TNT Wednesday

T – Today’s call will be a little different I think. In fact, going east to west with DC, in the end we’ll say it’s ready to go. But we’ll talk about where we are and why we’re still here. It will be pretty much our own opinions as to where we are, with some intel but mostly opinion.

T – Last Friday Iraq was going to make an announcement, which they didn’t do. Monday he came on and made an announcement and said something would happen today. DC, refresh us from Friday.

DC – As of last weekend, let’s recap. Last weekend everybody was geared up for the announcement. He did make an announcement but it was about the shootings. There was some info about the GOI on Monday, that they needed 48 hours to finish. Contacts around the world are ready and waiting on the announcement. We are hearing lots of movements behind the scenes for some time. This weekend it was published in the Gazette who is the PM and cabinet members. This made it nice and public, with their pics and everything.

DC – Today, it’s largely just waiting. We understand, it’s kind of bizarre, there’s normally a lot of movement referring to timelines, folks asking for delays, etc. but NOBODY is asking for those things in the past 24 hours. Everybody is in agreement and waiting. Overall there’s just not that much to report.

DC – East to west: PM went on TV again this morning and said he’s just waiting. Celebrations are planned and ready. Security is in place and prepped and ready. A lot of stuff you’re seeing on US news deals with Syria, how to deal with the bad guys, etc. It has some take into what we’re doing but not much

T – So, 2 weeks ago, last week, Iraq was the focus of the whole world. Now it’s all about Syria and nothing about Iraq. Nothing about rescuing people, the dam, etc. It’s all about Syria. Last week the PM said he was making announcements and celebrations were scheduled. They were removed both times by 48 hours. We’re really down to 48 hour timelines.

DC – And this morning he didn’t even say 48 hours – nothing on timelines.

T – We know the events and timelines are scheduled and have not changed as of this morning.

DC – Watch the PM’s speech from this morning – he was not a happy camper.

T – Somebody is doing something they really don’t want to do. (1) He’s just agreeing to do it. (2) He’s being forced to do it. or (3) He’s being rewarded for doing it. So that grimace on his face gives us (1) or (2).

DC – He did not look comfortable. Look at his face and you’ll see it.

T – There’s a brand new PM, who, within his 1st week in office, has promised 3 times to his people major changes are going to occur. How do you think he looks to his people since they haven’t happened?

DC – Yes, he goes from 100 mph to zero. He is not liking doing this. Some are not happy with their new PM, whom they were so hopeful for. Nobody in a new job wants to look bad on your first day or two. And they all know it. The intent is obvious: he has a lot of things lined up or he wouldn’t have agreed to these things.

T – Right, it’s outside pressure.

DC – Lest anyone fears this, he is NOT going to turn into another Maliki. All indications are the exact opposite of that.

T – They are actively looking to bring charges against Maliki now. He has made that public. One other thing about the timeline, that everything is on time and on schedule.

DC – This is annoying everybody. Somebody is always trying to do something stupid and none of that is happening. It’s smooth sailing. We keep calling and checking in and are told “everything is on schedule, sit back and relax.” We’re getting that from all over the world.

T – The question is: who’s schedule are we on track with it? LOL! We’re asking pertinent questions. We know there is a written schedule and we’re being told it is on time. It was scheduled for Friday and we know what happened. Then it was scheduled for Sunday, then 4PM Monday evening. So we don’t know who’s running the schedule.

DC – In the USA, the UN Security Council is quite happy  and very anxious to get the GOI publicly seated. There are requirements they’ve met. In DC, most folks in the Admin are supportive of the Iraq situation. Banks are ready, security is cued up, folks are supportive and happy. Regarding the news about CL being under investigation, this is the same thing she’s been looking at over the past 4 years. It’s a smear campaign done by folks who maybe she’s disagreed with in the past. It’s a constant thing over her head, an unfortunate part of politics. You’ll notice that most senior people always have something like this going on. It’s just a distraction and an unfortunate side of power politics.

DC – Summarizing, everybody is cued up and antsy waiting for this to happen.

T – Banks had rates again. I just want to say that. This is how close we are. DC – This is a “one-off” experience. LOL!

T – A person sent me a note that they went into their bank and was told they are NOT, NOT, NOT going to have anything to do with this. At that very same bank on Friday a person went in and exchanged, walked in off the street, and sent me a copy of their receipt.

