UU6728 – “Did I Say They Needed Reforms? – Once Again” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

First item of today is I want to thank the over 3,000 emails I received on this topic of reforms. I can see that many have finally come to a consensus that the reforms are important and must be completed prior to any RV. I also noticed the QUALITY of the questions you are asking and it makes me proud now that many of you finally get it.

Questions are no longer about exchange procedures, bank screens, dates, rates, reserve policies, trusts, etc, but are now focused around finding the truth and learning about the process Iraq is now going through. So let’s concentrate on getting the RV first and we can handle this other stuff afterwards.

So KUDOS  to all since as I have been saying all along it is this process that will ultimately lead to a significant increase in the value of their currency. The RV is a byproduct of the process not the driving force.

So in my news letters over the past many months I harped over and over again on the necessity to get these reforms completed prior to any RV. Here now we finally see the wrenching up of the final stages of these reforms as Iraq cleans up the corrupted officials and the unnecessary positions from the inter-governmental ranks.

We are also seeing the wrenching up the beginning of the end of the Maliki and his goons. I know it’s been a long wait and many have asked – How can they let this guy exists and continue for so long?

You have to consider the strong political base this guy Maliki had. Remember after all he was prime minister for 8 years. In just about every ministry there was corruption. Salaries were paid around favoritism, perks and willingness to do his dirty work. Abadi tried a year ago to clean much of it up prior to fully seeding his government however he could not shake up what was necessary at that time. In fact I don’t know that he even knew just how corrupt and how deep the corruption was at that time. If he tried to hit everyone then he never would have made any progress and his government probably would have failed. Was this strategically all planned out?

I do not believe anyone knew fully what to do a year ago except there had to be some radical changes or else Iraq would never progress to the next step. The Powers-To-Be (PTB) were simply not going to let them advance irresponsibly.

So a year ago Abadi was under extreme pressures to seat the government so he would not be subjected to a no-confidence vote in parliament. Now a year later he has proved himself in many areas of leadership and has gained the needed partnerships and confidence of the general public. It is time to strike and I have told you weeks ago that mid August was a critical junction for Iraq. So here we are. We are witnessing it first hand.

When the USA pulled out in 2011 it was a free for all and had only gotten worst as the Maliki government continued in the following years to come. So over the last year Abadi has left the people to decide what they want and these recent protests and telling the government what they want.

Why is this important?

It is important because Abadi would never have had this kind of support in parliament to quickly implement the extent of the reforms he recently proposed without this pressure from the citizens. This is all very good for us and I am now telling you we can expect the CURRENCY reforms and other reforms coming soon. Let me explain today why I believe this is true.

Today’s News

Today is Thursday August 13th and still we have no news of an RV.

So exactly what happened recently. What is all this BIG news?

Over the weekend Abadi came out with some sweeping reforms. I am using the term “sweeping” because that is just what they were. They sweep through the ministries and swept up all the garbage and dead weight. Abadi had told the ministers that a year from their appointment date he would conduct a performance review of their success by evaluating their ability to manage the ministry. What he found was still much corruption and incompetence. So instead of dismissing these ministers, and then having to hold general elections again and reappoint new ministers, he simply combined ministers thus eliminating their positions altogether and saving expenditures to help in the economic crisis as a side benefit.

However the most sweeping reforms of this week have been the elimination of the 3 Vice presidencies and their 3 deputy positions. Not only is Iraq saving expenditures but strategically Abadi has set the stage for the next move like a chess game.

But there was a snag. There would have to be a constitutional change in order to allow this to happen since these positions are mandated by it. This vote took place on Tuesday and it passed. We then saw Maliki making a mad rush for refuge in Syria (since he was refused refuge already in Iran). He was of course stopped at the airport (since his plane was confiscated weeks ago he could not just bypass security checks). Also they found large sums of gold bullion in his luggage. I do not have to continue since you can figure out the rest of what happened.

So is he now under custody?
I will tell you later in the news letter since I now need to continue with the reform effort first.

What is this next step in reforms?

I believe they are moving towards the “official” appointment of Ayad Allawi as head of the Federation Council and the final demise of Nori al-Maliki since he lost his immunity in this recent move.  Also if you read the articles over the past couple days you also should have picked up the fact that this immunity stuff is now gone for ALL politicians.

Yes – ALL politicians are no longer sanctioned by immunity and will suffer the full brunt of consequences for any corruption. Even a hint of dishonestly or corruption will get their bank accounts frozen, pay suspended and will initiate an investigation. Hurry for Abadi ! Don’t you think it was about time? Go back and re-read my posts from over a year ago. Did I not tell you this was coming and simply had to come one day to allow Iraq to progress. I did not know when but I figured for Maliki to meet his demise it had to happen. Maliki and his goons had to be neutralized for any RV to happen. Common sense tells us this but more importantly I know it first hand from my sources and knowledge of the overall plan taking place in Iraq.

To me it just seemed so bizarre that politicians would be immune from prosecution for their crimes while in office. Didn’t you feel the same?

So we witnessed this onslaught of these many sweeping reforms this week. What is next?
We were told this week there would be yet another set of reforms sent to parliament for a vote on Thursday. Originally the council of ministers wanted parliament to vote on the entire “package: of laws in two sessions on the same day, Tuesday but felt they needed to break it up over more time since they needed more time to reorganize from the reaction of parliament on the first set of reforms. Now they are allowing even more time and are telling us they do not really know went they will be ready with the next set of reforms but will let us know shortly, maybe next week. I included this article for you below.

