TNT Monday

Tony CC Cliff Notes, Monday, June 15, 2015 – Final Update
Highlights of Tony’s CC. Updated as the call progresses.

Tony: Everything that was happening on Friday is still happening today on Monday. Nothing has changed. Nobody is waiting for laws to be passed or agreements to be made. Information is being cut off on different levels.

DC, this morning, gave Tony a time window which Tony will not divulge. “Could happen on the weekend, on the 19th on the 16th.”

CURRENT WINDOW: IS OPEN – Abadhi is continuing to announce “BY June 17th.” No attempts were made since the last call on Friday.

Tony: The fact they have not attempted it; it has not been blocked. I think the next attempt it could go through. Maybe no announcements. All we are waiting for is activation. It can go during Ramadan. RV now. GCR now. Tony explained the GCR now because, when the Iraq currency RV’s, it will affect the value of others

IRAQ: Citizens still being told economic reforms with new denominations will be completed by June 17th. Rates were being changed last week in the marketplace.

What if they don’t do it by the 17th? Tony: I think he (Dr.Abadhi) will be totally embarrassed, once again, in front of his country. He’s losing credibility each time he says it & doesn’t do it

TV: still announcing reforms complete by June 17th. Mosques: Being told to prepare again and/or education on the process.


Rates Contract rates still available. Dong contract, $2.27. Expecting Dong to come out at .47. Tony could not say if it would go up from there. ZIM article out last week saying new rate today, June 15th and the day is not over yet. The Zimbabwe in-country rate mentioned in the article is not what Tony has been hearing for US exchange.


Banks do not share customer or transaction information. What you do at one bank will not be known at another.
FOREX: People who trade on FOREX can buy and sell quickly electronically because the currency they are trading is held by their broker. The FOREX moves quickly and big moves happen in seconds. For those with the currency in hand by the time you see the price on the FOREX and get to the bank the rate will have changed. Up or down.
Sterling: Tony’s attorney has advised him not to call or talk to Sterling.
Sterling Emails: Caller had received multiple emails from Sterling asking for his account # and reserves amount. Tony: It’s like a bank or anybody else. They do not send you an email for your account #. They have it. If they didn’t have your order # why would they have your email? Tony: Have a friend who tracked sterling emails by IP address and a bunch of them are false, fishing for information.
FBI went into Sterling. Sterling is not shut down. The UST was not involved.
15 min Call: Tony said they don’t trust him to do a live call so expect it to be recorded and additional information on the website.
Dong: Places in US that will accept payment with Dong. Caller was at beach last week and could have paid for her stay with it.

EXCHANGING: Bank hours for exchanging are expected to be 7 am – 11 pm. Tony: If it was me and I had 3-4 different currencies. I’m going to tell them everything I’ve got and give me your best rate, best deal. May have to leave 25% there for 6 months or so. I’d go to all three and do that.


PAM: You guys need to be flexible. Remember what you know. You know a lot more than you think you know. No rush. Take your time.

RAY: Ditto!

TONY: In all honesty, we give it to you straight as we can. Give you all the information I can. Information we don’t give out makes us feel good. Certain things we don’t put out. From information we have and people still giving information, everybody at a really good point, right now. No one fussing. No one fightings. Have a plan they think they can work.

People briefed yesterday and this morning on the plan. New window of time to execute it in. In last 9-10 days not one attempt has been made to put it through. Feel good where we are at. For them to put it through that window.

Get ready. Be ready. Stay ready. So when it happens your not trying to figure out what to do. Sit down and write down 1 2 -3 -4 -5 . Right now! Now is the time to do that. Walk yourself through it. Be calm, have your wits about you.

Now is the time to decide what your money will do for you. Two things will happen. You will have so much money you won’t know what to do or what to do to protect it.

Make your plan now, when you don’t have it. When things are sane. Talk to your spouse now.

Walk into bank, professional. Looking nice and say here is my plan. . . Have a plan. Be ready to go. Let’s make this the best opportunity in our life. Enjoy the rest of your day. Something happens we will do a call. TNT is ready.

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