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TONY – Good morning, TNT. It’s Friday, November 28, 2014. I got some good info for you, some direct info and a timeline. DC is not here which means I can say whatever I want. But, before we do, I’m getting stacks and stacks of mail from you guys, letters from Senators, Congressmen, banks, etc. We have personal levels of what this has meant to you. There is a letter I want to read to you that’s short. All this is coming to a conclusion and we know it. But it’s important we know the history. LETTER WILL NOT BE TRANSCRIBED.

T – I don’t work for the government. I was in the military for 15 years so I respect the gov’t. I know there are bigger things than just us. There are 315M other Americans who will be affected by this as well. But I have never worked for the gov’t. I have never worked for the dealers. I don’t get paid to sell dinar. I don’t make one penny off any dinar sales anywhere in the world. I haven’t collected anyone’s dinar. I don’t care what the idiots say. I don’t advertise on my site. I don’t make one red cent from the calls. I do this because of that letter I just read. We do it because it’s the right thing to do.

T – Have we been asked to do things? Yes. I want to do this to help you get to the bank on time. Everybody doesn’t need to know every detail. I’m getting ready to tell you some stuff and how it affects negotiations. I’m not here to affect that process unless it affects us. There are plenty of people in high gov’t places who know my name. I wish they never knew my name. I’ve already gone thru it. Everything that glitters is not gold. Because they know your name in DC and talk about you at the water coolers in Washington is not necessarily a good thing. Same with the banks. There are some powerful people in banking who are pissed off at what I’ve told you and will tell you. We are going to do what we have to do.

T – They have asked us to some things because we have the biggest audience. I want people to understand that it’s still part of the process. No one has hired me as a consultant. They don’t give me a dime. Some are so high up they can’t or don’t realize how their decisions affect the common man. They don’t even know the price of a gallon of milk. We are not a bunch of toothless crackheads, not that there aren’t any. But they’re not the majority.

T – Now with the news. We’ve been telling you for weeks that everything is done: Iraq, banks, GOI, etc. and they’ve run the process and exchanging people, even today. And are scheduled to be exchanged throughout the weekend. But why aren’t we? Iraq tried to push this thru on Wednesday. The BIS approved it. On Thursday morning at 2AM it was held up again by the same people who held it up before. The plan was for the 800#s to go out and appointments begin on Monday. Everybody in the world is ready except for the USA which keeps blocking it. I don’t know the reason for this. We knew it was supposed to go and it didn’t. Iraq raised Cain about it. Other countries did too. The reason this time is because “it’s Thanksgiving” and they didn’t want to cause their people to work. Everybody was sent home yesterday morning.

T – People who were scheduled to exchange sat in hotel rooms waiting because they thought they’d be paid. But now they’re upset. There are meetings at the BIS today and they’ll try it again. Iraq has full authority and they’re telling their people it’ll be done by 12/1. The problem is if they do it it will be convoluted and disruptive. They’re trying to convince the USA to let this go thru like it was planned so it will be smooth worldwide. We don’t really know where we’re at.

T – Now they’re being told “if you want to screw your people” we don’t care anymore. There’s a possibility it’ll go today or tomorrow. But I doubt it. I’m trying to give you the whole convoluted picture. Last week then this week, now on the 1st. When do they cut it off? Our position again is that as long as we’re still in the process – which we are – then they’re nothing we can do about when they do it, unless they remove us or delay us as the only reason. Otherwise, it’s strictly gov’t business. If it strictly is to remove us then it become our business. We are still seeing a contract rate and were being paid a contract rate on Wednesday.

T – We know who is doing exchanges and each bank is doing things differently. What we’ve gotten from the ones who has exchanged so far is that those going in are being offered a rate and they’re agreeing to that rate. They receive 10% of it that day. Then, within 72 hours they set up meetings with their WMs. What we’re hearing is that the WMs are then agreeing to raise the rate based on your time commitment you’ll leave in there – 40, 50%, etc. whatever you negotiate. They don’t do that in the 20 minutes initial exchange. This is happening at the follow-up meeting.

T – We know Tier 2 banks will be able to offer this but we have nothing in writing. This is from people who have been exchanging. Each bank has its own process. When you ask questions I can’t guarantee answers if I don’t have the info.

T – The 800# that is supposed to come out is when you tell them which bank you want to go to. That was when WF was the only bank that had to take everybody. That has now changed. WF will exchange you but the other banks can pick and choose who they want to be their customers. Again, the process can change as it has so many times. The 800# was NEVER just for the contract rate – it was for appointments period. We don’t know the criteria about who gets the contract rate.


C – This is not making sense because you said last time it couldn’t be stopped. Now it is because of Thanksgiving?

T – Iraq can clearly do this when they want to. But if they do it without the USA letting it go thru their system they have to go back and reconfigure because instead of it taking 10 minutes to go around the world it would take 10 days. They prefer to have the BIS or IMF let it go the way it’s been planned for years. They are looking for someone who can force the USA to do it.

T – This is what we’re hearing in the moment. On Wednesday at 2AM it was supposed to go then they didn’t let it go. The plan was for “high-info dinarians” to go first then shut it down for the rest after the 1st of the year. I’m good with that. Get us out of the way. They didn’t fight with us even though we fought for them.

C – I still think it’s a fight to save the dollar.

T – I wish that was the case but everyone from other countries has not come to that conclusion. Iraq has done everything they’ve been asked to do. This morning they’re still telling their people their economic reform will be completed by 12/1 (Monday).

T – I want you to live in reality. It could happen in the next hour, or three or Monday. But it was stopped once again They are meeting at the BIS right now trying to get this to go as it was supposed to. It could go at any moment. There is NOTHING that is required to be done before it goes. We are on a moment’s notice. It’s all good news. People are call centers were supposed to work today. People are exchange centers are not at work. Some banks have scheduled their people for Monday. Others for next Friday. We just have to wait to see which one works out. Even knowing what we know, every window that passes gives me less confidence that the next window will work.

T – No one knows the reason. They may never explain it to us. A lot of people have confidence in it going this weekend. But they had confidence last week too. I’m not saying they’re wrong. It’s what we’re hearing.

C – The easy way to handle this is for us to show up and say we want to exchange also and if they don’t there will be a problem. Take a buddy with a camera. That might end it in a hurry.

T -We may not need to do that. We have a plan if that is needed. We have a plan. We could still have a great weekend. We will tweet it out if something happens. I know people were expecting something after Wednesday’s call but they stopped it again.

RECAP: I wanted to read that letter for the benefit of the folks who are helping us. We’re hoping to make this as smooth as possible, where to invest your money. Are we still hearing it could go this weekend? Yes. It could go. But it’s not based on anything we’re looking for. HCL has been approved. Kurdistan has been paid. They’re making announcements everyday on TV that economic reform will be completed by 12/1. We’re in a very, very good place. They’re making it as public as they can they are absolutely ready to go. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Don’t be negative or sad. We’re still in a great place. The rates are still there. They’re still exchanging people. I just got a text from someone confirming that.


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