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Hello Everyone,

The news letter today is short but very, very good news. In fact it is news that we have expected and, as I said many times, it is predictable based on the other factors we see coming into play.

Let us all stay level headed, grounded and focused on what we know to be the truth and not some rumors, conjecture or info from some “secret” government sources. We all know that information from Iraq has been half true at best from some of these so called “boots on the ground” and what they are telling us. Did I mention the confusion in translation from Arabic to English?

Did I mention many  dinarians want this RV so bad they will even made a big deal about something that has no relevance to what we really need to hear. Take off your RV glasses, relax  and  listen carefully to what is really being said. Also remember what is really going on from past months if you really want the truth.

So you must remember and take this info and put the pieces together.

Today’s News

Today is Wednesday July 22nd and still no RV.

On Monday I send out a quick but short news letter telling everyone that there was no evidence of an RV in Kurdistan over the weekend. How can the regional leader Barzani make and announcement of an RV to his people? He simple does not have this legitimate power in the government to make monetary policy for the country. So this news turned out to be nothing but nonsense, as most of this sort is and always will be without FACTS to back it up. You see some of these guru find an ounce of truth to make a pound of intel. They do not take the time and effort to really and truly investigate what they hear prior to telling all you dinar investors in these forums and calls. I don’t know why they do not debunk it first since it is not really that hard to see that it is all nonsense if your truly know and remember  what is really going on in Iraq.

On Monday I also told you that what we needed to hear is some news either from the CBI or the Finance Committee (finance ministry) about currency reform and I felt that we could expect this soon, like in the next couple weeks. I said that this process is almost predictable and based on current news and events (not rumors) and we could expect something to break very soon.

So then what happens the following day (Tuesday)?
Out pops an article from parliament finance that tells us they are supporting an IMMEDIATE ISSUANCE OF THE NEW CATEGORIES OF LOWER DENOMINATIONS that would replace the larger three zero notes. We know that the only way they could do this is also to continue the project to delete the zeroes which means collecting them from us. They are not going to get them from us and they can not issue these lower denoms until they significantly RAISE THE VALUE.

With everything happening in Iran as they are coming out of sanctions now, Iraq can not remain in isolation and now we see the pressure building here again and the climate is now right for delete the zeros.

I have also talked much in the past about the need to have a secure environment in Iraq. In fact I harped on this issue over and over again in disregard to the BS we kept hearing from some of this nonsense and misleading information that keeps coming out of Iraq from these “secret” sources and “boots on the ground”.

I have kept you updated about the battle for Mosul and Anbar, two very critical areas for ISIS occupation. News from the GOI have told us these are the key areas to getting rid of ISIS from Iraq. This is a requirement prior to any RV. This battle began last Monday 7/13 and now it is over a week in progress. We have heard only good news on the successes of this movement.

Also we are now hearing they intend to speed up the process of bringing the former prime minister (now deputy VP) Nori al-Maliki to the ICC (international criminal court) for trial based on genocide and other crimes against humanity.

We are also now hearing the are literally just days away from striking a deal on the final HCL law (the new version I have talked about). This new version will also take care of the Article 140 and the disputed pumping operations beyond the budgeted oil requirements for Baghdad. Literally allowing Kurdistan to pump and sell additional oil legally and freely as long as they also first meet the budget objectives.

These are all items I suggested we all should watch a week ago and should be HOT items on our radar. They would all bring us closer to a new RV window opportunity. Now we see this happening slowly as a potter molds his clay and finally we can see the form coming into our vision. Remember the RV is not the primary target for Iraq as it is for us. Rather it is a byproduct (now a necessity) of what is happening in the country and in the middle eastern region. Everyone in Iraq does not eat and sleep RV as some of you do. In fact there probably will not even be any celebrations when it happens. People will just go about their business and know that they finally have their real currency returned. On the other hand, us as investors will see this action much different as we will celebrate their success.

So do you see what is happening here? We are getting the necessary security and stability in Iraq now and so leaders of Iraq and seeing an opportunity and are suggesting to the CBI that they now jump on this time to finalize the currency reform process. This is the very good news I bring to you today.

The question now is this – Will they finally progress on currency reform and take the advice of those economic experts?   We can only watch and wait.

Article Follows:


07/21/2015 21:55

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad supported the Parliamentary Finance Committee member Magda Tamimi, Tuesday, issuing a new monetary categories to facilitate the process of currency carry among the citizens, stressing that the environment is ripe for the replacement of currency or delete the value of the zeros of them.

She said Tamimi for “tomorrow Press,” that “her statement Former about the existence of financial corruption in print categories of the process (50 100 A) has been understood or moved incorrectly, “asserting” it supports the issuance of these categories to facilitate the process of currency carry among the citizens. ”

She added that “subject to delete the value of the zeros and replace the currency in this time, the environment is ripe for it, “noting that” this process needs a stable security environment as well as providing sophisticated technology, and Komrat and devices to destroy the old currency and control devices are good.

Article Ends

I wanted today also to bring out a recent article that is all about information on the SMART cards or what they call the Ki- Cards. This article is telling us they began issuing them like they just began this process? I have to tell you most of these cards are already rolled out and most citizens now have them. They have paid out already multiple times since early 2014 on these cards so this process is nothing new. Remember these articles are for the Iraqi citizens and not so much for us. So they are just telling the citizens once again about the new technology and how it is used. They are emphasizing using the cards in place of cash that is the BASIC PURPOSE of this article.  They want to go to a cashless society as close as possible. For us its just very informative.

So if you don’t believe me about what I have said about these cards I am now backing up everything I have presented in the past with this one article. Please read it  and try to absorb it. This is the card for SOCIAL benefits and is NOT the new National Card soon also to come out. There are two cards. We need to see news of the National card being paid on. This will be the oil royalties paid to the citizens. This will tell us that HCL is finally completed. A requirement by the USA for an RV.

Article Follows:


Baghdad Secretariat began issuing cards (Ki-Card) for the purpose of adopting smart ATM systems for the salaries and entitlements of staff of the highest degrees of flexibility and cruise.

According to the Directorate of Relations and Media “Baghdad Secretariat in coordination with the company (Ki Card) began issuing smart cards for the disbursement of the salaries and entitlements of all staff departments and formations high flexibility of the various points and ATM centers scattered across Iraq.”

And it indicated that it “can make a smart card holders to withdraw salaries and purchase without the need for a connection in areas where communication is not available can also be used in the smart card and identification to vote.”

She said “all the transactions that take place through the smart card system can be made by ATM or POS instead of the central system (as is the case with banks and traditional systems of payment), as well as that all relevant necessary to implement the financial transaction information found in the memory smart cards “.

She pointed out that “the adoption of such techniques would implement a fully integrated payment, settlement and transfer payments to the environments of national and regional applications suitable for multiple systems and services, whether they are scattered in rural areas or large cities in Iraq.”

Article Ends

Have hope since we can all ride this process of currency reform to completion. Everything is looking simply fantastic and moving forward exactly as it needs to progress. Just have patience  and believe !

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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