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TONY – Good morning, TNT. It’s Monday, March 30, 2015. We have some good news and good explanations for you guys. The call will be real friendly-like. DC is going to give some good info then I’ll ask him some questions and we’ll review Friday’s call. The other thing is I’m going to read something just like it is and then tell you just like it is. This first part is true: Transcription of Friday’s call is available on for members and non-members. Here’s the part that’s NOT true: for those of you who want to communicate with Tony directly, type a message in the message box when you donate and he will read and respond. LOL! I do all I can do.
T – DC, what’s the real deal? I want to go over payouts that took place over the weekend want to tell how really close we are.

DC – We are still in a very heightened state of ready. Across the world they’re frustrated it did not go down this weekend. They are super-ready and have not backed off their readiness. Iraq has been announcing on TV all weekend that are doing it and ready. They are only doing business now in dinar, not USD. The banks, CBI, defense, all are ready. Not much has changed since Friday. Parliament is saying they are going to get this done at anytime. There is a great deal of frustration. I’m watching what they’re doing and all of it is lined up on super high alert. And that’s a good thing.

DC – Tony and I are trying to be sensitive to others. Everything else is good in Iraq. In the USA, they’re waiting on the IMF/BIS lead. There were some test cases processed thru. The systems is working very well. Everything else is setup and ready to go. They’re just waiting on Iraq.

T – Again, we talked about the payouts and limits. People were paid out over the weekend and we’ll give some examples. They were stopped on Friday because it was about to go live. When it didn’t they resumed with some different currencies. Before we go back and address this, I need everybody to pay close attention. We will try and be a little clearer today. This is what makes us different from everybody else out there. What we are telling you is that exchanges that have already gone thru, the procedures they used and the limits they used. PAST TENSE. ALREADY OCCURED. Not what somebody thinks might happen. We’re telling you what they’ve been told. Could all that change tomorrow? Yes. But right now, at this moment this is what is happening. And this isn’t from 1 bank. There are 3 different banks telling us procedures. Plus we’re talking to people who have gone thru the process.

T – Again, we talked about the payouts and limits. People were paid out over the weekend and we’ll give some examples. They were stopped on Friday because it was about to go live. When it didn’t they resumed with some different currencies. Before we go back and address this, I need everybody to pay close attention. We will try and be a little clearer today. This is what makes us different from everybody else out there. What we are telling you is that exchanges that have already gone thru, the procedures they used and the limits they used. PAST TENSE. ALREADY OCCURED. Not what somebody thinks might happen. We’re telling you what they’ve been told. Could all that change tomorrow? Yes. But right now, at this moment this is what is happening. And this isn’t from 1 bank. There are 3 different banks telling us procedures. Plus we’re talking to people who have gone thru the process.
T – This is NOT to scare you but to let you know the banks will be competitive. What we’re telling you won’t apply to most of you. Most will just go thru the system.

DC – Let’s get into the numbers. We are doing this to help educate people, not to anger anyone. You want to be the most informed customer possible when you get to the bank. This is from people who have done it.

DC – We have several different caps we talked about. 1 is the contract rate cap. That pool is between 350-550 dinar. That cap is only dealing with contract rates. We expect that to last only a very short time – first-come, first-served. It will be a very short time window. It is still available. The caps we have been told are 20M dinar and 25M dong. That cap is so someone with 200M doesn’t displace others from getting a contract rate as well. This is how it was designed and setup. Beyond that cap you can donate to charity or take a lower rate.

T – The cap for the contract rate is at 20M dinar and 25M dong. Anything above that is at the straight int’l rate.

DC – The ZIM limit of USD you can get when you exchange. That’s the difference between it and the other 2. This is when you get into a structured payout. For 99% of you this won’t apply. The structured payout will only apply for those with tremendous amounts, significantly north of $20M USD. There will be a limit the bank will give immediate funds to, only 1-5% of the population. It’s well over $100M.

DC – There will be caps on the amount of money that will be accessible to the 1-5% of the population. Once you exchange at .13-.18 and lose 6 zeroes and you get north of $250M, you must agree to a payout system of 20, 50, or 100 year payout plan. You will be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly. This is ONLY for those with tremendous amounts of money. They are doing this not to regulate you to death. One issue is law enforcement and that’s a good thing. These amounts of money start affecting bank regulations and limits, state regulatory issues, management issues with this large amount of money, etc. and the banks are trying to solve these issues as best they can. Since only 1-5% have these amounts, they’re trying to deal with it fairly. The vast number of you won’t have to deal with this.

DC – Will this be retroactive to everybody who have already gone thru the process? We understand it will. It’s mainly on the Zim. But those with extremely large reserves, they may apply these rules as well. We’re just trying to help you out now so you can make the best decision possible.

DC – Okay, Georgia and Texas. It concerned quite a few bankers how much Atlanta had, as well as in Dallas and Houston. Tellers started telling their customers to buy and they did. They worked thru some management issues, now they have to deal with those customers. So what they’re going to try to do is to open as many accounts as they can. If you don’t live in those states, they encourage you to have accounts already opened in your state. That way the dealer (like Sterling in Atlanta) can simply transfer the funds out. They’re going to try and distribute as much of the money across the nation’s banks as possible.

