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Tony – Good morning, TNT. It’s Monday, November 17, 2014 and we never thought we’d see today. But things are getting much better and we’ll be informative on where we are. We’ll let you know what happened over the weekend with gov’t and banking system, the rollout plan, and the plan after the rollout begins and how you can put a halt to the whole thing.

DC – In iraq, their TV is saying the int’l economic reforms are ready to roll out and it’s just a matter of timing. More stuff will occur here at the 8 & 11 PM news in terms of the RV happening there. More honest and open. In the mosques this morning they announced to everybody in at least 4 different large cities in Iraq that this is really happening now and Abadi will be on the news informing everybody what’s happening. This is what they’re expecting – the CBI has done this, and they will explain the process. The PM will review everything again, including the exchange rate and how to exchange. So they told everybody in the mosques today to stay close to their TVs. They also said one rate will apply to the whole country.

DC – On the legislative side in Iraq, the GOI passed more laws on the budget, cleaning up bills, actions that need to be done to shore up for the RV. They are mainly focused on ISIS issues and them doing desperate acts. But this won’t affect the revaluation, just the poor sould that are getting killed. ISIS has gotten the message they cannot exchange their dinar currency and are now trading it on the black market.

DC – Some last minute training for CBI employees is going on now to brush up.

T – So Iraq was geared up on Friday/Saturday. There is a lot of pressure on them. Six provinces are saying they will declare bankruptcy. ISIS is planning to create their own currency. Right now it’s legal and they’re trading it now.

DC – With all the G20 meetings, the major players were there. The USA led a push for a long-term delay and everyone said “NO WAY. This is enough and we’re not doing this anymore.” They convinced them for a very tight time and Iraq got something in the agreement to short-term minor delay. It doesn’t serve a whole lot of purpose. That’s why Abadi hasn’t spoken yet. His speech is supposed to be a “what HAS happened” not “what will happen.” That’s very important.

T – So it was supposed to happen Saturday. On Sunday they were publicly told Iraq could do it when they wanted to. We heard this morning we are waiting for 11PM tonight.

DC – Correct, but we don’t know when the extension was given or started.

T – Just you guys know, it’s not 3 or 4 days from now.

DC – It was kind of painful but face-saving to give a little time, not really worth it. In the USA, the UN folks are at the G20 and there is consternation about what’s going on. There is a lot of outrage for the delays. Iraq still has the ball again. In Washington, the BIS/IMF has been doing their coordinating, keeping countries and egos lined up. It’s not easy or fun. They have adjusted everybody to the right schedule now. Banks are queued up and ready to go. Those active in exchanging have increased in the the expectation of the public RV.

DC – We will talk about some meetings that occurred, not to be antagonistic to anyone but to share info and apply pressure.

T – We’re going to share some info of what we’ve gone thru last night and today. We started getting a lot of bank info and people got excited about it. That’s how info comes out – in bits and pieces. Some of it’s good, some bad. You have to keep digging and call everyone around the world this morning to understand what’s really being said in the meeting this morning. When it came down to it we’ll explain it. A lot of people were panicking and we will explain it.

DC – I want to preface it first by saying is that we have proven that most of the folks listening are not used to lots of money. We are trying to learn and take a measure approach. But as long as the general public is treated fairly and respectfully, then good. But if they are looking to cut us out or pay their friends and not us, then there’s a problem. We want to let everyone know what’s going on and apply pressure by letting people know. We have 30-40,000 listening and this info is getting out and applying pressure. We don’t want to be jerks but shine a light on what is happening. We’re not the only ones with this documentation. It is well-publicized.

DC – What happened is at the end of last week there were several meetings with the super-duper powers and others. They were walking thru the exchange process here in the USA. One of the key points is that a lot of the banks don’t want to deal with the general public. For $2-3K worth of exchange fees they will have to set up new accounts for people who will blow thru their money and they don’t think it’s worth it. It’s not worth their staff and headaches. Consistently for the past year+ a lot of banks have been told start and stop and some just decided to walk away. The UST re-engaged the banks by saying you can pick your own customers. The prime contractor in charge on the USA side is stuck with all of us, the general public.

DC – Yes, the banks want to get rid of these customers quickly. They want to just exchange who they want to. The other banks will exchange at various rates and not necessarily the contract rate. There were specific executive action and orders that if things get out of hand, there’s a run on banks, etc. then the whole process can be shut down and the banks don’t have to deal with you. If things get out of hand they’ll shut it down. A lot of those meetings were to address those things. They talked about contract rates and ramping up the exchanges before Iraq announces it.

