I would like to get the input from Heather at TOPPT about this information and how it affects the UCC filings. There are 24 of the 25 videos posted on YouTube. One is missing, it seems. Here is the first video to get you started. The information by this man, David-Wynn Miller, is amazing. 

4 thoughts on “David Wynn Miller QUANTUM GRAMMAR SEMINAR SEPTEMBER 2012”

  1. Are the documents filed by Heather in par se syntax quantum grammar? If not, why not? After all you are sponsoring Mr Winn-Miller.

  2. I posted a video. That does not mean I personally sponsor him. I sponsor no one. If it bothers you that much, are you stating you wish for me to remove this video from a group blog site? That is a very negative message RJ, why are you offended?

  3. The only question I asked was if the documents were in par se syntax. Why would that be offensive to you? I mention Winn-Miller as being on you web site. No where have I suggested, requested, demanded you remove his video. Why do you see this as a negative? Perhaps you need to look within to identify the triggers.

  4. My only possible response to your question is to read D’s new post on Removing the Shackles. She outlines very well how we are all frustrated about the language in these UCC documents. KUDOS to D!

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