Tony Wednesday


TONY – Good morning, TNT. Today is October 8, 2014. We have some excellent info and justifications for the info and we’ll talk about it and you can see for yourself. Before we get started, if I’ve talked to you (callers) in the last month please put your hand down so I can talk to some new people. I would greatly appreciate it so I don’t have to be the bad guy and take your hand down for you.

T – We got some really good information. We have learned a lot about politics and people in general. Everybody has their opinion on how we should do this. I get emails, texts, and phone calls about what I should do and who I should talk to. There are 2 I got yesterday (reading email): “we keep repeating this Monday call into Tuesday, then into Wednesday, etc.” and “don’t you think you should check out the intel you get. Obviously you are shielding someone or some organization.” Another: “You seem to very cautious at everyone’s expense.” “You owe us the names and info since you’re not under NDA.” “I believe there is more than one person who feels this way. Things have been right at the brink then snatched back or changed.”

T – We have been at the brink many times. It could be a lack of preparation and stuff. They miscalculate. It’s all part of the process of a global event. Situations change so the info changes. People have to be big enough to realize these things DO happen and have a domino effect

T – Someone wrote “you’re shielding someone and are being played. You owe us something.” Let’s say this was true. If there was a gov’t agency feeding us info and you say I owe you something? You have no idea how many death threats I’ve received over the past 4 years. You have the nerve to tell me I owe you something. This really ticked me off. I’m not spending time with family and putting my family at risk and you say I owe you something? You want me to sacrifice myself and my family so you can go on about your life. Is that what you’re asking me to do? If that was the situation, no! We’re getting info from a whole lot of places. The stuff we’re giving you today nobody knows.

T – There are a lot of good gov’t people who put themselves and their lives on the line to give good info. But you want me to go head to head with these people in power so you can get paid? But we do have people out there everyday doing that for you. I know what they are sacrificing. I wanted to read this to you so you’ll have a better understanding of what we go thru to bring you the info. It has cost somebody something.

DC – To the guy who wrote that letter: we don’t owe you anything. If it’s too much for you, please just go somewhere else. We’re not making any money off this so just go somewhere else. Other gurus are trying to help as well. Whether or not our info is similar, doesn’t matter. We’re all trying to help people out. If you’re having this much trouble trying to see shadows that don’t exist, you’re going to have bigger problems with the money. THERE IS NO CABAL. NO GIANT EVIL MAN. IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY. Are there very, very powerful people behind the scenes? Yes. Are they all knowing? No. That’s not how the world works. It is highly complex, much more so than originally planned. We are not protecting anyone.

DC – Do people ask us not to say something, we honor and respect that. We don’t want to hurt them so we comply. We are very small wheels in the cog. It was never intended for 4-5M people to have access to this. They didn’t intend to have all these issues from folks like us. That’s why there is a lot of confusion and a lot of people trying to help us out in this process.

T – You have to understand this is “punch/counter-punch” – negotiate and re-negotiate. People are going to change it up to their advantage. They always want a little bit more. This is on a huge scale. This is not about us – it’s global economics. Not just our country. Have they made mistakes today? Yes. Will they make mistakes tomorrow? Yes, but they may not know it for another 6 months. It’s constant and fluid. This is a lesson in life and global economics and US politics. Rich vs. poor. Banks vs. society. This is info you SHOULD be able to use once you exchange. You have a whole lot of knowledge now you got from this site. Most of the other sites aren’t even giving you the post-RV stuff.

T – Here’s the other side of the coin (Pam is reading an email supportive of Tony – too fast for transcription).

T – That was to our entire team, intel, DC, people in Parliament, DC, Kurdistan, etc. who help us, 44 countries, 11 agencies, who listen to this call. This is why we do this. The agencies listen to our calls and we get feedback instantly from them. And we’re respectful of that. When I hang up, they’re still listening. When I call my wife, they’re listening to my calls. This is what we signed up for. Our NDA will be happening for the next 15 years. We’ll be under a microscope for the next 15 years while you’re getting your money and living your life. Some idiots just have no clue.

T – Okay, this is what you want to hear. We are excited! Let’s start with TV.

