TNT! Wednesday, July 30th, 2014.

Tony: Good morning, TNT! Today is Wednesday, July 30th, 2014. Again, we didn’t expect to be here, but here we are, enjoying this day and it’s going to be a great day.  Before you leave today, I think DC guy’s going to give you some great information, and you’ll be excited and feeling good. Before that, I want to share something with everyone in Dinarland and the powers that be in Iraq and DC – the people who are for this and against this, for everyone in public office, bankers, even the President himself. I hope to get this message to him. We have been informed that he has listende to our call, knows who TNT Dinar is, and most importantly has heard dinarians and our intentions, and he is impressed to hear our intentions.
Last night I was out smoking cigars and having a drink with my friends, and one person had an envelope for me at one of the bars I go to. I got there, and the barman just said that there was an envelope with my name on it. It wasn’t about my mother, it was about dinarians and dinar, from someone not able to get on the calls. I think you will appreciate her message:

“My name is Gail and I’ve just returned from Ecuador. There’s something I would like to share with you, but I cannot seem to get on the calls. First of all, you are TNT’s hero, and without you we would have been cheated out of the blessing years ago. I have a group of 50 who will all be millionaires. To the PTB: Thank you for simplifying the
NDA and making it manageable. My request is that keep the tax on this currency exchange something reasonable. I suggest you take the 2% as the fee, then 8% tax across the board. Please give ‘we the people’ relief from the tax burden you have placed on us. Our government has bailed out mortgage, insurance companies and banks, while burdening us with tax we are not able to pay. [more of the same] You have poisoned our food with GMOs, poisoned the environment, and set up private prisons; you have put your
citizens in poverty. We are peaceful and that is why we have not risen up in the streets. [more of the same]. Don’t mistake peaceful for ignorant.”
Conclusion: “But this is what I am asking: give us a chance to use this money to help each other. We will take care of one another, but if you tax us at 50%, you will distribute it your way, not out way. We know if we make mistakes on our taxes, we will get burned. If we had a flat tax, we the people could move on with our lives, take care of our bothers and US families. We would be secret Santas, set up housing for the homeless, help others get the medical and dental care they need, take care of the children. We will start new businesses
and employ people. You have put us in such stress that we cannot take care of our families. We can look after ourselves but only if the IRS private corporation stops taking the majority of this blessing. Leave us with 90% of the money from this exchange. You’ve had
your chance to make a difference, now let us have our chance. Give us our change – no more than 8% tax.”
I thought that letter was something the PTB needs to hear. This was from one person and many more feel the same – just give us a chance and we will do good things with this money. I thought it was important seeing how sincere this person is and the effort they took
to track me down. We the people are thankful and grateful and just need the chance to do what we intend with this blessing. I thought it was good, and for the right reasons.

DC agreed.] Where are we at today?

DC: Things are exceptionally good – really a continuation from Monday. Things just look phenomenal and we’re waiting on that. My takeaway from that letter is the big hearts people have, not just consuming wildly but giving money and time to different charities,
churches and such. The intent is the strong desire to have a lot of people do very positive things with this. Everybody I’ve talked to is strongly into giving to churches or organizations to look after people and conditions. A lot of positive things will occur from that.
Iraq: they have an EID festival, religious holiday similar to Christmas in terms of giving gifts, etc., with lots of family and friends. It is the end of Ramadan, the month of religious celebration, when you fast during the day to remember in a religious sense. That is going forward, and this is the wrap up for that. Quite clearly, it has been successful in wrapping up the minor ministerial positions such as Minister of the Interior, etc. What they will make public is the PM and his cabinet. They very strongly played to the centrist hand, building support for the government going forward. Those who were disenfranchised now feel like they are a part of the government and selection process. That’s a wonderful thing – great job, Iraq. It’s an amazing process they’ve gone through in the last few years.
We are waiting on the announcement of the PM for the RV, and everything is in a wonderful spot. It makes sense for these announcements to be wrapped into the end of the religious festival. They have Tuesday through Thursday off, and that is going on very
well. The Iraqi forces are now engaged against the insurgents, assisted by many who are bringing the ISIS guys to justice.

