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Hi Everyone,

I come to you today to share my recent findings and give you an update on the progress of the new government and how this relates towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq.

Today’s news letter, as in all my news letters, is a continuation of the ongoing saga of the IQD RV process. Please refer back to my last news letter of 10/20 (LINK) as this news letter is a continuation of this news.

I am sorry but today’s news is very long but important to know. I sincerely wish you all take the time to read it all of it carefully.

Today’s News

Today is Thursday 10/23 and Iraqi progress is moving forward very rapidly now. I will tell you why and what the final outcome will be in this news letter.
So for one more time first let me say Abadi’s cabinet is now fully seated as of last Saturday. The government now is officially “fully” formed. We can now put this one to rest.

The coalition against terrorism, lead by the USA, has been granted full permission to send in troops (boots on the ground) to assist in the crisis against DAASH and ISIS. They have a strategy in place. It is now being implemented.

We should hear about significance progress in the coming weeks in this effort. I do not believe this effort has to be completely done to see the RV.

Remember this entire effort of throwing out Saddam, throwing out Maliki and now throwing out ISIS and retaking control over these resources of Iraq is an investment made by many very high and very wealthy individuals. They are using the US government and coalition forces more namely the US Army to do their dirty work in the name of humanity. It is up to the USA government to get the USA citizens convinced to go along with the process somehow. This is now done. They are not going to let Iraq get into this situation again once resolved. Measures will be put in place.

There was also the process of convincing the Iraq government that they could not fight these terrorists alone and needed USA and coalition support. The coalition is there mainly to make it look as if the USA is not once again the sole occupier or instigator but the entire world is now a supported the effort as a whole for humanity.

They also used this situation to get rid of the ex-prime minister Maliki, as he also doomed himself in his greed and lust for more power as a dictator and allowed ISIS to infiltrate in the first place. We all know the story about his play to declare a National Emergency that backfired on him bla,bla, bla. I have told it to you many times already in my news letters. Just wanted to summarize to lead into what comes next.

I bring you this news today also about the PTB and their takeover of the Middle East not for the first time since I have talked about this venture undertaken by the wealthy in the Middle East many times. Is this a conspiracy? If I tell you the truth and you think it’s a conspiracy then you call me a conspiracy freak. It simply is what it is. I am not a preacher of such news. However I am not slanting it either way to serve your morals or ethics and make it sound nice and rosy. It simply is not nice but this cleanup has to be done and it is nasty work.

So as venture investors (the PTB) they have decided to give Iraq a certain time table to conclude the formation of the new government, the necessary laws, many of which are in the list of the 27 reforms I have been harping on now for so long….lol…

Most of these laws have been with us over these last 4 years and we may recall them as the “Erbil Agreement”. It is now called the “Unity Agreement”. Both agreements were used to form the new governments. The later for 2010 elections and now the 2014 elections. So why am I telling you all this once again?

I am telling you this because this is part of the hold up. The key to pulling the trigger on this RV.

Now that the government is fully formed and functional it needs these laws to move forward and operate under. The laws are needed for the security and normalization that that Iraq needs in the midst of neighboring countries and their harboring and training of terrorists, i.e. Iran and Syria.

Did I also mention that existing politicians of Iraq are simply greedy and self serving. They would rather watch their own country go down the tubes, rape what they can from it and they escape to some far off country that is safe and secure. They chose to do all this rather they assist in turning around their own country into the Garden of Eden, we all know it could one day be. These men are being weeded out as the weeds from the productive crop are weeded out prior to the harvest.

I keep talking about these laws because they are important and now lay as the key, the foundation to the timing of the revaluation rollout.

So now I will talk about some of these items that need to be completed and the progress made so far.

Here is the list once again from the Erbil Agreement: (I have summarized them for your convenience)

1.Reviewing the legislation related to the benefits of the members and amending them (rights, salaries, guards, retirements, financial and administrative authorities).
*Boy have we seen this one worked on over the last month. The payouts of back salaries, pensions and other benefits

2.Improving the qualifications of its ministers and parliamentary members
*Done as we have seen many, many articles on how Abadi has cleaned this up. He now requires a monthy report from all ministers on the progress of their ministry.

3.To be able to responsibly deal with preparing the draft laws for approval, following up the laws of various commissions within specific time limits, as well as not ignoring those laws that are submitted to Parliament as draft laws or suggestions.
*I am hearing this is now underway now that the cabinet is fully seated.

