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TONY – Good afternoon, TNT. It’s Thursday, March 5, 2015. It’s an unusual call today because yesterday was an unusual day. It was the anniversary of our daughter’s death yesterday so we spent the day together. Unfortunately we had some negative stuff yesterday but we have some really good news. And we’ll stay here to give you facts and details. Before DC gives you the facts and details, I’ll give you the other stuff. We don’t know if this will be our last call. It could be. We

T – We’ve tried to give strategies so you will all know what to do when this happens. Don’t ask why we’re not at the bank. I was asked to talk about Mnt Goat’s last letter. I normally don’t talk about others, because I really don’t care. They have their opinions. These “other so-called gurus” – you don’t even know their names, hide behind internet names so they can say anything about everybody. All their stuff is usually based on what

T – You all are adults. I tell you to listen to who you want to. Here’s the big thing: they talk about us. Yes, I’m going on a rant. These so-called gurus come back and tell you that we are bought and paid for, the gov’t pays us, etc. LOL! Not according to my bank statement! They say we’re being used to keep the masses calm so they won’t revolt. They tell you all this and how all our info is screwed up. One of those guys has been saying the rate would be .10 for years and now he’s saying “I told you it was $3.”

T – For months and months Mnt Goat said we had the wrong info. If you go back 2-3 weeks ago she was saying it’s done and we’d see it any minute now, the budget was done (after we said it was), etc. So NOW you found out what we’re saying is true you change your story.

T – We bring you the info as it changes. We don’t talk about other gurus because we don’t know where they get their info from. I’m sure they think they’re right in their own way. DC hasn’t even read it (Mnt Goat). But I got texts and calls, as did Pam, to address it. Really? So, when you see stuff like this, go back and read what they’ve said in the past. My name is not God. I can’t predict the future. We can only give you the info as we get it. I have not once backtracked on what we’ve said. I put out what has gone out around the world. Did the plan change? Yes. Am I gonna live with it? Yes. My name is Tony Renfroe. You’ve known that for years. You can see anything you want to know about me. It’s all over the internet. Not once have I told you I live in Germany when I live in OK. Not once have I told you my real name is George in emails I sent.

T – We don’t try to sugar-coat anything. Our own gov’t gives us info because they know we’re trying to do the right thing. There was a fight and we had a lot of good people on our side. We need to think like rich people and realize how serious it is what we’re involved in. This is reality. It’s not fantasy. We have banks totally pissed off for the 4th or 5th time because they were told exchanges would be done on Monday. They have some procedures they now want to change over the weekend if this doesn’t happen by then, but we think it will be over by then. So, I had to get all that out of the way. It’s just what we go thru. We’ll be here to the end, regardless. Regardless of what the other idiots say about us. The only reason I’m addressing this is because it affected a bunch of you. DC – comments?

DC – I haven’t read the specific posts because I just don’t care. I’m not being arrogant because it really doesn’t matter. All of the gurus are bringing the best info they can. Some are good, some are “messed up” in the head (CENSORED). If you hate our voices, stop listening. Get off the   call. We know we don’t have it all. We have said many times if we have 60% it’s a good day. If they think I’m bought and paid for, good for you. It doesn’t matter. We are all volunteers. No one is getting paid. We are under an insane amount of scrutiny. That means we have to be above board.

DC – We are reporting as best we can with the info we have. We’re just 2 normal guys walking the streets like you. Everyday Americans. This is not some giant conspiracy. Okay, that’s my rant and rave.

DC – Okay, east to west. I’m very excited about many things. Tikrit is looking quite successful and ahead of schedule. Congrats IDF. What that means some fixes inside in terms of banking and rates, means we’re ready to go anytime. Details: In Tikrit they started on Sunday, they’ve been planning this for months. They got ISIS almost out. They will probably spend months cleaning out booby traps and IEDs. Iraq took back a major city with minimum casualties.

DC – I tend to shy away from talking about military actions because it’s not worth putting anyone’s life in danger. The CBI is prepped and spent the extra time getting ready. The rates bumped up to the IMF and BIS. They are updated slightly highers, as was the raging debate. As it is in the Arab culture, they tend to argue. Rates were loaded in and some argued about them, some quite passionately. Nothing we were worried about. It wasn’t a world-stopper. I promise you they will continue to debate it up to and after the RI. Everybody at the CBI is ready. Finance Ministry same thing. They were involved in those rate debates. The Interior Ministry is getting ready for the RV and clean-up after ISIS-related damage. The Federation Council is ready and excited about it. On TV they’re saying the Iraqi dinar will increase in value in the coming days. Have they said this before? Yes. But it’s nice they’r saying it again.

DC – That being said, everybody in Iraq is ready and we’re getting that from the lowest level to the highest levels. The new amazing contacts we picked up are also saying that.

T – On TV right now, they’re saying the Iraqi currency will increase in the next couple of days. The CBI is saying they will have the strongest currency in their region. That’s scrolling on their TV right now. We know Qi Cards got funded and there was a re-conversion. We don’t understand it, they were paid 3 different rates. It was converted. We were informed that this Sunday their updated banking system will be up and running. They will be able to do wire transfers, int’l banking transactions, etc. They feel everything will absolutely be done once that takes affect. Everybody has been give the green light.

T – They people see they said “over 2 years” – we’ve been in the 2 years! They are going to do away with the 50 dinar notes.