Tony: Did they make an announcement about the new PM and who that is?

DC: It might be public knowledge but I don’t know. There is a schedule they are working under right now.

Tony: it is actually done and we are just waiting for the announcement. We’re in place, we are happy for the people of Iraq, and happy that this nightmare is over for you as well as us, and more happy for you Iraqis because of the enormous changes about to take place in the Middle East. Thank you for enduring – thanks for doing it the right way, with changes that will be felt around the world in many countries. They can say Maliki saved the world with what is happening, and they should be proud that their changes affect so many.
DC: In the UN, they are quite happy with everyone and the selection criteria. In DC, we have everybody lined up: administration folks, Congress, both sides are excited about what this will bring to the US as a whole. I would argue that almost everyone out there really wants this to happen for all of us as well as Iraq because of how it will boost the economy with businesses and consumption. If you buy a new car, everyone at every state will benefit. Everyone’s eager for that in both parties and the administration and both houses of Congress.

Tony: Before, there were parties scheduled throughout DC – everybody gets ready and then nothing. Now they are just not getting ready?

DC: They are ready and eager. Some parties have the champagne on ice, waiting until after this goes. Now they have everybody ready and have minor things upon it happening, then parties and backslapping immediately after this goes through. They don’t need much notice at this point because they are just so exhausted, here and in Iraq.

Bottom line: everybody is extremely excited because they have got to a foundational point for the upcoming turnaround that Iraq will go through. The whole economy will get a huge boost, worldwide. They are just waiting for the IMF to give the word; we understand they
have set the time for that, but we are not going to say it. We’re not going to leak that!  Thank you, IMF, for coordinating that. We just pray everything stays on track.
Tony: All we can do is watch the clock. The moment it happens we will all jump for joy. It has held steady for the last 48 hours. Let’s talk to someone – not from Texas.

818 caller: I’d like your comment on something that was in the forum. It seems to come from a source who is really well-educated on the government in Iraq. He is saying that once the PM is in place, constitutionally he has up to 30 days to actually construct the
government and include the ministers and the Council of Ministers. He makes a good case for saying it may happen now, or up to ten days from now.

DC: That’s a good observation and it brings up a wonderful comment: they are talking about what we would call the Cabinet, the key ministers in the key departments. What has happened because of Maliki’s putting his own names forward instead of calling for votes,
which is one of the reasons he was so mistrusted and disliked. He took lots of those positions unilaterally without talking to anyone else, and that didn’t go down well. Iraq is now saying “we’re not putting up with that again”, so they are saying “I like you, Mr
President, but who do you have advising you?” So effectively this is voting for a bloc including the President, PM and ministers. The Sunni bloc has felt left out, and they are selected experienced people as ministers. This entire selection process has been about picking entire blocs rather than individuals, with deputies selected at the same time as the ministers.

Tony: What he’s saying is correct, but it has already been accomplished and will be announced soon.
770 caller: My daughter was in a bad car accident so I couldn’t keep up with you. I could never get on the forum so that I could keep up. I am so glad to be here. I am so sorry about your mother, Tony, and praying for you and your family. Someone asked me to ask you that if they hold onto their dinar for a while, will that mess anything up?

Tony: Thanks for your thoughts about my mother. There is a link on the forum if you want to send flowers. In other countries where this has happened, the rate has come out, run up to a ridiculous amount, and then come down to something reasonable. You can wait on
that, if you choose. We hope the package will tell us how long our three-zero notes will last, but I know we will have some time to deal with the dinar.
Caller in the background: I read that if you put your IQNs in a CD, they would pay 10.5%. How can you do that if you’ve already exchanged your dinar?

