TNT Monday

Tony:  Good morning, Texas and everyone else on TNT!  Today is Monday, August 24, 2015.  Once again we are here, where we shouldn’t be.  BUT I wills tart by telling you guys that there are a lot of super-excited people right now.  They are not saying any dates or times, but they are excited.  There are a lot of absolutely miserable people, too – they have lost their shoes, shirts and pants, got wiped out, but it’s on the way back.  Something has to be done, and I think we’ll see a drastic change this week in how we live and all around the world.

Everyone I’ve talked to this morning is excited, everywhere around the world.  Everyone is saying “sometimes you just need that push”.  We got that push and things should see a big change.  People were ready over the weekend, they came to us saying to be ready.  The banks brought their people in early this morning, in part because they expected people to move their money because of the markets.  They didn’t really get that many, although lots of people are talking to them.  I don’t think we could sustain what happened this morning more than 2-3 days in a row without big changes.  It’s really, really important today to see what happens when the market closes.  The market dropped 1100 points over the last few days, and that is huge.  I don’t think we can do that much longer and still accomplish the GCR is there to do.  I think we will see something before the bottom completely falls out.

Iraq went from 1166 to 1112 [dinar per dollar];  they are happy, giddy, and have already changed their prices to reflect the new rate.  That in itself is a big jump.  I think there is something else they are happy about, but I’ll take that a bite at a time until they make the announcement.  Today is Okie’s birthday and I wanted to get him on the line, but he didn’t answer.  Before we start questions, I hope tis is the last call before THE call.  If not, it’s the last call before the bills are due, and we usually get enough to pay it but so far we haven’t.  We are just close and I’ll let everyone else decide.  I do think it’s our very last week together in our current situation.

I’m feeling good.  I want to say ‘super-fantastic’, but actually that is what everyone else is feeling.  Talking to the intel group this morning.  We all agreed that this is a higher level of excitement than we have seen before.  Pam and DC are both more excited than ever before.  DC tells us that his people are super-excited, too.  When I put everyone together, and the people we speak to overseas and in the banking system, everyone was at a new level of excitement this morning.  Why?  What makes this any different?  They gave me some details, and although they told me not to give you those details on the call, I just wanted to know WHY they are so excited.  They have a target time for this week, and we just have to wait and see if that happens.  The market volatility, the (possible) crash of China’s market, the impact that might have on other markets… we are a in a prime position for this to happen.  The RV and the GCR should all be accomplished, even if they are not on the same day or hour.  It should be this week.

302 caller:  Sorry about that guy who sounded like he was having heart failure because I mentioned it was 33 weeks this year that we have been waiting.  [call dropped]

408 caller:  Just to clarify, you said the official rate in Iraq went from 1166 to 1112?

Tony:  That’s right.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And have a great day!

863 caller:  I called for the first time two weeks ago.  [Appreciation]  Thanks for the tweet.

Tony: That was not me.  There are people who have copied our FB and site logo, and our Twitter information;  they have sent out messages trying to confuse people with phone numbers and my picture.  They are idiots and just trying to confuse people.

Caller:  Okay.  How do I actually get contacts from you, then?  In reference to the RV, is it affecting the stock market or vice versa?

Tony: Right now, the stock market is affecting the timing of the RV.

Caller:  Thanks and I’ll let you go!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Pam, do the tweets come from our site or what?

Pam:  There is no way to tell people “You’ll know me if …” because the ‘fidiots’ will duplicate that.  If you have been getting the tweets just before the call, that is us.  The correct Twitter address is TNT Tony@THE_TNT_TEAM.  Check on Twitter;  if there are 260,000 followers, that is the correct address because those other people don’t have anything like that number.  Also, check the history, because that is something they cannot duplicate.  We do have that in the Tony Blast section, so non-members can also check the tweets and our twitter address.  So go there to check.

770/404 caller:  I hope this will be the last call.  You have answered all my questions.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so that Tony can go!  It’s been a delight chatting with you.

