UU9945 – “What No RV…. Lol… ?” by Mnt Goat

UU9945 – “What No RV…. Lol… ?” by Mnt Goat

Hi Everyone,

I come to you today to give you a quick update on the progress of the new government and how this relates towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq.

Today’s news letter, as in all my news letters, is a continuation of the ongoing saga of the IQD RV process. Please refer back to my last news letter of 9/29 (LINK) as this news letter is a continuation of this news.

Todays news is long and I am sorry but once again there are issues I need to clarify and so I hope you take the time to read it and appreciate it. I take much of my family time to help you in these matters. I ask nothing in return but to limit the despair and chaos caused by some in the intentional and unintentional misinformation in this dinar community.

Today’s News
Today is Friday 10/3 and still no RV. Do you wonder why? Did you hear from someone or some intel gurus there would be an RV by Oct 1st? Yes this has been the hype all week even spilling over from last week. Is this the same old hype and rumors over and over again. It seems to come in cycles. Are you frustrated yet? Why do we listen to it?

Okay now so what is really happening in Iraq and why have we not yet seen the revaluation of their currency going international, as many have said is now happening.

The latest hype was over a $3.58 rate shown in a gazette newspaper article. This was not in fact the “official” gazette where published laws are registered with the Iraq judiciary system. Instead this was merely a newspaper article in a publication calling itself the gazette. It was merely describing how Iraq intended to once again pay distributions to the citizens for rations, retirement, back pay, etc on the Qi cards. It was Iraqi news.

They have done this many times already and this is nothing new. This was not an indication of a RV. These rates are nothing new since we all know they did have an in-country revaluation already and this took place many months ago. So why all the sudden does this get hyped and pumped up once again? I don’t understand.

I believe that once again the dinar intel providers (or gurus) are wishing so badly for an RV that they are taking any piece of information from Iraq that even remotely seems plausible, and turning it into RV hype. They leave their common sense at the door. So once again we witnessed the irresponsibility of these people. Enough said on this topic.

So today I want to bring you the actual “Erbil Agreement” of 2010. In many of my recent news letters I have talked about this agreement and how they have rolled over many (most all) of the provisions from this 2010 timeframe to this recent election process.

I would like you to read it now and see if the contents do not mirror exactly the means needed to have prevented the corruption, lack of cooperation, sectarianism by the Maliki council of ministers displayed over the last 4 years. Could all these items be reasons why the Erbil Agreement never was fully implemented? Please click on the link below to read the agreement.


Now if you were in the shoes of the PTB would you revalue the Iraq currency and bring it back to international status without having these laws in place and implemented? Do you have any idea the problems this would have been magnified if they had revalued their currency while this corruption was going on. This is why the revaluation was stopped in 2012 and Dr Shabibi (head of the CBI at the time) discontinued the project until further notice. This was with the consultation of the PTB. This was the turning point for the RV.

The Maliki government simply was out of control. This is too the main reason why Maliki wrongfully accused Dr Shabibi of corruption. Maliki not only wanted the treasures of the CBI reserves but also the power to RV the currency. We witnessed this too when months ago Maliki attempted to reinstate the currency. If you are keen to what is going on you should realize by now only the CBI can make this claim and so his reinstatement had no merit what so ever. I would simply ignore it and not dwell any more questions on it as to what happened to it. Nothing will happen or could happen.
So why did we keep hearing over and over again since April of 2013 that the RV had nothing to do with Maliki? Knowing now what you know do you see just how wrong this disinformation has been about the RV. It is all in an attempt to steer you attention away from the real issues that are holding up the RV, thus you keep searching down a path that makes absolutely no sense. They are afraid of the citizens and the news media getting a hold of the truth of the blunders this current USA administration has made on middle eastern policy over the last 4 years. The support for this dictator Maliki.

In believing all this misinformation you go around in circles over and over again ending up in the same old place….NO WHERE. Like a rollercoaster ride, it gives you a temporary thrill but in actuality brings you only back to your starting point. Do you want to keep doing this ride over and over again?

We have been hearing this over and over again simply because of irresponsible intel providers, who really have no business having conference calls, because they do not know what they are talking about. They simple do not get it.

Their level of information is so subjected to bias since they are simply taking notes and passing this on to the dinar community simply what the PTB want you to know. The PTB filter the information and simply do not desire you to know the truth. Whenever they are challenged on their calls and idiotic news they simple hang up on the caller or claim they are just passing on what they hear.

