I AM FREE! OPPT-in Campaign

Good Afternoon everyone.

After listening to Lisa Harrison’s blogtalk show yesterday, the Santos Bonacci show on Monday and the failed WH Petition fiasco (TWICE!), the Free At Last Crew have come up with other methods to DO by spreading awareness.

1. Create a photo of yourself with your choice of I AM FREE OPPT-in messages on them. Here are a few we’ve done to give you an idea.

150641_584906431536191_166304917_n  321337_584881131538721_1065889403_n  528858_584889461537888_1463808552_n  OPPTin

2. Twitter a hash tag #IAmFreeOPPTin to spread the word.

3. Blog or write articles about the One People’s Public Trust.

4. Share the OPPT website and stories from Free At Last, Removing the Shackles, American Kabuki and Kauilapele Blog’s 

Let the People KNOW they are Free and how. The next step to be aware and to hold our governments and others accountable, but more importantly, we must just BE.

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