313 caller:  I don’t have any questions, I just want to say thank you!  I look forward to the RV!

Tony:  Me, too!  Let’s do it!

Caller:  Is it going to be an RI or RV?

Tony:  I believe it’s  going to be an RV.  If it is an RI, that will not last long (in my opinion).

Caller:  So if it comes out at $3+, can we look forward to it going up to $4+?

Tony:  No matter what it comes out at, I believe it will go up.  I think Abadi is trying to do it, as best he can – he’s been on television and in public.  He’s been doing his part, and it’s always been blocked by someone or something else.  I could tell you who or what, but let’s be happy today because all the powers are in agreement.  That’s what everyone is excited about.  There is an actual schedule out there.

Caller:  That you so much!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

909 caller:  I have been hearing about this global reset from a Baptist minister, and now I’m hearing about a collapse of the global reset before we get the RV.

Tony:  Either I’m not understanding the question or they are not understanding the situation in how they are explaining it to you.

Caller:  They seem to be saying our economy will collapse before the RV, and that we will lose a lot of jobs before then.

Tony:  The GCR is this week.  So how many jobs can we lose?  I don’t think we will lose any jobs.  It is there to reset the global economy, to energize and increase the economy, and so I think they will be hiring people, not firing them.

Caller;  The Pope is coming to the US on the 25-26 of September – does that have anything to do with this?  They say a lot will be happening during that time, and that he will be making a lot of speeches.

Tony:  Someone is telling you that the Pope has to be here to trigger the GCR or to celebrate it?  It don’t think it will wait until then.  I don’t think that will be one of the Pope’s speeches.  I don’t understand the whole Pope thing.  I did just get a text saying the Pope and the President will ‘divide Israel’.  <laughter>

903 caller:  I saw two posts on the forum that concern me – one was about the stolen dinar and the other was about Iraqi security and ISIL>

Tony:  My sources say both those issues have been resolved.

Caller:  I have a crown on one of my teeth that was made with a 3-D printer!  The dentist scanned the tooth, did the grinding and such, fiddled with his laptop, came back with the crown, cured it for 20 minutes under UV, inserted it, and now I’m walking around with it!

Tony: That is just one application. This is just a prime opportunity to get into some good 3-D printer companies out there, and you can make hundreds of millions of dollars.

Caller:  This guy is a just a dentist in a little country town, too… There has been some discussion on the forum about stamping on money.  My notion is to get Post-it notes printed that you can attach to dollar bills or envelopes, and that might work better.

Tony:  I think that is a great idea, and also I like the stamps, or preprinted postcards.

Caller:  The last thing is that I sent  you and Pam each a bribe so that you would organize an event in Texas – I sent you a fruitcake with pecans from the state tree of Texas.

Tony:  I did get the fruitcake – it was great!  But there wasn’t anything about Texas.  I will talk to DC about events in Texas.

Caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Texas, Texas, Texas!

Tony:  Pam, I got a letter/envelope the other day with a check for $30, which said, “Please don’t cash this check unless Pam let’s me back in the forum.”  I just put it back in the envelope and I didn’t even read the letter.  We don’t take bribes.

Pam:  Why didn’t they do that earlier?!  You mean we don’t take bribes??

775 caller:  I set up a secondary account at Bank of America – my main account is at WF – and I saw that the principal has been nearly consumed by the service fees.  I went to close the account, and the manager asked me why.  I said I was anticipating a financial event, and he asked was it was about;  I explained it to him, and he said that he would see what he could do for me.  He returned some of the service fees and waived the rest.  He said that he was not allowed to invest, but gave no indication he thought this was a scam or any of that.

Tony:  I know someone who completed several transactions at the Bank of America, and he has been told that they WILL be competitive.  If this had happened earlier like it was supposed to, they were instructed not to let people walk out with that money.  So this week you can walk back in there and afterwards he can say, “Look at that commission!”

