Written by the Ghost Writer 12th June

Written by the Ghost Writer.

As instructions for the implementation of a terror champaign were given from those residing in the USA those who issued those orders are finding out what it is to be afraid as the cleanup continues, and doors are being knocked on. It really isn’t a nice feeling to live waiting for that knock of justice, is it?

When you try and control the game, ultimately its the pieces on the board which let you down or allow you to take the gold. Those in Iraq always knew that Maliki was just a puppet and never a truly elected official representative of the people of Iraq. ghostwriterThose who put him in power thought they could control him but as expected he has turned out to be a lose cannon. Those who hatched the plan and positioned him are now running for the hills as that decision to mastermind this dark and greedy venture explodes all around them.

There are so many different levels of control and manipulation with the lie different and the truths different on every level but the web must be untangled. Now the time has come for Iraq to face reality They need to step up to the plate – bat in hand and stand tall in that region of the world – where strength and appearance mean the difference between survival and failure.

Iraq needs to demonstrate to the world at large that they have moved forward and are moving forward ,now, as a sovereign nation risen from a democratic election, ready, to take their place amongst the nations of the region and the world at large.

If they do not actively demonstrate their independence they will confirm the perception held by many – of being a puppet nation acting on behalf of those who hatch greedy, corrupt and diabolical machinations. A puppet of the USA controlled by a small faction of get rich schemers, The Iraqi Nation, it history and its heritage are at stake here.

These elitist schemers, who value themselves above the rest, you know them well having been under successive jackboot stamping viciousness from the highest office, and that is just a face appearance of the hydra of corrupt of spirit and of flesh. Yes they have their escape pad beautified and ready to be inhabited. Safe passage planned and egress routes determined , perhaps they should make use of them and get their butts to Argentina before the man comes knocking at the door.

Its is now time for us all to see the implementation of EXO 13303, in a positive way, the way it was intended, legitimately and with all the safeguards intact. Maliki and his ilk must go, so we can see with clarity the final stages in a transparent manner as Iraq takes its final steps to sovereignty.

Iraq needs to go international with its rate, immediately, stopping all the hostilities of the various interest groups dead.

This is the end game.

What is occurring now in Iraq places an inordinate worldwide pressure for this expected RV to occur imminently. The lives lost on both sides of this conflict and the many lives lost, of soldiers from many different countries, will not be allowed to be in vain. Those who gave their youngest and brightest, those countries, demand results now.

You many repost if you wish to.

By the Ghost Writer

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