TNT Wednesday

Tony: Good Morning TNT. How’re you guys doing today? Alright it is Sept 16 2015 (Wed) and we are still doing what we’re doing. Guys not a lot to say today except for everything is positive. The window is still open.  Lots of info coming from multiple agencies that the rates are out. It did change from Monday. But it’s still a good date and more people received that date and time.  Everything is still positive. Iraq is on the move making their announcements.  The operational rates didn’t come out yesterday and are supposed to come out today.  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  Want to tell you something really good – but if I do — I talked to my info guys yesterday — and he said yeah, but if you do it, then they won’t do it.    It’s close – today is Wednesday — this week is still looking good. We have 3 or 4 days left in the week. Iraqi’s have not gotten paid yet.  Abadi has not changed his statement that everything will be retroactive to the first.  Today is one question Wednesday. So 831

831 Salinas, CA.  (Nope).

617 Boston, MA.  C One question is have there been any attempts to do the RV?   T There was a scheduled time that has been moved. It didn’t happen during that time and it has been moved but it is still a good time.

432 Midland, TX.  (Nope). 

865 Knoxville, TN.  c: good morning. Tony. These past few days Maliki has been showing up in news again. What role is his situation in passing the RV and GCR?  Any impact?  (Not really).

224 Chicago, IL.  (Nope).

423 Chattanooga, TN.  Problem with speaker phone.  C: my one question: Abadi keeps saying it’s going to happen and it doesn’t. Is it Abadi that’s stopping or is it somebody over him?  T: I believe he wants it to happen and there are still people who don’t want it to happen. I think he would have let it go 2 – 3 months ago and worked through the problems.  T: there’s a good chance those things will happen if they go ahead and give them the money.  But people are fighting it. But if you give a bunch of people money, who’s going to be fighting in the streets for reform?  If you give a bunch of people money who is going to be pressuring the bad guys in the street? They will be too busy buying cars etc. to get out in the streets.  Nobody in his right mind intentionally makes the announcement he makes to his country to end up looking bad. Abadi is the one who is losing confidence with them when it doesn’t happen.

410 Baltimore, MD.  c: we could do a vegas x3 in Maryland but it wouldn’t be quite the same.   I just saw how many days have been put up as holidays in Iraq – would that be an advantage or an incentive.  T: I don’t know. We looked at the end of the month being the last possible date. I think it was supposed to happen before the 23rd.  C Don’t they want people to have money so they can go play?  T: I think they want it to happen before that so …  C: that was my concern. You get into the time when people are having fun then the pressure goes down.  T: let me tell you this. It’s not the weakness of pressure, it’s the people that are applying the pressure. When they’ve had enough of not seeing a change, that’s when this will absolutely go one way or another — totally south or he’ll make an announcement and it will go.  T: they want it to go — but the biggest voice right now lies with the demonstrators. Everybody else is negotiating change and planning on it. We’ll just have to wait and see what the people to.

941 Sarasota, FL.  c: how you doing today? I have one thing to say. The window’s open and its getting awfully cold in here.  T: okay, but the sun is coming out and it’s getting ready to change.

954 Fort Lauderdale, FL.  c: good morning. I wanted to inquire if there’s been any additional info regarding the tax on this exchange.  T: I don’t have any. Some people say that an agreement has been reached. I would just plan on saving my 50%.

707 Santa Rosa, CA.  c: what do you think about all these financial gurus who are talking about the market crashing and the dollar going south and doomsday coming to the us.  T: I think we are already in doomsday. Just joking.  T: this morning when Obama was giving his speech, the first time I heard him say “to whom much is given, much is required.” China is going to become a market economy. Right now China is the 2nd largest economy in the world. Soon to be the first.  T: he said they need to learn that with that comes responsibility to help others. Is change coming – yes. They’ve been talking about 5 mini IMF’s – yes.  They’re saying the economy is going down and will bounce back up in a few months. Those who are predicting doomsday don’t know about the GCR and the 10 million of us who are holding the currency we have. There’s lot of info they don’t have and we can look at it differently.  C: one comment I have that you might be interested in. Each of these gurus I’ve listened to don’t have anything that indicates they  know what’s coming from the GCR.  C: they all have something to sell.  T: they can sell you on that so you can know when your world is coming to an end. Thank you sir.

