TNT – Wednesday

TONY – Good evening, TNT. It’s Wednesday, December 17, 2014. It’s a superfantastic day with great info. A lot of the info is already out there so we’ll confirm some stuff first. Then we’ll do the timeline. Before we do this, the info is out there, was out there yesterday starting Monday. I don’t put out a lot of tweets because it changes all the time and we don’t want to put out info we’re not supposed to. So we wait till it gets to a level where they say it’s okay and they can’t walk it back.

DC – Hi guys. Thanks for waiting for us as we were confirming info. East to west: In Iraq, yes, there are quite a few info things scrolling on their TV and news reports, websites, etc. saying that Iraq will have the biggest economic reforms since 2003 and that falling oil prices will not affect the value and this will happen in the next few days. Everybody is absolutely anticipating this happening at any moment. They’re talking about the budget coming out, which isn’t a vital part of it, but it’s easier to have the numbers loaded in there and not have to do that all over.

DC – Security is ramped up. CBI and major financial institutions are ready up and have been told to be ready from now on for the next couple of days. The general public in Iraq is cynical to the USA because they know their international partners have been holding this up. They have been told the USA has given the green light (“they’ve freed all constraints, completed all marks.”) That’s the verbiage they’re using. Security is live in Iraq. Borders are being double-checked. ISIS issues have been addressed and military plans are in place.

T – The budget has been approved. The Council of Ministers approved the economic reforms. Everything is approved to be announced before Friday morning. Iraqi citizens should enjoy their weekend. They are saying on TV that this will be a history-making event. In all statements they’re saying oil prices will not play into this.

DC – Over here, according to all of our sources there were some last minute checks but now the UST has given their consent. Bankers have been in meetings today, doing pregame checks and wrapping that up today. A lot of last-minute wrangling and education has been going on between Admin guys, Dems and Repubs, about how to roll this out in the USA.

T – Banks are having final meetings now.

DC – Rollout plan: there have been some last-minute plans. Here is what we have – SUBJECT TO CHANGE – REMAIN FLEXIBLE. What is planned is when Iraq goes, the USA then puts out discreetly thru the banks and some gurus that this has happened. We will then tweet the numbers for the banks. The banks are planning to do this at their own discretion. One bank is forced to take everybody. But others have different policies (if you have $1M dinar we’ll do business with you, for instance). They will use the communications that is already extant to communicate this info. They have asked us again to help explain the process, walk thru when this goes thru, which 800# is appropriate for what. There will be at least 4 days – possibly 7. Banks are working thru the holidays. 1/2 day on Christmas Day.

DC – TO REPEAT: Tony and myself and some others will be given 800#s to put out as well as other numbers to set up appointments. We are supposed to explain the process about doing exchanges with a list of banks. We will not be the only ones with the info to share.

T – If they shut the sites down our only way to communicate will be thru Twitter. Initially there was going to be 5 people, but a couple of them won’t even be around after it happens. So you need to stay with us.



C – How do we verify the numbers to call the banks? Will the RV be confirmed on CBI website?

DC – It will be posted on the website. The numbers will be the bank numbers we get and tweet out.

T – We will be in training for at least 1 day before we start giving out numbers. We are going to have a static page to post the numbers.

C – So Iraq is supposed to go by Friday, then you give out numbers? So we’re not supposed to call until you finish your training?

T – That’s the confusing part.

DC – We’re assuming that has been thought out but we just don’t know the answer. The gap is only hours (for training), not days.

C – Will you be giving out rates when you tweet or will that be in the call?

DC – Don’t know.

T – Since we’re doing all the banks we don’t know their individual rates. The fixed rate will be on Forex.

T – Since we’re doing all the banks we don’t know their individual rates. The fixed rate will be on Forex.

C – Is that Friday our time or their time?

T – They want to do the RV BEFORE FRIDAY IRAQI TIME.

C – Do you think there will be a contract rate for the dong even if I don’t have much dinar?

T – Yes, there will be a contract rate for both of them

C – If for some reason and this doesn’t get done and the USA falls into disfavor and Plan B kicks in, can we exchange elsewhere?

DC – That is a remote possibility. There are a lot of laws and organizing principles that would be broken if the US doesn’t publish the rate. New bank regs were written to stop outside exchanges.

T – I have a little more confidence in what’s going on now that I haven’t talked about. I’m asking DC to explain them to you – LOL! Let’s talk about unpegging the dinar and pegging it to the USD.

DC – Part of the hold-ups has aggravated quite a few. Right now the dinar is pegged to the USD. But it has been presented and accepted – although we don’t know the timeline – is the dinar will be pegged to a basket of currencies of which the USD is one. That doesn’t affect the announcement of the RV, but has been discussed and agreed upon in the past 8 days.

DC – When most of this planning was done starting in the 50’s, 80’s, etc., nobody ever thought oil would be $50+. They planned for $20’s, $30’s, and even $8 a decade ago. So what they ended up doing is a lot of economic studies on a lot of different rates and came up with oil lower than $8. Their decline curve is way behind everybody else’. They still have huge reserve numbers out there. What that means is quite simply they are making dang sure they have plenty to support a mid-$3 range deal. They are trying to get that completed to make a stable environment to do this RV in. Most economists believe oil will come back up in the next 6 months to the upper $80’s.

T – Oil is so low right now that it’s affecting some countries and they’ve been forced to sell their foreign currency reserves (like Russia). Same thing as if you have been spending at a high rate and your income gets cut by 30% you get hurt.

T – This is the perfect time if you are watching economic factors. It’s scrolling across their TVs even now.

DC – As late as 3 hours ago we had confirmation it’s scrolling on late-night news.

T – We came late today because we thought we were doing the call. We knew the info is that good. We’re still right there.

RECAP: DC – We are absolutely on high alert. Iraq is saying they expect the economic reform to be completed and will be the largest in history. I’m pretty damn excited about it and you should be too.

T – We’re going to try and help as many people as we can. I’m going to look today and tomorrow to expand our service because I don’t expect some sites to stay around and others will come over here. 4 days, 7 days max. Hopefully the very next call or text or tweet will be the one. If the site is still up we’ll put out a blast. I didn’t say it’s going to happen in the next hour. But their goal is by Friday morning Iraqi time. Our plan here is a little different. They still get 1st notification and get to go first then we go.


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