TNT Wednesday

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, July 1, 2015.  I’d like for this to be the last time I say that, and it might possibly be.  I was going to tell you some interesting stuff, but Ray told you how to cook barbecue, so…

It is the first day of July, and we absolutely never thought we would get here, but here we are.  There is a lot of positive stuff coming out of Iraq and our banks.  Greece does matter to the global economy, and it’s not over until it’s over.  Everyone is calm about it, globally and in the markets, so we can proceed.  Either way it goes, there will still be an effect on our economy.   Another thing that will affect economy we have looked at before, so download what you need.  The economy and the way we do business will change with the IMF, the mini-IMFs, the Asian Investment Bank without the US.  We have told you before that there is a five-year plan to remove the dollar from being the global reserve currency.  That will affect our whole life, because of the way the dollar is perceived:  where you’re going to put your money, how to spend it, etc.  The same thing that’s going on in Greece today – we have laws here.  I don’t perceive that happening here, but there are all sorts of laws that should kick in today.  Nobody thought it would take this long.  I just found out that June 30th was a day agreed upon three weeks ago.

Yesterday, from several sources, we heard things were initiated.  What does that mean?  It could happen in two minutes!  The numbers are in the system.  Some numbers are showing and some are not.  It was talked about again and told to get their people, systems and security in place – we will go on a moment’s notice.  The window has opened again. It could have happened yesterday, and it could happen today.  There is a plan to get this rolling.  I somewhat understand the plan, where people are and what they’re going to do.  I feel good about that.  I am NOT going to explain the plan to you, but it has been initiated and we’ll see how ti plays out.  Who cares what the plan is, so long as it gets started and we’ll see how it goes along.  The rates are still there.  The dinar is still $3.91, from several sources.

I had a call yesterday that Iraq told their people that they would load their people’s cards on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.  One of our intel guys has his card already loaded at $3.91.  Yesterday I got a phone call from a prominent person in Iraq, and he said his card was loaded at $3.97, and so were the cards of his friends and family, and he lives in Baghdad!  They are saying on Iraqi television that they will become part of the global society “in the coming day”.  So can we look for something in the coming day?  Yes, or we’ll see.  That’s what they are telling us – that tomorrow is a great day. Will we get it immediately afterwards, or will they take the first few days for themselves?  We don’t know.  But if they get it, then it’s coming for us as well. We know today from those sources (who I’ve been talking to for years) that their cards are loaded with the new rates. We know from Ray that the rate showed up.  Iraq has privileged people like any other country, and it may be they have just brought them in to exchange.  From Monday on, a whole lot of people will look at you as entitled.  You will be looked at differently and you didn’t do anything but believe.  They may like you or not like you, and you have to have all those emotions ready because they will show up.

The rates are there, banks and security are informed, and everyone is ramped up.  There have been concerns.  All day yesterday, it was ‘the boy who cried wolf’ and “do you really believe that again?”  We know it was on hold waiting for something to happen;  they haven’t tried to push it through for three weeks, and we’ll see if they get it through this time.  It’s a super-fantastic day, and it’s just a matter of when a major announcement is made.  It could be today, tomorrow, Friday, over the weekend, or it might not take that long at all. They are telling the Iraqi people “in the coming day they are ready to make a global announcement”.  They don’t have to make an announcement at all, or the announcement may be different, like “welcome back to the global community”.  Well, we somewhat know, but we’ll see.

252 caller:  so the Greece thing is not going to affect what we are waiting on?

Tony:  They were waiting for the announcement yesterday, and it didn’t really affect the market, so everyone is saying “let’s get on with this”.  It could affect the global economy, but only a little bit.  If it dragged everyone down, then that would be a problem, but this way they can deal with it.

Caller:  I’m from Henderson NC;  we’ve talked several times.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

617 caller:  I keep reading VND;  are we still looking for the VNN, IQN, or is that becoming a problem now?  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  That’s not a problem – those codes will change.  What you’re looking for is that rate over $3 for dinar, 47 cents for the dong.  Ask to see the screen and see what the best rate is, and then go with that.

408 caller:  Thanks, I had the same question about Greece.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  [chitchat about cigars]  404?