4. Non-sectarianism – by reestablishing the Constitution Amendment Committee in a way that guarantees the real participation of all the winning blocs in the committee, and achieves the amendments that have been agreed upon. This is done
*The formation of the new government alone tells us this effort was partially successful. But there is one more very significant item to be conclused. This is the full implementation of the Provincial Council, as specified in the constitution. It was totally ignored under Maliki. It has been given another name too called the “Federation Council”. This effort is underway and is the de-centralization of authority over the provinces and allows for provincial security forces and self governance. The citizens now have a direct impact in what legislation is passed and how it will effect its province. Much like the USA with senate and senators representing their states.

5.Setting specific time limits for the laws: Setting specific approval time for all laws that are required under the Constitution but not yet legislated. This has to be in coordination with the parliamentary offices, the Legal Committee and the specialized committees of the Parliament, and implemented by the speaker of the Parliament on the one hand and the heads of the political blocs on the other hand, according to the following priority:

*Boy oh boy do we know about this one….i.e pension rates, HCL and Article 140 just to name a few. Will they ever get implemented? , and what about the 2014 budget? I am not talking so much now about the law content itself but the process and seemingly never ending process of implementation, generating nothing in the long run. The process has to be streamlined and limits set on just how long they can delay much needed legislation in general. But most importantly they still have not yet legislated many of the guaranteed provisions of their own constitution by legislative acts. Just because the constitution guarantees it does not make it law until the law to govern it is written and legislated for implementation. That is how the system works. The USA wants all these guaranteed provisions legislated and implemented prior to any RV.

6.Must Implement these laws (remember these from my 9/4 (LINK) & 9/26 (LINK) news letters?)

– Federal Court Law
*(NOT MUCH PROGRESS as of yet. We all know about the ramped corruption in the Iraq court system. This must be reformed. Have not heard much about this yet. This will come to a halt and they must deal with all the corruption of the Maliki administration. This will be the straw the breaks the camel’s back to get them to move on this one). This is a huge one.

– Oil and Gas Law
* now under negotiations with Kurdistan. We read many articles last week they will conclude this soon once and for all. It is all about the latest census and will be accepted. I talked about this in detail in my last news letter dated 10/20. I encourage you to go back and re-read it. This is a huge one. Don’t take it for granted when many guru’s keep telling you its done. Just this week they told us in articles they are now looking into this law. So we know this work is now seriously being addressed. Lets wait and see how this one shakes out.

– National Reconciliation Law
* oh boy again! Could this be something that led them to the 27 reforms promised ?
This is done and implemented. Every politician had to sign an agreement listing the ethics, agree to the non-corruption laws and non-sectarian attitude that will prevail over this new government and the consequences if you do not abide (like losing your position).

– Security Agencies Organization Law
* this is now being implemented. This is the de-centralization of the security forces down to the provincial level

– Parties Law
*they simply have to limit the number of parities involved and representing the people in politics in IRAQ. We witnessed the seemingly never ending election process. It must be streamlined.

– United Council Law
*I believe this is the Provincial Council or Federation Council. It is essentially done. Just needs public awareness and gazette publication. We should be hearing more about this very soon. This is all written and now being implemented. This will be completed very soon from what I am hearing.
– Elections Law
*I believe this is the 2 term limit law and other goodies put into the law to limit the power of any candidate from becoming a future dictator. We can all see why Maliki did not want this reform implemented. The law is written and ready to go through parliament and get voted on. Abadi supports it 100%. This is done.

– Elections Commission Law
*once again we saw ramped corruption in the last 2 election process. Basically Maliki rigged the elections for his benefit any way he could. It was amazing what he did. How did he get away with it all? He go away because there was no strict laws preventing it or penalties. No one was also responsible so it just happens. This new law gives the commission more power. This has to stop and there needs to be strict procedures and penalties for those who violate it. We can see they also need more timely announcements of election results, as delays in the last election caused chaos. This is done.

– Media Network Law
*We all know how Maliki controlled and censored the news media in Iraq. This was very confusing for us too to get honest and straight news out of Iraq. Notice how the articles seem to be more factual based over the last couple weeks? This is done. Saw many articles on this one already as passed. Done, done, done.

– Public Inspectors Law
* done, self explanatory

– Financial Audit Divan Law
*Now underway. We all know this is long overdue. Just see all the stolen funds from the Maliki administration now estimated to be over 100 billion dollars (not dinars).