DC – That very same person went back on Monday and the rate was back where it was at the very same bank. So, things are being prepped to happen.


C – If there are 2 contract rates will Bank A and Bank B have the same?

DC – We understand the contract rates have time and volume amounts. What we don’t know is if other banks will have them. We know one bank does have it for sure, we’re just not sure about the others.

T – I would think they’d want to be competitive. That’s what they were originally arguing for. I know one bank has all the groups, at least the public groups.

C – What about Okie’s post on Friday? Was his anger directed at the idiots or the PTB?

T – He’s seeing what we’re seeing, that everything is completed. All of the requirements have been met, so whatever is holding it up is outside the normal requirements and he is mad about somebody having a personal goal that is holding up everything else.

C – Who is to say they won’t come up with a new requirement, like HCL?

T – That’s been done for some time now, just not made public. We know the GOI is set and people got paid and their cards activated. I can’t think of anything else they can bring up. At some point everyone will now it’s just BS and they’re stringing it out.

T – Hang on. In that story we told you about the currency was the dong, not dinar. It was a one-time event, so don’t try it.

C – I’m seeing more and more posts about a 2nd RV, related to the ZIM in particular. Can you clarify that?

T – In January the ZIM was supposed to go in April at a really good rate. Supposedly because I told you that the price doubled. I don’t know I’m to blame but that’s what I was told. It was supposed to go in April at one rate and again in July at a higher rate. Right now, is it going to be 5 cents? I don’t know.

C – Is there going to be a cap on it?

T – I don’t know but the more we discuss it the less likely they are to leave it the way it is.

C – Can you elaborate on businesses you mentioned in Africa?

DC – Basically they want Zimbabwe to be like Iraq. They want to inspire the area. They have no power nor roads but they have so much capital, oil, diamonds, etc. They can lift hundreds of millions out of poverty into middle class and move themselves forward thru economic programs, social programs, etc. I am looking at doing things very specifically to a country – I cannot mention anything specifically – but my friend and I have been able to have local resources, folks there to provide capital and business expertise. Along with some Christian organizations we want to provide grain, schools, food, water, get diseases down, etc. It’s a wonderful combination! The gap between where they are now and where they’re going (cell communications, banking, highways, infrastructure) provides a lot of opportunity.

T – There are 9 black billionaires in the world. You can Google “blacks without borders” DVD. Oprah is one. Of the other 8, 7 have made their money in telecommunications in Africa. There are unique opportunities in Africa because it’s a huge continent. You’re building from the ground up. The simplest thing to do is to bring power to a region.

Q&A FROM CHAT: Q = Question / T or DC = Answer

Q – When the 800#s are released will the international listeners be able to find banks?

DC – We don’t know about how the int’l listeners will exchange. Most countries outside the USA will hand the exchange just like any other currency. We don’t know for sure.

Q – If you exchange into another bank after the initial exchange, will you need a CCC?

DC – No, if you move your money to another bank, no. If you act like an idiot they may want to see one.

Q – Do you know which institutions will be exempt from a “haircut”?

DC – Even if the dollar goes down it won’t affect your bank account. It will be for a very short time.

T – Why are people worrying about that? Banks will be well-funded.

NOTE from me…think I heard DC add the ‘at least not for the next 1 or 2 yrs’.. lol

Q – Is Plan B still in place?

DC – Our understanding is that those things are already in place.

T – We are on a printed schedule. No one can actually answer that question because they’ve already changed it once.

DC – Plan B is still very much there and has a time-frame to it, but it’s mainly there to keep people on task to do their job. Our Plan A is that an agreement was made last Sunday/Monday (a week ago) that it would be done in a specific time period and those people would do those jobs. They were told if they didn’t then Plan B would kick in.

Q – Please explain your take on the market rate and auction rate 2% variance.

DC – The 2% going around is for corruption compliance issue.

Q – What about the amount of Iraqi currency in the hands of ISIS. Is that an issue?

DC – It’s not nearly as much as was stolen originally – $60M – not an issue.

Q – Just now on Bloomberg, it is being reported that hedge funds got 93% of everybody’s money, $57B in one hour.

DC – All this is saying is that the top group of folks have a dominant position. It has nothing to do with the CME crash on Sunday. The big boys can handle that kind of income flow.

