: TONY – Good afternoon, TNT. It’s Monday, August 25, 2014.

DC is either really sick or he’s trying to duck this conversation today. Actually, he sounded really bad. We were going to do this call later this evening, but he keeps sounding worse everytime I speak to him, so I’ll just put the info out there now. There are no filters telling me what I can say or can’t say so I’ll just put it out there.

T – A lot happened over the weekend. I want to read you a text I got on Friday after our call: “Hey Tony, I’m a real estate agent in CA and have a real estate client from Iraq. He got $400,000 in his bank account that he wants to spend on real estate. That proves what you said on your call.” That was pretty cool.

T – Then we got a news article on Friday night telling them they’d be int’l over the weekend. Then on Saturday we got news that their new PM would be introducing their GOI on a news broadcast to the world at 9:30 AM local Baghdad time. Then Sunday evening we got the info everything was recorded in the Gazette and we’d see the intro in the AM (this morning). He did do a speech this morning. Anyway, remember the movie “Vantage Point” where 8 different people saw the same event from 8 different angles? Well, he did the speech this morning and we got texts from around the world. And they all had different interpretations of that speech. They’re all intel-people but they all got something different.

T – Each one of these guys saw and heard something different. But they know it did in fact happen like they said it would. We thought it was great. Right now there is another public announcement scheduled for Wednesday morning. They put out in their news that Parliament wasn’t coming back until 9/2, but the fact is Parliament is there right now. They are finshing up the minor ministers (health, fish & game, etc.). They announced they had a completed GOI over the weekend. Why say is over the weekened and then not do it? They broadcast it everywhere. Why would people say he’s doing it again on Wednesday but in more detail? That doesn’t make sense.

T – We know that celebrations scheduled last week for this week are still on the schedule. It’s kind of a confusing time with info about what was and wasn’t done. The biggest reason we know of right now is security. The people over there definitely know their cards are int’l. People here are seeing money in their accounts. They can see the rates. They got their back-pay.

T – Over here, our bank people over the weekend worked with skeleton crews. Security for the RV are in place, including part-timers. Not that anything will happen today – or maybe it will. Just got some info from Iraq. It’s great info. I’m going to try and be diplomatic. This week could still be a great week for all of us.

T – Things are scheduled for here, people are in place. It was really quiet this weekend. There were some things that I didn’t comment on. They changed some procedures to keep things quieter. But they started getting out towards the end of the weekend, so I didn’t comment on them. I didn’t want to be blamed for stopping it. Nothing was supposed to happen on Friday/Saturday anyway.


C – Is the Sept. 2 date and the “bail-in” related to the RV? I really don’t understand it and there was talk on the blogs that could be a delaying factor due to the banking industry.

T – There’s no reason for it to wait. People are looking for excuses

C – Are you telling us that people in our gov’t and UST are hearing a different story when the PM made the announcement?

T – We had people watching the TV, reading the scripts, etc. and they all had different versions.

C – You and DC said once the GOI was seated and announced there would be nothing holding us back.

T – There are gov’t people saying that announcement was a “teaser” announcement and the real one is coming on Wednesday. Others are saying it’s in the Gazette and over and done with.

C – So, all the people who cashed out earlier (F&F, politicians, etc.) have they all gotten cleared deposits?

T – I don’t know. There are a bunch of people still waiting who got their rate and they’re waiting on their balances. We are at the tale-end, which is a good thing. They’re running out of reasons.

C – Do we now have to wait until Wednesday to see what happens?

T – No, the next thing is scheduled for Wednesday but that doesn’t mean we have to wait until then. I’m giving you a lot of info – you just have to think about it.

C – As I understand it, the only way the RV is int’l is because of the Qi Cards?

T – Yes.

C – So, they are tied into the int’l VISA system. So, if an Iraqi citizen came to the USA and wanted to purchase something, they could use their Qi Card and the in-country rate loaded on their cards would be accepted for payment?

T – We had a guy here in the USA with his card and he couldn’t use it months ago. Two weeks ago, when they were told they were going int’l, he came home and now he’s able to use his card in Jordan and Germany. So we know it works there. As of Friday, somebody right here (CA), his money is in his account he wants to buy a house.

C – How does that VISA system work? There has to be coordination between central banks and smaller banks to honor the VISA/Qi Card transaction going all the way back thru the system to Iraq?

T – Yes, somewhere here that rate has to be honored. VISA has activated the int’l rate thru their cards and their system. If their system is plugged in/updated it can be used int’l. They could be freeing it up a few countries at a time.

C – I believe the US, more than anything else, is holding this up. How can the US hold up an entire global currency reset? There doesn’t seem to be a group of people in authority who can say “enough is enough.”

