Are you ready? 48 hours to decide on Gold. What is your worth?

goldJanuary 31, 2013 Free At Last


Heather Tucci-Jarraf, Trustee of the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT), commented via ‘D’ in the Removing The Shackles Skype room moments ago:

“Jarrafusa: i ask that every one focus on the gold exercise consciously for the next 48 hours. . . write “gold” on your hand, write it on sticky notes and post them every where or just put “gold” in your heart and brain so it is in every breath you take. . . time to supercharge and DO. . . let’s have some more fun (rock)(heart)”

It is time for all collective souls to decide on how we base our value: on Physical Gold, Silver and Precious Metals or Energy, which ALL is.

Your free will choice. Everything is a personal decision, guided by Higher Self. Choose wisely and from the heart. Remember that ALL things are energy. ALL life is energy. Do we want to continue with a financial backed object that could be manipulated again or allow that object of energy to be free as well. If you have gold, wear it with gratitude. 🙂

We ALL are valuable with insurmountable worth. Feel the energy of the gold, silver and precious metals. Set them free to BE. All energy is precious and of great value. People do not need money to represent their value and wealth. We already ARE! Once you can wrap your heads around this fact and allow your heart to show you the truth, the choice will be much clearer.

We’ve discussed this in blogs, groups, forums and among ourselves for the past couple of days since The Collective Imagination radio show announcing RIP THE BAND-AID OFF!

Here is an excerpt from Kauilapele’s recent article from Ginger:

So within this context for me, the 3 major Prime Points of this discussion was what I have been waiting for . . . that will allow me to more easily move out of duality and into the next level of multidimensional consciousness for my poor old half-fried 3D duality wired brain. This is why I am feeling sooo excited now! . . .

Given first, HOW Heather et al Trustees have given Humanity the key to Be Free again on paper (OPPT doc, UCC filings, CVACs) . . . and now combined with HOW we can begin to consciously re-create our new 5D reality/hologram . . . was all spelled out in Lisa’s 29th/30th round table discussion.

The following is my best attempt to lay out what I got as the 3 Prime Points being made by Heather, that now, is the time for us to fully embrace . . .

  • 1. Stop and release the ages-old paradigm programmings of our projecting our own Real Human Value outside of ourselves onto the material/physical world/hologram. For example the old paradigm was looking to others (gurus) for the answers. The new one is looking within us (gurus) for the answers. The old looked outside itself for exchanges of value, like money or gold. The new is most fully utilizing looking to ourselves for our inter exchanges of real Prime Source value. To step this down further, /”God” is in everything/, therefore, /each of us are the “Gods & Goddesses we have been waiting for”/, New/Old Age thingy. Therefore, our Real Human Value resides within us and our acceptance of this Absolute, IS the full Value. Our new Humanity anthem might go something like this . . . /”I pledge allegiance to the Absolute One People’s Republic Trust and for all it stands for, in the Absolute, indivisible with justice, liberty and sovereignty for One and All” . . . a/nd well anyways, how else are we going to be on the same page of inter galactic peace with the Galactic Federation, until we Absolutely “get” this?
  • 2. Start working with the Energies of the material/physical world/hologram grids, as that’s where “it’s ALL and Absolutely really at!” And this is the biggest secret withheld from Humanity, because it’s the Energies of the material/physical world/hologram who actually create it. Nothing could exist as a physical being or “thing” without a specific coherency Energy field around it. And this specific Energy is both an Energy field and what other’s call their Spirit or Soul (in a general not exactly correct manner of speaking), as it is our direct connection to Creator Source thought, manifesting itself each milli second into BEing . . . that is Us, manifesting ourselves into BEing.
  • 3. Consciously begin dissolving the old 3D holographic duality paradigm by understanding that each time we declare something “divine” or “sacred”, we are ALSO instantly supporting the position that other things are not divine or sacred. The solution here is to replace both with a single word that that cuts to the Prime Point . . . just simply use “Absolute”. Everything and everyone is Absolute . . . all equal and One . . . and /”that’s what we pulled down in registered into the Prime”/ (Creator) (that is each of us), on paper that has now been put into action (OPPT doc, UCC fillings, CVACs).

*The following is some additional familiar or supportive concepts that hopefully bridge comprehension more easily . . .*

For all 3 Prime Points, native peoples originally knew these in their own way, especially the Shamans and Kahunas. This is why they have been known throughout Gaia time as The Earth Keepers. They knew that Energy IS where “it’s All At”, and how to focus Prime Co-Creative Energies to maintain balance and harmony of Gaia’s holographic electromagnetic Energy grids, therefore her physical integrity, free of distortions. This resulted in many of our concepts of “paradise”.

They knew how to instantly heal themselves and instantly manifest for the same reasons. Whether they understood consciously their “true value and power” as humans in the way we now need to understand it, in order to fully reclaim it, is up for debate and another discussion. But it’s clear they never doubted standing in their full Absolute power and using their full Absolute Energy to do whatever was needed, to be done.

Therefore, they never wanted for anything. And just as Gaia is inherently an endless abundant Being of Loving Sofia manifesting Energies (restored once again), we Humans are now BEcoming again through remembering all we forgot . . . Primarily, who we Really Are and how to use who we really are, as Prime Absolute Creator Beings, in the Doing/Co-Creating.