Q – At the G20 Conference in Jackson Hole it is reported that the US refused to bail out banks and the IMF offered to do that in exchange for veto power.

DC – People are getting a lot of things confused. The cushion many countries have still does not mean they are too big to fail.

T – Everything is talking about derivatives crashing the US economy, China coming to the world’s rescue so the RV would work, etc. None of that happened. Now they’re talking about $10T floating around? Not happening.

C – Do we need gift letters for ZIM we’ve given to family and friends?

T – Better safe than sorry.

C – If Monday is a new holiday in Iraq, what might that name be?

DC – We don’t know. It’s supposed to be for everybody to celebrate the new GOI and everything else.

C – Is Maliki being watched? Is there any risk he could come in and disrupt things?

DC – He’s like a retired head of state who will get TV time and have influence. But he’s subject to normal prosecution and he knows that as well. He has been offered some types of immunity but suits at the Hague and other places are watching him.

C – Will you guys still be able to provide us with 800#s and be available to us post-RV?

DC – We heard on Sunday that we will be signing NDAs and will be told to be quiet. They have their own ways of informing you and we were told our services would no longer be required. But that plan changes 1-3 times weekly. We want to educate and help folks. We’re hoping they have something planned out because otherwise they’re going to have a massive problem on their hands.

T – We don’t disagree with them, but our feeling is that we don’t want our people left in the dark. For instance, if they don’t put out 800#s and everybody just shows up at the banks, people might think there’s a bank-run. I hope WF sticks to their agreement to educate everyone. I’m still pushing for that even when I sign my NDA. All I can tell you at this moment is that we have discussed this over the years and a lot of you will just have to remember (“Who Moved My Cheese”). That’s what you should be discussing today in chat and in the Forum. Look for help if you don’t understand. If the rate comes out high, there’s a plan. If it comes out low, there’s a plan.

T – Things may be great. We were going to put out the NDA so you’d know what it was. If they have another way of doing things that’s okay. We just don’t want you left hanging.

C – What’s your latest understanding of how caps may apply to various currencies?

DC – We understand there will be caps on contract rates but we don’t know what they are. They have changed several times based on how much they decided to allow you to have on the contract rate.

C – If I’ve bought beyond the contract amount, do I hold off exchanging? Should I wait for the market to rise?

DC – This is where they get upset with us. They don’t want 1 person or group dominating what was meant for the larger group. Since I’m trying to not rock the boat, we’ve talked about strategies in the past so go back and listen to previous calls.

C – What if I took the overage and gifted that to someone else to get the contract rate, what would be the tax rate post-RV?

DC – It will depend on when the gift occurs: pre- or post-RV. There is a massive tax difference.

T – I understand what you are trying to do and so do a lot of other smart people. They’re going to make you an offer. It’s up to you if you want to take it.

C – What baffles me is posts I read about Sept. 2. Fox News is saying Maliki is around another 2 weeks. The new PM is still being referred to as “PM-Designate.” The longer this goes on it could continue to be delayed. I don’t think anyone really knows. This could go on for another year.

T – All I can tell you is what I do know. Nobody really knows. We just give the info we are given and what our sources are saying. We look at current events and it looks like this is the time it will happen. We look at what other countries are saying and the banks are saying, and we can piece the puzzle together. They have a printed schedule but they’ve changed it.

C – Can this go before Labor Day? Politicians are still not back in DC yet.

T – The plan is for Labor Day. Everything is already accomplished. The plan was before Labor Day as the final cutoff date. Supposedly that’s when Plan B kicks in.

C – Today I read in 3 Iraqi papers that Abadi is going to have the GOI seated in time. They’re saying the candidates must be submitted by 8/31 and that it’s not settled. Three different sources, dated today, coming out of Iraq TODAY, all state they do not have a GOI seated yet. 15 months ago my contacts told me nothing would happen until Maliki is gone. I’ve heard it’s all done and settled. And DC apologized 4 months ago for jumping the gun. So, have you read the Iraqi Gazette yourself that said the GOI is seated?

T – No, I have not read the Gazette. I have talked to people who place articles in the Gazette. These are people in the GOI who must stamp and approve. Maliki owns 80% of the papers and determines what gets published. Most of the articles are 2-3 days behind.

C – Maliki is still in the papers today. He’s still he Interim PM and posting articles. If it was seated as of Saturday or Sunday they’d be jumping up and down having a great old time.

