UU3223 – “An Economic War” by Mnt Goat

Hi Everyone,

I know today’s news, like the past couple news letters, is not all very pleasant. It is sad what is being done to Iraq as I believe the USA is medaling in their internal affairs too much and using the stalling of the RV for political reasons and leverage outside of Iraq’s benefit.

There is not much more for Iraq to do for RV and I will try to explain just what I mean by this statement in today’s news letter.

I hope everyone also read my last news letters dated 01/12 since this is a continuation of this ongoing saga.

Today’s News

Today is Friday Jan 16th and we end the week with a new window of opportunity for a possible RV.
Why do I say this? I will tell you.

In my last couple news letters I stated we were in a good window to possibly see the RV from last weekend. I based my information on many factors one of which was a targeted “go live” on the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) with international trading.

Well we now know this was just another attempt to go live for international trading but it could not be pulled off. This was due to not having their currency first as international.

How can you trade stocks and currency on international markets when you do not have a fare market rate value and are not linked to the exchanges. How can the BUY and SELL transactions work when the brokerage systems can not research (or link to) the current market values of your currency.

The completed RV rollout process will give them this capability. It is the final missing piece. We now also know for a fact the ISX is tied to having the RV in place so this is no longer a rumor. So it makes total sense that when they talk about the ISX rollout once again we should pay close attention.

I am now hearing there is going to be yet another attempt on Jan 20th for ISX rollout. That is next Tuesday. This is now why I am saying another window of opportunity has opened up for an RV.

The RV must occur prior to any international trading in ISX.

So the window is from today Friday Jan 16th thru Jan 20th. Will they meet this new target this time and begin international trading on the ISX? We wait and see.

You see they are desperately trying to sync up events prior to pushing out the RV. On one hand you have the gov’t negotiating oil deals, parliament trying to work through needed legislation, the CBI building up reserves and stabilizing the rate, the finance ministry working with the budget and other corruption matters.

2015 Budget Saga

So there are many items to talk about today concerning the progress being made and those other events we should be paying attention to besides the ISX rollout.

First let’s talk about the 2015 budget implementation. As I said in prior news letters I totally believe the budget is done and has been done for many weeks now only they have to make adjustments for the sudden decline in oil prices.

They can not open the budget and announce it because there is a greater plan and the plan includes other events happening in synchronization. I follow the budget saga with you in my news only because I know when they begin to announce something pertaining to it, it then gives us an indication, a timeframe for the final voting. Again this event is worth paying attention to.

For me these budget events are the triggers for “ready to RV”. This timeframe has been announced as Jan 20th for the final vote on the budget. So we wait and see if in fact it does take place and what happens next.

So Iraq has to constantly make excuses to tell their citizens why the budget is not yet ready. Certainly they can not tell them the USA is medaling once again in their internal affairs. They know all about the support the USA gave Maliki and how it all turned out. They do not trust the medaling USA anymore to help them.

So why has the USA not pushed the RV button already?

There is an economic blackmail going on right under our noses. If you pay attention to the news from Iraq, the BBC and your local news media channels you can read between the lines.

Just remember the basics of what is going on here. The USA wants to control the oil in the Middle East. There is a new pipeline under construction and it must pass through Syria and many other countries. The goal is to bring the oil to Europe and avoid much of the high cost of shipment. Russia does not want them to control it. Control of the oil is money, huge money. Money is power. We are witnessing now this power unleashed and what it can do.

This recent news today about the Swiss decision to de-link the franc from the Euro was a surprise for everyone. It should be of no surprise since why should the Swiss artificially boost the Euro any longer. There is no other reason.

All players must play in this rebalancing and Swiss feels they have done more than their part while other countries resist the needed changes (hint – USA? ). Simple put the people of Switzerland voted the referendum to keep shoring up the EURO. It is their money and they no longer believe it is being spent appropriately.

Note of caution – This news from the Swiss is not about the Cabal breakdown or the Swiss going on a the gold standard, as many have already taken credit for. It is predictable that whenever there is such an event they will try to take credit for it.

Again, as I told you, these weirdoes in this group of people have other motives and agendas in mind and will take credit for anything that happens to show they are in charge.

The fact is they have absolutely no power just an agenda for more power. So be careful of this group in the nonsense they put out. The reality is we do not want to live in their version of the world afterwards.