DC – Good morning everybody. East to west: wonderful things in good ole’ Iraq. On TV they’re describing the LD notes (new notes, 5, 25, 100, and fils which are the coins). In the past they were in the markets only but now they’re being distributed. The actual dinar notes are being used. Let’s use a little logic: I have a coin worth 1,000th of a dollar. Why is it out there if it’s worthless? Because the RV is slowing rolling out. It’s all over TV, so it’s not secret. Some talk about their friends in whatever country who don’t have their cards. Most didn’t trust Maliki’s GOI and, therefore, didn’t set up their Qi Cards back then. But now they’re hearing from family and friends that it IS working so they’re going to get their cards. They didn’t do their homework so it’s going to take months for them all to get their cards. They have to verify the recipients before they give out cards.

DC – In addition, on TV it is being announced that Abadi will be making an announcement tomorrow that the economic reform has been completed. This is on TV, internet, etc. They’re giving distributions back thru February at 3.58.

T – So recap the process:

DC – 3 weeks before Oct. 1 they told the Iraqis their cards would be working on 10/1 and they would start economic reform “soon.” On 10/1 they had 3.58 on their cards and most had royalty payments as well. More were loaded daily and that has continued thru today. More were loaded Wednesday afternoon thru Friday. For the most part they’ve been pulling cash out in LDs. Also, the merchants had to change their prices. On TV they announce economic reform will be completed on Thursday and the PM and Finance Minister will be making speeches tomorrow morning. It’s on the news – nothing secret.

T – So Monday, they did the rest of the new currency and it was released on Monday. We know people in Kurdistan – people, not banks – have it in their hands. And people are anticipating this big announcement at 10AM tomorrow morning local Iraqi time. We know they wanted to do a “slow roll out” and has been the plan over there and is the plan over here as well. Even tho the plan didn’t work perfectly, this has been a plan in motion of a slow roll-out of the RV in Iraq, from the 1st until today over the holiday period. Why did they do it over the holiday?

DC – It frankly just turned out that way, so they decided to roll it over to the holiday. This is a massive change to Iraq and they wanted a very smooth pace. That was their intent. They wanted it done quicker than 8-9 days, but the IMF and BIS asked for it to be rolled out slower. In terms of folks trying to slow this down or screw it up, there’s not much they can do to ruin it. You already have the coins out, bank accounts set up, Qi Cards setup at 3.58. There’s not a whole lot to do to cause an issue at this point.

T – They educated the people over the holiday everyday on TV. The let the whole world know they were doing because they could see the results everyday. Celebrations are planned and announcements set for tomorrow at 10AM local Baghdad time.

DC – They had legislative meetings during the holidays, although it’s a lot slower during festival. The Kurds are fighting, with equipment and air support coming in. Nothing is secret.

T – By doing the slow roll-out in public it’s forcing everybody to accept it.

DC – In coordination with global adjustments, there is still negotiations going on with that, whether it will be loaded on Forex or not, some are saying 24 hours, some saying not for another week. So this is being discussed with IMF/BIS and CBI. That is very much in everybody’s minds. USA banks are ready and exhausted waiting for this. UST is ready. Law enforcement is running skeleton crews watching monitors for this to pop.

T – Even though I gave you the 10AM announcement time, there is a backup time in case something happens. Also, I want people to know that the US has a $1,000 bill and a $10,000 bill. Those currency bills still exist.

T – Floyd Mayweather made bets over the weekend on some games and got paid in $100K bills available only to the extremely wealthy.

T – If you want proof about the info we’re sharing from Iraq, call Dish, DirecTV, etc. and ask to subscribe to Iraq TV. That’s what you do if you don’t believe us. Our source is seeing it on Iraqi TV. Do some research and look at it yourselves.



C – There’s an article on Fox News that the IMF has scaled back the growth in the economy. Does that affect the RV?

DC – They have economists who run models. They can’t say “trust us”. The article was about them revising their plans because it does look like the average worldwide economy is slowing down. After the RV they will revise their predictions.


C – You talked about contract rates and taxes in the past. Are those still in play?

DC – There are 3 different contract rates but we’re still not sure how big the pool is. Taxes are, quite frankly, still up in the air. But we understand we still have access to the higher rates.

C – I read that we are in Plan B. Is that where we are?

DC – Plan B is where the rest of the world forces the USA. My understanding is that since the middle of August the USA has been supportive. Since 3.58 is on the cards, we are pushing forward and people are still expecting this to go down and no one is expecting anyone to put the USA in a box.

