UU5517 – “ Full Speed Ahead “ by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to hop on today to give you an update on the continuing saga of the Iraqi dinar revaluation process.

I am sorry but the news letter is very long today but how do you cover so much good news in a short update.

All the news is very good today and so I thought you would like to hear it fresh before it gets tainted and converted by rumors.
Today’s News

Today is Sunday May 31st and still no RV and just 1 day left until June and all I have to say is TIC TOC, TIC TOC to all you intel “gurus” who think this RV will never reach June/July.

Funny how time proves many wrong as I certainly knew it would. As it has in many issues due to being misinformed and misinterpretation by many who are persistent in their news in the past.

I come to you not because I try to be sarcastic or to bash anyone. We all have our news and tell it like we see it. The problem most times is the delivery method and slant and hype put in it needlessly.

I am trying to help everyone to wakeup to reality and get yourselves free from this RV nonsense and RV hysteria. The RV is very close at hand and, as I said in prior news letters, there are so many signs now that very possibly we could be in a good window of opportunity to see this RV very soon if all goes to plan..

We all wonder what the hold up it, yet many refuse to listen to reason and see the facts. Articles have been and will continue to be our best source of information in this saga. They have been consistently telling us the progress of this process and how it keeps moving forward in spite of the many obstacles Iraq faces.

What are some of these obstacles?

Surely we all know by now one obstacle is the slow and disjointed Iraqi parliament. So passing any laws is time consuming.

Also we know about the last four years of the Maliki syndrome and the issues it has caused with the budget and the deficit and the clean up in this area needed.

Then there was the drop in oil prices (a consorted plan to bring down Russian influence in Ukraine).

But now they face an ISIS threat, a threat to their sovereignty which has caused a fueling of a civil war, something always feared might happen.

There has also been and will continue to be many issues related to their currency in attempts to stop the black market, money laundering and counterfeiting.

Sure at times they stumble through this RV process but when all is said and done they will get it done.

This information can be supplemented with news from sources on-the-ground in Iraq but this too has been noticeably and intentionally pumping us with misinformation over and over again.

I have been telling this over and over again. I know with such certainty this has been happening. So why listen to it anymore? When you keep banging your head against the wall – does it not hurt?

So if I had to chose, I would chose articles as the more reliable source of information. However in reading articles you must take off your RV hysteria hat and use good old common sense. By common sense I mean to use what you already know to be true and proven as factual in order to discern if the article is bogus or not.

How many years have you been in this investment? Do you have the capacity to do this? So either you are serious about finding the truth or you are just an aggravated, frustrated player disappointed because the RV did not happen, AGAIN last weekend.

So it’s Sunday and once again we sit broken hearted. We wanted the RV but it never started….lol…. But a fresh week is upon us and the news is all in our favor now as good things are now winding up. Many long awaited events are taking place or about to take place.

Once again I am saying I am not calling the RV for the coming month of June or even July but am telling you there so much news pointing to June and close beyond to conclude this reconciliation and economic reform process. This is what is important and this is why we looked forward to these days so long now.

We are hear we are crossing the finish line.

So let us look at these coming months and see why they COULD be very significant to us in the investment.

[Opening the 2015 Budget]

Just in the recent days we read that one of the MPs from parliament are questioning the stalling of the opening of the 2015 budget. It is the month of May already and almost 4.5 months since they passed the budget.

What we did not all know is that this article is telling us is why the budget is stalled. It also confirms to us that the budget HAS NOT BEEN OPENED as many of us spread rumors that it was.

It appears, from this article, that an appeal was filed in the courts by the GOI and the CBI by Abadi to postpone the budget spending. They now claim this appeal was unconstitutional.

But the really nice part of this article it was Abadi (with support from his cabinet and the CBI) who stopped it.

Why then stop it?

So this is confirming to us more and more that they are awaiting the completion of the currency reform to begin spending the large amounts of money on the government reconstruction.

So just in the last few days the minister of finance has stated that the 2015 budget money is about to be disbursed to each of the provinces. This is WOW news IF THEY ACTUALY DO IT !

Article Follows:

Parliamentary Finance: Government lingered implementation of the budget is unconstitutional


Finance Committee in the House of Representatives confirmed, Thursday, that the federal budget after the vote by the Council and published in the official gazette and signed by the President of the Republic became effective.

He noted member of the committee MP Ahmad Sarhan in an interview with “direction Press” that the appeals filed by the government and central bank to the Federal Court has issued instructions on them

by the prime minister states to postpone implementation until decided by the Federal Court, and therefore, these instructions issued instructions to wait is unconstitutional and illegal.