404 caller:  One of the things that makes the information you share is the diversity of your sources.  As we get closer, how many of your sources have changed?

Tony:  Typically they go quiet when this gets close – they can’t talk, they feel threatened – but after a couple days, they talk to us again.  That is typical of the boy who cried wolf – they are losing credibility with that themselves, when they keep telling their people the same things over and over again.  That then has less effect on the people who shouldn’t be saying anything.  They are still listening to all our calls;  they are still paying attention to the gurus and certain sites.  For the most part, our sources still care about you guys, keeping ‘the people’ informed and encouraged.  They hear about stuff you guys don’t hear – stuff about me, Pam, DC, some of the things we are going through – and they are doing the same thing.  We respect that, and they are still giving us insight – not just to help you but to help the people of Iraq.   They know they are listening to this call in the internet cafes in Iraq, so this is a source of information for them as well.

Caller:  The 15-minute call… Will you be doing a recorded call or a live call for us?  Or won’t there be a 15-minute call?

Tony:  We’ll just have to wait and see.  If I say too much, it will affect some things.  Regardless of how we do it, I know you guys will understand it and react, because you’re smart like that.  That’s my big hint.

Caller:  Thank you very much.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

410 caller:  My husband just came in so he can listen to.  We just had some good news – that people have been paid in Baghdad, someone you know and trust.  I hear the confidence in your voice, and I like it!

Tony:  I’ve know this guy for years, and he’s comfortable and in a good position.  Before when I said cards were being loaded, he said “Nope, not happening yet”.  Now that his friend got his card loaded, my contact was all excited and happy.  For days now, they have been pointed towards Thursday, that there will be a speech. The more it becomes visible, the more confidence in what I was told a days ago.  They told us things last week that are starting to be seen on their television and in articles now.

Caller:  Did you say this prominent person has his card loaded with $3.97?

Tony:  That’s what he said;  the other guy last week said his card was loaded with $3.91. The contract rates are still on the table so far as I know.

559 caller:  We are on top and can’t be stopped.  I’m very excited about this.  On the internet, they say the deadline was extended for Iran, and also news from Saudi Arabia about oil, and even an article saying the GCR will be coming in October 2015.  What do you reckon?  Are we still in the ‘first mouse, second mouse’ scenario?

Tony:  Iran will always be an issue, but that doesn’t really affect what we are doing.  In October, there is going to be a jolt to the global economy with the IMF and the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).  That will affect the economy and the dollar, so you need to put this money in the right places and have your money making money.  You need to do some research.  What happens in October will not stop the RV and GCR happening right now.  It will be a second wave of the GCR, probably.  As the dollar wanes as the global reserve currency, that will cause fluctuations in the market, because money will be flowing to support two systems and two reserve currencies.  The Chinese yuan will be the foundation of the new system, from October, and we will see some dramatic changes in the global economy.  All that is afterwards, and we have been talking for two years about how that will affect us and the global economy.  We have the opportunity to make ten times our money, or to lose it all, depending on how much we know and what we do.

Caller:  All my ducks are in a row, with annuities and other investments.  I can divide myself because the first, second and third mouse, too.

Tony:  Absolutely there will be a first, second and third mouse.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  We are ready to go!

Tony:  Even if we don’t have our event in Vegas, I will still have a party there.  Here’s something important for you to know.  In the newspaper, they talk about Dubai, and how they are making construction even faster through 3-D printer technology.  They now have 3-D cars, furniture, heart valves, auto parts, and now they are making buildings with a 20’ tall 3-D printer.  This is the new technology, the wave of the future.  Everyone will have a 3-D printer, and there will be plenty of opportunity for everyone.

770 caller:  Yesterday morning I got a letter I want to  read to you:  “I lived in CA back in 2003, when Governor Gray was recalled, only the second governor ever to be recalled.  It was seen as an event that would reshape CA politically.  More than a quarter-million people trust you (Tony) and know you have our interests at heart.  You also have the  connections to move this forward on our behalf.  I have a question:  the concern for the  Iraqi people when the privileged exchanged at a rate ordinary citizens will never see… there were no laws being passed or meetings, but the elite were able to exchange.  Who does this make sense to?”

