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Hi Everyone,

My family and I are heading off on the train tomorrow morning for Rothenburg ob der Tauber and its spectacular setting for the Christmas market.

Rothenburg , home to the Christmas Museum, the medieval city is a magical place to spend the festive season. Surrounded by imposing town walls, steep-roofed gable houses line narrow cobbled streets, creating a romantic and festive atmosphere. Although some dislike the Disneyesque nature of the city, its unspoiled beauty is irrefutable.
The Reiterlesmarkt is held on a medieval stage and Rothenburg is illuminated by thousands of twinkling lights. Unlike cosmopolitan Berlin and Cologne, Rothenburg has an entirely different feel, with smaller markets and a more intimate setting.

Christmas pastries, white mulled wine and bratwurst can all be bought. Rothenburg’s Schneeball (snow ball) is a must-try for those with a sweet-tooth, made from strips of sweet fried dough covered in powdered chocolate or sugar. Meine Kinder are all excited.

But before we left I wanted to pop in to give you a quick update of what is now happening in Iraq. I think you will find it absolutely amazing.

Today’s news letter, as in all my news letters, is a continuation of the ongoing saga of the IQD RV process. Please refer back to my last news letter of 12/8 as this news letter is a continuation of this news.

Today’s News

First let me give you a quick update on the ISIS situation. They are about to head into battle in the attempt to take Mosul back. As you may remember this was the city that was first over run in June of this year by ISIS insurgents. Mosul is significant in many ways.

It is the key to finally getting rid of ISIS from Iraq in any real force. We have been hearing about this build up now for weeks prior to this coming battle. Now this battle it is about to take place. Please pay attention to it and the timing of the outcome.

Here is the latest news today from the Iraqi news media on this topic:

MP Mohamed Salim from the Shabak community in Iraq announced that “30,110 Shabaki fighters have formed a front to take part in the security operation to clear Mosul and pursue the ISIL militants.

Salim told Alforat “The second regiment of Shabaki fighters has completed where the number of volunteers reached 655 fighters and it will join the first regiment which includes 655 fighters.

The total number now is 30,110 fighters from the Shabak community. They will back the security forces and Peshmerga forces to liberate Mosul city and purge it of the ISIL terrorists.

The other items I want to share I will briefly list out. Many of these items I have talked about previously. I did mention to you a couple times we had to get an announcement from the CBI or the GOI in the going forward with the project to delete the zeros.

There would then be another announcement to the citizens of the new rate as they finally pop out the RV. We did not yet get this second announcement yet but we did get Abadi making a short speech today confirming they will complete this project now.

Note – That is he did not say in the coming months, weeks or days but NOW. Yes I said NOW !

I would not be this excited myself if this was not all adding up to a very near RV.

>Tariffs going to be implemented early 2015, article after article has said this and now once again more on it today budget will be done by 2015, once again more on it today, it should be passed to parliament Sunday (today) for a second reading and maybe a quick vote.

> Abadi made announcement to public in Iraq today they fully intend to go ahead with the deletion of the zeros project and do it now. The decision could not be any more clear that it is imperative to rollout the lower denominations, active the ATMS and move forward, we are just 20 days from 2015 if Iraq holds on that long without an RV

I have never seen the GOI and Parliament work so nicely together to get the needed bills written, updated and passed. It’s like a spark of divine intervention hath comith upon Iraq…lol….
However there are still three very important bills needed to move forward. They are the HCL, Amnesty and the Judicial Reform bills. All three are negotiated and written. Ready to go!

They just need to go through the formal channels now of their new democracy to make them official. I suspect they are aligning these bills too for full implementation to the Jan 1st, 2015 date.

One note about HCL – the GOI has made the first installment of the needed “good faith” payment to the Kurds of the negotiated overdue owed monies. These were the hardest level of contention to strike the deal the GOI recently made to get HCL pushed through.

If you remember the Kurds were never paid the needed 17% in full under the Maliki administration, as guaranteed by the Iraq constitution. This money just does not disappear.

It has been accumulating over the last 4 years and must be all paid to the Kurds. They could not settle HCL unless this deal was striked and it was. Yes- Abadi was left with a mess to resolve.

Some more news about Maliki. Last week they continued with the investigation into the “ghost” soldiers. The count now is as high as 250-300,000 ghost soldiers that were billed not only for pay but also for meals and uniform allowances. It has been determined that Maliki’s take was as much as 40%.

This has been going on now for 8 years. It will mount into the billions of dollars. Once the investigation started, many of those indicted came forward to sequel like little piggys.

I still want to know what Maliki is hiding in the palace he occupies and refuses to leave. I will tell you just as soon as I know but it will not be long. I am standing firm he will be taken into custody before Jan 1st and be out of the picture finally for the good of all Iraqi citizens. Seems everytime Abadi overturns a rock he finds past Maliki corruption. Oh boy !


I think we are in a very good window to see the RV announcement anytime now (even before XMAS) up to the first week in January 2014 and onward. The amazing part is the timing is not like it was even a week ago never mind months ago. All signs are telling us it could literally happen this weekend.

Remember they do not need the 2015 budget to RV but rather need the RV to open the budget. I believe these two events will coincide very nicely. Let’s see what happens.

Then when can we expect the RV?

Let’s just say this – If you have not yet gone out and purchased your bottle of champagne. I would do it now and get it chilled and ready…..lol…..!

Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat

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