– Balance Board Law
* I have to admit I am not sure what this one is. Can anyone help me? Once I know what it is I can research deeper into its implementation.

– Federal Revenues Law
* to better track all federal revenues. Now since Iraq is sovereign and is taking for the first time control over their finances, they must be able to account for all revenues such as from taxes, tariffs, oil, gold, etc,.No more monkey business. This will also eliminate and catch corruption.

– Executive Power Law
*this will clearly define the balance of power between the executive branch and how it interacts with the CBI, judiciary, parliament, and the provincial council. This was long over due and caused much confusion over the last 4 years with Maliki overstepping his boundaries in working with these other branches of government.

– Journalism and Journalists Protection Law
*This is also way overdue and is now also done. This law allows reporters to report the reality of what is happening in Iraq and have the protection of not worrying whether their family will be imprisoned or their house will be blown up for speaking out against a political figure or act of the politician.

Go ahead now and re-read sections 3 thru 7 of the Erbil Agreement I have sent to you and see if these laws don’t address each and every item in these sections that follow the list of the laws. So my conclusion is they are addressing everything in Erbil and in a rapid paced way. Like on steroids….lol….But why?

It is because they have self imposed deadlines to complete these changes (laws). The farthest deadline is 90 days which brings us to mid November 2014. These deadlines were partly enforced by the USA but made to look like it was their own idea and agreed upon by all politicians. Do you see the picture here? Make Iraq seem like they remain in control but in reality the USA is holding their hand and assisting. The USA, as I have said many times, is still holding the carrot out for them which is the leverage of the revaluation. They will not given them UN charter article 8 implementation to become a full blown member of the so called civilized world, with all its financial benefits, respect and privileges, unless they can grow up and act like a civilized nation (or according to UN rules).

One last note: I am not saying for one second or mean to imply any wrong doing it the overall picture of what had to be done in Iraq in dealing with Sadden Hussein. The methods could have been a bit different and more thought out (such as chosing Maliki for a second term and the reconstruction efforts).

So you see Iraq so far had plundered much of its wealth over these last 4 years. Sure they increased their CBI reserves but have the people benefited to the extent possible? Has the much needed reconstruction happened? What are they waiting for?

So the PTB steps in and says enough is enough! It’s now time to move this country forward to protect our interest since our interest is at jeopardy with constant unrest and bombings. How can investors come into Iraq in such a state of unrest? This is the real key. They also need a stable government to administer the country, mainly the security forces for protection…….and have they do it themselves and pay for it themselves. Imagine the cost of having some foreign coalition constantly occupy Iraq to keep it secure. It would be cost prohibitive to the PTB. How would they ever make a serious return on their investment?
Again I say it is all nice and comfortable to claim that all this newly found effort is about the people of Iraq but you and I know differently. In reality it is all about protecting the financial interests of the PTB. The benefit to the people is simply a side benefit, a good notion nonetheless. They already tried it the other way over the last 4 years and we witnessed the evidence of the results. It simply will not work letting another dictator take control. It simply will not work unless something significant is given back to the people. The PTB can’t simply attack a country and begin extracting it’s riches without some consequences. This could all have been avoided if giving back to the citizens was a priority from the start and planned into the plan.

I believe they would have let Maliki stay had he done the work they needed. He was their new puppet. But he failed miserably and it is now time to switch gears and try something else. This in a nut shell is the transition now taking place. When the transition is over they will no longer need the “carrot” and allow the RV to go.

The question we all have is – How long will this take?

We can summarize most of the laws needed for stability and to enhance their government are in fact already completed. Some are just waiting in the wings for other laws to catch up and be implemented together. A lot of work has been done since September timeframe but remember most of these laws were in fact already written and just never voted on and implemented. The USA is now forcing the issue, as I stated above.

Update on the Currency Reform Project

In my last news letter I talked about members of the parliamentary Economic and Finance Committees, making requests for implementation of the “project to delete the zeros” from the currency. Pointing to the existence of some of the obstacles that have prevented it’s implementation . That this Committee would host the CBI governor to learn practical steps for the implementation of the project to delete the zeros from the currency and in coordination with the Central Bank to determine the most prominent problems that hindered the implementation of the project. I have learned that this meeting would take place sometime this week.

This week the meeting I described did take place as planned. I am hear now to tell you what was reviewed in this meeting, as it was told by the news media in Iraq.

So on Tuesday in the Baghdadi News, a member of the parliamentary Economic Committee, Jawad al-Bolani, told us a bit more about the results of the meeting this took place.

