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TONY – Good morning, TNT. It’s Monday, October 6, 2014. We’re going to go through a little bit of info today. As Pam already told you DC is not here. Let me get right to it, without my “handler” here. I can tell you whatever you want (or pretty close to it). This is what we have so far: Iraq is still saying the same things on their TV. Abadi did an hour & half-long speech about Iraqi economic reform. Cards are still being loaded. Some of the excitement has waned because not all the cards are loaded even though they should have been by now.

T – People are still going to the bank and getting cash in hand, which is what they prefer. But the rate is still 3.58 over there. Our rate WAS going to be much higher than that, but last Thursday they lowered it to match 3.58. It was on screens at the banks last Thursday. This was scheduled for Saturday, once again. And here we are talking again on Monday. The reasons, as we understand it, is there were more challenges in the system. I’ll leave it at that. Supposedly that’s being worked out and setup. Everybody was trying to agree on who will be responsible if this goes the wrong way. I can tell you the time it was scheduled for Saturday but I can’t. IT CAN HAPPEN AT ANY MOMENT, AT ANY HOUR FROM HERE ON.

T – Last week bank personnel were told it would go on 10/8 and they would be busy from here on. I can say that now because they changed the date. Call center people did work all weekend and are working now. They are scheduled to working on this time frame and be used to it so they don’t make mistakes. There’s not a whole lot out of Iraq now. Abadi did say over $100 Billion was stolen from their system over the last 8 years. He is going after those who did this during that time.

T – On this side, all of the intel is that everybody is ready. Our banks are ready, the Gov’t is ready. Everybody is saying ‘let’s do this.’ I’m just saying this because it’s the party line. But do I believe it? No. If that was true we’d be going. There has to be another reason we’re still sitting here. I really don’t know what it is. I could speculate. I can tell you what it’s not. It’s nothing to do with Iraq’s budget or Defense Minister (because we already know who he is). It’s not banking laws we’re waiting for, even tho they passed over 11 over the weekend. I do know Iraq was loaned a new lump-sum of money to make payments and they have been given a limited number of days to repay that loan.

T – Abadi announced their bank/economic reforms would be completed by Wednesday (end of EID holiday). It could be Thursday, Friday, Saturday, etc. Parliament doesn’t come back until the 14th, but Abadi didn’t say “not until Parliament comes back.” He said “right after EID ends.” Which is Wednesday.


{CALLER is asking Tony to consult with him about his post-RV project. Will not be transcribed.}

C – If you give an LLC your dinar and have exchange and revalued, and have to pay taxes and then want to pull money out, I’d have to be paid as an employee. Am I seeing this correctly?

T – I’m not up on LLC’s. I’m more into trusts. Now is the time to ask your CPA and attorney those questions.

C – Is there any news on the TRN or USN? Is that a potential hold-up?

T – I know TRNs have been coming up again. This is MY personal opinion, plus what I got from the UST who is directly involved in this. First, the TRN is a note used for trading on large scales, country to country, etc. You would consider it like a loan. The TRN is used by people trading with our country. It is NOT $5, $10, $100’s etc. bills coming out in different colors to replace what we have now. We will NOT have dual currencies. We’ve always told people months in advance, all over the internet, in the news, changing vending machines and ATMs, etc. so people will know about the new notes. That’s not happening anywhere.

C – This was supposed to happen over 2 months ago and didn’t. We’re starting to feel like victims here. Each time someone stops this. Is it unfair to ask who these people are?

T – I could tell you my opinion and it would cause a firestorm. It just doesn’t make sense. I would get a bunch of calls. So I have to look at risk vs. reward. Is it really going to resolve anything if I do? There has to be a good reason for it. A Middle Eastern country on Friday threatened to do something. Then they had a little meeting and they agreed to wait until after EID. They came within an hour of doing it. Everybody is waiting for that perfect sunrise, then because they’re scared if a drop of rain falls anywhere they’ll get blamed. So that fear is holding them right now.

T – We’re waiting for somebody who wants this to go to stand up and take responsibility for it. Right now the people who don’t want it to go are taking responsibility. We have to ask “what is the real reason for them not doing it?” If it’s a personal or political reason, that’s wrong. If it’s an economic reason for the rest of the USA population, then the greater good is to protect everybody rather than a few people.

C – How could it hurt society?

T – Out of the 40K people on this call I don’t know how many people will help people out instead of buying cars and houses. The money that is coming from this is supposed to be used for global humanity.

C – Somehow I feel there is more greed involved than anything. Seems like it’s been set to happen 100+ moments. Are they all the wrong moment?

T – The closer to the election the less likely it would happen. If they wanted the numbers to be there they would have done it long before today. But they don’t want us donating all this money to the Repubs before the elections. But I don’t agree with that reason. All over DC we’re hearing “it’s done, don’t worry about it.” But I’m saying “where is it?”

C – So there’s nothing else we can do to get this moving?

T – We can, but is it in our control anyway? Banking systems are all ready. The numbers were put up last week for several currencies, so we know it was ready. I want to give you specifics but someone would get mad. Somebody’s not telling the truth or they’re a lot smarter than we thought they were. It’s never going to be perfect, so just do it and fix it later.

C – So it’s supposed to happen after EID?

T – That’s what he’s telling his people. Some merchants changed their prices and some haven’t because their cards aren’t loaded. It’s very frustrating. ISIS gave all their people $100 and a goat. That’s a whole lot of money right now.

C – So it’s supposed to happen after EID?

T – That’s what he’s telling his people. Some merchants changed their prices and some haven’t because their cards aren’t loaded. It’s very frustrating. ISIS gave all their people $100 and a goat. That’s a whole lot of money right now.