T – Countries all around the world owe the US and have for hundreds of years. They still want things from us and we use that as leverage to get things done, or not done. For example, if there are 10 people on a committee, you don’t have to get 8 out of 10 on your side, just 3 to get a legitimate reason to do or not to do something. At some point, even those who stood by you say “enough is enough” and they have to ask if they want to pay the consequences for going against the USA. They threaten and call each others bluff.

T – At some point they must come to the realization they’ve gotten enough done to just do it and deal with what happens afterwards. We are waiting for all 8 to say “enough is enough.” They are broadcasting it over there and somebody is going to have to make a decision. We are closer to that.

T – Everyone thinks this would be good for politics right now, but that would make the numbers great right now and maybe they want that for something else later. Politics of the other side could be holding it up, too.

C – I’m getting the feeling this isn’t as imminent as we think. Am I correct?

T – No, you are incorrect. This could happen at any moment. Confusion is out there. I still think we are in the week time-frame. They did change procedures in DC for a reason. Announcement are being made…cards are activated…no more “PM Designate”… nothing is preventing this from happening. Full GOI is announced in the Gazette.

C – So this is imminent?

T – Absolutely.

C – I purchased ZIM in packs, 50’s and 100’s. and I have misplaced a whole pack of 100’s. When I go into CE and I don’t have the lost pack will I be penalized for not turning it in?

T – Yes, you will be penalized greatly, financially. You are going to the bank and then coming home and you will turn your house upside down to find it. Remove floorboards. Find it. When you have a yard sale or move you’ll find it – LOL!

C – Who control of this thing now?

T – I can tell you that maybe the IMF/BIS has control over it, but they’re still trying to do things in a cooperative way. At some point they’re going to have to say “enough.” There is a plan, if it comes down to it, to say “enough” and somebody else will step in. There is a plan, a time, and everybody is aware of it.

C – I guess we just have to keep a positive attitude.

T – The time for positive has come – Iraq has a new PM and inclusive GOI. They are making laws for everybody. Changes are occurring in Iraq and he’s saying the right things to the right people.

T – All the excuses we’ve been hearing for the last 10 years are not good anymore. The truth is it should have gone on Friday. But that day there were too many people upset in Parliament because of the shootings that happened there.

C – If we take the contract rate and sign the NDA, and many of my friends already know I have this money, what happens when their friends talk about it?

T – Just don’t discuss it anymore. I can’t stop 250K people from knowing I have dinar to exchange. Right now you have the freedom to tell them anything you want them to know. I can’t stop someone from asking me about something we talked about a month ago.

C – What’s going on with the dong now?

T – The dong is waiting for the dinar.

C – Do you expect to see this before the end of the month?

T – Yes I do.

C – With all these these excuses, do you think we Dinarians might be one of the main reasons for the delay?

T – I don’t think we are the main reason. There are some who don’t want us to have this. But there are other reasons to do with security, bad people having so much money, and issues about our economy. They are truing to put it off until they can put those things in place. Earlier in the year that was a major issue.

C – The last 6 months we thought everything was ready.

T – Everything is ready. Every country has a chance to be the powerhouse and no one, including Maliki, wants to give that up. There are things going on in the IMF, with the five new mini-IMF’s. Two major things are going to occur: the USD’s value and purpose around the world will change. It has to in order to let others to come up. But there has to be a plan for the next 5-6+ years for future growth. There is a lot of economics involved with this. People involved in this 10 years ago are not the same people involved now. Plus, the change to Basil III will change things. So they are dealing with a lot of issues. There are 350M Americans not involved in this, so it’s not all about us. We have to look at it logically like they do. With all this money we will definitely have some influence out on the street.

C – How much longer can this bubble last until it bursts?

T – Not much longer. Iraq is making it very public. Soon everyone else will be saying “what are you waiting for? Where is it?” Now they know. Everybody is learning a lesson.
C – What would be the repercussions for us if the rest of the world pulled the trigger without us?

T – It could be just the int’l rate and no contract rate. But a lot of people think if that happens the USA will acquiesce and deal with the consequences later. But there will be negotiating at the highest levels.
C – So, in your opinion, how much longer can this go?

T – It’s not up to the USA. It’s when everyone else says “enough is enough.” We are close to the end. Iraq is showing it in public with their announcements that they are about to do something one way or another.
C – Is the Rupiah in the 1st basket? Rate?

T – Yes, it’s in the 1st basket and the same rate I’ve heard for the last 2 years.
C – If illegal aliens in the USA have been here 6 months or longer, can they get the contract rate?

T – Yes, if they’ve been here at least 6 months and are documents.
** …and are documented.

C – Will you be getting info about the caps to share on your post-RV call?

