To fight against self is stupidity

“To be nobody-but-myself – in a world

which is doing its best, night and day,

to make me like everybody else – means

to fight the hardest battle which any

human being can fight, and never stop


E. E. Cummings


When we read today’s quote and think

about the struggle that it describes, who do you think we’re fighting with?


Some might say, “The world” but

that’s not the case. We’re actually

fighting with ourselves.


What we struggle with are the large

number of negative messages that

we were programmed with by our

family and society as we grew up.


“You’re not smart enough.

You’re not educated enough.

You don’t have enough money.

What makes you think you can


That’s a bad idea.

You can’t make any money

with that.

Rich people are cheaters.

You’re too busy.”


You can make your own list,

but those are some of the most

popular excuses that I’ve seen.


All these messages are designed

to make you like everyone else.


Your job is to not allow them to

have any power over you. And

that’s a struggle!


Here is the question that you

need to ask, every time.


“Is that true?” (Hint: the answer

is NO.)


Here are the statements that

you want to use instead.


“Yes, I can!”


“Yes, I will!”


Repeat as needed.


You’ll be glad you did.


Many blessings,



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