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  TNT Call notes 8-July-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, July 8, 2015.  It’s only a week until the 15th!  This should be an interesting day.  We are all on time. What’s changed today?  We are a day closer…

I’ve got to tell you this.  We are this close to the end, and I still can’t believe how many people can’t realize, even though so much is now visible.  A guy sent me an email listing a bunch of things that TONY has been doing wrong, not telling the truth, that TONY has been working with the government to keep the masses down and calm and not rebelling, that TONY is not telling the truth.  But this guy is still listening to Tony on Wednesday.

So then I got an email from this same person this morning, because it made me laugh:  “How can you do this to people, Tony?  More BS excuses, but your sources will tell us we’re in a great position.  Abadi is the same.  I hope you spend the donations because that is why you are here.  At least the Goat is not lying to us in asking for donation… “  And so on and so forth.  Pam and I were talking about when this is over, we will need to disappear for a few months because there are crazy people out in the world, they will be looking for us because THEY didn’t have the good sense to stay involved, or TONY didn’t make it happen when they wanted it.  Once this happens and they have money in their  pockets, they will release that what we’ve said over the years has actually worked out.  People with common sense will say “Hey, I should have stayed with it”, but for some people it will still be OUR fault because they didn’t have the vision to stick with it.

Pam found out yesterday that my wife and I live in separate houses across the street from each other.  I nearly died laughing. Whose house do we have dinner at?  I’ve never owned a barbecue place, although I’d like to, and I’ve never owned a shopping mall.  People just make up all kinds of BS out there, and we have to laugh at it.  I get this shoot all day long… where do these people come from?  That’s why some people think we are toothless crack-heads.

We ARE all set, everything is moving along and everybody’s happy. Greece has added pressure to the situation, and so has the Chinese Stock Exchange.  Everything else should be obvious to you.  We can’t get any more blatant in what we’re seeing.  Everything else is trivial.  Let’s get this party started!

828 caller:  I gather that as time passes, more people are buying more currency.  Will they start limiting how much we can exchange?

Tony:  There is no more people buying more than normal.  This thing is closer to being over than you want to believe – it’s really close.  The fact that many things have happened in the last two months that we predicted five years ago – currency sales are down through fear of the unknown, etc.  If you go to different sites you will see prices are going down and sales are going down because people are in doubt mode now. They have accomplished their mission, and it IS by design.  I’m having a great day, guys!  I’m super-fantastic!

Caller:  Say Hi to DC, because we miss him!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

512 caller:  You just made my day telling us how much closer we are getting.  [couldn’t hear]  on target?

Tony:  Sometimes I like to throw some dates out there because some people think it’s coming at the end of Ramadan. I know the idea or plan that we know of is for it to happen prior to that… an hour before, or an hour from now.

Caller:  [Appreciation]

Tony:  How many times in the history of the New York Stock Exchange have they stopped trading?  How many times this year alone?  Look at those days.  What we are hearing… they are telling us right here.  The SEC says they are watching it;  so is the White House, but nobody’s doing anything, jumping up and down or fretting.  What they are doing is explaining to everyone that there are other markets to use.  Nobody is panicking.  They are not shutting it down, like China.  They did stop it after it fell for a bit, but nobody’s panicking, and nobody’s saying what the problem is.

219 caller:  Will there be exchange centers in Gary, Indiana?

Tony:  Do they even have banks in Gary?  I’m sure there will be exchange centers there.

863 caller:  About the coins that were supposed to be released last Sunday… I can’t my head around the coins. What exactly were you expecting on Sunday?

Tony:  They were going to bring the 50,000 dinar coins on Saturday and the 100K dinar coins in November.  They would be used by companies doing cash business.  They would not be circulated like normal coins;  they’d be like the $10,000 bill, when people want to buy houses or cars for cash.  Instead of reprinting the currency notes, there will be coins, that’s all.

Rates:  some people are saying the rate is a little higher than $3.91;  47 is still there, 11-18 cents is still there for the zim, and $1.08 for the rupiah.  We’ll see what happens.

775 caller:  You said you downloaded your interactions from various websites.  I do that typically when I do internet transactions, but I didn’t do that for Sterling.  Do you have downloads from Sterling?

Tony:  Why?

Caller:  And that will be available at some future date for possible class actions suits?

Tony:  I didn’t say that.  It will be interesting to see what happens.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

601 caller:  [Appreciation] It’s amazing how people take time out of their business schedules to complain about Tony, nothing but negativity.  I’ve been in this for two years, and I’m willing to wait until the time comes.