Signs of the Economic War

We are witnessing the Russian ruble tank as oil prices continue on a downward slide. Then we hear about president Putin’s possible resignation. Could this be what they really wanted from Russia?

We can now see the Saudi and Iraq competition for buyers of their oil. We are now hearing we can expect oil prices to drop to as low as $25-30 a barrel and bring gas to pre-2008 prices at the pumps.

Is this an economic war? . The question is not if there is a war but rather how far will it go and what will be the final outcome?

It is now very apparent. There are some major adjustments being made as are result. I am not an economist and I do not have all the answers. Much of what we are witnessing baffles me too. But I do not just sit and wait. I reach out and investigate and look for the reasons why. Always I point to the same question – Why?

I have talked to many economist and financial guru’s. They all tell me the same as to why the value of the US dollar is now so high in the midst of all this turmoil.

They say the USA used the shale oil production to force the drop in middle eastern oil prices. A brilliant move on the part of USA president Obama only now it is no longer cost effective to produce oil from shale. These efforts will most likely shut down. So what is the next move? This must have been predicted.

What we do know for sure it was economic blackmail and used as leverage. The US economy is so very much tied to the price of energy. When the cost of energy is low the dollar goes up. Let me explain the ripple effect going on here.

My question is this now. Can the USA be middle east independent of its oil? There is talk about the USA putting together its own oil market, controlling prices for North American oil outside of the middle eastern countries.

You see the new plan is all about where you market the oil as to how much you pay for it. So for the middle eastern oil with markets in India, China and Europe there will be one market.

Then for oil consumed in North America another market. Each market separates its cost of production separately. Thus oil in the USA stays low as needed for the economy to rise.

Why am I telling you this?

I am trying to explain what is happening behind the scenes. What we now witness on our TV screens is not coincidental. They are actually showing us the method but we do not see the big picture.

We can not piece together the puzzle since we do not have all the pieces. Let me give you few more pieces so you can begin to see the larger picture.

There is a plan to separate territories of the globe into 5 currency regions. Most people have no clue as to this plan and how it is taking effect right in front of our noses. They will use the excuse to implement this plan as to decrease this rising energy costs for North America and to handle the uncontrollable massive debt of the USA.

The Amero Coin

Time to put this conspiracy to rest……lol…There is also a plan to form the “North American Union” and to rollout a single currency for Canada, USA and Mexico. However this is something for the future. This new currency is not the “Amero” currency as some say it is already minted.

Various warnings about the USA, Canada and Mexico losing their sovereignty, merging into a North American Union and switching to a single currency known as the Amero. A video by Hal Turner claims that these are already in use in trade agreements with China.

The Truth is this an eRumor is based on a collector’s coin and on fears that the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement could be the first step toward loss of sovereignty for the United States.

The Amero coin does exist, but is not American currency. It is a collector coin designed by a man named Daniel Carr and available for sale on a web site called the Amero Currency Site. This product is marketed for coin collectors and coin enthusiasts but it is not legal tender.
The Amero Currency site says that visitors can “Buy Ameros for educational purposes, as novelties and conversation starters at the first tee !!!” The site says that the coin is being sold to raise awareness of the NAFTA trade agreements between Canada, United States and Mexico but the marketing of this coin has spun into a conspiracy theory.



Moving on…

We will see shortly how they first will separate these oil markets since the impact would be too great on the interdependencies of the middle eastern oil as it would/could drag down the new North America Union currency of the future

We are now seeing the first step in this process as we watch this economic war on oil being played out. The separation of the markets is taking place. I believe pressure will be put on this separation in order to keep shale oil production up in North America unaffected by middle eastern oil prices. Think this is really weird? Think again !

In short- when the dollar goes up there is a higher demand for goods. This has happened due to a drop in oil prices. Companies then reach out for loans to begin their production cycles. When production is up and goods are sold the value of investment stocks rise. Speculation that more is to come.

The demand for the US dollar goes up even more as the economy picks up. I have been saying this to myself for over 10 years. If the US really wanted to do something about the economic recovery why not just figure out a way to bring cheap energy into the market. This is now being done. We are witnessing the impact.

I know one thing for sure- the USA will not step in to aid or assist Russia this time . They are on their own unless they pull out of the Ukraine and guarantee to stay out of any of the former Soviet Union Block countries. Somehow president Putin seems to think the cold war is still on. His resignation may also be another demand.