C – Is this Abadi’s call? Or is the USA telling them what to do?

T – There was an agreement last week supposedly worked out, not with Iraq but with another ME country. That got resolved on Friday and it was supposed to go on Saturday. But that didn’t happen.

C – I’m tired! That dang Goat is putting negatives out there and confusing everybody. She keeps making issues about the ministers. Why is she saying all this? Why is this a secret? Is something tied to this for the RV to go?

T – I don’t think it’s tied to it. And it’s not a secret because he’d already working in the position. But it’s not public and they’re using that as a reason. They want to do economic reform before they make an announcement. But the issues of deputies are still out there and they’re arguing about this. They said they’ll finalize this when Parliament comes back on the 14th. They do know who it is – they’re not arguing over the Defense Minister, but the deputies. They’re still meeting and passed 17 laws over the weekend, and some were banking laws.

C – We hear about Plan A and Plan B. We hear sad stories about people hurting. It’s been almost a year since last November when we starting hearing it’s done and going? When will the world say “enough is enough?”

T – We don’t know when that breaking point it. As long as we’re not adversely affected I guess it doesn’t matter. We just throw more money at it. As long as we continue to do that, until something else happens, IMO, like the people in Iraq taking to the streets themselves, have another Arab Spring all over again, that would make them react in short period of time.

T – Wait a second – right now on TV the new PM will have votes done by the 9th for complete reform (per text Tony just got). That’s from Iraq right now.

C – Is 3.58 a market rate?

T – Yes. If the int’l rate came out on Friday at 3.58 and you went to the bank on Saturday it would be at 3.58. But when it hits Forex on Monday morning the market rate goes up when buying and selling and the int’l rate fluctuates accordingly. It can shoot up or down.

C – The Goat really depresses people. They watch that. People are confused and depressed by her posts. People are trying to figure out what to tell their creditors, etc.

T – Sometimes the Goat is too anti-USA with her point of view. I’m not with that at all. I did 15 years in the military and can’t live with that. I don’t have faith and belief in people who hide behind fake names and locations. Some do hide behind a fake persona because they’re scared. Some of the Goat’s info is correct, but I cannot come out and say the USA is still holding this up. There are things going on in gov’t that doesn’t need to be made public. If I told you who was doing it, it won’t change one thing and they will blame us for not getting it done.

C – I have a German friend and he says, based on reading Mnt Goat’s writing, he says she’s not really German. I beg our gov’t: do not make Tony the scapegoat. Some of these gurus come back with new names and we do appreciate that you are who you say you are. We appreciate that you say who you are.

C – We have a friend with 26M dinar. Won’t he use up a lot of that contract rate?

T – If he gets there first! Take care of yourself first.

C – I’m calling from the Virgin Islands and have info that if it didn’t happen on Saturday it would happen after the holiday. I don’t think it won’t be on Wednesday but the day after.

T – I’ve been doing this for 4 years and for 3 years people have been talking about Tony. This is what I do. I bring you what I get from all different sources. I don’t control the RV regardless of what you’ve heard – LOL! Earlier in the call I read you a text I just received from Iraq, just as I got it. When our contact walks out of a Parliament meeting we get the info right then. I give it to you daily as it’s happening.

C – You mentioned earlier in the call a country loaned Iraq money to pay bills. Which country was that?

T – I’m not sure I was supposed to even say that. It was another country.

C – What is your theory, personally, what the holdup is?

T – In networking marketing there are always people who want to ask question after question. They are asking questions the rest of the room want to ask and didn’t and I appreciate them. They’re scared and looking for their own future. Where do I think we are? We know the banks brought their people back again. The 3-letter agencies say it’s done. Only 5 people know the exact date and time. There is a window, but it’s not like before when they knew 203 hours ahead of time. They’re not doing that anymore, they’re just having them in the facility. There’s not a reason we know of. They’re telling us what it’s NOT: not the Defense Minister, not the budget because the RV has been included in every budget since 2010 and approved, not the banking laws because they’ve changed a lot of them and they are constantly changing. Iraq has said they are ready but somebody is still sitting in a back room convincing them to hold off. It could be negotiations about politics, military, etc.

T – My personal opinion is they are holding it up to negotiate something outside the RV. That is my personal opinion. Regardless of what’s being said on TV, the backroom stuff still controls what happens.

T – I’m hopeful that Wednesday we’ll see this and he’ll do what he said to his people and complete economic reform right after the holidays. I don’t know if that will be on Wednesday – it could be the weekend, but I’m hopeful we will see this on Wednesday. I’d like to look for it today. I never thought everyone’s cards would be loaded in 4 days and they are still working through those issues. I don’t see that as an excuse. And the excuses about something in the system, I’m not accepting. It has to be something else.

C – You sound optimistic that the behind-the-scenes stuff can’t go on forever.

T – I am because other countries are frustrated because they have deadlines to meet as well.
C – If the USA elections are the issue, when would that be over?

T – On Election Day. Everything else is done. All issues have been resolved. Their new PM has an all-inclusive gov’t. They got rid of unqualified people in GOI positions. That’s not an issue. The banking system is not the issue. It has to be something greater than and outside of Iraq.

RECAP: It’s time to go now since I’m by myself today. Okay guys. Everything is positive. There is nothing negative. A lot of people are frustrated it didn’t go Saturday. But they’re saying there is no big blowup. It was a “system” thing. I’m looking for it for Wednesday, based on Abadi’s statement. The rate is still good. We’re still hearing about contract rates. And everybody is eager for it to go. Just be positive. It could be today, but I’m not looking for it until after Wednesday. I’m hoping it’s before then because I know you’re tired of these calls and so am I. If something does happen I’ll tweet it out. I’m ready. Enjoy the rest of your day.


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