T – So, whether I live in Atlanta or not, I can have an out of state bank account. You can go online now and open an out-of-state account now. Send them your DL to prove your address.

DC – Tony and I are not financial or bank advisors. We’re just sharing the issues they’re dealing with and trying to help you be proactive beforehand. Most of you won’t have to worry about this. It only applies to those with huge payouts.

T – So let’s talk about what happened over the weekend. A guy went in with a large sum, say $200M for example. They said they’d give him $200M right now and exchange the rest at $25-30M each week until the entire amount was exchanged. This was the type of structured payout he received. They don’t guarantee you the same rate, he has to go with the current rate each week. Another person was offered 2.28 to sign an NDA. That person didn’t want to sign so they took $1+.

T – It was supposed to go Friday night at 3AM and if it didn’t it was supposed to go on Saturday. But there is now another plan, so that’s how we know it won’t go until June like some other idiots say.

T – The limit for the dong is $25M and the limit for the dinar is $20M at contract rates. The limit on the Zim is a dollar (post-exchange) amount and that limit is huge.


C – I’m still unclear about the dispersement. Is that only for the Zim or the dollar amount depending on the bank? DC – The Zim has a USD limit, which is extremely high. Banks have the discretion to do structured payouts for the few folks who have a tremendous amount of dinar. If you are getting a massive amount of money the bank can decide on how to disperse. C – For someone to buy your structured payout it’s called “factoring.”

C – There’s a bill in the TX Legislature that has to do with gold and silver being considered as currency and do electronic payments from that. DC – I understand there are massive amounts of problems associated with interstate commerce and a host of problems too numerous to mention. TX has a short legislative session and I expect this to be kicked to next year. We’re halfway thru the 6-month session and it’s not out of committe yet.

C – Some are calling this a GCR and others are saying “adjustments.” DC – It’s really just adjustments to the values of 5 currencies. “GCR” is a slang term. I expect our GDP will grow significantly faster but I don’t imagine much inflation at all.

DC – I do not expect the value of the USD will crash. Some adjustments will be made. But it’s so far out of whack right now and the USD is so strong. We may see a little more than they originally thought.

C – Can you share what the holdup was on Saturday? T – Because it was my birthday – LOL! DC – There were a few departments not ready, which was a mild excuse. T – I think they may be trying to drag it out to the 1st, even though we had times for Friday and Saturday.

C – Is there a total limit if you have multiple currencies? DC – There was a debate about limits for multiple currency, but that argument lost. For extreme limits like billions of dong, 400-500 million dinar, that is where there will be structured payouts. T – There is a USD limit on the Zim, then you have to take a structured payout which you probably won’t see in your lifetime. On the other currencies there is a limit to the contract rate, and if you go over a combined limit you have to take a structured payout. There is a max contract rate and a max limit.

C – What are the prospects for this going thru this quarter? DC – That’s part of the reason people are over there. And there are only 2 days left in this quarter. They’re very strongly driving towards that.

T – It didn’t happen this weekend, but it was close enough that some of the defenses were removed and released this weekend within the banking system, making it easier to flow through.

T – People are frustrated with the cycle continuing – Friday/weekend/now Thursday night, etc. We hear it 10X each day. It will happen when it happens, but I marvel in the fact that we are watching the rebirth of a nation. They are about to have some wonderful lives over there and we are witnessing that happen.

C – I’m wondering if it’s better to take the int’l rate and not sign an NDA due to the complexities and loopholes in it. Are derivatives important? DC – Derivatives are important but it’s a personal call. Be a good consumer and see if your bank’s rating is good. As long as theiy are above a certain % I won’t freak out about it. As fas as the NDA, the ones we’ve seen are very straightforward. Basically, you can’t talk about this for 10-15 years. Very easy. There is an “insider’s” NDA that has some real hooks in it. Those of us used to dealing with classified info don’t see this as a problem. As long as you play by the rules you’ll be fine. You just really need to keep yourself quiet and under oath you will swear you have not talked.

C – Will you need a lawyer at the WM meeting? DC – When your banker asks where did this money come from, just tell them you’re under an NDA. No major deal. A lot of people want to know but don’t need to know.

C – I’m one of those persons with a pathetically-small amount of reserves with Sterling. I wasn’t planning to go to Atlanta. I was going to payoff the reserve and have them send it to me in my state. T – If you’re not looking for a contract rate, go online, place a sell order, and have it wired to your bank. That’s the simple way to go.

T – Let me clarify. The issues are in TX and GA. They’re getting so much currency in those states the banks may not be able to contain it. If you’re not from those states this would not apply. If you DO live in GA or TX you might want to open an out-of-state account and have some of the exchanged currency deposited in that other state.

DC – I also want to mention that carrying all your currency at one time is as risky as hell. Think it through.