DC: So you are talking about investing in Iraqi bank CDs or bonds? That is something people can do. Just make sure you also have conservative investments based in the US, because of different levels of risk. The Iraqi market is very strong, so investing there is a
very good thing. Also, I think we are extremely close.
Caller: Can you ask Pam if I can get in when you come to Atlanta? I put my name in…
Tony: we have the list of everyone who signed up for Atlanta and we will email you.
Caller: [Appreciation]

Tony: We read a letter from one of our members that probably represents a lot of us. What would the other side want to say? What would their message be?
DC: Everyone feels similar to what Gail’s letter says so well, but there is another side as well, and we want to be even-handed, giving everyone a clear interpretation of what we see. The PTB would say “Hey, this is an amazing thing that some have been working on
since the 1960s, and especially the last 15 years. They have taken this country and built up this entire process like in Germany, Japan and Kuwait.” They recognize the inherent value of the country. In terms of the stops and starts, their point is that short-term pain is creating long-term gain, a real win for the US, Iraq and the entire world. They understand the frustration but they are playing a bigger game. Some recognize that there has been straight political gamesmanship, but for the most part they are looking out for the good of Iraq and the US as a whole. It’s been very painful with horrible financial struggles, but in the grand scheme of things, the world will be better off in the end.

Tony: That takes us back to what some see as my Obama love-fest. This affected more than just the dinarians, but the world as a whole. Some heard about dinar but didn’t take advantage of it, and many didn’t hear about it. Not everyone will be rich at the end of the day. We have to give some thought to the rest of them as well. I’m feeling that it’s over, and it was worth it. When I read that letter last night, it got to me, and I wanted to read that out so that people can see how people are feeling. Effectively we are saying, “give us the opportunity and we will make a difference!” Hopefully the PTB heard that letter and also dinarians will listen and take action.
808 caller: On the world news Thursday evening, they talked about a glitch in the passport system. Did you see that? Did it have anything to do with the RV?

Tony/DC: Not that we have heard, no. it was more about what was going on overseas…

Caller: My wife says, “If there is a question we should be asking, what would it be?

Tony: “What is the date and rate? What’s the window?” I cannot answer those questions because we’ve been asked not to. DC, if you had to pick a number, how confident are you that we are in the final stages?

DC: 98.5

Tony: The information is really, really, great; they are in the schedule and we should be feeling really good.

404 caller: Thanks for reading the letter from Gail. I read this morning about Argentina being on the edge of default. You’ve said other countries have dinar, and maybe Argentina has some in its war chest. What do you think?
DC: Argentina is a really fun place in some ways. They are trying to default on their bonds that are issued by the US court system a while ago. They cannot pay them back. These bonds were issued in NY because they haven’t managed their finances well in the past, and have defaulted on most of their bonds in the past. Argentina has some dinars but not that much. Their leaders have a good amount, but few of the citizens hold dinar.
Caller: For things to be official, then need to be published in the Gazette. What has NOT been published yet, and will they have a special edition of the Gazette to do so?

DC: They mainly want TV announcements, and all we are waiting for is the PM and cabinet announcements now. They had political problems and folks are insisting that Iraq be stable, and that means having the PM and cabinet announced.

Tony: Things changed. None of this applied on 1. April, but other things came up and now that is what we are waiting for. [She always asks good questions.]

443 caller; When you walk in to the bank, and you set down in the first meeting, what are the first three questions you will ask that banker?

Tony: I’ll be making a statement: “Show me the money! Right now!”

