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TONY – Good afternoon, TNT. It’s Wednesday, February 18, 2015. We had our info call this morning and one of our intel guys was trying to snowboard in his brand new BMW in a parking lot and tore up the front of his car  – LOL! On Valentine’s Day both of Ray’s son and daughter got engaged! Congrats to both of them. Alright, couple things we have to do today and tell you exactly where we’re at. I want to go thru a payout plan for the dong and dinar at different rates we’re hearing, and why we’re hearing those rates. That’s going to be the thrust of this call.

T – A lot of things are going to happen in the next couple of hours and days. I’m going to ask the intelligent people to be intelligent. Let’s go on with life and look to the future. I see some of you fighting the idiots (online). I can fight for myself. They’re just not thinking correctly. It will all come to light. For 4-5 years people have been making this all about Tony lying to you, making things up. It’s never been about Tony. It’s all about what we are going thru in the next day or two, or next few hours. We will explain to you why we’re hearing what we’re hearing. So it should be an interesting call today.

T – So, DC we put out a text “their words not mine.” Kurdistan put out a statement that they want their money. They did that publicly.

DC – In Iraq, as discussed the budget went thru the normal process, which hasn’t been done in a long time. Abadi has said in his own tweets it’s the fastest it’s gone thru ever. As articles have stated, it was signed, ratified and put in the Gazette, just not public yet. We are talking to those involved in doing that so we’re not pulling it out of our backside. It puts everything in a bind if they publicly show it before the tweaks are done with departments and plans for projects. Did we have to have them before the RV? No. Do we have to have them now? Yes, due to exposure. Because of Maliki and his crew trying to be a pain to Abadi saying you can’t release the budget, saying stuff isn’t legal and needs to be fixed, bunch of legal mumbo jumbo.

DC – They started to do this on Saturday then had to stop. They started again on Tuesday and didn’t finish. They are meeting NOW and we are hearing they have those last-minute items worked out. Our belief is that the RV  will be free to go.

T – So, on Saturday an MP was assassinated and we’re hearing Maliki and his goons were behind that to stop this from happening, but we don’t know that for sure. He’s still trying to disrupt the process. Here’s the question everybody is asking: why don’t you just get rid of Maliki and get this done? We know how ISIS got started, we know who was backing ISIS, and by publicly doing anything it would increase problems.

DC – There are some folks who are absolutely tied to Maliki whether thru family or some just wanting attention. Is Maliki controlling the proccess? No. But he is an annoyance. Some key folks have acknowledged publicly that the budget is ratified and in the Gazette.

T – Maliki is stalling to save his own neck because after people have their money and history becomes evident, he knows they can come after him as soon as there is an RV.

DC – Bottom line, we are waiting for the laws to be completed. It’s all been done but now they’re shoving them thru the parliamentary system. They’ve all done their homework and it just takes a quorum. The entire system is waiting on that and if that is done tonight, we’ll have an RV in the morning. Or as soon as it’s done. Everybody in Iraq needs this for many reasons. The pressure is on Abadi to get this done. One reason is the belief he can get this done being so up and down. Iraqis are cynical toward their leaders due to the past (Saddaam). Also, other diplomats and heads of state of many countries are ready to move on and they feel it will curb ISIS a lot.

DC – Do they have enough to pay Kurdistan? NO! Do they have enough to pay their debts? NO! All the right diplomats are supporting Shabs and his team to get this done. There are some who believe that everything is broken down. That’s one opinion on the US side of things. But we’re talking to politicians in Iraqi Parliament and they’re saying “they just don’t understand how we communicate.” We believe the laws are supposed to be completed today and then we’re good to go.

T – They are publicly telling people everything is done. They are publicly announcing they had planes deliver currency to the regions that are allowed to have it. That’s how close we are. They are wanting to make sure the currency is out of the GOI’s hands and into the hands of the people. It’s nothing we can control. Nobody on this side will be notified until after it occurs.

DC – On the US side, they’re just waiting on Iraq. Banks, US Gov’t, etc. are all waiting on Iraq.

T – There was an agreement that these things could be done afterwards, but since prior timelines weren’t met, they decided to go ahead and take care of these minor items now.

T – Let’s talk about the different rates now. Some of you are new and we can’t explain everything in an hour. There have been a lot of differnnt rate for the dinar and dong. We’ve looked at 3.22 plus the interest. You’re now hearing .08 for the dong. We heard contract rates at 2.05. Why would we be hearing these rates now and Shabs has said the dinar could be $16, but we’re hearing less now? Now we’re at .08 on the dong. Supposed the dong does come out at .08?

T – Five years ago is was absolutely unbelieveable it would hit .05. Is it a sucker rate or just BS?

DC – Currently the dong is at .08 and that could change tomorrow. It has changed consistently throughout this whole process. What we don’t know is because our access to dong info is limited. We are getting what little info from IMF and banks and UST-based sources. Why did it change? Is it because it’s a trigger rate? Or is it a real rate they’re sticking to? This has changed many times in the past. People with infinitely more power than me have said the general public needs to be treated fairly. Part of our job is to help keep everybody honest, including people in the IMF, UST and the Admin. Are they trying to pull something over on us while we are focusing on the assassination?

DC – If it comes out at .08 and a bunch of other people got 2.47, this isn’t right and the people in high places know it will need to be addressed. So if it comes out at .08 there better be a darn good reason because history will bear out the details. But we just don’t know much about the dong and it can change in the next hour. We do have access to it and we will be watching. We havve people watching for it. Keep a level head. I  love the fact they’ve paid out all these other people (at higher rates) because that’s insurance for us. It will eventually all come out.

