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TONY – Good morning, TNT. Hope everyone is doing fine. We’re going to explain what’s going on and what you should be thinging about next. Let’s do the info first.

DC – East to west: We have Iraq prepared with Abadi back in country. They’ve been passing a few laws, not working so much because they have a 3-day holiday starting tomorrow. Everybody is prepared, training is done, etc. Everybody is ready for it. They were ready for it this weekend at 3 different time. It was punted 2X by the USA and 1X by Iraq. On Friday it was delayed by the USA and on Sunday by Iraq, who asked for some more time. Everybody is pretty hot about that and it’s leaking out through TV and radio. Now they’re saying “economic reform is occuring” keeping it broadly stated. It’s pretty much known that we’re waiting on the US.

T – On Friday we knew we had a 36 hour window. It was too much time and we knew something would happen. And it did. Then last night/this morning more meetings are going on resolving the weekend issues and celebrations are planned for tomorrow.

DC – Celebrations were planned for this weekend, now they’re planned for the 3-day break this week.

T – The only difference is they’re not saying “by the 1st, by the 5th, etc.” but just saying “economic reforms are ending.”

DC -In the USA, everybody was prepared. It was delayed and everybody is upset. The banks are ready and were prepared for it to go. They prefer it during the working days but they were ready this weekend. They continued to pay people out this weekend, as they continue to do today. They are having meeting right now between all the major players (US, IMF, BIS, GOI, etc.) to coordinate another time for it to go. They are in meetings now and we are awaiting on conclusion from those meetings. Everybody is pretty disgusted with the start/stop.

T – Before we have a discussion about what’s going on, I want to read an email I received first. [TONY IS READING EMAIL – WILL NOT BE TRANSCRIBED VERBATIM]. “this has all the hallmarks of the manipulation of a large group. if I was running a psychological operation this is almost text book. Do you think the info is being manipulated? Can you name the intel team so they can no longer string us along?”

T – We are waiting once again as the window was not met. I don’t work for anybody, not the gov’t, not the exchangers, not for anybody. Can people give us false info? Yes, which is why we sift thru it. We know they are trying to put out false stuff and we sort through it. Other agencies tell us that agencies are giving us BS.

DC – Sometimes we do get lied to. But what’s their motivation? Information, whether it’s true or not, can be very good to sort through. I want to understand why I’m being told garbage so I can reverse-engineer it and figure out why. Most of our folks are very straight forward and give us the best info they have.

T – We have a group that is pro-RV giving us stuff. We have a group that says “let’s destroy this.” Most people don’t realize that there is a hierarchy of info. In the military, the officers have the meetings but the NCOs get the work done. We have a lot of people telling us stuff and others who are doing things. I don’t think people are manipulating us, although they do try. There are too many people to actually cut this off because we have too many people in real life trying to do the right thing.

DC – So, what’s going to happen? Are they going to pay out the rest? Basically, so many people have already exchanged and the world has accepted the revaluation and that Iraq revalued on Oct. 30. I see that as positive. The more people they pay out the better. It kinda forces the world to get through it. You can’t stop this from going at this point. Nobody in this process is naive. This current administration are world class in PR and communications. Why would these people allow a ticking time bomb to occur? My personal opinion is because they know full-well this is about to happen.

DC – All the contract rates will be hushed up because of NDAs because they don’t want anyone to know how controversial it is to pay out people 13 months in advance, even though it’s SKRs, which it’s not. Most of this stuff will be water under the bridge and no one will care. This will make Watergate look like a walk in the park. It does not take a high-ranking person to screw up in their last few days in office. Everybody knows they are sitting on a nuclear bomb. Why don’t we want to do another Twitter campaign? We don’t want to push the boundaries and we want everybody to get paid. Try to keep calm.

T – The reason we’re discussing this is because on Friday we got word some wanted to start exposing people who were getting paid, where they were getting paid, etc. All we’re hearing is they’re preparing to pay you. If 4M people didn’t get a dime out of this we have information about who/what got paid. We are familiar with the Arab Spring and how they made that happen. We fell they’ll do the right thing because if they don’t we know what will happen. We have docs and names of people who were paid in cash – not SKRs. We believe they will do the right thing. But we are prepared if they don’t.

T – If there is a justifiable reason we can see that involves the gov’t doing something for the US citizens and the US economy, I can’t be mad about that. If this happens and everyone gets exchanged but us, we will do what we have to do. As long as we’re still on the schedule to get paid, we have to let them do what they’re doing. We have to be that central cog in the wheel, making sure you have the info and know what to do with it afterwards.