Tony:  Prior to today, government officials were able to exchange before the Iraqi people and before we have the chance to do so – how could this happen?  Is that the question?

Caller:  This cannot go well for us, because of the government.  Mussolini and Hitler rose to the head of their countries and led to their destruction.  Are the people the sacrificial lambs for their governments?  [More of the same]

Tony:  I’m going to put you on mute so that it’s quiet and everyone can hear me.  I’m answering out of respect for your friend.  I think it’s important for you to know what’s really going on and how this opportunity came about, and where we are about to go from here.  This is about to happen and you have some decisions to make.  There are  people who have only been on the call for the last few months, and they haven’t gone through the last five years.  A lot of people don’t want to live in the real world.  It’s like in the move A Few Good Men, when Jack Nicholson’s character said, “You can’t handle the truth!”

There are things in the world that happen that most people don’t want to know about.  Most people don’t want to believe they happen in this day and  age, in this country, but they do.  Through those things, you get to live in a first-world country.  These are things the government doesn’t want you to know about. Rich people do get away with things that benefit them and not us.  Every now and then, someone slips up and gives the information to a real patriot who makes sure that there is a conversation about it and enlightens people to how things really work.  Most people don’t want to know that terrorists get tortured, because it is beneath us.  I know that without that, there would be a whole lot more 9-11 events.  I talk to people in other countries, and this brings the reality of the world around.  You can’t play by the rules where everyone is not.

In terms of privilege, every country has a ‘safe list’.  Where anything major happens in the country, the helicopters go to their house first because those people are needed for things to keep operating.  Every government has privileged people and we will never see some of the things they enjoy.  It’s a system, not a dictatorship.  It’s a group of people who keep replacing each other as people die off.  These people change as the governments change, around the world.  We cannot change that.  Many of them thought we were getting paid two days after them, not two years later.  We actually know connected people who got rich  as we sit there struggling.  There is nothing we can do about that.

They look at the sites and they listen to the calls. Every time we came up with a new plan or solution, they made a new law to block it.  So we know they are listening to our calls.  Okay, that’s just how the world works!  I still have to do the calls;  I can’t block them listening to the calls!  There were certain people who didn’t want the masses to have this kind of money, and that is why we did the Twitter campaign from ‘we are the people’.  They saw that, realized we know more than they expected, and they had to respond.  That’s when DC was sent to us, because we were ‘less full of shoot’ than the rest of them.

We’re still doing the best we can.  We got more listeners and more sources, because we knew what we were talking about and we were trying to help people. They decided to give us more information to keep us in the game.  This is how this all came about, so that you understand.  Once it’s over, it may be 15 years until you  get this information again.  We are doing all this to  keep you in the game and give you information to help you keep hold of this money.  Then we started getting help from the other side.  They  said we earned our place at the table, and they would reserve some contract rates for the general public and also that we would continue to have access to exchange at all.

There cannot be the same amount for six million as there were for six thousand.  If you give 6,000 eight dollars, six million are going to get a lower number.  We know they got higher rates;  this is just an example.  However, we can be treated fairly and get some contract rates if we are quick off the mark.

My job in all this is to keep you informed, in the moment.  Our role is to stand up for the people and make sure you are informed.  It was never our role to force the government to make this happen so we can get paid now, if that were to affect the whole country and the global economy.  We cannot expect Iraq to be a democracy overnight in 12 years when we are still working on that after 200 years.  They burned six churches in the South in the last week, so how can we expect Iraq to stop fighting in ten months is beyond my imagination. That’s the kind of thing we have to get through.

Now we are here.  They have come to a global decision that now is the perfect time to do this.  You need to make your own decisions:  first, second, third mouse, NDA or no NDA, 50% set aside for taxes, how do you preserve this for the future?  They are not going to let you in next time;  it’s really going to be only privileged people again.  You need to protect this one long term.  Don’t be a lottery story!  We are giving you the information so that you are NOT broke again in two years, but use this opportunity wisely.