Caller:  In the past, you have said something about background checks maybe blocking people from exchanging… I was once charged with something totally bogus.

Tony:  I don’t know the exact details.  I believe that certain people charged with certain offenses will not be able to exchange, but I don’t know the exact criteria.  I think it would have to be something serious like threatening our government or the economy, not anything minor.  I know something they have been looking at is drug dealers and such, so they that don’t get this kind of money – they will make them prove where they got the money to buy this dinar.  I know one lady came in with two suitcases, and they said they would have to investigate her whole family before she could exchange.

Caller:  In 2007 or 2008, the company that makes Liberty dollars have massive amounts of gold and silver seized by the Treasury in a raid, and the judge said they had to be returned so long as they had a paper trail of where they got their assets from. That gives me hope that I will eventually get my reserves, or at least the money I paid for them.  Now that is a long-term investment!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas if you want to go!

757 caller:  have you heard any information on the international bonds from your guys?

Tony: I think they are supposed to go on sale tomorrow  — no, today!

Caller:  Does the rate change have to be done before they go on sale?

Tony:  I think the idea is for it to change before.  Maybe that’s why they didn’t go on sale this morning… maybe it will be later this week.  They have been anticipating this rate change every day, and this morning they were super-excited because they finally determined a date and time.

Caller:  [can’t understand this caller]  Your critics need to chill out.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

410 caller:  I’m excited about the news today!  I’ve been thinking about talking to our wealth advisers so they know who we are and what we want;  however, there are six million of us, so how can we give people a break (as well as handing out hundred dollar bills).  There was an article or post about “Can a billionaire hedge-fund manager fix income equality?”  It was an interview with Paul X, and he got together with some connected people, and it was a very interesting article about judging success not only by how well companies do in the market, but also how what those companies give back to their employees.  These companies are set up as non-profit (??), and this guy also gave a TedTalk on this subject.  It’s worth reading the article in Fortune magazine.

Tony:  So the object of the article is how we can help everyone?

Caller:  It’s more about investing in stocks where the companies involved are bringing their employees wages or are at least reducing the disparity between the owners and the workers.  It’s all explained well in the article.  Deepak Chopra sat down this guy, too.

Tony:  That’s great, and a great opportunity for us to look at who are already interested in investments.   However, the six million who are involved in this opportunity might now be as interested.  Those who want to make a lot of money – hedge funds are easy, you give them your money and they will make it grow.  You can also learn and invest your own way.  Also, you can donate to individuals and projects and everyone can do that.  I like those companies that are employee-owned, but the majority of those six million will only have 25K to 100K dinar, or 100,000 dollars, and that money may well be gone in two years. They are not long-term or sophisticated investors, so they probably won’t be so interested.  The others might be, and it is a good idea.

Caller:  There are others like me who are looking for more good ideas to discuss with our wealth managers.  This link would only take you to the article on this idea, not selling this particular person’s company.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I have your number and will give it to Pam.

406 caller:  I’ve been with you for several deals now.  I’m NOT from Texas, but I really think you should play God Bless Texas every time.  It’s the best song you’ve got!

Tony:  Pam plays it 2-3 times per day any way!

Caller:  Has there been any news on the dong?

Tony:  We’ll see what happens when it comes out.  So far as I know it’s still 47 cents.  DC and I were saying this morning that we don’t care about the rate at this point – let’s just get this out.  Whether it’s .47  or $2, there will be market corrections anyway.  I’d be all over this market because there is no way the market will stay this low.  Some people got wiped out today, but others made a ton of money.

Caller:  Let’s just get this done and go to Vegas and have fun.  I lived there for 30 years, and you don’t have to gamble.

Tony:  When I go to Vegas, I have to gamble, but there are lots of other things to do there as well.  There may be more churches in Vegas per capita than anywhere else in the US, but that’s because there are more sinners as well!

770 caller:  I was hoping to hear from you this weekend, but after this market, I knew we weren’t going to hear from you!

