UU6731 – “Week Ending Update 8/21” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Many intel gurus have said the news from Iraq was scarce this week. Really? You have to be kidding me !

The news has never greater as these reforms progress. Maybe some should consider getting new sources and change their “secret” contacts for their source of information? ….lol…..

Today’s News

Today is Friday August 21st and still we have no news of an RV.

So the news of this week is the coming of the second set of reforms as Abadi promised. Like I have been saying now for many, many months – watch for the completion of these reforms and you will see the light at the end of this RV tunnel.

So what are these recent reforms?

First let me present to you a summary sent out by the Abadi press office yesterday  to the general public of Iraq. It is a summary of the last round of reforms. It is so obvious they are trying to find ways to save money and meet their 2015 budget and also clean up the corruption. Abadi has announced he wanted to complete this first set before rolling out the second set of reforms. Originally he said we would see the announcement this week. They intentionally scheduled the progression of these reforms because many of them are needed to move forward to the next step.

Article Follows:

Abadi Press Release Today 8/20   

Based on the package of reforms presented by the Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi and endorsed by the Council of Ministers and approved by the Council of Representatives the following executive orders and directives were issued:

1. a large reduction in the security details for officials and the presidencies and others, up to 90% percent, and the abolition of the battalions of special security for the VIPs, returning them back to the Defence and Interior ministries as per their designation, to be trained and prepared to do their national duties in defense of the homeland and the protection of its citizens. This decision relieves from the state budget more than twenty thousand security officers, with their salaries exceeding 250 billion Iraqi dinars annually.

2. restructuring the battalions of special protection for the three presidencies and the offices of the Vice-Presidents of the Republic and the offices of the Deputy Prime Ministers that were abolished, and define their duties and subordination and the transfer of their assets so they can assume their security functions to protect the country.

3. the Prime Minister orders the re-allocation of the budgets of the offices of the Vice-Presidents of the Republic and the offices of the Deputy Prime Ministers that were abolished to the public treasury of the state.

4. a) the formation of an expert committee to remove the differences in salaries through the reform of the salaries and allowances system and the abolition of the special provisions for all of the Presidencies, the commissions, and state institutions and their pensioners, taking into account fairness and professional competence, and to provide a new system within one month of the issuance of this order.
b) Lowering the upper limit of the pensions of officials and drafting a decree within a week that deals with the wrong decisions taken previously.

5. the formation of a supreme committee tasked with the selection of candidates for senior positions under the chairmanship and membership of a number of specialists from the Integrity Commission and the Ministry of Planning and experts from development centers in the private sector and consultants and academics.

6. the formation of a supreme committee to hold the Ministries and departments not associated with a ministry to accountability through evaluation programs designed for this purpose and the committee is tasked with submitting periodic reports (quarterly and annual) to the Prime Minister.

7. the Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi instructs that recommendations be made by the Office of Financial Supervision and the Integrity Commission to activate the role of inspectors general and provide benchmarks for their staff needs to make them more efficient and to remove the excess in addition to providing criteria for evaluating the performance of audit institutions by no later than 31 August.

8. determine a date no later than 31 August for the implementation of abolishing all positions of external advisers in the ministries, whether fixed or temporary, and limiting the advisors of the three Presidencies to 5 advisors per Presidency.

PM Media Office

Article Ends

We are beginning to see these new reforms (phase II) take shape. Be patient I believe the redenomination meaning the deletion of the zeroes is in this second set of reforms.   Today out popped some more good news in this direction.  .

I also want to remind everyone that I told you the cuts in salaries had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the RV and everything to do with just saving money and trying to balance the budget. These cuts were also to standardize government employee salaries to a fair pay scale ridding Iraq of favoritism and unnecessary perks from 8 horrid years of the Maliki administrations.

A few days ago we heard announcements that parliament’s salaries were in fact being paid out and NOT CUT and so all you guru’s were wrong once again…….too bad ! Again all the hype for nothing by some gurus.

So again later this in this week we also heard news that SOME govt salaries were in fact being cut but still no RV. So you tell me if this was dependent on an RV and so who was right in this matter! Who was right once again?

Of course there are some gurus who don’t even believe any salaries have yet been paid at all and still tell you this on their conference calls. Why?

So there is still yet one more layer to be paid. Now we wait for the average citizen to get their monthly social benefits (such as pensions, ration, unemployment, etc.).  It is already Aug 21st and they are VERY late this month in making these payments. Why? I think I know why and what the finance committee has been instructed to do.  Do you want to know?

It is really not that hard to figure out. You see by dismissing all those gov’t jobs (the unneeded deputies, personal security guards, advisors, etc..) the GOI was able to save billions each  month. Yes – that billions with a “B” each month not over a year. Did you also notice these cuts were IMMEDIATE. Why?

They needed this savings in order to put together the money needed in the budget to pay out the citizens on the Qi Cards. We all should be very familiar with the Qi-cards. They are juggling money and trying to find a way to pay all their bills. This past corruption has really messed up their financial position. It is, however, all repairable and Abadi is fixing it. We have to be patient.