DC: I really like the question. This is my interpretation of what will happen. I envision cattle going through a chute. That first appointment is 20 minutes long. You will be asked if you want Option A, B or C, they will count your money and give you a rate. There will not be many questions because there won’t be time. The first time you will really have a conversation is with your wealth manager or private banker. My first questions would be, ‘How to you proposed to invest this money so that it will last for generations? What is the
best tax-efficient way to give money to your family or projects? What are the general questions you would ask your own wealth manager for me to ask when I am interviewing others for that position?” That is what you would ask your financial adviser in your first long conversation.
Tony: My three questions are “What is the highest rate I can get? What’s the tax situation?  What is the fastest and most I can get by putting this money to work?” I have to put that money to work to be constantly replacing itself. You’ve got to figure out how to put that
money to work.
Caller: I get the impression that a lot of dinarians are church people and they tithe to the church. I pay 10% gross to the church. At my church, the secretary and pastor and everyone else, when I walk in and tithe on my currencies, they will know where it’s coming from. So when I walk in with a check, I’m saying “I got paid this amount of money” and they will know where it is coming from. I’m worried that the IRS and Homeland will think I’ve been talking to them.

Tony: They cannot get you for something you did before you signed an NDA. Remember, you have to teach them what to do with the money also. My children and nephews and nieces will be millionaires, but you have to get them investing in their lives. That is what I am stressing to them.
903 caller: Referring to the letter you read out earlier, it really does tell the world that we are the people who want to help and not hurt society. I am so tired of this, I don’t feel like voting anymore! I am at my rope’s end. I do have a question: when you talk about putting
aside 50% aside for taxes, do you mean put that 50% in a separate account?
Tony: Yes, you can do that if it makes it easier for you. If it’s safer to put it out of sight, out of mind, then put it in an interest-bearing account and let it grow until you need it. That’s an easy way to do it.

Caller: If you have dinar, dong and zim, does each one need a separate account?
Tony: I’ve only ever heard to keep dinar separate because it may be taxed differently. The rest you can put all in one account.

Caller: I got into this to help other people; I found you about a year ago, too late to get on the forum. I can still listen to your calls to get the knowledge that I need. It’s been a hard road for a lot of us, and I’m tired and don’t know what to do. I have even thought about selling them back.

Tony: I had a call from my cousin who said he wants to sell his dinar, and I just told him “Don’t sell!” Finally, I said, “If it’s still there on Tuesday, then there will be a buyer.” He called me yesterday, and I still told him not to sell. When he sees what it will come out at, he would regret it for the rest of his life. I couldn’t tell anyone to sell, not with what I’m seeing now. We are so close to getting to it, and achieving our life goals and dreams, and a week down the road the last four years won’t even matter. We’ll be helping our families, churches and communities, and the rest won’t matter. If you are building a house, you might bust your hand with a hammer, but when the house is built, you will look at it and say “Man, that was worth the journey.”

Caller: I’m sorry, I was so tired I didn’t even greet you guys. At least where I live I won’t have to pay state taxes.

DC: We are all tired.

Tony: When the call comes through, we’ll have more energy than we know what to do with. And you and DC are in a better position than I am, with 13% tax here.
407 caller: [Appreciation]

Tony: We are just ordinary people. I wish you guys could be on some of our calls, because you would laugh and joke with us, and cry with us sometimes, too. We are experiencing the same situations in our families as you do: the same losses, bills, wants and desires. We are not politicians, nor saints or saviors either – just people like you, put in a position and doing the best we can, the best we know how.

206 caller: There is a new plaque at the White House saying “No Bad Deed Goes Unpunished.” And at the November elections there will be new ad saying, “New meat in every seat.” This problem with the Kurdish tanker selling oil to the US; will that create a problem between Iraq and Kurdistan again?

DC: I think they have worked that out.

520 caller: [Appreciation] I’d be lost without you. You have been my lifeline. That letter was wonderful this morning; we are not stupid, and that woman is great. Please let our officials know that. Our constitution was based on the tax issues between the States and
Britain, and those issues are still there. One person has helped me with all this, the most brilliant helpful person, and she got me into this. I’d like to thank her (Chatter) and also for introducing me to Bubba. You all have been my rock in this world. And remember, Pam is
never under the bus because she has angel wings, and raises up the bus and everything on it. That should be her new name on the board.
Tony: Pam’s name on the board is Already Blessed, and angel wings goes with that.
719 caller: I’m really disappointed in you, Tony and also DC. You didn’t comment on the fact that the Oakland Raiders when to San Antonio… <laughter> I read on the forum that Maliki finally resigned and threw his vote to someone in his party?