They claim to have forum free to open minded people for the transfer of opinions and information, yet the then band anyone who follows these rules. Really? Yes – and this is exactly what the PTB want they to do. Pass on the misinformation, restrict knowledge and we all stay confused. So my attempts now are to try to tell you the truth. I do not “report” or get “audited” by anyone.

I have some great contacts and channels for information and I luv to challenge anyone guru in these matters.

So this week once again we witnessed more arguments in parliament over the candidates for minister of Defense and the Interior. They still do not have a permanent Defense and Interior ministers seated and another week has passed. They are now suggesting they will wait till after the holiday to address these candidates again.

Let us go back to the Erbil Agreement again because in my research I am learning that this is the KEY to the revaluation. This is also, as I have found, why they can not get the support needed to back the candidates for these remaining minister positions.

The Erbil agreement was the basis for the formation of the new Iraqi government’s cabinet and political accord in 2010. This is now the same also in 2014. Only now they are calling it the “Unity (or Unification) Reforms”.

Going Back in time to the 2010 Elections: (does this sound familiar?)
As the winners of the March 2010 parliamentary elections failed to form the new cabinet of the government after eight months, Kurdistan Region’s President Massoud Barzani called on a national congress to resolve the disagreements and form the government.
Erbil hosted the conference where President Barzani, Head of State of Law Bloc Nuri al-Maliki and Head of Iraqia party Iyad Allawi reached an agreement, which was signed by Dr. Roj Nuri Shawais, Hassan Sneid and Salman Jumeli, representing the Kurdistani Alliance, National Alliance and Iraqia party, respectively.

I have included a link above to the text of the nine-article (sections) agreement, which has not previously been published. Please use the link and read it if you want to know what is holding up the formation of the government and thus bringing back the value of the IQD to at least pre-war status (plus equity).

This will surely WOW you as it has amazed me months ago when I first read it. This is a blueprint for the cooperation, non-sectarian and unity of a functional government.

The second section of Erbil lists the outstanding laws that needed to be implemented. They are part of Erbil Agreement and so Erbil is not completed without them being implemented.

So for instance, next time someone tells you again that HCL law is done done done. You tell them no no no !

What do I mean by this? What I mean is this. Do you see HCL law (oil and gas law) on this list below?

Just because a law has been written, to implement a part of the constitution, does not make it a functional law until it is fully implemented. Did you hear me? I said FULLY implemented or nothing happens. It is not done done done ! It is just written. Can you tell I am getting a bit tired of everyone telling me – oh but mnt goat these laws are all done! Really?

These laws do the country of Iraq no good if only written on paper. They need to be implemented. I will say it one more time – NEED TO BE IMPLEMENTED. So going into the 2010 election I present to you now the list of laws that had been written and some passed parliament and signed off in the first 4 years of Maliki’s administration (2006-2010). However they sat on Maliki’s desk and nothing ever happened to them. So in order to negotiate the new government of 2010 elections they used these laws as leverage to attempt to make some progress. Thus they came up with the Erbil Agreement of 2010 as the means of doing this.

They allowed Malikito serve yet another term 2010-2014 but only conditionally. He promised to fully implement the Erbil Agreement in FULL in 30 days. Opps there is that timeline again ! If they felt it could not be done in 30 days they would not have given him this timeframe. He did nothing to implement it over the 4 years.

Now can you see why I say the last 4 years have been a waist for Iraq and they must now catch up and make up for this lost time. Do you see how the financial entities and corporations are literally knocking at their door waiting anxiously to do business in Iraq. But they can’t without the political framework necessary to support the economic framework already completed. The two must go hand in hand to be successful.

Now do you see why I am saying these new timelines for the 27 “Unity Reforms” are so important to watch for. I have said this in many of my past recent news letters that the farthest out timeline is around December (3 months or 90 days). Get these reforms done and Iraq gets a functional government. Get the functional government and Iraq gets their currency returned since the political side catches up with the financial sector. It is that simple.

Here is the list of the laws from the 2010 Erbil Agreement (already written in 2010 but most never implemented, as promised). Can you now also see how these laws track almost exactly to all the issues and problems they have encountered over the last 4 years with the Maliki government and his goons? These reforms even back then were written to prevent just what is happening now in Iraq. They are the solution to the problems.