He added that the executive can not point to ask to postpone non-implementation of the budget because it is a legal breach, pointing out that the legal department at the Iraqi Council of Representatives made the other call is against the government before the Federal Court the need to answer a lawsuit government is about to wait in the implementation of the budget.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Council of Representatives in the approved, 29 of January 2015, the financial budget for the current year, an amount of 119 trillion dinars, the equivalent of $ 117 billion, and a deficit of around 25 trillion dinars, or about 23 billion dollars, and calculates the price of a barrel of oil on the basis of $ 56 a barrel

Article Ends

[Decentralization Efforts]

We know that the decentralization of the ministries has been ongoing and is planned to be completed by the end of August. The transition so far has been going almost flawlessly except for some grumblings about the provinces wanted a direct share in the tariff revenues since their expenditures to implement and enforce the tariffs must be accounted for.

We also have just recently witnessed fist fighting in the parliament sessions on disagreements with the National Guard law to decentralize the security forces.

[Needed New Laws]

The speaker Jabouri had directed that the current session would not end until there is a “package” of laws passed needed for the deadlines of reconciliation reform movement. Yes he actually used the word “package”…unbelievable! . He wanted this package of laws voted on in Friday’s 5/29 session.

Did this happen? We waited for the news to come out to us and the article below finally told us what we needed to know. Once again they postpone a final vote on this package of laws.

Article follows:

Postpone the vote on the National Guard and the Federal Court Rules to the next legislative term


BAGHDAD / … parliamentary source said on Saturday, to postpone the vote on the National Guard, laws, political parties and the federal court to the next legislative term.

The source told “Eye Iraq News”, that “in the absence of complete paragraphs business House agenda at today’s meeting, the Council will hold an extraordinary session on Sunday to complete what is included in the paragraphs within the agenda of today’s meeting.”

It is said that the political blocs differ among themselves about the legislation of the National Guard laws, political parties and the Federal Court, which led to delay a vote on these laws in more than 1

Article Ends
[Monthly Payouts]

Again, like clock work at the beginning of the month, we hear grumblings from Kurdistan on their payments from Baghdad. No this is not about the RV!

This month they are once again warning the central government not to be late or else. Kind of like a threat of recession if this happens one more time. We read about it each month.

They will get their funding as article below is telling this. But most importantly we see that they intend to ramp up oil output.

Next we wait and watch for the usual monthly payments to the citizens for the various social programs. This is big this time. We know that they fully intend to payout the oil royalties to the citizens for the very first time throughout June and July. So this is exciting news since this will finally be the full implementation of HCL we have all been waiting for so long.

But there are also other points to remember too in this matter. They plan to use the SMART cards fully in this oil payment as the ONLY means to distribute this money. So if you are an Iraqi citizen you better go to the bank and get your SMART card. They are forcing citizens into this procedure.

They also fully intend to pay the citizens no matter where they are residing and use the MASTERCARD services and the electronic means to conduct this business. Many “boots-on-the-ground” intel have said people are lining up at the banks to exchange.

I am telling you now they are lining up NOT to exchange but to get their SMART cards. These are late comers to the program. This past week was the last week to sign up prior to the initial rollout.

So if they want their share they better get their cards. I can see now how this could be misinterpreted as RV news by some of these foreign intel providers boots-on-the-ground and they simply need to get their facts straight and stop making assumptions to get all of us investors hyped up for nothing.

Why do my boots-on-the-ground then tell me consistently a different story? Why do they always prove to be correct and contradict these others? But all said this is still good news, just not impending RV news.

This non-reliance on paper money is finally going to happen and will eliminate most of their counterfeiting issues and money laundering. Folks – can you see just how important this is for us and our investment?

These are some the issues in the past that haunted and prevented the program to delete the zeros from progressing forward. It has taken time to fix these issues.

They are also to coincide these steps with the metal coin rollout, making counterfeiting and smuggling of money almost an obsolete practice, even more harder since metal detectors can be used to find hidden contraband money.

Also any counterfeiters will have a very large expense to stamp precious metals not to mention the cost of materials and machinery and so – why bother?.

Can we now see how all of these events are all interconnected and has to be done to preserve and protect their currency prior to any RV? Why the RV had to wait.

The finance ministry has also told us that for the first time they are rolling out regularly scheduled payments an so there will be reliable, accurate, on time payments on time each month in the future.

Folks – I can not tell you just how important this is to the people of Iraq ! This is such good news ! Talk about making the citizens happy!

All of these items speak miles for us and our IQD investment. We have come, so it seems, like miles and miles down this RV road. But I believe we can see the end of the long tunnel now and we are crossing the bridge to see the final completion of the project to delete the zeros. The very last step to collect our dinar and pay us handsomely to get them.

