KP: Lisa Harrison “Collective Imagination” Show 1-29-13… MP3s

Lisa Harrison “Collective Imagination” Show 1-29-13… MP3s

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lisa_harrison_collective_imagination_logo2Okay, I have not heard this yet, but Ginger has, and here is what she wrote about it in her email to me. . .

“KP – wow, did you listen to this??? Heather finally opened up big high vibrational time on every level and well, you just have to hear this if you haven’t yet -[link to show] and now left wondering if she is the one Sheldon and others speak of as being the one who will be the one to decide when the floodgates will be opened… if so, it would not surprise me now after listening to her here. May the floodgates of the absolute data be opened now… [Ginger]“

So, clearly, there is nothing for me to add (Heather enters the show at about 6 minutes of Part 2).


MP3s (minus music, volume leveled and boosted) (30 min., 7 MB per Part)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Complete show (1:58, 27 MB)

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  1. Okay Heather so what you are telling folks is what I have been trying to say for a year or two now- but you have simply blown my statement out of the water and opened up a wonderful can of worms. We no longer need or wish to own anything- including gold- silver- and all other resources and representations of different energetic bodies and forms- but we need to learn or remember how to create a partnership with all energy before it becomes its corresponding body and form of third dneisty material and physical representations. I am beginning to get it. Wow!!!!!!! WMULAR —Daniel—-

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