When The Dream Is Big Enough – <3

“When the dream is big enough,

the facts don’t matter.”

Sam Kalenuik


People like to talk about facts as

if facts were something that never

changed. They use that as an

excuse to not do dramatic things

because the “facts” say they can’t.


But if you’ve lived for very long,

you’ve seen lots of facts change.


When I was in college, it was a

fact that you couldn’t have a

computer in your home, much

less take one to a coffee shop.


Everyone knew that computers

took up a whole room!


When I look around my office,

almost everything I see was an

impossible dream in my youth.


CDs, DVDs, printer/fax/scanner

combinations, smart phone, flat

screen – all of them that at one

earlier time in my life were

impossible, and the facts said



So why do we have them today?

Because for someone, the facts

didn’t matter, and they built them



The USA has a woman Secretary

of State. My state has a woman

Governor. Impossible, they used

to say. Only men in politics. More



But for some women, the facts

didn’t matter either. So there

they are.


Is it easy to be the one to create

new facts? No, not at all. Most

people let the facts rule them.


But if we all did that, we’d still

be living in caves, and you

wouldn’t be reading this now.


Remember this the next time

you think the facts say you can’t

do what you really, really want

to do.


When your dream is big enough,

the facts don’t matter.


Many blessings,


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