UU9416 – “Seating The Remaining Ministers” by Mnt Goat

UU9416 – “Seating The Remaining Ministers” by Mnt Goat

Hi Everyone,

It is almost Autumn here in Germany. As I watch the trees begin to turn bright colors I began to dream already of the cooler days ahead. There are some wonderful fall time hikes up in the Alpines. We watch the earth change and begin its hibernation slowly and see the changes now already beginning.It won’t be long before we begin to see the white dusting on the mountain tops.

This year we are going to the Munich Oktoberfest once again for some fun. Last year the kinder were finally old enough and so we enjoyed the time. Just the train ride to the city is fun too. Meine Kinder enjoy the costume parade coming on Sunday and Meine Hubby the beer (of course. My favorite is the gigantic pretzels and just being around fun people. So we are all excited. I certainly wish all you fine dinarians could meet us there and we could all celebrate something together as comrades this year. Do you know what this might be?

I come to you today to give you a recent update on the progress of the new government and how this relates towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq.
Today’s news letter, as in all my news letters, is a continuation of the ongoing saga of the IQD RV process. Please refer back to my news letter of 9/10 (LINK) as this news letter is a continuation of this news.

Today’s News

Today is Friday 9/12 and so far this week we witnessed the announcement of the ”fully” formed government of Iraq. At least this is what we were told.
It seems now ages ago they made this announcement.

If you read the my news letter going back to Sunday 09/07 (LINK) I mentioned that even as Sunday was rolling around Abadi was still struggling to get all the proper ministers seated. At this time I told you then they fully intended to vote in Monday’s session and do it late in the day. Abadi had until midnight Sunday to submit his list of candidates to leader Jubouri for consideration.

They needed to meet their constitutional deadline of 9/9 to have the govt fully formed. How were they do this since many of the ministers were still under debate? Time had ran out. So they now were attempting to find a way to do it legally without actually having all the “final” ministers in place. I talked about the possibility of going down the path of a “de facto” govt. This is what I was told from my government source in Iraq at the time.

The most important issues as to why they really, really needed to meet this deadline of 9/9 were to:
1) meet the constitutional deadline;
2) getting Abadi seated as the permanent minister from the designated minister (getting rid of Maliki out of the minister seat )
3) NATO and USA needed them to have a seated govt formed so they could begin work on ISIS. This new coalition could not support a terrorist government. What does this tell you about the Maliki government? What is the fate of Maliki? We will cover this in more detail too in future news. This is not yet over…..hint…hint…

So if you were in Abadi’s shoes what would you do to meet all these requirements?

I will tell you what he did.

So this is what they did. It was a brilliant move by Abadi.

The final outcome was that Abadi submitted his cabinet list to Jubouri on time. Parliament then voted and seated many of the ministers, vice presidents and deputies.

However in the voting process 6 of the ministers did not get confirmed (get the quorum needed). So to get around this Abadi can legally leave them in as proxy ministers much like Maliki did in 2010. But unlike with Maliki, Abide will adhere to a constitutional criteria that then gives him 7 days to resubmit new candidates for consideration again for confirmation. The process is all legal as long as he submits his candidates within this new timeline.

So he now has 7 days according to the constitution to replace these ministers with ones that parliament will confirm. Actually one of the ministers resigned and said he did not want the job, but you get my point. The process is the same. The two most critical ministers are the Defense and Interior minister positions. These two positions remained as proxy ministers throughout the 2010-2014 administration of Maliki. If you have been following my news letters all along you know why he did this. Anyhow -the PTB are not going to let this happen again. They will not let this currency reform complete unless these ministers postions have permanent, well suited candidates seated. Many are telling you it is only two ministers but I know for a fact it is 6 ministers they are dealing with Will they (can they) complete this by next Tuesday 9/16?

Technically they did announced the “fully” formed government of Iraq on 9/9 so where is the RV announcement?

Let’s now go back a requirement for the RV going international. All together now – lets say it all together-

Begin Quotes

“Then when can we expect the RV?

All I will say is what I have been saying all along we wait for a formal (global) announcement to the public that the Iraq government is now fully formed and seated. Many of you asked me if a formal, public announcement is necessary and the answer is a big fat YES.