T – Here’s the problem with doing this call: I’ve been through it and have been responsible for 13K people in network marketing. How does it benefit my organization? Now I’m assuming responsibility for 250K people and I don’t really want to do that. People are making decisions based on my decisions. Now I’m affecting everyone’s family. To whom much is given, much is expected. We are talking to the right people and have the inside info. If I think it’s time to burn it down, I will. Right now we just have to suffer through it. That’s what’s really going on. We are just that close. They are still pushing forward. We don’t know the ultimate reasons for the delays over the weekend.

T – Throughout the year when folks were blaming some political people, they don’t have the future in politics they thought they’d have.

DC – We believe we’re all going to get paid here, but not one day ahead of Iraq. Has the USA stopped this? Yes. If they allow it to get this close then all the major things are completed. They have to be minor items. Specifically this weekend, I have no idea what caused the 3 delays, but I know everybody is pissed about it.


C – I don’t like hearing about the rate AFTER I’ve signed an NDA.

DC – No one is going to tell you to just sign the NDA and then say “trust us.” The contract rate will be available to a select few. The vast majority will get the street rate.

C – Will we still get 800#s?

DC – We understand now that each bank will provide their own 800#s. Only one bank – WF – will accept all of Dinarland. Each bank will take care of their own. It’ll be an individual process.

C – I take exception with DC’s comments that our gov’t cares about us. Look at Benghazi, the IRS scandal, etc. and you know they couldn’t care less about us. What is the real reason?

T – The holdup is not about us. If they wanted to cut us out they could. With the number of people they have paid out I don’t know how they could NOT pay us. Our intel people are very willing to go in front of Congress. There are a bunch of other people willing to do the same thing. We know about the meetings, who attended the meetings, 4 years of history.

DC – Did they consider us when they delayed this again this weekend? Not one iota. But what they DO care about is if some of the dirtiness gets out. That could be a real problem for them.

C – I have a considerable amount of dong. Can you share what the limits may be on the 2 currencies in terms of the contract rate?

DC – They adjusted the limit for the contract rate down. I don’t know the latest numbers. It was $50M on the dinar and the dong was $100M but they’re willing to adjust the limit for the contract rate but we don’t know how much.

DC – The dong rate is about $1, which is phenomenal. You can give it to different charities ahead of time so they have access to it. Divide it up to your wife, kids, etc. I lot of people don’t have that much. You start with you, your spouse, kids, etc.

C – I want to tell you I’m so disappointed in our gov’t. I voted for POTUS. I understand this is a lottery ticket and we just wait for the numbers. But I’m very disappointed how they’ve reacted and treated the people in Iraq. Leadership starts at the top. It’s so upsetting that they have been so into their own political ploys, it’s despicable. This is a dark blemish on our gov’t. If our President so desired, he could change it.

T – There are things we wouldn’t agree with, they seem negative and are negative, but are done to maintain the freedom we have today. A lot of things we don’t agree with but had to be done.

C – We were so disappointed last Christmas and have been let down for so many holidays. We’re hearing stories left and right about after January 15. Do you think we’ll be in the same position this year?

DC – I don’t know. If everyone does the right thing then it gets done.

T – We heard January, next year, etc. but we see them doing something differently. We follow actions not words. Somebody keeps telling them it’s going. But we keep getting disappointed like you guys. Everyday we hear it I have less confidence in them. We can’t find anything let for Iraq to do. They’ve done it all, HCL, printed in Gazette, paying out contract rate, etc. Everything except Iraqi citizens getting paid and therefore us getting paid. To me it has to be something bigger. It is inevitable. It’s just a matter of when.

C – Last week you said Iraqis were rioting in the streets. What happened with that? What about the other countries pushing this?

DC – Everybody is pushing this. We’re getting tons of info from Iraq every morning. I used to get 10 minutes every morning now it’s 1+ hour because they’re so disgruntled. Everyone’s highly concerned on a daily basis.

T – It’s a 3-day celebration coming up. Or it could be a 3-day riot.

C – Why hasn’t Vietnam increased their currency? They’ve been exporting for years.

DC – This has been very detailed in planning. It Iraq didn’t have a plan, with some very bright people their currency could just float on the market. Vietnam hasn’t done near as much as Iraq has, which has had massive growth. Iraq has been a lot more public about it than Vietnam.

T – There is a Global Currency Reset – 200 countries. How does it happen that 200 countries find something, i.e., gold, silver, diamonds, etc. to base a currency foundation reset on. For a GCR there has to be a strong foundation. They chose dinar and China chose dong. This isn’t by accident. This was planned. This is manipulation by man to change the situation. Under Basel 3 the currency is based on value.

C – How can the USA be paying out people before Iraqis are able to do so? Is that legal?