DC – How we get into those exchanges is still a bit of a mystery, mainly due to banking relationships, political connections. There are still people who don’t want the general public to have this. They others listened to them and moved on because of rules and regulations. If it becomes a security nightmare they can slow it down or stop the exchanges. It is not the desire of the banks or POTUS, or other key reps to create this issue because it creates a thousand other issues. Are there folks who don’t want us to have this? Yes. Is it fair? Hell no. You can’t have some elitists following some laws and not others.

T – We want you guys to know where we are at this moment. There was an active meeting to be prepared and to stop everyone from going if it did not happen in the right way. We didn’t mention specific banks, but there are some banks who don’t want your business. For example, you don’t walk in and demand tens of thousands of money in cash and walk out with it. Banking doesn’t work like that. The banks have to order cash. Out of 5M people there are a lots of people like that. I can understand if the banks don’t want to deal with that. They have a plan to NOT deal with people with 200,000-4,000 with of money. They will be sending notices to people to close their accounts.

T – There was an executive order signed last week to shut the entire process down if it gets out of control. THEY WILL SHUT IT DOWN. If they do what they say they will do we will go on and do what we need to do. We’re not looking at the negative. They’ve been told to ramp up what they’re doing. Two dates have been set for contracts and VIPs (preferred customers) completed and to get the bulk of us through. Everybody we talk to says we got part of the picture. But we pieced it all together and we have the whole picture.

T – The more we know, the more people we know went through already, the more rates we know, they can’t say it didn’t happen. When it goes public that’s different. We are literally waiting for an announcement – any minute, any hour.

DC – The announcement will be an “after the fact” announcement that “The CBI did this 30 minutes ago…”


C – I am invested in dinar, dong and zim. You have said they are making sure there are strict restrictions on investing in the future. Will they put restrictions on people on people buying more? How many zeros will be lopped?

T – Before you had to have a net worth of over $1M. After Dodd-Frank that went up to $10M to be an investor. These future currency requirements will change that. Now they have 3 different qualifications: are you going to the country, buying short-term investments, or buying long-term investment per the new laws as of July. Many of you still won’t qualify. I would get a couple of friends together and form a trust so you would qualify. The restrictions will apply to FUTURE investing, not if you already hold the currency.

T – There is more info about this included in the new Executive Order we didn’t discuss.

C – Is the 3.8% Obamacare included in the exchange fee?

DC – That is a tax, not a fee. Therefore, the highest US-based income tax is 42.8%. Pay that up front or keep it in a separate account and add 10% for state taxes.

C – I’m concerned about that EO. How many nuts would it take to shut it down?

DC – We don’t know. They will have continuing calls and meetings to monitor the situations during the exchanges. They will have it locked up tight but if it gets overwhelming we don’t know that number.

T – Let me bring this up as we go over different strategies. A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. You will have to decide if you can do greater later. This order only pertains to us. Huge Forex investors will still keep exchanging. In other words, you have to decide if you want to wait for a rate to go up or get in and get out.

C – Some gurus say there will not be any rush at the banks, that it’s an easy process. When you say shut down do you mean for a period of time?

DC – You would have to go international to exchange. But that would cause immense problems because of all the new laws they just passed related to US citizens having money overseas. This (a shut-down) isn’t something they’ll do lightly.

T – We aren’t trying to scare you. We started hearing this yesterday. We anticipated this getting all over the internet so when you start hearing it you will be able to understand what’s going on and won’t freak out.

C – There is so much corruption in banking, could they close my account because they thought I talked about it and I signed an NDA?

DC – They don’t want to deal with entitled jerks. Some folks will come in sounding very entitled. Bad customers are just not worth it. If you’re a pain in the neck they’ll cut you a check and close your account. We believe a lot of people paying attention to us will be better clients because you’re willing to invest time/money in learning about this.

T – What has happened over the past 10-15 days is that many have exchanged for cash, 10% cash on the first day and the rest afterwards. When you see your WM and they offer you options based on time and amount you will commit to, then they will even change the contract and/or agreement. You become part of the system.

C – Is it dangerous to sign an NDA?

DC – If you’re a conspiracy nut I can’t help you. But if you fundamentally believe that they are not trying to screw you, you will be fine. Just keep your mouth shut. If they find someone bragging about their $50M investment on Facebook, they’ll shut you down. You JUST DON’T TALK ABOUT IT.