I want to emphasize once again this final announcement of the IQD going international will not happen until the USA feels the Iraq government is stable, non-sectarian and is a functional government. This is has been the plan all along. They may have wavered a bit on how the plan was implemented but the overall plan guidelines have not changed.”

End Quotes

Have I been saying this all along? Can I be more clear?

I am getting emails pouring in on this topic. So I need to address this and help you understand. Most of you don’t know about these 6 proxy ministers and so I can understand the level of your frustration. Many are worried and can’t figure out why they will not pop the RV by now. They feel this way since they have been lead to believe that it was going to happen immediately after the government was fully seated. But its not fully seated and that’s my point!

Many intel providers/reporters are confused and tell stories as to why the RV has not yet happened. They are simply paddling up stream. They need to do this so they don’t lose credibility and you keep clicking on their site or dialing into their conference calls. They are making millions in profits by giving out this false/phoney information to you. They tell you they are not making a dime but we know better. They then ask you to donate to their site too so they don’t even have to dip into their profits to pay for it.

They do this when they know very little as to what is really going on. They must tell you something. Some are telling you there are only the 2 ministers and they already have them confirmed and taken care of. Really? We are now just waiting again? Always waiting for some mysterious reason? What about all the other issues too in Iraq including the CBI corruption, judicial and economic reforms they are proposing? Do you think these might have something also to do with why we have not yet seen the RV? Oh no ! – they say….has no impact on the RV…they why are we waiting still then…?

They tell you it’s all a matter of timing. Gotta laugh at this one ..lol…How many times have we heard this one. How many times must we hear it as it is a catch all excuse for I don’t really know. Or they are telling you they wanted to wait 72 hours for things to “cool down”…..I swear they just make up this stuff and it’s all very funny…and foolish….lol… When are we going to take this matter into our own hands and stop listening to this stuff?

This is now why I come to you today and write these news letters. I amm frustrated. I try to clarify it for you. I stress that I am not a know-it-all guru and infact I even hate that term but I only come openly and freely to at least help sort it out and be real with you. I try to help ask the right questions.

These questions you should be asking yourself rather than just being “spoon fed”. Their are many that don’t like my technigue and my news letters and wish that I would just go away. LOTS OF GOAT BASHING OUT THERE. But a goat has thick skin and so don’t worry I have no plans to go away.

My intel tips their little apple cart and their profits are hurting each time their intel is challenged. My info is all 100% FREE, no charge, no donations. no site, no conference calls. I do provide sometimes a bit controversial view points and really try to tell it like it is since I can do this with autonomy.

As I said many times before no one knows fully what is happening. I only try to act responsibly and tell you what my contacts are telling me, if it makes it through the filter of my common sense and relates to the current info maybe to what I heard 2 days ago or evena month ago. If it sounds like garbage and makes no sense I am smart enough not to pass it on to you. Now who does that make sense to? – all of us !

So moving on. There may also be some economic reforms too that need to get passed and implemented but lets address the announcement of the “fully” seated govt in this news letter since this now seems the major part of everyone’s concerns now. I began to address the other part in my last news letter dated 9/10 and will address in more details in coming news letters.

So when will they have these 6 ministers seated?
They have until Tuesday 9/16 to send a new list of the 6 ministers back to parliament to get re-confirmed. This may not make headlines in the news media since they need to keep this very quite This is something to watch for.

But where are they going to get these ministers from?

Did you notice the next day after their announcement of a fully formed govt was made last Monday they announced that they would not divulge the complete list of the cabinet until 9/16 next Tuesday. Why? You now know why they did this. I am trying to tell you.

Because they needed time to work out the other 6 ministers and get the right people seated in these positions that are best suited for the job.

So here comes catch22.

Where are all these experienced politicians going to come from to fill these vacancies?

They are sitting in jail of course! Where are most of the honest and good people in Iraq these days? In jail!

Maliki of course was instrumental in putting then there as he convinced the US Army way back in 2003-2006 to lock them up for terrorist activities. He did this to eliminate any political rivalries and to safe guard his own power. He was slick. But this has been the problem all along with this government. There has not been many honest and qualified politicians to run it. We know the story so I will not dwell in it again.