We are still in the game, and we’ll have to move forward on that.  As long as things go forward as we were told ti will happen, I don’t have an issue with it.  As long as we can exchange and improve our lives, I’m good with that.   As long as we get to the bank, I’m super-fantastic.  I’m excited.  All the news has been very good, and the window is open today.  Iraq is telling their people that TOMORROW they will be back with the rest of the world.  Some have had their cards loaded with the international rates yesterday, so they are happy and excited.

512 caller:  I have a question about the reserves.  My company said that our reserves, that have been paid for and rolled over, that they are there with our names on them.  You said that some companies don’t have their reserves there.  Is that what you meant when you said some people would not be paid their reserves?

Tony:  Yes.  Some companies have said they will send out their reserves, and they may well do that.  Six companies have been put on hold, and they probably won’t get that resolved before this happens, so people have probably lost those reserves.  Some companies have planned all along to roll the reserves out slowly, and people will definitely not get those reserves in time to get the contract rates.  So have a Plan B!

Caller:  I hope this happens today!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony: I’m not saying the reserves aren’t there.  If you called up that company and asked if you have the reserves stacked in a vault, ready for you to pick up, and they said NO, what would you do then?  Would you expect them to tell you that?  Have a Plan B. Something might shock you afterwards.  I hope for the best and plan for the worst.  There is nothing ever wrong with planning for the worst.  If that doesn’t happen, great!

954 caller:  Previously you spoke about taxes, that they might be changed.

Tony:  There is no new word on taxes, nothing in writing.  All those who have exchanged already did not pay taxes, but that doesn’t mean they won’t in the end.

585 caller:  Will dealers be able to exchange directly to your bank account?

Tony:  Dealers who are unaffected right now should be doing business as usual.

Caller:  The other dealers who don’t have proof of reserves, they may still be able to send those reserves a month down the road,  perhaps?

Tony:  I don’t know.  For the most part, they would only buy your reserves back from you, at whatever rate they offer.  I don’t know what’s going to happen, so have a Plan B.

Caller:  Is DC still involved in this?

Tony:  DC is working on something, that’s for sure.  It has to do with something global, that’s all I can say.

406 caller:  In your heart of hearts… back line date?

Tony:  We should definitely see something by Tuesday.

Caller:  Billings, Billings, Billings!  No, actually Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Pam?  Let’s hope it’s the last time we are doing this.

Pam:  You definitely did all you could do, and then some.  Thanks to everyone on the team, not just on the TNT site but all the sites.  We are all trying to help each other get to the same place.  Please pay it forward not just with money in the future but with your hearts now.

Ray:  It’s When-am-I-gonna-see-it Wednesday!

Tony:  Some people have been asking about Keisha’s Kids… we’re setting that up afterwards, so you will just have to look it up then. Someone has already given us a zim note for that, and there will be more of that.  I would like to see it duplicated or donations to other projects in Keisha’s names.  That would be great rather than giving money to me, apart from Pam’s donations.

Everybody is looking for this, open to it, and they have notified their people to be ready, on standby, ready with procedures and what to expect.  All that started being completed yesterday, again.  Money is being moved globally.  Iraq is telling their people that an announcement is being made ‘in the coming day’.  They said the cards would be loaded today or  Thursday, and many got loaded yesterday at $3.97.  Privileged people started exchanging on Sunday.  As long as we are still involved and will get the international rate and some will have a chance at the contract rate, then we are good.  I hope not to do another call like this.  They have plans for how to do this out.  We have discussed what we were told we would do, so keep those possibilities in mind.  We should have one heck of a Fourth of July!  Next Tuesday is my back wall, so if ti doesn’t happen before then, look for something great next week.

Sacramento people, only, write this down:  916-924-4131.  KC and Jojo are supposed to be at this club on Friday, July 10.  Oh.  I’m going to go down and check it out.  You might be rich by then and be busy with other things.

Have a super-fantastic day.  We went through the history for the new people.  I hope and pray this tis the last call I have to do like this, and that we can go forward and have a hppy life.  Everybody is ready.  Dinarians, we are happy to be in this with you;  let’s get this party started. Everyone else, have a super-fantastic day!


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