Article Follows:



So this is the 2nd province that is supposed to get paid next week…

Twilight News / Ministry of Finance announced in the federal government, on Thursday, it will determine the amount you will send it to the Kurdistan Region next week, asserting that the provincial government had exported the largest amount of oil in favor of the federal government.

The agent said the Finance Minister Fadel prophet in a statement to the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and seen by Twilight News, that the differences between Arbil and Baghdad on the way to a solution, pointing out that the provincial government has this month to export more oil than those exported last month in favor of the Iraqi government amount.

He added that the Prophet amount that will be sent to the region this month will be a good amount.

And on compensation for the province in exchange for the amount of oil exported by last month he pointed to a prophet he did not know the amount of compensation that will be sent to the region.

The provincial government has been criticized for Baghdad because of the amount sent to Arbil for the month of April, in spite of its commitment to the export of oil from the agreed amount for the Ministry of Oi

Article Ends


Security too is still a concern but with the passing (if it passed on Friday) of the National Guard law the provinces can then legally defend themselves without having to coordinate with the central government.

A huge positive movement in the right direction for solving the security issue.

A control against future centralized corruption. We also know the 82nd Airborne detachment begins arriving in Iraq tomorrow as well as ground forces from other countries such as Turkey and Jordan as they join forces and begin the final push to rid Iraq of ISIS.

You will see how this will heat up. What we watch for also now is the effort towards ridding Iraq of Iranian militia. We can expect to hear updates on this effort too in the very near future.

I have included one article on Ramadi and what is happening there. By the time you read this news letter this effort will be done and Ramadi will be taken. Then on to Mosul, the main and BIG effort.

I also present a second article telling us the three presidents are still on the same page and the effort is a coordinated effort between all to get the needed laws, the security issues resolved to move forward.

Look at this article as a STATUS meeting between these presidents. They want to tell the people they are united and not fighting each other as was done in the Maliki administration as each of the three presidents are from the three different secs.

Folks there is a reason for each and every article no matter how small or short.

Article Follows:


(IraqiNews.com) Baghdad – The Ministry of Defense announced on Saturday that the security forces and al-Hashed al-Sha’bi militia have sealed off ISIS escape outlets in the city of Ramadi.

The ministry said in a brief statement followed by IraqiNews.com, “our forces continue advancing in the axes of Anbar operations.”

The ministry added that, “those forces have closed ISIS escape outlets in the city of Ramadi.”

A senior source within the leadership of al-Hashed al-Sha’bi militia revealed the start of a major operation to liberate Ramadi from Husaybah al-Sharqiya area.


Article 1 Ends

Article 2 Begins:



An informed source, the determination of the three presidencies [Republic, ministers, MPs and] held a meeting this evening in the presidency.

The source told all of Iraq [where] that “the meeting will discuss national reconciliation and security developments in the breakers military operations file and how to pass laws put forward in the House of Representatives projects and assess its performance in the last period after the end of the year of its legislature.”

He pointed out that “the meeting will be headed by Fuad Masum President of the Republic and in the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri and three vice-presidencies “.

Article 2 Ends

[Update on the Project to Delete the Zeros]

Out pops an article 1 and 2 in the past few days by Iraqi economists. One economists Fahd Antar Dokhi member of the Iraqi Economists Association seems to be in favor of completing the project to delete the zeros giving strong evidence of its benefits. I like this article.

To me it is another of those WOW articles. This article was written for the average citizen in Iraq. It is telling them it is time to complete the project to delete the zeros and the benefits.

It is an informative article preparing them for what is about to happen, like they are about to do it and are preparing the people for it.

Article 2 is by another Iraqi economists, Jamil Antoine, who in his opinion is not in favor of the project. So who is right?

My point of bringing these two articles to you today is to tell you these are JUST OPINIONS. So we can see they are still having this ongoing debate whether to pull the plug on the revaluation or not. Who will win?

It is my opinion that when the CBI and the GOI is ready they will take all of these “other expert” opinions into consideration. So seeing these articles now is excellent since they are debating it now.

Article 3 is very, very interesting. It has been written since, if you can remember, the USD has been outlawed for use in Iraq. They are doing this to force citizens to use the dinar. However the dinar never revalued at the time, as expected, as they allowed the continued use of the dollar, unofficially.

But now we see this article. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE ABOUT TO CLAMP DOWN ON THE DOLLAR once again. Why? They are about to try to revalue their currency once again.

But they will need the dollar too (post RV) for travelers going abroad just like any bank’s exchange service. So they are telling the citizens who want to travel abroad the even though the law prohibits the use the dollar there is the exception for foreign travelers and so go to the banks at airports to obtain them.