Tony: He resigned for the third time.

DC: He formally resigned a few weeks back to the UN, and then to others in his party, and he did it again yesterday, just to make sure. I don’t see any other delays right now. We have been proven wrong so many times it’s laughable, but barring natural disasters, there
is not much left to do.
Caller: They won’t let any more of these manufactured delays so that we don’t get it?
DC: That has happened in the past, but most are now supporting this process.
Caller: There is a wounded warrior we know; we gave him so dinar, and he cried and said “Maybe this will make it all worthwhile”. Of course he has unbelievable PST; he’s a great guy and when this comes through we can help him and other veterans. Also, about the
receipts, I worked for IRS for 20 years (so MLM is a piece of cake), so let me clarify something: people are going to need the receipts NOT for cash-in but their taxes. People have suggested flat taxes for years, but it’s not as simple as it looks.. If you are close to holding it for a year, then hold it, but if you don’t have receipts, IRS will assume it’s short- term capital gains at 43.8 vs long-term capital gains at 23.8%.
I like Gail’s option a lot, but how can they give it to us and not the rest of the population?  Banks can collect taxes after a certain amount. Warren Buffet has been doing a giving club where people certify that they will give at least half their wealth; everyone in that has at least a billion dollars. They have to have some kind of receipt or they will pay the higher rate. If they can change the law right away, that would be great. We need this RV by next week in time for my anniversary…

814 caller: The information sounds great; trying to keep my feet on the floor.  [Appreciation] Tony, thanks also for your military service. My questions have been answered. Based on your intel, there is a schedule in place coordinating the schedule?
Tony: DC has also been serving our country for a long time, and I don’t want to leave him out. He’s been in some high-level, tricky situations.

DC: The IMF did not have an easy job, but everything is now lined up and laid out.
Caller: If this goes much longer, I’m paranoid someone will delay it again.
Tony/DC: We are paranoid about that, too!
239 caller: [Appreciation and condolences] On the 20-minute exchange, does that include making a new account for the dinar?

DC: Yes, that is our understanding. They have streamlined the process for this.

Caller: I thought you would say 99.985%!

Tony: Last time I said we were there, DC said we only know 60%, so I’m staying below him.

Caller: Does our accountant have to sign an NDA as well? Do they give us a copy?

DC: Every NDA I’ve read deals with that, and say that tax advisers will have to sign, too. I understand that there is a timeline for your spouse, attorney, and advisers.

Caller: Someone said there is a book to check your dinar. My local WF doesn’t have that.

DC: Most of the books I’ve seen are online, with all the different currencies. They select the screen and it shows all the points you need to look for like the horse, metallic strip, etc.

Tony: I’ve been in WF and Chase; they have white books there and I’ve seen Iraqi dinar in there with my own two eyes. It does have dinar with the seven points to look for. Maybe the branch you went do it not going to be involved in the exchange, but they are out there.

Caller: When I went to the call, it showed a replay and not the live call. One thing I heard is that the only kind of prayer you need is ‘thank you’. So THANK YOU to everyone here!
Skype call: I have a question for both of you. When the exchange happens and there are contract rates, how will that be applied to non-profits and churches?

Tony/DC: I don’t know.

704 caller: I think you have been in California too long to put up with all the Texas non-sense. We know that South Carolina is the best! Texas was the first to secede from the Union! Do I have to make a separate phone call to make an appointment for a non-profit?

DC: Yes, one appointment per call.

Caller; Would you hold onto some Zim for the second basket?

DC: I think it will all be squared at the same time.

954 caller: Are there still contract rates for the dinar and the dong? Are they going at the same time?

Tony: DC, are you there?

DC: Our understanding is YES – contract rates and at the same time. That’s the way we have been told a thousand times.