– Federal Court Law

– Oil and Gas Law

– National Reconciliation Law

– Security Agencies Organization Law

– Parties Law

– United Council Law

– Elections Law

– Elections Commission Law

– Media Network Law

– Public Inspectors Law

– Financial Audit Divan Law

– Balance Board Law

– Federal Revenues Law

– Executive Power Law

– Journalism and Journalists Protection Law

So why in hell would the PTB allow an RV now? Will they be fooled again? Fool me once, fool me twice and I am the fool.

Where then would be any leverage to force them to do it? Where then is the much needed government, the framework for the USA and other developed countries to come into Iraq and do business? Remember too there are HUGE plans for Iraq and the PTB are not going to allow this to fail or they may let it go to a bliss if this last and final attempt does not work this is what I am now hearing. But remember too the Republicans will almost surely take the Senate and the Whitehouse in the upcoming elections. If not now we will see a quick turnaround on this middle eastern policy at that time.

My personal perspective- post-war Iraq has a golden opportunity to come into the international arena and be the shining light of democracy and economic reform. All the ingredients for success are laded out for them. All the international community has supported them, and some even compromised to give them a head start. This time is critical and literally their last chance to seize this opportunity. If they fail this time around we may as well burn our dinar for they will simply become a third world country and continue down the path of constant terror and corruption.

The way I see it is there is only one thing keeping them from their success. It is almost “spiritual” in nature. It is called the lack of having LOVE for your fellow man. It is sectarianism and violence. It is the evil one using these people. This is what has truly infiltrated Iraq and they need to irradiate themselves of these evil entities.

Yes- these evil entities too know the good that the RV will bring to the world. The works of charity, hope and love we as holders of this dinar can bring to our homelands. They are vented on preventing this.

So today I am attempting to once again educate you. You can close your ears and block your eyes to what I am saying. It is your choice. But if you are so smart then where is the RV? I am trying to tell you. Do you know?

We continue to wait once again for the controversial ministers to be seated. This now includes the Defense and Interior ministers – 2 of the key ministerial positions. I was told there was a very good possibility this could happen in this week’s session in parliament. It did not happen. They are now going to wait till after the holiday to revisit candidates.

Also this week much progress was accomplished on the 2014 budget. But we still do not see it done and implemented (opened to spend). As I said previously – The budget depends on the RV and not the other way around. In other words we need an RV first and then the budget can be opened. The opening of the budget is NOT going to initiate the RV. We saw this week the payout once again to government programs on the Qi cards (electronic debit cards). Where did Iraq get all this money all of a sudden?

Remember also what Maliki did in the last election and how he screwed the USA and all the countries hopeful of a completed government. The last 4 years were simply a waist. The PTB are not going to go down this same road again and will ensure the government is truly fully formed and functional this time around. The list of the Erbil agreements in the new Unity Government Reform list must also be addressed prior to any RV.

The PTB want to RV the currency in a bad way. They are as anxious as we all are. All the software needed to do the job is completed and has been for months. They even re-ran the rate system again late last week. The rates are still very good. It is ready to go and can disperse downstream to the international financial exchanges in a matter of hours once the go ahead is given.

People it is just not going to magically happen. Just because the UST delegated software is ready and they have the capability, rates at the bank on hold, etc.. does not mean they are going to pull the trigger on this RV until they are completely sure that Iraq is stable. It may take weeks or it may take months.

It’s all in the Erbil Agreement ! This is what it is and how it has all been designed. Until they change this attitude I will keep reporting on the progress of these reforms and maybe we can make some more sense of this election process together and do in an honest, responsible and intelligent manner. Would you like to do that?

Then when can we expect the RV?

All I will say is what I have been saying all along we wait for a formal (global) announcement to the public that the Iraq government is now FULLY formed and seated.

Okay ! Seriously now….I sincerely hope everyone gets the point I am trying bring out in this news letter today. I can not think of another way to say it. Simply put we are not getting any RV until the government if fully formed and functional and part of the path to doing so is the full implementation of the Erbil Agreement (parts now contained in the set of 27 Unity Reforms). This feels like déjà vu of the 2010 elections all over again. Maybe this time Iraq will get it right.

I want to emphasize once again this final announcement of the IQD going international will not happen until the USA feels the country of Iraq and its government is stable, non-sectarian and is a functional government. This is has been the plan all along. They may have wavered a bit on how the plan was implemented but the overall plan guidelines have not changed. This I know now as fact not rumor.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,

Mnt Goat

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