What is my personal belief?
I believe this second set of reforms are the laws to complete the Reconciliation Reforms we have been waiting for so long. They will be presenting them to parliament again as a “package” of laws to vote on. Jubouri and Abadi has hoping this could be the end finally. Remember we are in mid month August already, the end of 1 year term for Abadi. He had to have all the reconciliation efforts completed in this timeframe. So I do not believe it will take much longer to see this second package of reforms.

Why are they waiting so long to do this second package of reforms?
They are waiting since they want the dust to settle from their first set of reforms. Also they want to make sure that these corrupted officials have has time to clear out their desk and vacate their ministry and parliamentary positions and to get their influence gone. They must first set the stage for these upcoming reforms. This will allow an honest vote on these laws.

Remember that these laws have been blocked by constant stalling from these politicians who simply do not want the end result of the implementation of these reform measures like Amnesty, National Guard, Federation Council, Federal Court, Political Parties, etc. They just simply don’t get it that the Maliki days are gone. These are all reforms contrary to the dictatorship and the Maliki syndrome in Iraq.

Also Iraq has told us they are to rid the government of any “proxy” positions within 30 days.

Now if you are really smart and have been paying attention to the politics of Iraq you know that Abadi does not like proxy positions. But in order to seat  his government in time a year ago he had to use a couple proxy positions but came forward afterwards and fully seated these last ministers. So where are these proxy positions now that they talk about?

I believe he is going to clean house in the finance ministry and the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) next. Remember he was the former deputy finance minister so he knows very well what is going on in these areas. He knows the necessity of increasing the value of the currency and he knows why it has been stalled. But it not all about the currency.  It is all about creating an overall political environment where Iraq can prosper. Currency reform is just a byproduct.

Going back in time I also want to remind you that about 6 months ago Abadi asked Dr Shabibi to return to the CBI. Do you remember this article? It was in my news letter.

However Dr Shabibi gave him a list of requirement in order for him to come back. One condition was for him to be reinstated “officially” and with a public announcement. The second was that he wanted it clear that there would be no more interference by the finance ministry in the duties of the CBI. In other words a clear separation of duties. The third was that he required all his former staff to be exonerated of all crimes.

So what is the main proxy position now being held in the CBI?  Enough said…….can you see where I am going with this?

Article Follows:



Said a source familiar with, that the Council of Ministers held its scheduled postponedThursday until further notice.

The source said, “The prime minister Haider al-Abadi request to postpone the hearing in preparation for the launch of the second package of reforms,” noting that he “is notified ministers on Wednesday to postpone the era.”

“The postponement comes to make way more time in front of members of the Council of Ministers to put the issues to be covered by the new reforms package being the need to work and to create some of the material and the method of dealing with the issues in the paper reforms, including the administration and the fight against corruption.”
The source explained that “al-Abadi felt postpone the Cabinet meeting today for these reasons as well as the changes that took place yesterday at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the abolition of the post of secretary-general and his aides have”.
The source added that “the intensity of the required materials in discussion around needs time to discuss” likely “the government to hold a hearing next week,” PSC / h

Article Ends

I want to present another article today and I know many of you have been waiting for this one for so long. It is short and an easy read. It needs no introduction my mnt goat. So enjoy it ! …..lol……finally…..lol…..

Article Follows:




Independent) .. ordered Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi evacuated (Palace of Light) who take the Vice President of the Republic article Nuri al-Maliki his residence.

A source close to the al-Abadi said in a statement singled out by the (independent), that an order was issued by the Prime Minister today evacuated (Palace of Light) taken by al-Maliki, his residence and his work, pointing out that the director of al-Maliki’s office received it officially, and asked him to evacuate the building during the (48 ) an hour.

He added that it confirms that the receive side of her and be at their disposal, or benefit from it in the administrative work of government departments. (End)

Article Ends

One last article I needed to talk about. This one I also predicted would happen but you must read between the lines to understand this article. President Masum will get his 1 vice president but it will not be Nori al-Maliki. Masum is being politically correct in making this statement knowing darn well this will never happen.  So who will be the one and only vice president when all is said and done?

I told you already who this will be – Tariq al-Hashemi. Don’t believe me?  Wait and see. Have I been wrong recently? This is all almost predictable now as I watch and wait for articles to confirm to me the next step I already have it written down. If you read my news letters you too know. I have learned to be patient and it is all playing out exactly as I knew it would since I know the overall plan. Go back and read my past 30 news letters and read it all for yourself.

Article Begins:


Wednesday, 12 August 2015 10:50

Shafaq News / An informed political source revealed that the President of the Republic , Fuad Masum has demanded the Iraqi Parliament to keep one of his deputies in post.

The Iraqi Parliament has voted yesterday on a reform package presented by Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi as one of its clauses included dismissing Vice President and Deputies of the Head of the government.

The source told Shafaq News that President , Masum has sent a letter for the presidency of the Parliament to appeal its earlier decision with an alternative, retaining Nuri al-Maliki as vice president.

The source added that President Masum called in written to keep one deputy only.

Article Ends

Reforms, reforms and more reforms. We see them in the banking sector, security sector, economic sector, area of reconciliation, inter-governmental and international trade (tariffs and customs), etc. Soon they will have to also complete the CURRENCY reforms we have long been waiting for very soon. It’s all coming to an end shortly. Be patient and give them time. Abadi has built up enough incredible confidence enough that they can now rid themselves of Maliki and his goons. Once he is gone they can move very quickly to where they need to go.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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