UU8631 – “Plan B is now in effect”

UU8631 – “Plan B is now in effect”

Hi Everyone,

I come to you today to give you a very brief update on the progress of rebuilding this new Iraq government and how it all relates to our revaluation process of the IQD.

So what happened in this second session of parliament this week ? I am going to tell you.

Today’s News

Today is now Tuesday July 8th already and we anxiously await to hear the results of today’s second session of Iraq parliament. Actually the results are in. We know that the success or failure of this session may determine the stability of their new government and thus how soon they complete the process to restructure their currency and complete the rollout to the international financial community.

So first in today’s news I need to explain to you why it was so important for Maliki to cause a stalling in the appointing of the speaker of the house. He is doing this stalling since he figures he can plan some scheme in the meantime but he needs time. He has already been warned not to interfere but assist in the building of the new government. We all know he is doing just the opposite. He is being success so far in the stalling but it is all backfiring.
The other two presidency positions rely on having the speaker elected and seated first. That is why. So let’s look at Iraq’s election timetable according to their constitution:

The Council of Representatives is required to elect a new speaker during its opening session.

They must choose a president within 30 days of electing a speaker.

They must nominate a new prime minister Within 15 days of the president’s election,
In my last news letter I stated there was another plan in place to assure Maliki does not interfere any longer in the election process. He was already asked to leave the country and asked nicely. He serves no real purpose anymore but to stir up negativity and insurrection to the National Alliance that actually won the election by a huge majority of seats. He is doing nothing to assist in the crisis with the militants except to keep stirring up the honets nest even more.

Maliki did agree to resign and leave Iraq but then turned on the USA once again in a show of arrogance late last week. The very next day he broadcast an announcement that in fact he would stay and try to correct the unconstitutional unbalances and irregularities in the election process. What unconstitutional unbalances and irregularities in the election process? Who is the real culprit?

Once again he used the State of Law votes from preliminary election results as his rallying point to justify his 3rd term and his need to put the new government together. He once again has found a way of twisting the truth to benefit his own needs. He has been largely ignored.

There was a plan to quietly escort him to a plane with a one way ticket to London, England (in other words deport him) if he continued his aggression and interference in the election process. As I stated in my 7/5 news later this is “plan B”. Plan A was to try to get him to cooperate and transition and assist. He chose not to help. They have already tried the easy way and so now what remained was execution of Plan B.

It has been activated and Maliki is now on his way to London to meet his family. He will not be allowed to return into Iraq.

So how did he mess up this last session today to cause Plan B?
Directly he did nothing. What he did though was indirectly cause confusion in the minds of those trying to agree on a solid candidate for the speaker of the house. As I said previously just look at the hierarchy they must move through in seating these 3 presidencies. So he does not have to attack all 3 at once by merely the first one, the speaker. Like dominoes the others can’t also be seated since they rely on the speaker being seated first. Do you now understand his strategy?

So here is what happened. Najafi, who was running for speaker of the house once again, got blindsided when he was led to believe that if he resigned, Maliki would follow suit. As we know, Maliki used him. Maliki did resign and even gave a resignation speech. Then just days later quickly made an announcement that he would never resign… ever. He did this once he knew Najafi told the National Coalition nominating committee that he no longer wanted to run for speaker. Then to make matters worse, the National Coalition quickly shuffled candidates and put Jabouri in his place for his position without even notifying him about it. So at that point now Najafi and all the people that have served under him in parliament are understandably very mad and not agreeable to Jabouri or anybody else right now. Stalling once again. Good job Maliki you screwed everyone again!

So we wait for things to finally settle down and get back to the business at hand – seat their government and do it in a non-sectarian way without the Maliki and his goons interfering.

You may hear news contrary to what I have just told you about Maliki but believe me he is gone. His fate is now in the world courts. He passed up an amnesty deal many times. He had been given many choices over the last couple months to step down and simply fade away. It was his decision to try to stick it out and continue to sabotage the election process. It is now his decision to have to go through all the payback coming to him.

I did not expect the three presidencies to be voted on in today’s session of parliament from everything I was hearing this weekend. As of Saturday it did look very promising but a call I received from Iraq on late Sunday told me what I just told you.

I would be very surprised if they even voted on a speaker with the Najafi incident still fresh on everyones mind. So there is no real progress from what I am hearing from today’s session.

The other two presidents ( the actual president and the prime minister) should follow very quickly but first they need to get the Speaker of the house seating. I do whole heartedly believe this will happen on July 13th session or an emergency session called prior to that date. They will then have 30 days to seat the actual new president once the Speaker is seated but this will be done very quickly also.

You may also be hearing rumors they may wait till August to hold a third session. This was only suggested and never officially scheduled. See how dumb rumors spread? Of course this is foolish since the next session that of July 13th has already been scheduled and is now a matter of public record. There is a very strong possibility they will not wait till July 13th now that Maliki is gone.


Hopefully the game of chess continues no more. Checkmate on Malik

What will happen in this upcoming week?mnt_goat_insert_image1
Can they the “good” politicians find a way to settle their grievances. Without Maliki in the picture, his goons too will become passive. So now he can no longer directly or indirectly influence the political process thus Iraq gets its fully seated, stable government and we get our RV announcement.

I still firmly believe that we will not see any revaluation of the IQD unless Iraq has a stable and functional government and thus has a political environment that it can advance in and thrive in.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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