617 caller: I agree with the person who wrote the letter. I have various groups I’m giving to.  Once the RV goes through, other currencies are international, so can we go to any bank?

909 caller: [Appreciation] Part of my currencies I hold personally and the rest in a self- directed Roth IRA. If I take the contract rate for the Roth IRA, will there be taxes.
Tony: What is your timeframe for putting it in the IRA?

Caller: I can’t take anything out for five years.

Tony: How many days did it take to get those currencies into that Roth IRA?

Caller: I set it up in January 2013, and the currency was there in about 30 days.

Tony: It has to go through that same process. It will take too long to do that; by then you might only get the international rates.

Caller: I don’t intend to take it out of that account, but to exchange it in that account, in a safety deposit box. It would still be in the Roth IRA.

DC: I have dinar in my Roth IRA as well, and I will probably take the international rate because of the time required to do that. Mentally, I’ve wrapped my mind around that rate.  In terms of taxes, I don’t think anything will bust the tax-exempt status of the IRA. I am
hoping I can lock it in quickly enough, but I’m not sure it’s possible.
Caller: It sounds like I’m better taking the contract rate for the currency in my possession and take the international rate for the IRA?
DC: I’ll try to do contract rate for both, but realistically, it might not work that way.
919 caller: Tony, have you and DC ever met each other?

Tony/DC: No. We talk on the phone 8-10 times per day. We know all about each other…

Tony: When I was with PTR, Gary flew out here and we had breakfast together. The whole time, I had to look away from him to make sure it was still him! I knew his voice! I’m sure we will experience some of that very shortly.
Caller: Condolences to you and RayRen…I’m one of those church people, and a third of my holdings are invested in churches, colleges, missionaries, starting foundations, putting trustworthy people in charge of other foundations so they can have a steady income as well as overseeing good projects. We thank God we will benefit from this, and others will benefit as well.

Tony: A lot of people have plans to do a mass of things for people they don’t’ even know!  Many people will be blessed by this happening.

Caller: My wife and I have set dinar aside for 40 other people, in sealed envelopes with receipts; so they know that have something but don’t yet know what they have.
Tony: That’s a great way to do it!
DC: Buys, frankly things look very good. I know we are all frustrated, and everyone in this entire process is tired and ready for this to be over. I believe we are at a very, very close point for this to be done. The religious celebrations in Iraq play nicely into this, as well as
the PM and other ministers being elected in Iraq. Everyone is now supporting this in the US, and I encourage everyone to view the frustration as water under the bridge. Forgive and let this thing move down the road. Help other people; that’s the biggest gift you can
give yourself.
Pam: You are right, DC – let’s take what we are blessed with and pay it forward. Let’s move on… it is what it is.

Ray: Winding down on wealth-seeking Wednesday, and everyone’s patience and perseverance will continue. Get your exchange done, breathe and work your plan.
Tony: We hoped Monday was the last call and hope that today is the last call that we do in this manner. We anticipate that next call we go forward with our instructions and the package and the 800 numbers. When we send out the tweet from THE_TNT_TEAM, we will send out 800 numbers, NOT local numbers. You have to call the 800 numbers or 888 numbers; you’ll be able to go to the boards, to the our sites and other sites to confirm.
Everything else… we are that close. Right up tot the minute it happens, we continue to go through it. We did that with Gail’s letter which a lot of us feel: give us the opportunity to do the right thing and we will do the right thing and affect people’s lives. I don’t care how long you have been in this, you have been preparing to do those good things. The best revenge is to live well. Don’t worry about the past, plan the future and make it what you want to do.  It sounds like many have plans to help with food, clothing, housing… all the things we need as human beings around the world. You get to know you eased some pain or brought some joy into people’s lives. I’m ready to get started right now!
Hopefully we can still do some of this together. That’s our call for today. I don’t mind doing another call today – I’d like to, in fact! Enjoy the rest of your day and we’ll see what happens.

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