Tony:  I would have love to have called you this weekend!  Many people were expecting it this weekend, after the market on Friday and then on Saturday, but then the market slumped and people got nervous.  But it was a good thing because it helped them make some decisions.

Caller:  I know there were people complaining last week and then others blasted that caller, but really both sides are just relieving their frustrations and asking questions.

Tony:  I get that. There are a lot of anxious people who need this so badly that this is all they can hear – and there are people who are overly excited.  They don’t understand that we are living in the moment, and things change continuously.  No matter how much they plan, even right now, with a date and time, things can change.  They expected it to happen last Friday, but I’m still putting details together, and until that wolf actually bites me, we’re still waiting for it to happen.

Caller:  I have a friend with cancer, and the medication costs are outrageous.  I understand that there are people who are up and people who are down, and all they want is good information.  I couldn’t do what you do, and I know you cannot pull the trigger.  Those frustrated people are people, too.  No everyone is fortunate enough to have money coming, so don’t tread on people for being concerned.  [Same point over again]

Tony:  Here’s why I react the way I do.  For those who can handle it, we have information.  For those in despair, we try to keep them uplifted and keep them in the picture.  There is a complete idiot who emails me every day, and I told him to stop listening if he get so upset every day it didn’t happen – when he is part of one of the greatest opportunity in the world.  I would LOVE for it to have happened this morning!  I asked my sources, “Do I have to do this call this morning?”  I would rather we were all at the bank!  I hate having to say it was scheduled on Saturday morning, but then this other thing happened in the markets, etc.  I only keep doing this because I truly hope I am helping people.  It really doesn’t bother me when people come on the call – I assume they just don’t know enough and they don’t know any better. If they did, they would look at it better.  My reason for being here is not to push the button but to keep up your confidence, give you insight on investments afterwards, on the process, and on life afterwards.  All of these people who are part of this process, that is what we are here for… to educate you for the real-world conditions happening in the back rooms.  If people look at that, they will continue even if this didn’t happen this morning.

909 caller:  You gave the rate for the dong – what about the zim?

Tony:  I’ve been asked not to give out rates;  they are about the same.  They call Pam and say they are really mad when I give out the rates.  Why are they calling Pam, when they could call me??  It’s going to be a great rate.

Caller:  When you mentioned Pam said some people from Texas stopped listening, well, I’m from Oklahoma.  I have a friend from Texas who plays country music in Las Vegas, and he plays I’m an Okie from Muskogee – do you know that one?

Tony:  One of my friends here in Sacramento is from Oklahoma and he wears cowboy boots and sings that song in karaoke bars.

Caller:  Anyway, some friends changed the words so some ruder words about Texas, and some Texans listening beat up the band members!  That’s how upset they get!

916 caller:  If the Chinese yuan continues to drop, will the market take that into account, and/or will that postpone this event?

Tony:  Actually, I think it is encouraging this event.  This morning, I used the example of ISIL going into Iraq with a definite purpose, for a limited time, and it got way out of control like a wildfire.  People have been asking China to do this for years;  it  just so happened hat when they did it, the whole thing got out of control.  The world market never expected China to devalue by this much.  We knew that 12% was their goal, and now it’s 20-27%.  That was never supposed to happen, especially in such a short period of time;  it was supposed to happen over time.  You cannot just stand there and watch a wildfire rage out of control;  you have to do something, and if that doesn’t happen, there will be a mess.

Pam?  Sometimes she takes other calls…

Ray:  This continues to be magnificent Monday, and we’ll see how Terrific Tuesday is going to be!

Tony:  All really good super-fantastic news.  We are watching the markets, and if it continues downhill.  The further it goes, the more someone has to react.  Everyone we have talked to here, in Iraq, other countries, everyone is super-excited and feeling ewe have come to the end of this.  If we can pay the bills we’ll still be here, and if not we’ll think of something else.  Okay, everybody, have a great day!


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