T – I think we should get it but I don’t know if we will. I don’t think they will boot you out of a meeting if you change the amount you want to exchange. They people you’re dealing with are just like you and me – they have a job to do and want to get us thru quickly. As DC says, it’s going to be like a cattle chute.

C – Are we still going to go thru the same time as the Admiral and other groups?

T – I think we’ll all go at the same time. All dinarians – people like us on the internet – will go thru first. The other 4-5M people will not get the word right away. We’ve been told “you better go and get yours done before you start hollering to the heavens.” Take care of yourself first.

C – Are all banks going to be ready to go at the same time with contract rates?

T – Banks were upset at one time that one bank was getting it all, so they definitely had to make a change. There are a couple different scenarios and we’re not sure of the details yet.

C – Is part of the problem that we have a different administration and party in charge than when this first was started?

T – The current administration definitely thinks differently in how this should have come about. So there have been a lot of changes along the way. It was supposed to be in and out before we even knew what happened.

C – If they didn’t want us involved couldn’t they have stopped us?

T – They could have written a law or something.

C – I don’t think the previous administration didn’t want us to be involved.

T – How many people actually got engaged in the Kuwait revaluation? Even if we did get involved they thought the numbers would be so small. But now the numbers are so great it worked to their advantage. They wrote the law so we could invest in Iraq like Iraqi citizens. And they included all these Fortune 500 companies so they could invest in the country. No one knew it was going to take 10 years.

C – The new Admin stalled it so long that even more people got in.

T – Right, I agree. They wrote the law and included us. But they never thought we’d find out.

T – Banks were starting to believe it would not happen at all and they stopped selling. They were pretty smart doing what they did, because of the new administration.

C – On the 1st day of the exchange is there a maximum amount you can get in certified checks?

T – I don’t think there is a max. But they want you to use checks and credit cards vs. cash. The wire limit is $500K in the 1st 30 days.

C – Since some have gone before us do you think we need to hurry before it’s all gone? Or can we get our ducks in a row for a few days?

T – “Who Moved My Cheese” plays into the answer. This is going to be a global event and the int’l rate will change. Hedge funds will get in, those who didn’t believe it, etc. will immediately jump in and you have no idea what affect that will have on this.

C – We want to hear what the packages are before going to the banks.

T – Right, we think it would be great if you could read the NDA first. I don’t think you’ll lose much by not being the first mouse.

C -If all the other countries go, will we still be able to exchange at the int’l rate?

T – You can still go outside the country whenever you want and exchange.

C – We have lots we want to do for our families.

T – I agree with you and know where the frustration is. We all want to get paid and make sure we don’t get excluded. If their sole purpose is to not pay us we would have a whole different approach than we do today. But as long as there is another issue, we don’t want to sacrifice people to no end. Just hold on. Don’t sell that dinar.

C – You’ve used the analogy that the 1st mouse gets the trap, the 2nd mouse gets the cheese, and the 3rd mouse gets the cheese factory. But you’ve also said most of us should get in the 1st 3 days. That sounds like a trap to me. T – I’ve always said don’t be the 1st mouse. There is a time frame involved, but it’s not the first hour. That whole scenario applies to those taking the int’l rate, not contract rates. I’m hoping they’re referring to us taking the contract rate in the 1st 3 days. I don’t know the scenario. I hope I can answer questions if I’m not under NDA. We will have lots of conversations.

C – We have a fear of loss. We want to get in and get it done so we don’t lose. They could flip on the switch, see some crazy people, then turn it off again.

T – We all know it’s been on for hours and then got turned off again. Once Iraq announces it, it will be on forever.

C – Is there a possibility the 800#s will be jammed and we won’t be able to get through?

T – No, they have 5 call centers so it will be okay. We are their concern before they tell the other 4-5M people. They want a slow rollout and get us through before the other 4-5M start.

C – Randy Koonce says we won’t need an 800#, that we can just walk in a bank?

T – How can you go to your bank if it’s not an exchange bank. Having tons of people coming out of a bank doesn’t make sense as it could send a false signal there is a run on the bank.

RECAP: It was a promising weekend and everything we were looking for happened – with the exception of sending you to the bank today. A lot of people believed the announcement at 9:30AM was enough. Everything was put in the Gazette on Sunday. We know this could go at any moment. We know celebrations were scheduled and the schedule has not changed. Things are on track. I’m happy. But there still are some negatives out there trying to stop this. In their minds they want to accomplish something else. But we all hope they will get together and say everything can be accomplished even after the fact. We are all frustrated. It’s just that close. The numbers are still unbelievable. The timing is. Today’s the 25th and there are only 6 days left in the month. It can’t go that far – I don’t think it will go to the end of the month.


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