So how do you get these guys out of jail?

The secret is in the full implementation of the Amnesty law. Maliki refused to fully implement this law and we all know why. They need to implement the Amnesty law and free these political prisoners cause these guys are needed to run the government. This had to happen prior to any RV. Now we know why we have been saying this all along. Get the connection now? Are the pieces to the puzzle falling in place?

So what is the hot news of this week?

Of course it’s the Amnesty law ! Literally right after the elections are supposedly over this issue pops up again in the news. Why? Nothing happens by coincidence !

Iraq then announced that the Amnesty law is being reviewed by parliament and is expected to be fully implemented this week. Gee Wiz I wonder why?

Yes – these prisoners are finally going to be let free. Iraq will finally get back the body of competent politicians they need to run the government. Many of these guys will be seated and these remaining 6 proxy positions and will become permanent ministers. We can then expect that on 9/16 or around that time they will publish the list of Abadi’s cabinet ministers. Then it will be final. One step closer to RV time.

CBI Update

In the meantime Abadi’s new government is also working hard to investigate the CBI scandal and get Dr. Shabibi (and his staff) back at the helm of the CBI. I talked about this too in my last news letter. Dr. Shabibi will complete the currency reform project. I have gotten this news from many very good sources and I totally believe these sources. I talked in more detail about this scandal in my last news letter. This current situation (recent changes in the governor) with the CBI is going to change and has to in order to see the completion of the currency reform project. Let’s see what happens.

It was never Dr. Shabibi’s intent to stay working for the CBI forever. He wants to retire. He had a mandate to run the CBI for a period of time. His mandate included many items some where- build up the reserves, help institute new banking laws, regulate the banks, and to launch the currency reform project at the end of it all. He was to bring Iraq back into the global partnership with the financial world. This was to occur in a much bigger way then ever before for Iraq and not just to “restore” to pre-war era but to advance Iraq fully into the 21st century. It would have to do this to compete in the current global financial arena. Did you hear me? I said “global” financial arena.


So today’s news is all very good news again. We can now see a reason why we still wait for the RV to occur. I am not saying it is the only reason but either way we are still extremely close to Iraq getting back their currency to the international status it deserves. Let’s take one reason at a time as I am attempting to do so in my news letters as I kick the can down the road in this continuing saga.

We can see now 3 topics we will be discussing in much more detail in my future news letters and these are
1) economic reforms
2) CBI reform
3) judicial reforms

Abadi had announced on Monday that Iraq had a “fully” seated government and formally announced it to the world. But were they actually “fully” seated in the terms needed to meet all the requirements for currency reform? We know now there was some hanky panky going on with these ministers to satisfy NATO and the USA so they will get the support needed to fight ISIS. It was all legal. This was more of a show to USA Congress and the citizens of USA and other coalition countries that Iraq is serious about forming a new government (in the terms needed).

So now we wait once again for Tuesday 9/16 to roll around see what will happen. Abadi now had 7 days from last Monday 9/9 to submit a list of the 6 replacement ministers that can become permanently confirmed and seated ministers. Then on or around Tuesday 9/16 we expect a final list of the completed cabinet to be published. Something to watch for.

We also know there is a question of the Amnesty law finally being fully implemented and we now know of two instances where this has now become an immediate necessity:
1) to free political prisoners so they can be used to run the new government and
2) to free CBI staff and Dr. Shabibi and allow the continuation of the currency reform project.

We also know there are other factors too that may effect the coming RV as I have mentioned them in my 9/10 news letter and will not address them again today. Please go back and read it.

Then when can we expect the RV?

All I will say is what I have been saying all along we wait for a formal (global) announcement to the public that the Iraq government is now fully formed and seated. Many of you asked me if a formal, public announcement is necessary and the answer is a big fat YES.

I want to emphasize once again this final announcement of the IQD going international will not happen until the USA feels the Iraq government is stable, non-sectarian and is a functional government. This is has been the plan all along. They may have wavered a bit on how the plan was implemented but the overall plan guidelines have not changed.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,

Mnt Goat

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