T – Last week we heard another country was going to force the USA to do it. Then last night we heard China gave the USA until 5:30PM to get this done or they’d blow up the derivatives. That didn’t happen. Although it’s not moving as fast as we like it’s still inching in that direction.

C – DC, if you were to place a bet, would you bet this will happen by next week? And since we’re down to the nitty-gritty, can things change it?

DC – Very much so I would bet it’ll happen by next week. I will no way ever believe there is a definite deadline to anything. There’s not a whole lot of wiggle room. They’re changing prices, putting out LDs and coins in the marketplace with a rate of 3.58. Could it delay a few hours? Yes, but there’s not much wiggle room.

T – Okay, let’s talk about the slow roll-out. It started on the 1st and it’s now the 8th. How could they do an RV and not a GCR and not have everybody buying up lots of other currency?

DC – The question is “how do you have Currency Dealer XYZ at 1166 and Iraq at 3.58?” You watch it like a hawk and put restrictions on the traders. They can keep it from the USA. Beside us in Dinarland there aren’t that many other people paying attention. You pull in groups and lock them down to slow it down.

T – That’s when it comes live here. But in the last 8 days could they have been doing that by putting it on their cards, telling them it’s int’l?

DC – Absolutely.


C – Did you say there is an announcement tomorrow at 10AM?

T – Yes, and some people think it’s the RV announcement. But we know they never do anything on time. And they have a back-up time to happen if they don’t make that announcement at 10AM Baghdad time.

C – Would you tweet that announcement if he does it?

T – Yes, not a problem.


C – How could Friends & Family, bankers, etc. have exchanged earlier this year and last year with no rate that’s public?

DC – I’m not saying I agree, but starting last year they traded in their dinar for a Forward-Based Contract (FBC). This is used a lot and is very common. Starting in March/April there was an RI and banks got the CBI to honor rates. So some dinar was turned into the CBI at that time. Is that right? No. Have we complained about it? Yes, constantly. But that’s how it was done.

C – So are we waiting for Iraq to give it to all their people?

DC – No. A lot of “late-believers” are coming alive. They’re seeing their friends, neighbors, family members with cards get paid. We are only WAITING UNTIL THE END OF ECONOMIC REFORM, WHICH IS ON TV AS BEING TOMORROW. There are LDs and fils being used now.

C – The Zim has a new currency now. Will that affect the currency we have?

DC – They had to get new notes and our notes are supposed to be good. We’re getting that info from the bankers and diplomats.

DC – The Cards and notes are out. Prices have changed. This speaks louder than everything. Some people didn’t get their cards, then the next day they get them with the new rate on them. And they get cash from the banks thru their cards. Citizens are confirming this. It’s nice to be able to connect the dots.

C – Are there still any exchanging going on here?

DC – Very few.

C – How long can the country go under those conditions without them having an int’l RV?

DC – They could get a few more hours, yes, but there’s not much time left. They are pushing the absolute boundaries on this and everyone knows it.

T – During the holidays while everyone was spending time with family, their version of our Thanksgiving, the LDs were being put into circulation. They had 8 days to get them to prepare for this. These denoms were being put into circulation so when the official announcement is made they’ll have the currency out there.

C – I’ve heard the dong won’t happen with the dinar.

DC – We do not have Vietnamese contacts. Our folks on the financial side (BIS, IMF, etc.) are telling us it is happening. Could it be left for other groups? Yes. But too many people heard about it. From screens and memos that’s where the info is coming from.

RECAP: DC – Well everybody, sorry I missed you on Monday. Iraq is absolutely ready and economic reform is publicly being announced as being completed tomorrow. Our expectations from everybody is that these speeches tomorrow are the finalization of the economic reform. The rest of the world is prepared and just working on timing. Don’t be shocked if there’s a slow roll-out or a change of plans here in the USA. We anticipate them doing it a little differently than we expected. Stay flexible and we’ll go from there. T – Okay, the announcement is scheduled for 10AM tomorrow in Baghdad. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen because there is a back-up time ready. Some may want to delay it a few hours, but it’s public in Iraq. They can’t stall much longer. The info is there publicly in Baghdad and Kurdistan. BE READY INSTEAD OF GETTING READY! And don’t forget the weekend plan I told you about. It really makes sense for them to do it that way. Enjoy the rest of your day. There’s more info out there for you to compare, piece together.


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