DC – It is very normal business to do this with the 50 dinar notes. Over the past several years they have pulled 97% of physical currency out of circulation – shredded and burned in anticipation of the RV. What happened to that 3-5% left out there? It’s getting turned over left and right. There’s only a few trillion left. Articles have said how worn out their currency is. So they refresh the currency. The 50’s will most likely not be used. It costs money to print new ones and update them. Because 50 dinar notes were used so much they are more used and messy. So it’s easier to just take them out of the system. Other articles have mentioned new notes coming out. What does that mean? The notes we have in our hands are the older ones. Back in Nov 2014 there was a public announcement that said it would take 2 years to finish removing the rest of the notes – meaning the ones we have that will be going to the CBI. This is very public info.

DC – Why issue new ones? In most countries they use physical currency in business. They still have to have these. The value will increase dramatically and people will move to electronic banking like the rest of the world. Those who have 50’s will need to exchange before April 30.

DC – In the USA, they are being supportive about what’s going on. They just want to get this done. US- based banked are pissed beyond belief. They are calling in the big dogs, calling Iraq, etc. very aggravated. The number of actual exchanges has dropped to almost zero because of the expectation the RV is upon us. They’re just waiting for this to get thru. They will be notified after it gets done in Iraq. It will take some 4-5 hours to get ready, some a couple of days.

T – Banks are calling customers now to be sure they still have the currency and are setting appointments. Bankers are saying if it’s not done by a certain date they want to make an offer to the public to do a pre-deposit so it’s just ready when it actually happens. The benefit to us if they do this is we get more options because they’re competing with each other. They are bringing people in, scheduling them, etc. and are happy and expecting something. Worse case they expect it to be done by Sunday when the new banking laws go into affect.


C – I’ve been hearing some big groups are now going to exchange locally instead of in Reno. T – If they’re telling you you don’t have to go thru a Paymaster that’s a good thing. I feel sorry for you if you’ve turned over your dinar to any group. You mean they’re setting up your bank appointment for you? C – Yes, and they said we would still get the group rate. T – I have not heard that.

C – Are we still supposed to keep the dinar and other currencies we exchange in separate accounts? DC/T – We have not heard any differently.

C – I spoke with my WM at my county bank. They are connect with WF. I’m not anxious to get a contract rate if I can get a decent rate for what I have. My WO told me if it’s a public rate on the screen they can exchange it. DC – That’s part of the old Bank of Ireland system. They have the option whether to charge you the 2%. T – A lot of people will do that, work with bankers they have a relationship wtih instead of calling an 800# for one of the Big Four.

C – Are the banks still going to be competing with each other? DC – Yes, all the Big Four will be competing with each other. They have said they want a certain type of customer so they’ll all be competitive. T – This is what we got: they will offer contract rate to the people they think know what to do with the money, invest it, etc. They are telling their employees to NOT offer contract rates or incentives to people who walk in and DO NOT look professional. They’re going by the way you dress when you come in, how you act and present yourself, etc. Those aren’t the only factors but those are big factors. If they ask you what you’re doing with $2M and you answer “I’m going to buy 4 new cars and give it to family.” You’re not getting a contract rate. If you demand $50K in cash when you walk out, you WON’T GET a contract rate. They will give the contract rate out to people who will invest and leave money in the bank for a long time.

DC – Dress like a business person. Don’t go in there cussing. Don’t dress like a moron. Ask leading questions, like “what services do you provide?” It’s okay to say you want to buy a nice car or house. But you don’t want to take out the principle, but make money on your money. If you’ve been listening you should know what to ask. They can refuse to exchange you if you go in acting like a complete moron.

DC – If you ask for $7K or more that’s a trigger for them as a way to judge you.

C – My WM doesn’t know about it. T – But they will. DC – Tell him to call the Foreign Currency department and he’ll find out. Many WMs will know.

C – Will the dealers be notified before the rates change? DC – They are often notified when it gets close. It’s smart to watch them. It used to be they were notified 24-72 hours before the rate change so they could protect themselves. Now they’re being told they’ll know within 15 minutes afterwards.
C – Are the contract rates still in play? DC – Yes, and we’re told to get in as fast as you can.

C – How quickly post-RV will we be able to get cash? SKRs? DC – You should get cash immediately 5-10%. Most banks have a certain amount available digitally on your debit card. Doesn’t mean physical cash in hand. But most will make all your deposit available within 72 hours.

T – Since this was an unscheduled call and we have one tomorrow, let’s recap.

RECAP: DC – Our anticipation is this gets done in the next several days. Tikrit is ahead of schedule. All the griping and moaing has been solved. We anticipate it to be done very quickly. Everyone is ready. We know we’ll be able to do at least one call as of now. So   for now. T – Again, I want to thank everybody for yesterday’s messages. DC told me that everybody is in agreement and it’s all done. Date and time is there. 4 or 5 people actually know what that is. On Iraq TV they’re saying within 3 days and their entire banking system will change Sunday and they can do international transactions. I don’t know how they can do that without int’l rates. We’re telling you info that’s coming out right now. Not from articles 2-3 days old. Can it change? Yes. We’re just doing the best we can bringing you the best info we can. We’re not false gods hiding behind fake names. If it’s not tonight we’ll be back tomorrow. END OF CALL.

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