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Hello Everyone,

So last week I referenced a window for a possible RV opportunity was here and everything looked fantastic.

In fact the situation was almost predictable as to Iraq’s next steps. How can you help but see it if you have been following this saga all along.

They are down to the end of their timeframe to complete these reforms I have referenced so many times already. This effort could not go on forever and this end had to come someday.

Let me give you what I believe it happening now and their next steps.

[Today’s News]

Today is Monday August 3rd and still we have no news of an RV.

If you have been following my news letters you know  that I mentioned that at each month end, the government of Abadi is reviewed for progress. Oh but wait! Some say everything is all done and we are just to sit on our hands and wait. Really? They have been saying this now for almost a year yet we sit and wait and still no RV. How about telling us this wonderful news from your “secret sources” (that you can’t reveal since you are sworn not to tell us and it is so sensitve)….lol…lol…  So now let’s talk reality. No secret sources and no rumors.

So instead of waiting foolishly in anticipation of an every day, any minute RV scenario, I have taken the time and diligence to research for myself (and for you) as to why we still see no RV. We know Iraq is out of Chapter 7, we know Maliki is no longer the prime minister, the new government is now fully formed and functioning for over 11 months and we are beginning to finally see signs that the security situation may be under control (or solid plans to get there). Yet no RV. So what are the keys to seeing the completion of the currency reforms?

Remember way back in my news letters about 9 months ago when I began to tell you about the need to implement the 27 reforms and that these reforms were nothing more than the Erbil Agreement of 2009-2010 re-packaged into the Reconciliation or Unity Reform effort. Well I was partially wrong – it’s now actually 30 reforms in total. All the rest was the truth.

I also said that in mid August mid 2014 timeframe the parties involved gave the Abadi government 1 year to make good on the implementation of these reforms or he could face a no-confidence situation and get replaced with someone who could do the job. Abadi also offered that he might voluntarily resign if he could not meet these expectations.

I also told you at this time Iraq would have to complete these reforms in order to get any RV. In fact one of the reforms itself is the currency reform we all have been waiting for. This is the plan. I am not spreading rumors. I knew and still know the plan. This is still the plan.

So today is the beginning of the last stage of this timeframe for Abadi to get these reforms completed.

Iraq is now in the final countdown. If they can be successful in this effort we have an excellent window to see this currency reform by mid August through mid September. I am not predicting an RV but just telling you what is in the plan and the deadline I am aware of.

So can they pull it off?

If they need laws to implement these reforms then there are also laws associated with them that need to be implemented meaning passed through the legislative process. Oh but wait! Many “intel gurus” keep filling your head with nonsense and say there are no more laws and that they are all passed. Really?  Do they really know what is truly going on in Iraq? Do they really take the time to learn?

Okay so we know for a fact that there are now close to 20 out of the 30 reforms already implemented.

Not a bad track record for 1 year of service to Iraq by Abadi, something that Maliki could not do in even 4 years. Where did I get this news? I got if from are recent article telling the results of July’s “report card” of this reconciliation effort.

Back in 2014, when all the parties agreed to these reforms, they also agreed they would not be fooled again by someone like Maliki and so they setup a timetable.

In this timetable they all agreed on practical and reasonable timeframe to which they could achieve these goals (that of implementing the 30 reforms). Some goals were almost immediate, some were 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 12 months and some even a couple years.

Once these are all implemented the formal agreement in which the government was formed is completed. So essentially Erbil is done.

You see Currency Reform is one of the reforms out of the 10 yet to be completed.

We know it’s timeframe for completion was 1 year. We are at that marker as around August 15 will make the 1 year.

We also should know there is a stack of laws. The parliament itself has called it a “basket” of laws in past articles and have told us the necessity to get these laws completed as they timeframe was running out.

What they did not know we know what this timeframe is and they can no longer play this hide and seek game with us.

They are down to the wire.

Amazing how an article pops out last week just as they are concluding their huge meeting for last months progress report (Reconciliation Conference). In this article they actually tell us the results of the conference as  the leading speaker of the house, al- Jabouri tells us. In the article (I included it below) is referring to these remaining laws.

I am sure not all of the 60 laws are all interconnected or even related to the 10 remaining reforms (not a 1:1 ratio) but I am being told that out of the remaining 10 that 8 are absolutely needed and their deadline is up. All the needed laws are in this basket of 60 pending laws.

So why would al-Jabouri be so concerned about these laws all of a sudden and getting all these laws passed and implemented?

I just told you why. The agreed upon timeframes for 28 out of the 30 reforms is over or will be over on mid August.

So they plan to conduct an end of August Reconciliation meeting and what will it bring us?

What will its “report card” look like?

Article Begins:

Over 60 Laws–For Vote This Session  

Jubouri: We’ll show more than 60 bills in the coming sessions of the legislation

15:35 2015/7/30

Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, announced that the Presidency of the Council decided to display all bills, amounting to more than 60 bill on the agenda during future meetings for the purpose of legislation.

He called al-Jubouri in the parliament session today, “the heads of blocs decisively final positions of legislation laws reached its final stages with the importance of resolving their opinions about it,” adding that “ready-made laws of the vote are projects parties and the National Guard and the Federal Court and the amnesty and accountability, justice and labor and international conventions laws.”

He stressed that the “The presidency of the Council will resort in the absence of agreement between the heads of blocs to put bills on the agenda to be resolved.”

The Chairman of the House of Representatives to “the existence of decisions of the Federal Court regarding the procedures followed within the Council,” adding that “next week will show the decisions to the Board to take the position in question


Article Ends

Hope everyone took the time to read the article above. It is telling us so much.

Speaker al-Jabouri is so concerned all of a sudden getting these laws passed and implemented because the 1 year deadline expires mid August to mid September timeframe. Yes – Abadi your 1 year is about to end.

This last report card must be a good one.

All we can do now is watch and wait how this saga all plays out.

In MY OPINION Abadi will work with the other two presidents and they will find a way to pass these remaining bills that support the remaining reforms.

I believe they may just ram they through with the understanding they can come back later and amend them as needed. They need to work as a team now more then ever. I believe Abadi will be successful.

I believe we could never ever be so close to having this currency reform completed.

If you read my last couple news letter you also have an idea of what other upcoming events point us also to this inevitable completion of the currency reforms. They certainly can hold this back much longer.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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