Tony:  I appreciate all your comments.  I know that I’m helping more people than anyone out there.  I know that I’m affecting people’s lives in a positive way.  I’m just giving you my opinion and resources.  I never pretended to know everything;  I just give you my perspective and the people I talk to.  I feel sorry that people are going through whatever they’re going to.  They don’t have the ability to cut it off, to hang up if they don’t agree with what we say on these calls.  If it challenges  people too much mentally or emotionally, why are they putting themselves through this anguish three days a week.  If you don’t agree, why put yourself through that, going through the sites and listening to the calls.  When you can’t see when enough is enough, or you can’t understand it or handle it, then you need to be doing something else for your own mental well-being.  When people really go off, that’s when I have to pay attention to the real nuts.  Let’s move on.

Caller:  You have a lot going on… may have to beat you to Vegas.  Keep up the good work.  Over the years, we have learned a whole lot and we appreciate it!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

410 caller:  I need some magic words, like “close to being over”.  That makes me feel more secure that we’re going to see it very soon, that the world is taking care of itself and it’s waiting for us.

Tony:  The plan is already in place for the next couple of days.  We talked about that on Monday.  Everything knows what is happening with Greece, but China surprised a lot of people when they shut down their markets and IPOs that were supposed to go on Monday.  Nobody expected that.  Some things happened in Greece yesterday that nobody expected, and most people didn’t expect certain things this morning.  Again, all of those things say “the pressure is on”.  I think everything we are seeing and they are announcing is for two purposes:  They don’t want to affect other markets, and they want to calm the investors who don’t really know what’s going on.  China is not going down, and the Euro is going up.  Also, it’s all to our benefit.

Caller:  I certainly see all that.  We are in a world where the instant anything happens, everybody knows.  It’s not like we have to wait for people to learn about things and respond. They are more prepared to make flash decisions. That proves that some things matter and there are other things to look at.  I like where we are now.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony: Gold, silver and the Euro are all up, all doing what they are supposed to do, and that is a good thing.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

405 caller:  Has all of Baghdad been paid?

Tony:  All of Baghdad is NOT paid at this moment.  So… what Iraq has done is to have paid people, put cards in their hands, run different rates and tests to make sure the system works.  The moment they say “one country, one rate”, then everyone will get that at the same moment. So some cards may not work today but when they flip that switch they will all go at the same rate, and they know that this is coming.

Caller:  How did Mexico manage to pay off the IMF?

Tony:  I guess they got some money from somewhere – I don’t know where. Mexico and the IMF, they don’t concern me at this moment.  Everyone is in final agreement for this to go, that this is a good time to get this done.  Could be an hour from now, a day from now, Friday or Saturday morning depending on what has to be accomplished.  They are making sure that everyone and everything is in place.

909 caller:  I want to put everyone at ease about DC – he is in my basement in Oklahoma. As soon as we’ve debriefed him and taught him to be a good Southern boy, he’ll be released.  Texas is a part of the South, but they don’t talk real Southern talk.

So, everything looks good, and all four currencies will go through?  What about the zim?

Tony:  They are still on the board, so my guess is that they are going. I haven’t heard any change on the zim.  There are not enough people for them to worry about, although they will have a cap of half a billion or possibly a billion US dollars, and then pay out over 20, 50 or 100 years.

I will be in downtown Sacramento on Friday evening having a smoke, so anyone who wants to come down and have a drink… if there isn’t an RV.  I’ll be at Jojo’s, and the number is 916-524-4131.  I feel bad that people flew in from NJ, MS and TX to have a smoke and a drink – that’s a bit much.  So this is really for locals…

323 caller:  I’ve been trying to get on to talk to you.  [Appreciation]  I learn so much being on these calls.  Because of this call, I have solid plans that I would never have thought about without you, Pam, DC and Ray.  The conversations in my home have been amazing about what to do immediately vs. long-term plans… even the 14-year-old, what he wants to do long-term with his share.  Thank you!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony: That’s what we are here for, and I hope we brought something to the table for everyone.   Tell your 14-year-old to get a job before he makes any plans!

Caller:  We met with a wealth planner;  because of the calls, we had the right questions and ideas that catapulted us to this moment.

Tony:  I have planned this out myself.  I have travelled all around the world, stayed in the best places.  I’ve lived my life, and so have my kids.  So this money is not about me or my kids; it’s about the next five generations of Renfrows.

Caller:  That’s my point – we are thinking generational.

Tony:  That’s what I hope you guys got out of this, exactly what you are saying.  There is a way for you to start planning for the next generation. That is what wealthy people do, because they are already living with money, and they are setting up for 20-30 years ahead.  It’s about your legacy.