T – That’s where you go wrong. Maliki owns the paper.

C – I’m reading in print that it is NOT done. There are blocs still causing problems and not submitting candidates. They want to see HCL and Article 140 before they submit candidates. I am reading it in writing! Our own gov’t tells you you’re less full of sh*t than the others. But that means you’re still full of sh*t.

T – Well YOU are full of sh*t. You have no clue as to what is happening. [TONY CUT OFF THE CALLER AT THIS POINT.]

T – We know for a fact what we are being told. Our sources are beyond newspapers. They have to tell their public something about the delay. The situation is out of their control. Why would they announce to their people they were close if they hadn’t done all the requirements. It’s been released to the IMF so they could do what they need to do. They have to present 1 picture to the public like our own gov’t does.

DC – First, Maliki went out and publicly resigned to international news. He is out and he introduced Abadi. The GOI is done. Maliki has control of the newspapers. He has tried to gain other positions and has relatives who are supporters. Abadi has assured thru many outlets that the GOI is seated and they are waiting to announce. He has stated there are 2 seats left but they are less important ones. They have until the 11th to announce the last remaining positions. is the GOI fully seated? He has every damn thing done except 2 positions. He is still being referred to as PM Designate because of outdated protocols. In terms of Article 140, they have been well-document as completed. As we have said in the past, you CANNOT follow articles. They have lower standards of ethics of journalism. Some are straight and narrow. One is outstanding. If a person has that much of an issue with Tony and me, just DON’T LISTEN. We don’t make any money off this. If you can’t trust us, then go away. Don’t listen to our calls.

T – We have people in meetings at so many different levels and we know what is going on. We do not get our info from the news. I wanted to be fair and let him (the CALLER) speak because there are others of you out there who feel the same way. What does that say about you if you listen to someone you don’t believe it? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

C – Everyone needs to prepare gift letters to anyone for anything you gift. It has to do with Long Term vs. Short Term taxes. Read IRS Publication 525. Don’t get stuck by not doing a letter!

C – Yesterday, Eagle1 said there was a delay because of a dispute between Russia and the USA over bonds that were put on a 72-hour hold.

DC – One glitch with the CME on Sunday was fixed and everything is fine. We’re still on the timeline.

T – It’s fair and there could be truth in everything. Was it a legit source? Where did you hear it? A Board? Chat room? How many levels did it pass thru to get to us? Something did happen at CME and we’ve been talking about it for 2 does. But I don’t look at it as a negative thing, but it did make a difference.

C – Everyone is frustrated because another weekend comes and goes. One of our neighbor is losing his house on 9/10. That’s what is scaring us. I feel sorry for Abadi.

T – I just got a text from one of our Iraq sources. He’s saying it’s finally on TV out of Baghdad that Abadi wants the new positions filled by 9/9, even though the GOI is already seated. Someone has told him to say this on TV so people will look toward that date. Those are the 2 positions DC has been talking about. It isn’t necessarily going to go to that date. It could be today. We know everybody last Monday had agreed it’s time and yet here we are. The banking system is verified. The Qi Cards are being used internationally. Last Monday he made an announcement and another today. The banks in Iraq were told the rates would change on Monday. He’s driving it but somebody in the background is asking him to hold off. He doesn’t want to be compared to Maliki.

C – In my estimation, something in the US is holding this up.

DC – I go back to that Plan A/Plan B scenario. We’re nearing the end of Plan A before Plan B will be forced upon everyone. Even on this call, every indication is that all those folks are continuing to operate within the “squish” room in their jobs.

C – Are their 2 offices not formally seated?

DC – I understand there are 2 not formally seated and not named in the Gazette. they are the only ones left. They are selected but they need to get enough political support behind them (not on the Iraqi side).

RECAP: DC – Everybody is very much under the impression we are operating under a timeline and are anxiously awaiting. Iraq is waiting. There are no threats, no nothing to stop it. Everybody and his mother is ready.

T – I think we’re in a great position. Even tho we had that one caller, obnoxious, arrogant, the bottom line is they just want to know what the vast differences are. We’re here to provide the best answers we can. I understand that. Our intel guys thought they knew it was over and it isn’t. We go thru this 10X daily. Enjoy the rest of your day. We know we are that close and hopefully this is the last call. We know they’ve already chosen that moment.


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