I am told these payments will happen soon. They do expect to see some cuts in this area too, at least this is what I am hearing. There is extreme pressure by the rioters to make these payments soon since they promised months ago they would be on time (beginning of the month) in the future.

Many gurus have accused mnt goat of not backing up statements with facts. For those long time readers -Do you think this is really true? I try to present the articles and news briefs when I can. I also try to tie the information together for you without any hype. Many have put words once again in my mouth and have accused me of  setting RV dates and then watching them come and go. Really? Once again now they are telling you I set a mid September as an RV date. This of course is not true as I am only telling you there is a good possibility of a window of opportunity at that time but nothing else. Sorry this is not predicting a date.

As in other periods I described only WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITY and never told you it was going to RV any time or on any day. At least over the last year I have had much better intel since I learned about this misinformation and propaganda being passed around. I stopped listening to these sources and I recommended all do the same. Maybe many of you need to take off your RV glasses and stop using this false intel with the conjecture and hype. Did you ever think these sources are just like you and me. They too are susceptible to interpreting the news. You are then the fool if you believe it unquestioning and do not analyze it carefully before spreading it around.

Today I   continue to bring you the facts as I read them and learn about them. You can take this information to any degree you want but please DON’T SAY TO ANYONE I SAID SOMETHING I DID NOT SAY. This would be a lie and  improper to put words in my mouth like predicting an RV date.  These same people who continue to do this also complain that others do it to them. Seems they don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot?

So here is what I did said in the past and am now saying: (Please go back are re-read my news letters)

a. In the past I said – Do not even expect ANY window for an RV until as least a June 2015 timeframe. This does not even say there was a window, does it? Go back and re-read my news letters. This statement was predicated on the fact of a June second Paris Conference to take place. This was an evaluation of the Iraq progress by debtor nations and the IMF. At that time many gurus were saying any day, any time for an RV. I said Really? I told you this was ridiculous since there was still so much progress to be made on these reforms and they were not even having a status meeting on them until mid June. Oh, but these same gurus told you these reforms were all done, as they now also tell you. Really?

Then why so many articles on this topic telling us otherwise? I can back up everything I tell you with FACTS not some “intel” from some “secret “ sources from Iraq and the government.

b.Then when June came and news from the Paris Conference was publicized, Iraq told us that many of the reforms needed for currency reform had timeframes of mid August to mid September, having September as the outer most timeframe for the reconciliation reforms to be completed.

We also learned at this time the ‘decentralization” effort was scheduled to be completed on August 5th.  This is also needed to complete full implementation of the Iraqi constitution (also needed for the RV). We all watched and waited for the August “report card” and it was given to us. Remember I talked about this in my news letters. The progress was good as only 8 out of the 30 reforms remained. A date was agreed to of  mid Sept for the completion. Does this mean I think its going to RV in September? No – but I hope so as we all do. We will have to wait and see what happens as we progress closer to this timeframe.

c. So with the Aug 5th date looming and then being late, because eight of the ministries were not ready to transition to the provinces.  August also was the 1 year mark when he promised each member of his staff (council of ministers and all ministers in general) were to get a performance review. These recent dismissals we read about last week are a result of these evaluations of the ministers. Abadi is not playing around. He is a   leader and makes everyone accountable.

So we got passed mid August and still no National Guard law, Amnesty, Accountability and Justice, Investment Law, Parties Law or HCL money payments. So no RV. Just as we were told would happen if these laws were not implemented. No mistake or hype, just the facts.

d. Now as August progresses we move towards the second timeframe of mid September to watch. We know this is the 1 year date when all the Reconciliation Reforms are supposed to be done, (meaning passed and implemented). Can Abadi do it? This is why I now say if they can conclude these reforms we might see some movement in mid September. If not completed they  will have another meeting and decide what to do. I can not tell you what they will do. I can predict  and I believe they will extend out the date. This may go on to Jan 2016 for all we know. Maybe this is why the CBI told us they have a window for currency reform to happen at this timeframe. Again all we can do is watch and wait. Even the CBI does not make firm commitments and just tells us they are planning this timeframe of Jan 2016. How many times have they too delaying this project of currency reform already?

We also now see they intend to sell Bonds international in order to also help finance the debt on the 2015 budget. Is this part of the money that is needed for paying out on the citizens Qi – Cards I referred to above (being almost 21 days late )?  Do they have to RV in order to sell these bonds?

The answer is big fat NO!  However would you as an investor for a major bank want to purchase these bonds for you client’s portfolios at the 1166 rate (less than .06 per dinar)?

So my Question is this – How do they plan to sell this 6 trillion dinars (6 billion USD) in bonds once this effort is launched? They have some heavy hitters handling these bonds like Citigroup Inc., Deutsche Bank AG and JPMorgan Chase & Co. They plan to launch this by the end of August, so they told us already.

