UU1010 – “Our Hopes and Dreams” by Mnt Goat

Hi Everyone,

The weather today in Bavaria is cold and snowy but I am reminded that winter is fun too by Meine Kinder. Yesterday the family took a trip to the sliding mountain and we spent the afternoon enjoying the outdoors in the snow. Later we sat in the lodge ate lunch and sipped on something warm.

As I sat cozy with my family I realized something. Call it a revelation if you will. I realized that the colder the winter the nicer the spring seems to be in Bavaria. The larger lesson I guess is always to have hope and keep hoping since there’s nothing like a dream to create the future.

I wanted to give all my dinarian friends a quick on the status of what I have been talking about these last couple news letters, that of the imminent RV of the Iraq currency.

I hope everyone also read my last news letter dated 01/28 since this is a continuation of this ongoing saga.
Today’s News

Today is Friday Jan 30th already and yes we are only one (1) day from the end of a span of time ( a window) I was told would be the best possible time for us to witness the revaluation of the Iraq dinar. So why have we not yet seen it?

FIRST – let me say this window is not yet over. So we still can expect to see progress if all holds true.

SECOND- there where many who got on their “band wagons” and started announcing that the budget was passed prematurely such as on Wednesday and yet we knew that the GOI and Parliament told us the final voting process would not take place until Thursday. So what’s happening here?

Once again we witness these “intel gurus” wanting to be the first to call the RV and so they hype up events and want to tell a story their own way instead of just settling back and listening to what is really happening.

So once again we see they do not still know or understand the political / legislative process in Iraq. They told us the 2015 budget was passed on Wednesday. Really? I say passed by who? This messed with our minds and causes us to hope for something sooner than later.

Do they even understand that the Iraq news media said “The Finance Committee approved the Budget law of 2015 on Wednesday”. This did not say a final vote was taken by parliament on Wednesday! Did it? Did I miss something?

Do they still not even know that parliament is the branch of the Iraqi government that has the “final” voting power to make laws. The finance committee does not vote on the laws.

They simply, in conjunction with the GOI, write the laws and then pass them on to parliament for review (usually 2 readings) and then a 3rd session for a final vote.

Then it goes to the executive branch to get ratified by the president of Iraq. Then it gets published in the gazette to be final and can be implemented.

So this is the process we watched for. So these constant misunderstandings then get perpetrated down to the rest of us who trust in their information. Maybe this our mistake, since we trusted them to provide accurate information? Maybe we should not listen to them so closely? Just my thoughts.

THIRD – in my last news letter on 1/28 I stated I just got off a call with my CBI contact in Iraq. I also said that the information I received said it might take a couple days before we see any RI or RV after the final vote is accomplished.

Let’s dissect what I just said- So the final vote did happened yesterday, as scheduled. It also passed as I said it would or they wouldn’t have even taken the vote in the first place.

They postponed the vote twice yesterday just to ensure it would be successful. So how could it have already happened then on Wednesday. Right? It made international news and so this was the announcement we all have been waiting for.

Over all we can see that we are soo very close to this RV / RI that if this event was a fly it has landed on our nose and we can see it……lol…..

All the news from yesterday is very exciting news and was history in the making. Remember this is the very first budget EVER completed and through the legal, formal parliamentary voting process since post war for Iraqi’s new government.

It is a HUGE achievement. It brings hope for Iraq since for the first time all the secs / tribes are working together in some sense of unity towards a common goal.

Remember also the Amnesty and the National Guard efforts are closely linked to the budget since both of the programs need funding. Both of these programs are essential for the future of unity efforts and national security.

FOURTH – President Obama and the first lady will be visiting Iraq soon. It will be a short visit but I believe it is a hopeful visit. Why do I say this? I say this because Obam refused to go to Iraq when Maliki was in charge and did not want to show any respect for this man. Now he comes to Baghdad to great the prime minister Abadi and congratulate him on all the progress so far.

This is a partnership call. But most importantly I believe he is going to nail down two main issues: 1) USA support in fighting ISIS 2) the future of Maliki and how he will be dealt with. Remember I told you months ago there was a plan for a trial and execution of Maliki. This was all supposed to happen already prior to the end of 2014.

This did not happen on the timetable and so this is a sticky issue with the USA and it must be worked out with Iraq as to what is the next step.

I believe fully that Obama will be talking about this and pressuring Abadi to make the next move. Shortly after this visit we will see some positive actions in this direction. Already we have seen the list of charges and this was a step to let all the citizens know this is coming.

My personal feeling is that Abadi did not want to “tip the apple cart” just yet with Maliki since there were so many other more urgent matters to take care of with the Unification effort, Judicial reforms, HCL, 2015 Budget, etc, etc.

Granting Maliki the vice president position was a strategic move that I believe will pay off big for Abadi. It is like putting Maliki “on-hold”. Heck he even lets him stay in the prime ministers home, which is one of the former Saddam Hussein palaces set aside for the new prime minister’s residence.
From my experience in the intelligence area I can whole heartedly tell you this much:

1) There will never be peace and there will always be bombings in Iraq as long as this Maliki guy resides in Iraq for as I have said many, many times already he is the focal point, and the instigator of these terrorist activities.

He is actually the leader of terrorist activities in Saudi, Syria and Iraq led by Iran. Now with the Stryker ISIS and Mosul ISIS incidents they have affirmative proof and the entire country witnessed it;

2) Iraq will never free itself from Iranian influence and become truly a free nation as long as Maliki resides in Iraq. It is time to invite the Iranian quds forces to leave Iraq. Vice President for USA already has stated it is time;

3) The PTB can not let Maliki let lose in the Middle East (if he were to leave Iraq) since he would only move on somewhere else and begin his reign of terror all over again;

4) The PTB must use the punishment of Maliki and his goons as an example of what to expect to the other would-be dictators (i.e. Assad) in this part of the world.

Next Steps:

I believe they will take this weekend to push the needed rate files once again down to the exchanges and banks as needed for a revaluation rollout. If not this weekend very shortly. Remember the USA controls this software to complete this process. They have signed on to accomplishing this task when Iraq gives them the go ahead.

Then the banks and exchanges will verify it is all completed and ready and then they will sign-off on it. Then Iraq will announce their RV and out pops the new rate.

I am told it will be a reinstatement (RI) of their currency followed by a revaluation (RV) 4-7 days later. I may be simplifying it a bit but you get the general flow of the events.

So you see Al-Abadi had to make a decision soon on when to RV his currency. I believe this decision has already been made weeks ago and we are now in the final countdown window now that the budget is truly done, done, done…tic toc…tic toc….

Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat

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