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TONY – Good morning, TNT. It’s Friday, November 14, 2014. We really have great info. Last night DC, Pam, Ray hated what I’m about to say. We got info from certain people saying “Tony is going to look like a prophet – LOL!” I say that because it’s the weekend and here we are. DC, let’s get started.

DC – Let’s go east to west. Iraq – more of the same, passing more laws, gov’t reform, people are getting along, etc. Regarding the HCL, they reconfirmed it – not so much voted in – and they will stick with this version with a few tweaks. That’s good news. ISIS – they’re making a lot of good progress on that. Some of the ISIS fighters are leaving, saying it’s not worth it. Quite a few are on the fence, trying to get them to put their arms down and get back to normal life. In the mosques they told them to expect the “change” at any moment. Have they told them this before? Yes, but they’re still saying it. CBI is preparing for the weekend.

T – HCL was broadcast over the TV and radio and Barzani said there is an agreement. In the mosques they’re saying all Qi Cards will be loaded with the same rate. Celebrations are scheduled for Saturday or Sunday. It’s looking like a great weekend coming up, but don’t get all hyped up. But this time it’s a little different. DC will explain in a little bit. Everybody over there is excited and ready. They’re telling everybody that on Saturday the coins will be distributed to the citizens in all provinces.

DC – In the USA, the UN is quite upset this hasn’t gone through. The UN is pushing it in a major way. It is absolutely applying pressure on the situation. Iraq is now actually not being able to pay their bills and some provinces are flirting with bankruptcy. In Washington, the IMF/BIS are coordinating timing. The Admin and UST are reviewing their checklists and have prepped banks for this weekend. Some think the delays were intentional, others think they were just being cautious. The bosses at the G20 (in Australia this weekend) would like to celebrate while they’re meeting, but that’s not a driving factor.

DC – The banks in the USA are saying they will be do anything until it’s ready. But they’ve told their folks to get ready for this weekend. People are still cashing out with cash, not SKRs, but cash receipts. How is this different? A lot of the banks that didn’t want anything to do with it are now actively engaging and are on board. That is significant.

T – FULL security hasn’t been in for months but are scheduled for this weekend. On Monday we knew banks were telling their folks they would be exchanging this weekend. It’s also down to Level 2 banks being involved.

DC – We still need to be cautious, but we’re looking real good. Be expectant. I am personally optimistic. We’ve been to this edge before.

T – Even tho everybody is agreeing at this moment, they still have the ability to screw it up. Plus, with what’s happening in Iraq with bankruptcies, there are more reasons now to let this go.

T – Let’s review the bank stuff now. One of the main things we cannot stress enough – from several banks – is to say “I’M HERE TO EXCHANGE FOREIGN CURRENCY.” Anything other than that they will treat it the way you say it. People from multiple agencies will be listening to WHAT YOU SAY when you walk in.

DC – We have received 7-8 confirmations that several agencies will be in the banks when you walk in listening to what you say. We keep getting more and more confirmations of that.

T – A bunch of you will get WM’s and will be treated differently. Supposedly the more money you have the easier it will be for you, from buying homes and cars, tickets, concerts, etc. Whether you exchange at the bank or not, after you wire your funds to the bank your perks will there for you. I recommend you interview perspective Wealth Managers for what YOU want, not what he wants. This is just good, straight business. You want to make sure it’s YOUR agenda. They’re going to make money on every transaction they do for you. They are there to ADVISE you – it’s still your money.

T – It’s always best not to have all your eggs in one basket. Don’t invest in one industry, one idea, one person, or one bank. I’m putting money in 4 different banks. They all have different WM’s with different ideas. And let them know you’re doing that so they’ll compete with each other for your business.

T – For large purchases, don’t tell anyone you’re paying cash. The price may go up. They want to handle that business for you. They will want to negotiate better prices for you when you buy homes and cars. Investigate it first and see what they can do for you. But remember, they work for the bank. They get paid fees and commissions. That’s fine if they can save me money – that’s what they do. If they can save me $10K and charge me $1K for doing it, I’m okay with that.

DC – If you’re not used to making big purchases, take your time and be realistic. Calm yourself down and listen carefully and take your time. :

T – On our Forum Pam has posted 40 items of bank perks. Now is a good time to review your 10 things that you need to do. Everyone’s list will be different. When this is announced this will blow your mind, so be prepared. Create your own list of 10


C – How long can Iraq go without having value to their currency? DC – They do have a value but it’s so low and they have been expecting it to go for so long it’s causing many problems there (bankruptcies, paying their bills, etc.). There is pressure from the int’l community to get this done.

C – How can we go over perks when we have such limited time? DC – After the initial “cattle call” your Wealth Manager is supposed to contact you within 72 hours (I think more like 96 hours) to discuss your perks and that’s when you can make adjustments to any fees/rates, etc.

T – We really do look at every piece of the plan even what we can’t discuss. We’re trying to give you all that we can in case we can’t after signing our NDAs. Please ask pertinent questions because you MAY NEED THIS INFO SOONER THAN YOU THINK.

