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Tony CC Cliff Notes, Wednesday, June 24, 2015 – Final Update

Highlights of Tony’s CC. Updated as the call progresses

DC Update:Tony: DC has a new responsibility. It’s a “touchy subject” where he is at and what he’s involved in. It’s a position where he can’t have a high profile . . . The reality is we weren’t paying him and they are. LOL!

Tony: This is how close it really is. On Monday at 11:59 pm there was a bank set to do exchanges with institutional clients. At 12:01 they were to pay non institute clients — we heard this on Monday and that it was in writing and passed out to global organizations. Public was to exchange on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Three previous non-issues have now surfaced: 1) Deal with Iran; 2) TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership); 3) Deal with Greece. None of them were required for the RV but the closer this came to completion they became an issue and are being used. June 30th is deadline for both Greece and Iran issues.

Tony: We are within six days of knowing if Iran is an issue. Within six days of knowing if Greece is an issue.

CURRENT WINDOW: Plan to do it today, tomorrow and Friday was said at the beginning of the call. Mid call Tony revised it to “they could” do it today, tomorrow or Friday.

From Adept1 TNT call notes: “Are there plans to do it today? Yes… but there is another plan to do it tomorrow and another plan for Friday.”

IRAQ: There was always to be a deal with Iran. Two different plans with Iran have fallen through. They now have till June 30th to accept the plan. TPP was not an issue in the past and now is uncertain. There is a vote about it this afternoon and it looks favorable. Iraq is not happy. They were scheduled to do an announcement. Tony: Iraq forced to deal with the consequences. They don’t want it. They were ready to go.

Tony: The word I got this morning, telling their people whole different scenarios for why it did not happen or what needs to happen. . .Iraq wanted to do it in April. Not able. They wanted to do it in May. They were blocked. . . Sometimes they were told they could go when they couldn’t. Attempted a lot of times and it would not go through.

CBI gave the banks money to load the Qi cards.
Banks: Tony: How are they exchanging foreign currency without an International rate? . . . Has to be some rate somewhere telling them what to exchange it for.
TV – saying there is a problem with the rates (different rates for their currency in different parts of the country)
TPP being voted on this afternoon. It’s expected to pass.
Telling their people a whole different scenario of why it hasn’t happened and what needs to happen for an RV.


Greece was not an issue and now an agreement with Greece fell apart in meeting last night. Greece’s new deadline is June 30th. Everyone expected Greece to do the right thing by making the prudent, expected changes but they are refusing. Meetings to resolve are happening today.
Iran says they have an agreement and just need to finalize it. There is a Plan B for Iran.
Zimbabwe: Tony said he was not concerned about the June 30th deadline for the ZIM as the IMF has pushed it back before.
Rates: Unchanged.


Banks: are on standby. Told it would be “THIS WEEK!”
Taxes: If you gift in excess of the $14,000 yearly limit YOU will pay the amount of the gift tax, not the recipient of the gift.
Last Call: No current update on if, when, how of a last call. Tony: . . . if we don’t have something like that and we all go on our own and do our own thing, it’s going to be a ride. Hold on!!


PAM: Hang in there. We are all a little disappointed to see direction it is going. We’ve never known the full story of what goes on behind the scenes. Daz says it’s like a 3-D chess game. I say like a 3-D puzzle. Hang in there. We’ll stay as long as we can.

TONY: All I can tell you guys is, I think we are there. A lot of people were excited all last week . . . this week, thinking this would go through. Sail through because agreements were in place. Greece thought it was worked out and some of their people didn’t like it. Fell apart last night, but today back at it.

Iran isn’t supposed to be an issue. They have a plan B for Iraq. TPP is to be voted on and approved this afternoon. We are right there. I’m not upset. I’m happy to know . . .rather have an issue I can point at and know that’s the problem.

Rates haven’t changed at the bank. Bank peeps till on standby this week. THIS WEEK is what they are being told. Know Iraq wanted to make an announcement today. That’s how close they are.

Hopefully we can make an announcement by Friday. We know Tuesday is cut off date. Keep up the faith. Keep listening. If anyting superfantastic happens, we’ll be here to make the call. Enjoy the rest of your day.

I’d appreciate your prayers for divine intervention. I only have 8 more days of radiation sessions to do.

Blessings to all – Sunny

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