Tony: that just made me think of something. Fear absolutely sells. This morning Pam sent me a long email that we got from a member which is absolutely – just want to read you a little bit of it.  T: it says “my husband and I have been following tony since before TNT. Right now we are in a real turmoil – a friend called yesterday and wanted to meet with us – they got us into this. And they don’t want us to be left out.  They’ve been in several groups – even Reno. Etc., they’ve turned in their currency, expecting to get paid out this week. Have a trust set up.  Said Okie was involved – just talked to Okie and he absolutely was not involved. They said the government plan is to cut all of us out. They plan not to allow Tony to exchange.  You know Tony has said don’t give anyone your currency. So I’m asking if Tony had called to Okie.  We don’t want to get left out but Tony says that we should NOT hand over our currency.”  (Tony) I called Okie to see if he was there. He went off. He was NOT there at all.  Okie said he absolutely did not have anything to do with any groups, collecting anybody’s money, etc.  He said some people were picked up and currency taken two weeks by the gov’t.  I’m telling you fear of missing opportunity or losing something sells.   What did they use in that info? – Tony’s name, Okie’s name and the Government. How do these people know the gov’t plans on cutting us out? I know their plan is for us to get paid.   They are expecting you to walk through the door and planning to pay you.   Anyway, we’ve got plan B.  This is how fear sells.  This is how people are taking your dinar right up to today. We’ve still got people handing over their dinar on the internet to perfect strangers.

505 Albuquerque, NM.  (Nope).

919 Raleigh, NC.  Procedures. Could you elaborate?  t: No, but wait.  It was all in your favor. Changing some goods and services that would benefit you. Only good stuff!

919 Raleigh, NC.  (Nope).

646 Brooklyn, NY.  c: how are you doing Tony?  C: So it looks like we’re coming down to the end of the road. Is that correct?  T: yes, it does look like that.  C: it’s funny how some particular gurus are always trying to sell product on their sites.  C: let’s pray that this does come to a happy ending.  C: i look forward to meeting you. My best to dc. And hopefully we’ll all meet sometime very soon.

862 Newark, NJ.  c: hello can you hear me?  T Yes sir  c: this is the first time I’ve ever gotten you after all these years, been with it from day one.  C: want to thank you for holding the course. Vegas x 3

772 Port Saint Lucie, FL.  C: I sure hope this ride is coming to a pleasant end.  We pretty much discussed thru the years what’s going on and what’s not going on…contract rates on dong.  Rates with dong and dinar.  T: I know someone is putting it out to you and, again, it is a fear factor. They are saying they need to have control of your dinar. If somebody is saying you have to do it.  If you want to help me, help me for free.  If you want me to get the best rate, I’m not doing it to control your money and dole it out to you.  Those aren’t reasons.  They are telling you things to be a part of their group.  If i was doing a group, I would get everybody $8 and submit a list or I want a code number to get everyone $10.  Be fair to everybody.  Tony I would want to do just what we have done – being fair to everyone.  Even though this much is guaranteed, everybody has opportunity to get more.  No one is locked into anything other than this is the least amount they will get, probably $2-2.50.  More than those who have already turned their money into a group.  They have already given away their future and negotiating power, based on fear someone else sold them.  When it comes out, so many will be involved in law suits.  Many accounts will be frozen.  It’s going to be a mess.   c/ no sorry about it…glad you took time to explained it….are there any caps in place?  t/ they are in place for caps, but annuity programs with 50-100 year payouts…if you’re involved in that, you have more than you can spend anyway and you can ensure your generations to come will have money that way.  t/ if I have 2 billion dollars, pay it out over 100 years, I don’t care.. t/ if I have 2 billion dollars, pay it out over 100 years, I don’t care.. t/ if I have 2 billion dollars, pay it out over 100 years, I don’t care.. c/ glad you reaffirmed the trash out there… c/ so many things spin off 1 questions. Hope to see you in Vegas, but also Carolinas.  t/ will definitely do something in Raleigh.

Tony: everything that is wrong.  It may not be the person who told you, they may just believe the person who told them.  If I were you, I’d look past the person and look to the source and does it really make sense?  All the hard work you’ve done and buying currency and then you give it to someone else.  Who does that make sense to?  If you won lottery and a stranger came up to you and said give me your ticket and I’ll cash it in for you.  It doesn’t make sense!