C – Is there anyway the current Admin is holding back the RV  because he might lose his advantage during the lame duck session before the GOP takes over in January? DC – That’s a possibility but I think it’s low. Right now everybody is queued up over the Keystone XL Pipeline. Frankly, the Repubs would like it on their watch, but so do the Dems. So this is more of a motivation for him than immigration issues.

C – What is the smallest denomination of coin they are releasing tomorrow? DC – The smallest is 1 fil, which is equivalent to our penny, but is valued at about 3 pennies.

C – When would the most logical time for this to be released? DC – Int’l bankers prefer 2-5AM EST. That lines up with Iraqi morning. The original plan was for it to line up with their 10AM (local time) mosque. Some want it at 9AM before east coast banks open, others want it at 12Noon when west coast banks open, etc. Everybody has their windows they want to push. I’ve been consistently told that with the sophistication of the   systems they don’t need a particular time. And Iraq is so ready they don’t care. What constitutes the weekend? After west coast/Hawaii closes on Friday. The lowest amount of financial transactions occur between 10PM Friday and 9AM Sunday.

C – If the dong is in the first basket, will it have a contract rate? DC – We don’t know it’s going to be in the first basket. It may be but we’re not certain. There is a contract rate that is the same for everybody.


C – Did I hear you say the dong is not in the 1st basket? DC – We heard grumblings this morning it may not, but it’ll have to be pretty quick to prevent double-dipping.
C – Will this be the GCR this weekend? DC – One plan was to have the dinar go through and wait 30 days for the other currencies to adjust, keep it off Forex. That plan was when not many people had dong. So now they have to adjust accordingly. They’ve always wanted some time between the dinar changing values and the other currencies. But with the possibility of double-dipping they’re more concerned about this. But there are rumors there may be breathing room for the dinar to go.

T – Your chance of that happening are slim to none. We have a whole city where there are only 5 WMs trained for this. They don’t know who or how the list was created. I have 3 CEO’s of banks who offered to put me on a list and they couldn’t. We are telling you it’s happening, but happening they way they want it to, with elite Wealth Managers. You have to know them personally. They won’t do it for a total stranger.

DC – Don’t call the banks and try to dig this out – they won’t answer. T – They will all tell you it’s a scam. We know people are exchanging, we know the rates, etc.

C – If this doesn’t happen this weekend, what will the affects be to contractors, US soldiers, etc.? DC – This is causing incredible strains on us, but this is affecting their entire country and its currency.

T – I’m glad she brought that up. As many problems as we have over here, our worse-case scenario is still better than there’s. They have to live their lives wondering if they’re going to see the sun come up again. That’s a whole different life that could be changed with a revaluation of their currency. They could buy groceries, a bed to sleep in, etc. and would help millions of people in an entire country.

C – (CALLER IS REVIEWING THE PAST YEAR’S DELAYS, TWITTER CAMPAIGN, ETC.). If it doesn’t come by Monday, give us something, even $3 to the 1/2 million of us. We’ll sign an NDA but give us a chance to change our lives. Just give us a chance. T – Obviously you’re trying to send a message to the PTB. We went through all that together. We’ve been going thru it the past 2-3 weeks because we know some of the folks who are exchanging, as well as their rates. We have this info. Some people are defying authority by giving us this info. We have been told the contract rate is still going to be there for us. The only thing that is NOT there is our turn. Our understanding from what we are hearing is our time is right now.

C – I’m not talking to the PTB but to the government. Use your power to get them to go. This could go to 2015, maybe even Dec 2015. Even other sites know about the exchanges, not just TNT. T – We talk to folks everyday and they listen to this call. DC talks to Senators and Congressmen daily. They say “good call, bad call.” They know there is only so much time left to sh*t or get off the pot. They know about the pressure and what’s going on in Iraq and what we can do. They know the pressure we can do publicly and they don’t want that to happen. AT THIS MOMENT, I THINK IT’S HAPPENING, BUT NOT 100% SURE.

C – My best friend got me in this 5 years ago. He called yesterday and was exchanging yesterday. He knew what rate he was getting before he went in for his dinar and dong. It was quite more than the $3 that the last caller said we would settle for. We shouldn’t shoot ourselves in the foot. I am not going to be   happy if one person is not going to be given the same advantage that the elite got. T – There are a lot of rates out there, from .15 on up. If you’re willing to live with a lower rate, I’m not going to argue with you. Whatever rate you get, make sure your money is making money. HAVE A PLAN. As early as yesterday, they are planning on you being broke.

T – Is your friend a movie star, a gov’t official, etc.? What makes him different than others? C – He’s nobody important – LOL! He’s listening. He might kill me now – LOL! The guy used to be my boss. But as far as being “elite” he is far from that. DC – What state? C – Pennsylvania. He’s from PA, but he could have exchanged in NY or NJ.

T – He’s an ordinary citizen from PA who got to exchange yesterday and got a contract rate? C – Yes.

DC – Don’t tell us the bank but is it one of the ones we’ve talked about in the past? C – Yes, one of the majors. T – We know one of the majors are exchanging today and tomorrow. The really good news is that Tier 2 are now involved.