Just another security measure on the use of the dollar they are instituting. They do not want the dollar at the corner banks easily obtained. One more try at the revaluation is coming up soon.

There is still that ongoing debate whether they should introduce the 50,000 and 100,000 notes in circulation. Once again all these articles on this topic we are now seeing in recent days are just opinions and nothing more.

The decision has already been made and I presented those article to you in previous news letters. Personally I think that these many recent articles on this topic are to confuse us because they know we have realized that this effort to roll out these larger notes is DIRECTLY TIED to the project to delete the zeros. Heck all they have to do is read my news letters and its obvious we know.

My news get sent to hundreds of thousands of investors. I did not include any of these articles for you today but you have seen many of them. So don’t worry about them they have their purpose but not meaningful in the long run.

Article 1 Follows:


An Economist Fahd Antar Dokhi

Was Alojdrb (Bremer) head of the Iraqi destruction authority when it canceled the Iraqi currency of the former regime the end of 2003 to find a coin which reduces the presence of zeros,

the fact that the Iraqi economy, the traditional inflation stages exceeded even arrived to the brink of collapse, and this procedure is one of the means at hand to address the weakness of the value of the Iraqi dinar, according to the monetary and banking law,

has to be a return to basic sources which constitutes a strong factor in restoring confidence to our national currency, it is deleted three zeros from Almtadolh currency now put metal and paper dinar parts, including (5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 fils) .. which will bring the following benefits:

1. Ease of circulation and clarity and knowledge of monetary value easily even to foreigners and Hmaaaml Assistant to buy and handle them and trust the other hand, the lifting of monetary value against other currencies ..

2. Altfelicat paper perishable and damage, in contrast, the coin is not affected trade and the use and therefore can be manufactured again.

3. reduces the cost of printing Tabaha.az that JD (25) which will replace the 25 thousand dinars Alnaamhalmtdoualh currency is currently easier and quality will be high ..

4. strengthen the fabric and improved through the addition of the elements of the global currency that is not affected by natural factors such as water, and bear scrubs and tear resistance and decay.

5. reduce the cost of storage in banks, because we need to Qasat less and less effort and also the lower the number of employees by the more control and insurance prohibitively high.

6. easily transported over long distances and easily provide a high proportion of them safely.

7.. Strong cash currency contribute to strengthening the elements of the national economy.

8. provides speed and accuracy in trading in settling accounts. 9. gives the workers, giving them greater self-confidence.

10. is the risk of error in the calculation of its simplicity and clarity.

11. This will rebuild global confidence by banks and increases traded.

12. also provides cash to expand its value against the US dollar, the euro and the EU.

13. The printed specifications make them immune to fraud. There are a lot of countries that embarked on this procedure, including the Turkey even scrapped term million to replace the thousand, and can develop a mechanism to withdraw the old currency by subtracting the new currency with them and set a time ceiling to suspend trading Balkadimh record for a period of Omayorasth months, in light of that holds the government banks did not place them again in the Dealing even decay within the period specified ..

Article 1 Ends

Article 2 Begins:

Roudao – Arbil saw economist, Jamil Antoine, that the new currency issue or deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency, the restructuring process and not to improve the situation directly.

The Central Bank of Iraq, decided after the federal government is required to wait in the implementation of the project to delete the zeros and get rid of the cluster Cash flabby Iraqi currency through printed Banknotes category 50 000 dinars,

also advised specialists in economic affairs government to implement the project to delete the zeros, instead of issuing a large categories of currency because it will lead to increased inflation.

said Antoine The idea of issuing a new currency of a particular class, It is for the purpose of minimizing market trading, and the use of large pieces and small pieces instead,

noting that the issuance of the currency of a large categories relieves banks and its trustees problems in counting the money. He added that the proposed hundred thousand Iraqi dinars,

the currency can not replace the dollar percent, because it does not currency could replace the other currency, and instead there was a twin, it can not be resolved,

rather than the other one, but can be solved a lot of problems with the market.

Article 2 Ends

Article 3 Begins:



{Baghdad: Euphrates News} decided to sell dollar coin good for travelers to facilitate cash transactions Bank.

The Director-General of the Bank Mohamed Abdel Wahab Abdul in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on the “good bank instructed regarding the sale of the US dollar for travelers,” noting that “this move came in order to cover the expenses that may be required by the traveler in his dealings during traveling “.

He said he “was assigned to the airport branch as a preliminary task and the bank will begin work while the central bank to resume selling the dollar to banks”

Article 2 Ends

Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat

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