Past Iraqi budget surpluses – Where did all the money go?

This week also the Iraqi finance committee announced that they have audited their banks on past budget surpluses. They have come up with over 180+ trillion dinars missing. They were hoping they could use these funds to fill the gaps for 2015 budget. They were hoping to find that the banks receiving the funds go back as far as 2004 still maintained the funds since many planned projects were never completed.

Their findings so far show that there are trillions of dinars unaccounted for. Does this surprise us? They pledged to take up the effort of finding the parties responsible and bring them to justice.

They actually said they wanted to wait till the budget is fully implemented first. I believe they also have to clean up the justice system first before many of these culprits can be brought to true justice. You know who I am referring to …. don’t you?

Provincial Council – De-centralization of the Iraq Gov’t

Today I bring you a quick update on the progress of this effort. Iraq is waiting the National Guard bill to provide funding for the security forces throughout the various provinces. Talk now is that this is needed prior to announcement of the completed budget. I will not talk much about this effort since I did explain it all many times already in past news letters.

Many articles came out this week and stated they are progressing towards the full rollout of the Articles 116 and 122 of the Iraq constitution that guarantees the de-centralization of the state concept.

They even listed the ministries now sharing power with the GOI ministries. This is actually very amazing and I have been waiting to witness this implementation of the “Power Sharing” for a long time.

We all should know that Maliki blocked this effort by filling a repeal of these articles from their constitution and used his “rigged” courts to stall any formal hearing on the repeal. Just recently the repeal was decided upon and it was denied. It is now official. These articles will be enforced.

Actually Dr Allawi (head of the Provincial Council – or Federation Council) always knew the end result and as I explained many times already they have been moving anyhow in this direction of implementation regardless of Maliki’s repeal efforts. This is how they are able to be now so advanced in their efforts even though the repeal was just recently denied.
So when can we expect the RV?

Everything I present to you today is interconnected and meaningful in getting the revaluation of the Iraq dinar but most importantly they need to return to an international currency. I am hearing that if the economic wars persist and worsen, it could mean trouble and lead to yet just another USA excuse as to why Iraq can not yet go international.

On the other hand I am also hearing that Iraq and the USA agreed to let the RV proceed this coming week and use this new window timeframe I mentioned above to complete the rollout. The timing is now perfect! I do not want to predict a date but this is what I am hearing from my CBI contact.

I have been attempting to concentrate in many of my news letters on the implementation of the Iraq constitution since this too along with the Erbil Agreement of 2009-10 as a requirement of the IQD to a globally traded status with a new value.

I have intentionally picked out parts of the constitution I knew have been stalled for various reasons and have not been implemented such as Articles 112 (oil and gas), 122 (de-centralization of ministries), 140 (disputed territories) and others.

Since September 2014, when Abadi officially became the prime minister, we have seen so much progress in these areas of concern. Many of the Sunni demands of the 27 Reforms (in order to form the new Abadi government) I have so affectionately talked about in many, many of my news letters, are also now completed.

We are seeing the stabilization of the on-ground security in the country. Sure it may not be perfect but is it good enough as Mosul and now Anbar are being retaken and ISIS kicked out. This too I have been saying is a requirement being met for the RV.

There is simply not much, if anything, to complete to qualify for the revaluation and rollout to international status. We are now at this point. Iraq has made up for lost time of the past 4 years in only 4 months. Kudos goes out to Abadi and his government.

These constitutional articles require legislation for full implementation since the constitution states WHAT not HOW they will be enforced. The former Maliki administration repeatedly blocked these laws and/or walked out of the negotiations.

We now witness the complete reversal by the Abadi administration in these matters. This is all good and we know there is very little left to accomplish in these areas, if any. Remember the USA is not requiring FULL and COMPLETE implementation but rather wants an assurance they are progressing and completing their constitutional implementation since it is the basis of their newly formed democracy.

After all the war was all about democracy was it not? With the infancy of this country now this is the primary job of the new prime minister. This is what Maliki should have been doing.

Dr Shabibi has just returned from a trip to the USA to convince them that Iraq has both the political, economic and on-ground needed stability for the RV. So what is next?

So we wait once again and see what comes of this new rollout strategy. There is a new window of RV opportunity. Remember too that each RV window missed puts yet more pressure on the situation in Iraq. The balloon can only inflate under pressure so long and then it POPS !

Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat

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