C – DC mentioned the dong may not be in the first basket. If it’s not and the 800#s come out, what’s the window it might come out? DC – If I was a betting man I’d say it’s coming out at the same time. If not, within 30 days. The Zim and Rupiah are supposed to be in the same basket.

C – If you have a WM not affilated with a bank, can we talk to them now before signing anything? DC – Yes, before you sign an NDA. Tell them you’re coming into a certain amount of money and talk to them

C – Say it goes between 2-5AM and you tweet the 800#s. How long after that will you be there? T – I was told that within 2 hours they want people in the banks. But at 2-5AM in the morning I’m not sure. Here’s what I plan to do: I’ll immediately send a tweet then follow-up with a call immediately. Since that time we have been asked to help in the process and explain the NDA and how people should go so the process is smoother. Let’s go through exact procedures.

DC – Tony will tweet out the 800# and you will follow the instructions from there. This is Plan A. The other Plan B is we will send out the 800# and do a brief call, followed by 3-7 days with at least a 2-hour recorded call to help. But they’ve changed their minds so much.

T – After you get your money, don’t rely on people to offer you things for a fee on new websites. Tell your Wealth Manager what currencies you have and tell him to keep you notified. They should guide you on doing this. Use them. If you don’t have the time or inclination to monitor this, you have people who do this everyday as their job.

C – Wouldn’t it be best to wait instead of just jumping to exchange first, expecially with first cheese, etc.? DC – Tony and I have different opinions on this. My personal opinion is to get in and get out quickly. Tony has a different opinion. T – I know that Shabbibi said 3 years ago they could sustain a rate of $15. I believe in “no guts, no glory.” I know that every neighboring country is at $3 and that Iraq is supposed to be the premiere country in the region. I know how to watch this and I know things are greater later, but not everyone can do this. There are options you must decide which one fits you best. It will be a gamble.

C – Will exchangers have market rates? T – Yes. It will be the int’l rate – same thing. I have friends who will take the $3.50 at the bank and run.

C – You mentioned that the gov’t is going to shut down exchangers. T – I do not know that for 100%. Sometimes I get crazy and say too much. LOL! Some believe that there is an evil group who want to shut them down. I don’t know if they can.

C – If you have reserves what would you do? T – They are not going to shut down in 30 days. They do other currencies. I like the exchangers. Let’s go with the rise and fall of the dinar is probably going to happen in 15 days. If I called the 800# and want to exchange for the basic rate, I would go to the exchanger, place a sell-order and lock in the rate I want, not one the bank decided for me.

C – I read on a blog that, according to 13303, this wouldn’t be a taxable event. Is that true? DC – I haven’t heard that. I’m planning and budgeting to pay taxes. T – I would set 50% aside minimum for taxes, set aside 25% for investments, and 25% aside for your life. Do that until I’m completely sure what the tax liability will be. DC – Banks may say something but they may not know. I’m in TX so I’m setting aside 44% until after April. And I’m saving that difference until we’re past Jan. 1 just to be safe. Hold it out in a safe place to earn some interest.

C – What’s the top interest rate you would look for? T – Say I exchange at a bank and they ask me to leave 20% for 2 years to give me a better rate. Now we’re negotiating. DC – Frankly, I’m just doing math. If someone offers a penny over, it’s not worth it. For example, if they offer 3.68 instead of 3.58, what does that extra .10 do for me over the next 2 years? I’ll do the math right there. If you’re talking about estate planning, plan on living on 4%. That’s the standard for super conservative investing. Can I do better? Yes. What you live off should be put into a very conservative portfolio.

T – We are NOT financial planners. We’re just giving opinions on what we would do.

RECAP: DC – Iraq is immensely ready for this weekend. Timing is done. Coins are ready. USA has agreed that Iraq is in a lot of stress and needs this to go. The question is whether it’s all in one basket or to spread it out. A lot of people are already exchanging. PLEASE HAVE A PLAN! T – Go through your 10. Review the items in the Forum. I’m not sure what we will be able to say afterwards. Remember, the bank people didn’t know about this. DO NOT go into the banks making demands. They can choose not to do business with you. There are a lot of banks, credit unions, and tier 2 banks who will want your business. There are investment companies that will set you up with checking accounts if you choose to do business with them. But remember, if that person behind the teller window or desk acts snotty and treats you poorly, remember they missed their chance and they are mad. Look at it through their eyes. They will be upset and facing an onslaught. Your hard part is done. I’m hoping to do a call over the weekend. I’m hearing it all around the world they are ready. If anything chaotic happens over the weekend we’ll do a call. We just have to wait and see if it happens. END OF CALL.

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  1. Hello all , reading this info,a bell went off,I have heard all this before,not at all impatient.the u.n.wants it ? Are you serious ?& the g 20 in Australia,the stronghold of evil,along with the cabal,created u.n.I just don’t know,but discernment” is ” necessary.I am hearing info also & there is ” no ” date ,it will unfold when circumstances are fit.use your intuition , be descending.I don’t put anything past these psyco’s ,by the way , who are still ,temporally , here.

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