C – Because of security issues with ISIS, should I put my currency in a shoebox until June? DC – That’s complete BS. I know where that’s coming from. You don’t ramp up the process to wait and do this in June. I understand where that mindset and logic is coming from. There started to do this last June 2014 until Maliki caused issues. There are 10 times in a better position now than they were in last June. Kuwait didn’t have electricity but had a new banking system. In several interviews the Min. of Defense and other military minds are saying the revaluation is part of the military strategy, to give these fighters access to something else instead of a gun. Now the young men have opportunities. Part of their strategy is they believe the military has gone forward enough.

DC – It’s a very one-sided approach to look only at security. That’s their perspective. If their intel is only fromone perspective, we have 47-48 contacts and a bigger perspective. Watch their actions. There’s too much ramping up done not to do it soon. Some of the gurus out there don’t have all the pieces to put together. We have many, many contacts involved in the process. They tell us it’s a day-to-day situation.

C – With all these payout procedures and limits, is that an effort for them to totally cut out the average Joes? DC – A year ago that was the plan. That was why we did the Twitter campaign. We have been told since last February that we have earned a place at the table. That comes from many different reps from different countries. We are told we are the “ghost” in the room at the meetings. Most of these folks aren’t trying to be jerks or negative. They just have a perspective that may not include 3M people having a few million dollars. Could we be cut out? No. The exchanges that have already taken place is our insurance that we’re all going to get paid. Will some get better deals than others? Absolutely. But on the whole we will be okay.

T – I heard the June and shoebox stuff this morning. I say “gather all the info and put the pieces together.” If the only thing the other gurus have to say is about what we’ve said, think about it. They really don’t have anything new to add. We are telling you what is actually going on from the highest levels to the lowest levels, from people putting together the plans to those walking out of the bank with their exchange receipt. This is day to day, hour to hour. We tell you stuff that has already occured, the memo is already printed, the exchange already took place over the weekend. So you have to look at it and ask “are they helping you or just talking about what Tony and DC are saying.”

DC – Look at what they’re bringing to the game, what are the pieces they bring and what is their perspective. We have some guys who are bright and have been in this game for years. They have high credibility. They get stuff from the UST, or the IMF. They may have the stature and capability to put this together to gain perspective. We also said we don’t know everything. Those who say they do – run as fast away from them as possible. The banker in Iraq doesn’t care about what’s going on in TX.

C – If this pops at 2AM in the morning, will you have your call right away or wait for the morning? T – Years ago, before we got to the level we are at today, I was going to do that call. But now we’re at the 15-minute goodbye call. We probably won’t get that info until the last minute, then wait for our contact person tell us to go. We’ll probably get our call from overseas, then we’ll verify and hopefully by then we’ll be contacted. I keep saying on this call I wish someone would tell us “here’s what you do when it happens.” DC – We have been given a loose perspective, not step by step.

C – Conflicting reports from the Iraqi media are saying the Kurds have not been paid or have not been paid the full amount due. How much longer can Iraq function this way? This slow rollout seems to be creating problems. DC – We understand from our Kurdish contacts there have been partial payments. They owe them both on the monthly and past-due amounts. That’s what they’re waiting on and is causing issues. Some have been paid back salaries in some regions, not all. It’s a confusing mess causing more pressure to do this. There are a lot of agreements that have not been completed because they’re waiting on this to finalize. It’s a very precarious situation but it’s creating diplomatic & financial awkward moments.

C – We knew Ban Ki-Moon was in Baghdad and then went to Kurdistan. DC – Presence is pressure.

C – Is it true that Iraq must have an int’l currency prior to April 1? DC -It’s one of the agreements that was supposed to be done but I’m not betting the farm on it. They’ve blown thru other agreements, but the pressure is high to get it done.

C – Are they still dealing with dual currencies on the streets and in the markets? DC – It’s still a mess. Some are getting paid at the program rate, others at int’l rates. It’s getting much worse. Shabibi is trying to balance all the requests internally and from the world. It’s still his decision.

C – How are the business contracts being impacted? DC – Some are patiently waiting while others have walked. Contractors want to be paid in revalued currency. What businesses don’t want is a bunch of contractors buying a little dinar now and then waiting for it to revalue so they can leave. A lot of business managers are highly concerned about what will happen to their employees as this drags out. The tension is insanely high as it drags on. It really needs to get pushed through and completed.

RECAP: DC – Everything is frustratingly where it was on Friday. No one has backed off any alertness. Banks, security, politicians, etc. worldwide are all being briefed and ramped up. They are ready to go. It is absolutely Dr. Shabibi’s call and when he says “go” they’ll go. T – This was scheduled for Saturday. There is a day scheduled for this week. The banks are geared and they have their people ready to go. They removed some of the defenses in the system today so it’ll go through easier. Over the weekend they’ve been practicing with the dinar here in the USA. One bank ran a nationwide test that went okay. People we talked to in Iraq – high level people with definite info – are really frustrated and saying they are ready. They told us what is on the TV screens this morning & they’re in the final phase being completed. We were told this weekend it was going to happen. Our own people knew it was going this weekend, but here we are. We need to keep preparing for the future. I am sure at some point DC will get some guidance to help us prepare you. We will try and make it as smooth as possible. Enjoy your day. Hopefully it’ll still be this month. END OF CALL.

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