He said that the main drive of the process of deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency will be during the next two years, indicating that the assets of the Central Bank of hard currency convergence of the 74 billion dollars, meaning there are now ample funds in the reserves needed for such a project.

He added that the CBI is to implement a strategy for the deletion of zeros from the currency of Iraq during the next four years, that is to have the new category of currency (the newer lower denominations) totally free of zeros by 2016 or 2017 or at least at the latest period by the end of 2018 (the four year mark).

The technical side of the CBI does not face any problems regarding the printing of a new currency for this purpose, and the remainder is up to the approval of the political blocs in the House of Representatives, which I believe will not oppose this measure because of its great benefit to the stability of the currency of Iraq in the face of the dollar exchange rate.

He explained that “The meeting also addressed a number of other things that maintain the stability of the critical process in Iraq, as an organization process of the dollar in private banks as well as providing these banks to graduate eventually to set up projects that will contribute effectively in building the Iraqi economy, which has seen some volatility in the recent past which was contributed to the instability of prices, the sale of oil in addition to the political and security problems suffered by the country.

He went on to say that the CBI and the Economic Commission agreed to take some steps to deal with the work of private banks with respect to transfers of the dollar, as well as put an end to money laundering operations in Iraqi banks in the future and detect money laundering operations that have taken place in the past and the prosecution of those responsible for it. He pointed to some new laws that will be submitted to the House of Representatives by the Central Bank for a vote, that will protect the assets in Iraqi banks and the CBI.

I believe these are some of the 27 reforms they are referring to in this new brief. Reforms that would restrict any future raids or attempts to raid the reserves of the CBI (74 billion dollars ) or the funds of the Financial ministry, like we saw during the Maliki administration. Do you see how this is all interconnected and now why they are first going ahead with the reforms prior to any continuation of the RV project? This is hard proof of what I’ve known to be true, is true still is true.


So today I send you an update of the latest news. It is all amazing news once again.

I am hoping by now that you are realizing that there is not some mythical entity holding back this RV or that there is a conspiracy. You only believed this because you are constantly hearing this news from a selected number of intel providers. It is you choice to believe this nonsense and be all stressed out over and over again or you can buckle down and learn the truth and accept it.

I have tried my best over the last 10-12 news letters to bring you explanations of the reasons for the delays in the RV. This information is not guessing it is all factual. If you wish please go back and re-read them. They are very informative. (CLICK HERE for the Mnt Goat Category at Recaps.)

What is happening is simply that the PTB are not yet ready to let go of the “carrot” they are using as leverage to get what they want out of Iraq. What they want is to be satisfied that the new government, laws and security measures are in place and they are going to assure that their investment is safe guarded and will produce income generation for them for many, many years to come.
They have spend much of their own resources to bring Iraq to where it is today and they are not going to just walk away quietly now if this does not succeed to their expectations.

The USA led coalition has received approval to send in more troops as “boots on the ground” to fight ISIS. It is my understanding of the situation that the new strategy will kick into high gear sometime within the next 10 days.

As far as the budget passing. I believe it has to occur very soon if not already to fund the war effort. There are also other laws too interconnected with the budget law since they are funded by it and the numbers have to be approved first by the laws then placed in the updated budget. It is hard to separate them. I am not going to dwell any more on this issue in the future. It is obvious they are holding back any real news of the budget implementation for a reason.

This week I totally expected to hear some news that the currency reform project will be restarted and a tentative implementation completion date given to us. This is in fact exactly what was given to us in the news this week and I detailed it out for you from the Iraqi news. Was it not amazing news?

I will now go out on a limb once again in this news letter and tell you I believe we are on the verge of getting the final rollout of the RV possibly this coming week. From all the news I am hearing of the progress I do not believe they will go to mid November or even past October without a Revaluation or a Reinstatement happening of some kind to start the process.

Then when can we expect the RV?

I want to emphasize once again this final announcement of the IQD going international will not happen until the USA feels the country of Iraq and its government is stable, secure, non-sectarian and is a functional government. This is has been the plan all along. They may have wavered a bit on how the plan was implemented but the overall plan guidelines have not changed. This I know now as fact not rumor.

Note: I am no longer saying fully formed government as criteria since I believe this requirement has now been completed. It is the very first “fully” seated government for Iraq since the invasion of 2003. Congratulations to the Abadi government !

Peace and Luv To Ya All,

Mnt Goat

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