DC – If you have small children, you need to worry about them saying the wrong thing. The smart play for folks who can’t keep their mouths shut is to take the international rate and run. You won’t have to worry about that stress. Everybody has to be realistic. Can you keep a secret?

C – Can you share what the EO number is so we can research it?

DC – I don’t have that. We don’t know if it’s a specific EO or just a draft not signed yet and they’ve only distributed the notes to those involved. IT IS NOT IN EFFECT YET.

C – For the banks that have said they are not interested in dealing with us, are they still going to be listed on the 800#s?

DC – Good question. The ones that we will be calling, via the call center, will have to take that customer.

C – Is the Abadi speech at 11PM EST?

DC – No, that’s Iraqi local time. 11PM Iraqi time (it’s 10:12 PM in Iraq right now).

DC – It’s a 50/50 toss up if they will get it done by then.


C – Are there any benefits to go with a Tier 2 bank versus a Tier 1 bank for exchanging?

DC – It’s going to be pretty much the same – 2% fee but the line may be a lot shorter. After your exchange if you keep your money at a Tier 2 bank you’ll be a bigger fish in a smaller pond. You have to see what works for you.

T – For a regional bank, it takes a lot less money to be a big fish.

C – Will they try and trip us up at the exchange based on what we say?

DC – At first I thought is was BS, but now you can’t deny the fact that they will be watching and listening for the term EXCHANGE for your foreign currency. They’ve gone thru specific training to be on the lookout for this.

C – There are factions stopping this – just give us a chance!

T – We have done everything we can do. We’ve been told many times “don’t be more than an hour away from your house.” We know what is going on. And they know we know. They know we are watching to see if they do the right thing. We have asked people who helped us in this if we need to do anything. They said it’s okay, let us do our job. We know the time-frame and we know when it’s supposed to conclude. If it doesn’t we have a plan for what to do.

DC – Mass exchanges started on the 31st again. I have been trying – unsuccessfully – to get a lot of dinarland folks thru the process now that they had done the initial exchanges for those without SKRs. I keep suggesting this and they ask me how do we think dinarland will react to this? I tell them it’s going over like a brick sh*thouse. We are not here to sell anything but trying to help. We are mediators. Some of the gurus put out inflammatory stuff supplied by top notch people. We researched and tried to calm it down. I continue to push to get folks through even though my foreign friends are telling me to pound sand, but the US guys are listening.

T – Even the info we got was right 100%. We just had to get the other pieces that went with it so we’d understand WHY they were preparing to do what they’re saying. As it was explained we have to be ready either way.

C – With the XL Keystone Pipeline, immigration, etc. are we headed for another political gridlock?

DC – Yes, absolutely. But it will not affect the dinar.


C – Is this really going to happen? It’s been so long.

T – It looks very positive and all are getting ready. It’s not like they didn’t attempt to go again this weekend.

DC – I’m encouraged that there are exchanges happening that obligates the rest to let it go. The exchangers are going to talk to reporters if only the elite get to go.

C – Are they still deducting zeros?

T – They are deducting zeroes in Iraq so they’ll have more buying power. Over here it’s a currency exchange – a revaluation.

RECAP: DC – Iraq is ready and prepared. We’re waiting for the CBI and Abadi. We got more confirmations during the call that everybody is pretty antsy. Here in the USA they are prepared and ready for it to go through. Exchanges are ramped up in a major way all around the world. That means we are closer. It’s highly frustrating. We are very, very close. PLEASE HAVE A PLAN BEFORE YOU SPEND A DIME!

T – We are trying to say we are being as transparent as possible. There is a system in place to deal with chaos if it happens. There are people who don’t want you to have this. There are banks who don’t want your business because you didn’t manage your new-found wealth. There is a central bank that will take everybody. Within 30 days they may ask you to leave – so leave. Find another bank. The most important thing is that you get to exchange. We just want you to be fully aware because you’re going to start hearing things. We’re in a good place. It should have gone over the weekend but there was a request for a delay. They got it, but we’re still looking for an announcement in this news cycle. The UN put out an announcement that Iraq has been released from all restrictions and they can now announce whenever they want to. We’re not saying those blocking it won’t try, but now it’s in Iraq’s hands. They can call it when they want. They are right now preparing, bringing people in, changing the schedule.


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