This is exciting news (article follows below) so lets watch and see what happens. So far they seemed to do the impossible and most times these events flopped due to not having a marketable currency. Will this happen again?

Article Follows:


August 18, 2015 — 5:24 AM EDT Updated on August 18, 2015 — 7:57 AM EDT

Iraq hired banks for its first international bond issue in almost a decade, seeking $6 billion to help plug a widening fiscal deficit.

The government appointed Citigroup Inc., Deutsche Bank AG and JPMorgan Chase & Co., said Muneer Mohammed Omran, director general of the central bank’s investor department in Baghdad. The bond program will be in tranches, with the first sale coming this year, he said by phone Tuesday. Spokesmen for the banks declined to comment.

Iraq, holder of the world’s fifth-largest oil reserves, is looking to bolster its finances amid civil conflict and the global slump in oil prices. Fitch Ratings expects the fiscal deficit to top 10 percent for 2015 because of lower crude prices, higher military spending and costs associated with civil unrest. It ranked Iraq five levels below investment grade this month in its first ratings for the country.

“Iraq is going through some difficulties at the moment because of its conflict with ISIS, but oil production is at a record high,” Anthony Simond, a London-based investment analyst who helps manage $13 billion of emerging-market debt at Aberdeen Asset Management Plc, said by e-mail. “Things could look a lot different if we see a rebound in oil prices.”

Investor Meetings
The country plans to meet with international investors as soon as next month, said two people familiar with the program, asking not to be identified because the talks are private.

Iraq’s bonds have fallen 4.5 percent in the past three months, more than double the loss on JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s EMBI Global Diversified Index. The yield on its notes due January 2028 rose 66 basis points this year to 8.55 percent today.

Iraq has struggled to emerge from violence after the U.S.- led occupation, with the army trying to recapture large areas of the country from Islamic State in a campaign backed by the U.S. Increased oil production has coincided with a market slump. The International Monetary Fund approved $1.24 billion of emergency financing in July.

Government debt may equal 51 percent of Iraq’s gross domestic product by the end of 2015, with the ratio forecast to increase next year, Fitch said. Savings built up over years of high oil prices have largely been eroded, the ratings firm said.

Iraq’s crude production climbed to an all-time high of nearly 4.2 million barrels a day in July, according to the International Energy Agency, with record exports from southern terminals mostly unscathed by Islamic State militants.


Article Ends

Maliki Update
As we know Maliki traveled to Iran with a delegation from his party. I believe his intent was to defect to Iran since he also traveled with his family. Once there he was asked to return to Iraq. He is now back in Iraq however he left his family in Iran. We have read articles that he has returned.

Abadi is moving quickly on the clean up of the Judiciary system to get the Judicial Reforms implemented. This will clear the way for any obstacles for many future reform objectives including bringing Maliki and his goons to their final demise thus stopping the stalling of needed legislation to complete the Reconciliation efforts agreed to be completed by mid September. These reforms are moving lightening fast.

Maliki MIGHT be able to lie  and wiggle his way around the Mosul, Ramadi and Anbar incidents as well as some of the accusations on corruption. However there is one charge he will not be able to wiggle out from under and that is the Streicker AFB incident as they have files and files and many witnesses on his guilt. Remember this would be a charge of treason thus facing a penalty of death in Iraq (by hanging). Seems he might soon get a chance to join Saddam in hell after all.

I have been saying for years and fully believe that Maliki and his goons must be dealt with prior to any Reconciliation effort completion and thus prior to any currency reform completion (RV). They will not encourage hundreds of investors to come to Iraq if the climate is not conducive to doing business. What does this statement mean?

It means they need items like the following (this is why these reforms are so important):

  • 1.    having an honest and FAIR JUDICIAL SYSTEM (need judicial reforms implemented NOW);
  • 2.    BANKING and INVESTMENT LAWS in place to conduct international transactions and best banking practices (no corruption) we see this in the new Investment and Banking laws required by the IMF. We also have seen lately the clean up of many corrupt banking officials;
  • 3.    allow for MECHANISMS OF INSURANCE to compensate against accidental losses (insurers will not do business in an unstable environment…too risky);
  • 4.    allow for OVERALL SECURITY ON THE STREETS (need provincial decentralized security forces National Guard law and need it NOW);
  • 5.    Need more LOCAL AUTONOMY IN RUNNING GOVERNMENTAL MATTERS, thus need the decentralization effort completed  and funded (I think this may be all but done);
  • 7.    TRADE TARIFFS AND CUSTOMS (implemented but stalled due to slow economy);
  • 8.    CLEAN UP OF THE CORRUPTION caused by the last administration (need judicial reforms);
  • 9.    STREAMLINING GOVERNMENT –finding ways to meet the 2015 budget

When we see a stabilization of Iraq and many of these items I listed above (did I miss any)  we will then see the currency reform take place and NOT before.  Remember currency reform is a by-product of this ongoing process and not the driver force. This is what some very creditable people have told me over and over again each time I question it and it seems they are correct.

Please take off you RV glasses and see reality !

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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