DC – It has revalued since the end of October.

T – They ARE paying out citizens like we are. They are paying out certain categories too. We just part of the masses like they have still waiting.

DC – I want to discuss who gets the contract rate and why the vast majority of people will only get the int’l rate. China wanted oil credits so they made a deal to buy dinar thru WF. Other banks said they wanted their customers to get higher rates as well. China and others were allowed a pool to buy at a higher rate. Up until Feb/Mar last year it looked like the credits would be done behind the scenes. There is a good amount of that pool for contract rates. They will allow a certain % for contract rate payments. In October they started cranking that number up at a pretty good rate. The vast majority won’t have access to it because the pool is decreasing.

DC – There are people trying to do the right thing regarding the contract availability. People are watching for abuse on it and some have lost their jobs. We know people who will send up a flag if it becomes an issue.

Q – Will they ask for your list when they give out the 800#s?

DC – We don’t have a group. We have our family/friends.

T – Let’s discuss the TRNs (Treasury Reserve Notes). I’ve been hearing this for years: new treasury notes, the Fed will be gone, a new Republic, etc. Then I heard from the UST that the TRNs are notes to be traded between countries. There won’t be any new TRN notes out in the public. Iraq has been educating their people for 10 years and look how that’s worked out. A new currency without education would create nothing but problems.

DC – TRNs are not tied to the RV. They are institutional notes – nothing to do with us.

… C – I received a gift of $1M dong from a friend. Do I need a gift letter?

DC – The more documentation the better.

C – Back on November 13 when the politicians got paid, you said that everyone would be happy, because we would all get the high rates. Now the rates are going down and the contract rate is not for everybody. Can you elaborate?

T – It is unfair. There will always be the privileged. They happen to be elected officials. After this happens you will be on of those people and others will say “how’d you get that?” Remember, they were trying to get us out of the program entirely, saying this was only for them. The reality is there is not enough to go around for everyone to get those high rates.

T – The banks will pick and choose who gets the high rates. Now everyone will be paid more than we ever thought.

C – Why was the dinar rate 3.71, then 3.91, now down to 3.58?

T – Oil prices dropped.

C – Do you think in your HOH (heart of hearts) we’ll see this before Christmas?

DC -Yes, I do. One delay was for 10 hours, another 18 hours.

T- A meeting was taking place this morning and we don’t know what happened while we were on this call.

DC – Many think President Obama is the guy preventing us from buying Christmas presents. There is not one person doing this alone. Some days there are good reasons but most not. Those in power in the USA are looking at it in a broader picture and how it affects things politically. It’s never been personal about us attacking one politician or another. Tony and I are kind of like the announcers at the football game. We’re calling the shots of the game. For a while they were blaming us – the guys in the boxes – but we’re just the announcers calling it as we see it. They just don’t like it to be announced to everybody.

T – We’re playing a couple of roles: announcers, arbitrators, advisers, etc. We’re just trying to help move it along so we can get on with our lives.

C – Did Iraq release new currency notes? As I have studied international currency law, when a country releases a new currency there is a 2-year window that must be passed before it can be accepted. Are the politicians trying to get us past this 2 year period so our currency will be worthless?

DC – The are not actually trying to push us out of the mix. We are being told by yellow-dog Dems that they are still trying to include us. Yes, Iraq does have new currency but they will continue to have large notes, but just hard to find. It’s not worth a Watergate-like event to push us out of the system. Iraq has to have this for the general public before we go.

DC – It is not their intent to do that (make the Iraqi currency worthless). On Thursday a Senator called. He had gotten wrong information. This guy had the capability to call in the press because he heard they were going to leave the public out of the RV. It is a bad form for a Senator to be lied to and to receive false information. They want to avoid this type of thing.

C – Could you comment on how this will play out for reserves?

T – We don’t know. During the exchange processes now they’re not dealing with reserves – just 1 bank we know of – and just with dinar. Another guy is getting all four currencies exchanged right now. But no word on reserves. Until we get the package and some direction from the banks we don’t know how they’ll handle reserves.

DC – Every bank has been different. The amount of time to get reserves would be significant, so be prepared for that.

RECAP: DC – Iraq is ready and tried 3X this weekend. Now we have another time scheduled that is very quick. The banks, USA, Iraq is ready. Everybody please remain cautious. Eventually this will go through because so many others are reaffirming that we are next and we are right behind those going through now.

T – Everything is good. The next 3 days are holidays and they’re the end of economic reform is near. Iraq has done everything they need to do. Bunch of people went thru the weekend, and people have been notified they would be paid tomorrow. I will be just as surprised as you when it occurs. IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL! Enjoy the rest of your day.


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