832 Houston, TX.  (Nope).

404 Atlanta, GA.  c/ want to clarify something with you.  Lots of literature put out that lots of things need to be done in Iraq yet.  Do laws need to pass still before this pushes thru?  t/ ok…in congress right now, USA congress, there are laws they are voting for.  That will absolutely always be the case.  We can’t wait for everything because it’ll never be done. Are there certain laws they want to have done?  Sure, but then more and more laws.  Any laws required for rv to happen? NO, there are money laundering laws that are coming out, and they will always change.  Laws are not required.   Laws coming out will always change – would they prefer to have those laws out – yes – but they are not required.  Tony- we know a whole lot of money was moved anyway.  Not going there someone might get pissed off!   What is done in the dark will come to the light.  Will people feel more comfortable if it was done?  Yes!  Here is our option. Keep waiting waiting for votes, OR people get in up roar and people say enough is enough!  Then an Arab Spring and wait another 10 years?  Then new administration and new laws.  Someone can always say that’s stuff we are waiting on.  c/ if we run thru this window, what do we look for next?  What’s different this time?  See you in Vegas!  c you mentioned that sometimes what a person says speaks so loudly you can’t hear what they are saying – what is different about this time?  t/ what’s different this time is we haven’t seen this level of action in a couple months.  That’s DC’s favorite phrase.  Watch what they do, not what they say.  We like what they say, but have to follow their actions, not just here in USA, but other countries too.  What they’ve done this time that’s a little different to me is, they’re doing actions, but they’re putting dates and notifications with them that they’ve never done before.  Some things happened that never happened before.  Nothing as transparent as it has been last week or this week. Doesn’t mean they can’t change it, but the level it’s come down to, level on the street, they’ve taken 8-10 years of saying it’s not going to happen,  Shock level to those people saying that.

540 Fredericksburg, VA.  (Nope).

702 Las Vegas, NV.  c/ vegas x 3. Please clarify internet people.  Who are they?  t/ only people that listen to my calls, and what I say.  Just joking!! LOL.  It is the people who are paying attention on any internet site.  There are 5 different sites designated to receive the information and pass it along.  They have to pass out the info.  It’ll be those paying attention to one of the sites.  We get 20/30K listeners per call.  DC tracked our calls.   20-40 K that listen.  First 150K will be done in first 72 hours.  You, me, people you call.  The first 250, 000 they are looking to get done in the first 24 hours.  C- The chances of them putting it off again? Tony I think this week is a good possibility – based on things I know in the back ground and what Abadi is telling his people – retroactive 1st September. He will upset a lot of people if they don’t do it. Just had 2 million in their square this time, will have 4 million next time. I said that, but anything can happen.  Some think they can control it util it gets out of control.  I look at all that – hopefully it will work out.  I said all of that but anything can happen.

954 Fort Lauderdale, FL.  c/ have any of the private groups gone already?  t/ the largest groups have not and will not exchange until you exchange. there are over 300 legitimate groups, of 10, 50, 80 people.  They had deals from .50 cents to $1.00.  They didn’t get paid, they got SKR’s.  Were there some who got paid, yes.  They made arrangements of how they got paid, smaller groups.  I know people who got 100’s of millions of dollars!  I know people on each side; got paid and who paid them.  We are closer than ever  c/ recently:? t/ I think last November or February.

Tony: Pam wants to say something to you guys.

Pam:  before you spend a dime, take your time!   Get your pros in order.  Once you get back from bank, take your time.  You want to give to charities for a lifetime, not just the first few months.

Ray: continue to enjoy wonderful Wednesday.  Just be ready and it’ll be ready for you!

Tony:  it is a great day.  Information is still good, timing is till good, and they are preparing for this transaction any moment.  Preparing people around the globe sometime this month it could occur this week.  Be ready so you won’t have to get ready.  Have your plan of action and more important, if we don’t talk to you afterwards take your time.  This is your future you are dealing with.  You are going to be interviewed and you should be interviewing at the same time.  Nothing should happen in the first 24 hours. Don’t let people pressure you into a situation.  That is fear.  If it is good today it is good tomorrow, after you take your time thinking about it. If people tell you it’s now or never, it should always be NEVER.  Walk through it and see what the results are.  Hopefully this was our last call, but if not I will be back on Friday.  Anything is possible.  I think we’re in a great place.  Enjoy the rest of your day, I’m enjoying mine.


RAYREN said: 1) have bank selected in case we don’t get 800#; 2) have ID docs ready; 3) have your currency in hand; 4) have all currency divided into correct piles & know what you have; 5) decided how much you want to exchange and where; 6) dress appropriate; and 7) remember to add Payable Upon Death (POD) on each account you set up.


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