T – I don’t believe in the .08. I think they’re making a big mistake if it does. They have to know people aren’t this dumb. This is being said all around the world. LOL!

T – I’m not telling anyone what to do. But if it comes out at .08 and I had $1M or $2M, would I go and exchange my dong? Absolutely not! I just wouldn’t do it because I knew at one point it was worth over $1. It is going to hit Forex and the market. People who invest, when they see it come out at .08 they’re going to buy it up and you will be able to watch it go up. How long will it take to hit Forex? I don’t know. But you’ll have some dinar to exchange so you can watch the dong. Tell your banker what you have in dong and ask them to watch it for you.

T – If you watch it yourself and put in a reminder in your app to alert you when it changes, you can notify your bank or dealer and get locked into a rate, even if it takes them weeks to get you processed. If it comes out .08 me and Bill Gates are going to have a run for our money. But I could be wrong, but if it does that could be your 2nd  RV or opportunity of a lifetime in 30 days. Put your money to work!

T – Now, if it comes out like we heard at .50 or 1.00, then I’m all in. It’s a higher risk to wait. We don’t believe it’ll be .08 because too many people have already been paid at higher rates. They will have to justify that. It could be high for 10 minutes so they could justify it. But you have to pay attention. Why are they saying .08? Could be to cause confusion. Maybe to cause China to lose money. Could be just BS.


C – What’s the difference between going with a broker/dealer or a bank? DC – All of the dealers we have talked with plan to be competitive with fees under 2%. They’ll exchange based on Forex or CBI rates. Banks are the only ones with contract rates. With exchangers you won’t be signing to leave your money anywhere for anytime. Banks will have to be competitive with that, so there’s a significant advantage to exchanging with dealers. Banks will have higher rates as long as they’re still available. Each bank will handle fees differently, but most start at 2%.

T – Exchangers won’t negotiate but banks have higher rates with more restrictions.

C – How long can you hold large-denoms out and can you hold your currencies in MCA and take loans against them? DC – It used to be a firm 30 days and have it changed in 90 days to 6 months. It will be a sliding scale based on how much you have and what your background is. They are trying to capture bad guys and don’t want it to be used for criminal organizations. If you wait, since most of us will get in as quickly as we can, they’ll want to know why you waited. If you’re clean then you have nothing to worry about. But it will take longer to exchange. MCAs are usually used as accounts for businesses, not for investments or operating accounts.

T – So if I have it in an MCA account, how long can I leave it there and can I borrow against it? DC – Bottom line is YES to all. Expect to give the bank some margin. Depends on how comfortable the bank is because it’ll be a new currency. You’ll also be more exposed with the debt when it comes to dinar or Zim.

C – Will it be a problem if you wire large amounts of money? DC – People wire money constantly and it shouldn’t be a problem. Going from one bank to another should not be an issue. T – We were told by banking people NOT to wire more than $500,000 in the 1st thirty days. Instead get a cashier’s check. If you’re going to diversify between banks, they should talk to each other so there are no issues.

C – I live in an non-income tax state (Florida). Should I stay in my no-state-income tax state rather than go to another state? DC – We don’t know. It hasn’t been made clear. Ask your tax attorney.

C – Barzani said he was committed to economic reform even if it took an assassination. What is the possiblity they will be alive in another month to see this thru? DC – The entire council of ministers and the Federation Countil are well-guarded. I have friends doing it. They are extremely capable and competent. They are devoutly loyal. I feel confident they are safe.

C – Is Regent Bank still participating in the exchange and have access to the contract rate? DC – They have folks trained for it. The contract rate will be available to all banks. All Tier 2 base systems are supposed to have contract rates available, too.

C – If you exchange with banks, doesn’t that mean the US gets the oil credit for China thru the UST? DC – The Central Banks will cut deals with Sterling and other traders so they’ll make some money.

C – When we get to the bank and tell them we have 2008 and 2009 Series A, will those be valid for exchange? DC – Not a lot of people are trained to work with Zim. Not too many know about it. Supposedly there were only 6,000 who have Zim.

T – Let’s look at this. If someone is telling you that ask them where they got that info from. Why are they telling you this? Why wouldn’t the bank do it? Some have already gotten paid on their Zim. If the bank is going to make money off it, why wouldn’t they want it?

C – When we exchange and make our deposit, on the Form 104 can they stop us from marking it as an exchange and mark it as an investment? T – If you don’t agree with it don’t sign it. I don’t think this will be an issue. It’s a currency exchange.

C – Will the tax liability change if it’s marked as an investment or an exchange? T – We haven’t gotten the package so we don’t know what the tax liability will be.

RECAP: DC – Everything looks really good. We’re waiting for Parliament to finish and we know they’re still meeting at this hour. The question is whether they finished those minor laws today or need to meet tomorrow. Across the entire world everybody knows that’s what we’re waiting on. They had everybody prepped for last night. T – The news is good. We’re just waiting. We still think it’ll be between 4PM-6AM EST. Minor details are holding it up at the moment. Don’t care if it’s Tues, Wed., etc. They know people are trying to stop it and they’re watching for those things and who’s behind it. They are still listening to this call in Iraq. They know how it will affect Iraq and the world. Hopefully I’ll have a call tomorrow. Hopefully this is the weekend we’ve been waiting for. END OF CALL.

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