Caller:  I agree!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

803 caller:  [Appreciation]  I can see a change on the board, a change in people.  Many didn’t understand the difference between positive and negative.  So long as they did it, they thought it was okay to cry and moan, and now I see adults growing up.  That’s because of you and the all the mods.  This family has grown into a family;  we’ve learned how to deal with certain personalities, and may have become stronger.  Thank you.  We appreciate you, the mods, even the lurkers.  Sometimes if they see something of concern, the lurkers will come down, make a point and disappear.  We are truly a family.

Tony:  We have all grown through this together.  It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, in 15  years there will be books and movies.  We have all learned humility, how to take care of our brothers and sisters, and that the world doesn’t revolve around us.  I hope that this process has exposed people to more of the world as well as our own country and our government and even our news.

Sport people understand this.  Yesterday, Mayweather got stripped of his title for not paying a $200,000 fee.  You give the guy 200 million to fight, and now you’re going to strip the guy of his title because he didn’t pay a 200K fee by last Friday?  There was no way to have another fight.  There were issues, etc., and now they have to create another scenario to bring him back into the fold or they cannot pay him again.  That’s business.

Five years ago, people called me to invite me to put money into Mayweather. They laid out the whole map, and said he wouldn’t fight for five years.  It happened just like they laid it out. So don’t just believe everything in the news.

I hope everyone at TNT has given something valuable to those who can handle the truth.  Not everyone can handle the truth – some just don’t want to know.

Caller:  If we can’t have an RV celebration, can’t we at least have a birthday celebration?

Tony:  I haven’t seen the NDA.  DC keeps saying they won’t let us do the events.  But an event, a party, that we can probably have so long as we don’t discuss currency.  We can have a family picnic or party, and we’ll put that on the three tntsuperfantastic sites, or we’ll tweet it out.  I’ll see what we can do.

Caller:  If you want help, I’m fantastic with the phone.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

501 caller:  I’m fine, though I’ll be a lot better and happier with an RV.  I bought my first dinar in 2004.  When people ask how I can stand it that long, but when we bought dinar, we thought it would at least 5-6 years.  I purchased my dinar from SafeDinar;  they have sent me notices throughout the year whenever the rates change.  It’s been nearly 11 years, and I was very pleased with this company. They are now handling the other currencies, too.  [Appreciation]

Tony:  I bow down to you being in this long.  I know it hasn’t been easy.  Wait, Pam is sending me something… in case you didn’t know, she dictates my words.

I am NOT telling anyone that the RV has already happened internationally or publically today.  I do understand that they have been trading tit for months and that the cards have been done.  I do know there is a plan.  I am NOT saying that they are announcing this as soon as I’m done on this call.  There are still people out there trying to get you to give them your dinar, saying that they will get paid and nobody else will for months.  I don’t know that, so they can’t know that. I know the plan right now is sooner rather than later, and that is supported by the actions we see around the world.

While groups might have a guaranteed rates or something in writing that may or may not work, from my perspective I see people walking into the banks getting paid a whole lot faster than anyone in groups.  If we are this close, about to happen, keep your money in your pocket.  That’s just my suggestion.

516 caller:  If you are on a trip, is it smart to take your dinar with you (in the US)?  Is there any problem taking your currency in a carry-on through airport security?

Tony:  In theory, there is no problem because it’s not illegal inside the country.  However, I have friends who have been pulled to one side, questioned, taken to the supervisor, etc.  There are scenarios that can come up, so make sure you take your receipts with you.  We heard a month or so back that TSA was briefed they would be seeing this more often.  Yes, take your receipts, let them know you have counted all the currency, and so on.

Caller:  Thank you very much.  Sacramento, Sacramento, Sacramento!

Tony:  Okay, I’ll see you here!

239 caller:  We have a small group of people who are making plans to make this a better world.  We were concerned when you said that reserves have been cut off.  Some companies say reserves are different than layaways;  the ones we have bought from say they will honor them. Can you clarify this?

Tony:  I’ll have to mute you so that we don’t get the echo. This is a touchy subject right now. Every person is not affected by these events.  We can only say “this is most likely” or “in most cases”.  We know several companies have been shut down, and their customers probably aren’t going to get their reserves.  Others, we don’t know what is going on, but it probably won’t  be resolved in time for this RV.  I do know companies who have a strategy for paying out, and I don’t think that will work out in your favor.  I didn’t like the way it is being done.  Develop a Plan B.  Talk to your dealer, and also download their instructions, what you can and cannot do.  Years ago we talked about this.  Every time we came up with a strategy, they came back with a law or rule so that we couldn’t do that.

