open a tax account, a mother lode account, etc.?

DC – They tell you the rates and you choose the one you like. Meanwhile they set up the account while it’s being counted. All in 20 minutes. You’ll dump your money into an account (keep the dinar separate from other currencies) and then go back later and open tax accounts, trust accounts, etc.

T – If you need 2 accounts for multiple currencies open them before the appointment.

NOTE: Current caller is asking a very complicated divorce/co-mingling of assets/who-gets-what type of question. Because neither Tony nor DC are attorneys, nor qualified to answer that question, this Q&A will not be transcribed.

C – In the beginning of the call you said “next week” – do you mean Iraq week or US week?

T – I mean October 1, which is next week. On Oct 1 they are expecting the new rate per the GOI. Plus, the date has been moved a week ahead of time in the past and today that has not happened. We’re expecting something by that time frame.

C – If it goes today when will we see it?

T – If it goes today the majority of people wouldn’t see it until Monday or Tuesday. I said on Wednesday’s call the best plan was over a weekend.

DC – Let’s get into times and dates. Here is the original plan a while ago: Thursday night our time/Friday AM in the mosque. Make the announcement and move on. And not worry about a lot of market/Forex movement. Then, once the Forex guys got involved, they said Friday night when Forex closes or shortly thereafter, because Forex won’t float until Sunday evening. Then when they added the other currencies in the mix, the slowest time in global finance is from about 8PM Saturday night USA until 6AM Sunday morning. So they said that’s an ideal time for major changes. Almost all markets are closed, banks closed, etc. That’s why you’ll always see banks go down during those times to update. Because of other aspects, like international bank synchronization on Tuesday nights, those times were added in there. So it’s evolved to weekends as the best time.

C – Is there any confirmation about the Zim?

DC – Mugabe was given paperwork to sign as an agreement for economic reform to occur if they stop the genocide. He signed it but Zimbabwe is poor and has nowhere to go but up. They are incredibly rich in resources.

T – Every time we talk about the Zim they raise the price. They want the price so high that people won’t buy it.

C – When will the brokers and dealers get confirmations to stop selling?

DC – It’s part of their procedures but I don’t think a lot of these guys will be notified until after it happens. It will be a tight window.

C – On the last call it sounded like you said we might not get a contract rate on the dong.

T – I’m not sure the VND will rise like the dinar will for an international rate. I’m not sure people have confidence in Vietnam growing as quickly as Iraq.

C – So we should get to the bank as quickly as possible to get a contract rate?

DC – We think we know the amount in the pool but we don’t know how long it will last. Caps are there to let everybody have a fair chance at the contract rate.

T – Even at the int’l rate it’s a ton of money. The rate that I know of is at least 10X what it used to be. Get to the bank and get it over with.

C – I heard some banks will have you sign an additional NDA.

DC – That is a possibility if you are offered a higher rate. They don’t want you blabbing.

C – If someone has significant amounts of currencies and they have an LLC with a capital funds form, should that be notarized before the RV?

DC – Yes, that’s what I would do.

C – How are we protected when handing over our currency to the bank for them to verify it?

DC – You can ask for a Delarue machine. If you’re that concerned about it go through every bill.

C – Is there any recourse to dispute the bank if they find you have counterfeit currency?

DC – The UST is tracking every note you have. If you bought from a reputable dealer I wouldn’t worry about it.

C – Is there a Plan B still in place or has that gone away?

DC – It is floating around. Basically if we do something stupid they’ll swoop in. But we’ve shown we’re highly supportive and everyone is playing ball right now.

C – If they cut the USA out, is our currency just as good as wallpaper?

DC – If that happens, you still have an internationally-traded currency. They can’t make our worthless and others valuable.

T – Here’s the real question: what’s the probability that Plan B will go into effect?

DC – Extremely unlikely.

C – Does the RV have anything to do with the Petro-Dollar?

DC – A petro-dollar is like an economic slang term for the world basing oil on dollars in trade. USD is the world’s reserve currency and oil is traded in “petro-dollars.” Oil dominates and the whole world needs it bad. The oil that everyone needs is traded in USD, or petro-dollars.

PETRODOLLAR (from Investopedia): The money earned from the sale of oil. The term “petrodollars” was coined when the price of oil rose sharply in the 1970s. It resurfaced in the new millennium, when prices rose once again. Although petrodollars initially referred primarily to money that Middle Eastern countries and members of OPEC received, the definition has broadened in recent years.

RECAP: DC – Bottom line is that everything looks wonderful. The dress rehearsal yesterday went well worldwide. Abadi is back in country and everybody is ready for this to go through and prepared across the entire world. Everything looks really good.

T – The dress rehearsal included the pinging from the CBI to the UST. Everything is in motion. There is NO bad news. We couldn’t find any. We didn’t give you everything, but the process is alive and well. It should’ve been last weekend but, if we believe anything they say, it should all be over by the 1st. If you were in charge would you wait until the last minute for this to occur? We don’t understand why our own financial institutions won’t give us a head’s up, but we’re not in charge. Have a plan of action. Don’t wait. Be ready to get that call whenever it happens. If we stay ready we don’t have to get ready, especially between now and Wednesday. If we hear something outstanding we’ll send it out to you. Enjoy the rest of your day.


BEST LINE of entire call: “The dress rehearsal yesterday went well worldwide.”
imho 😉

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