Caller:  We did reserves because we aren’t wealthy and had to find way to stretch  that money to  cover our goals. Some we are talked to have said they will have no problem delivering to us.  We are in Florida dealing with Florida companies so that we can go pick up the currency ourselves.  There may have been some who are not as transparent as they should have been, but not all are bad.  I’m glad you could cover some of these issues.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Any vendor or dealer that you call and ask them question – isn’t that what we expect them to say?  We hardly expect them to say No, I can’t give that to you two hours after the call and this goes live.  I don’t expect that and you shouldn’t expect it.  You should have a Plan B in case there is a problem, like the dealers taking 60 days to get more currency to send your purchases to you.  I’m not trying to be negative;  I just don’t know who will do what.  Your purchases may come through right away, but if not, you should have a Plan B so you can still reach your goals.

773 caller:  This is my first time getting on!  Wow!  [Appreciation]  These calls have really been a call for me to really think and watch world events.  I appreciate that so much!  As far as OpenMike is closed, so stop throwing RayRen under the bus.  OpenMike is closed like the forum is closed.  We are not privileged, it’s just a closed forum.  [Appreciation]

Tony:  I really don’t know how RayRen does it – he’s there at all hours!  [chitchat]

Caller:  Hopefully this is our last call!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

936 caller:  Anything new on the exchange procedures?  If you can’t make a call, will you direct people to a website, make a tweet, etc.?

Tony:  Nothing new on procedures, so far as the public is concerned.  So far as I know, someone still wants us to do a 15-minute recorded call, and someone else just wants there to be a static site.  They keep going back and forth.  Over the holidays, there was another very different scenario that was supposed to take place, and it never happened.  Now we don’t know what will happen.  I don’t think we have to wait for a weekend.  There is a weekend plan and a during-the-week plan, and they are different plans.  If we go static, there will still be a number for you to call.

Caller:  Will Greece and Iran have an effect on this rollout?

Tony:  It did have an effect, and it is having an effect right now, but I don’t think it will have an effect by the time this concludes.

Caller:   Hurry up and wait, like in the military!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

210 caller:  I want to buy a home for my inlaws in another country.  Can I exchange here in their currency and take money to their country to buy their home?

Tony:  Call the bank or dealer and ask if you can exchange one foreign currency for another.  There shouldn’t be any problem with that.

Caller:  You and DC said that we couldn’t exchange 500,000 and take it out of the country in the first six months.  [Huh?]  I want to exchange about 400K into Columbian money to move my in-laws closer to medical help.

Tony:  Let me clarify.  We told you to be cautious about sending a BANK WIRE for more than 500,000 in the first 30 days, because Homeland Security will want to look at that.  You can use checks or a cashier’s checks, anything that they can track.

Caller:  I’m a disabled Marine veteran, and you are my lifeline.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Pam sent me a message… hang on… somebody can’t get on the call because they are on the West Coast.

206 caller:  We’re out in Seattle waiting for this to go.  My faith is strong and I believe in what you are doing.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Have you done a 15-minute recording?

Tony:  No, I haven’t done a recording or even received the package.  I guess they assume I would tell you guys.  I don’t know if we will do a live call, a recording or what.  We’ll do whatever they ask, and our plan is to make it as smooth as possible for you.

Caller:  Will DC come on a call with you before this ends?

Tony:  I don’t know.  It depends on what he is doing.  He is supposed to be on the last call, so we’ll see how that works out.

Caller:  So we’ll hear from him by Saturday…?

Tony:  It would be great to hear from him by 5pm this afternoon!  Pam sent me a list of numbers to check, and I looked for them.  Caller 206 was the only one I found.  Let’s call it a day.  The market should open up between 3 and 5pm.  Everything we are looking at is good.

Pam:  The information about the stock market is that it was an internal problem, not hackers, and they hope to open again before they usually close in the afternoon.  Meanwhile you know what you know.  Take your time and do the right thing.

Ray:  In the end, we shall see.  Enjoy When-will-I-see-it Wednesday.  The best is yet to come.

Tony:  If you want to ask questions, you have to raise your hand; t hat’s the only way I can pick you.  We’re having a super week, the stars aligned, everything is being set up for the gun to go off, and we’re just waiting to see when that will happen. Everyone is being told to BE ready so they don’t have to get ready, so this thing can go.  That’s the best news I’ve had for a long time, that everyone needs to be ready.  Enjoy your day and I’ll call as soon as I can.


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