Within the discussion about skipping the first step of using new currencies backed by precious metals, and just moving into abundant digital numbers in all our bank accounts plan, Heather made several points. The danger with moving into the former first is, we will still be existing within a belief-system where the real value in this reality is still outside of ourselves (ie, gold sitting in vaults) . . . AND the Energy of all that gold is still enslaved! Therefore, we would only be perpetuating the old enslavement system of external-value beliefs.

The next important point Heather made is, that by going to a digital system of exchange first, will result in immediately waking up and healing mainstream folk’s, no longer allowing further delays of The Absolute Data and of who they Really are to be revealed and discovered. Nor would anyone be able to or want to hoard anything of “value” outside of themselves . . . /enough of this one already!/

Then Heather suggested this to-the-Prime-Point liberation exercise as follows . . .

Raise our vibration to match ALL the currently enslaved gold Energy and then set it free!

And this is something we can start doing everyday with Absolutely every physical form in our current reality. It can be anything from in-nature to man-made, as it’s Energies have been enslaved for so long. It’s also an easy to-do entry point, into reclaiming our Absolute Power and True Value (no . . . not the True Value Store tools, as we are our own tools 🙂 (and maybe this is what some the strange highly unusual dolphin and whale behavior, second week in January off Kona, was attempting to tell us?) Heather also suggested we can also ask the Gaia Energy Grids to come play now!

Lastly, regarding the digital plan activated . . . this must also be orchestrated simultaneously with a constant streaming of “The Absolute Data”. To clairify, this means the un-Illuminatified version of the truth, most of us already know about . . . you know, the real truthiness of the Archon-Reptoid-Annunuki-Illuminati-Vatican-Royals-4thReich instruments of Human enslavement hologram thingy . . . that thingy no one wants to name – lol – but Harry Potter showed me the way, must be named now! It’s called disclosure on all levels.


Heart   Namaste

56 thoughts on “Are you ready? 48 hours to decide on Gold. What is your worth?”

  1. Hello All…

    I understand the need to take everything back to ‘prime’ to really reboot the system and how that transcends a wealth distribution program….but at the moment find it hard to believe that it would not be exploited in some way. ……( the gold is safe…. don’t worry ?? )

    I have been really inspired by what I have heard so far and have followed the financial tyranny material closely since 2007…. but for some of us ‘lightworkers’ (like myself) who are literally dealing with issues like, where can I sleep for a couple of nights ? and are hungry and cold sometimes….it can all seem far removed from day to day reality.

    We are being asked (it seems) to accept so much on faith.

    This point in time (for so many of us) is like in the movie ‘Field of Dreams’ where the bank are about to foreclose on him and he will lose everything….or he can trust his feelings and continue building an invisible baseball field because….. ‘people will come’.

    Whilst in the middle of a homeless phase and unable to focus on anything but survival its easy to look at various books on ‘manifestation’ (that I have collected and still have with me) as a way to make a dollar or two in the next car boot sale… ironic !

    So…I still live in two worlds… is where the new world order is over and destroyed….but the other one reported by the media is quite different.

    there is much more I could say but I will stop there for the moment

    in love and gratitude


  2. Thank you James for sharing with us. If you have read the blogs and listened to the radio shows/interviews with Heather you will see where this is all heading. The digital system is ready now to activate. People are in place … all systems are go. We are allowing People to make a Free Will Choice to manifest how they want this to unfold. Do we want physical gold or any object to again dictate our value or worth or do we truly go back to Prime as set forth in the UCC filings? This is what Heather mentions and the game she wants us to manifest in the NOW.

    The People are holding up the the last move on the chess board. What is YOUR move?

    Eagle <3

  3. I think I understand now…It will be a digital system either way…if that is so, I would rather have it based on our worth as created by the creator of all things instead of just a few minerals. I just want to make sure there will be NO tracking chips placed in our bodies, no way to delete the digital worth if it takes digital worth to survive. And for future generations, no ability to change the system back to a slavery system.

  4. Excellent point Gemini. I actually already have a question in to Heather, Caleb, Randall, D, AK and KP about this very issue. Once I receive a response, I will post it for all to see.

    <3 Eagle

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  6. I believe the this would be easy for people who knows that ALL Power of creation from within us, and that WE manifest whats WITHIN into the 3D materal World. When we understand Our power, that LOVE and TRUTH will set us FREE from FEAR and that we are all ONE, the FOCUS on the outside Illusions will fade.When WE realise that we are the ones who are the True Value, we will value each other equally. The rest will be easy.Let it BE.

  7. So when we go digital Eagle how is it all to work – or are you just as confused as me at this point? – Will we have a credit card to swipe in other words at the register- so as to take credits out of our digital account or will it simply be a case where we show identification? And if our worth is unlimited( as it should be) what is the purpose in digitally accounting for the credits being removed from an infinite account of credits? What is your take? WMULAR— Daniel—-

  8. Hi Daniel, Good question. Heather said in Lisa’s show everything was set in digital data format; it is up to the people to decide if it will be back by gold or energy. Personal free will choice. As to the specifics of the digital data, how it will roll out and what the system looks like. . . I do not know. We all will find out together. <3

  9. I wondered about a comment, I do believe, correct me if I am wrong, but by David Icke, I think he made mention of mass meditations are actually designed to rifle energy to the reptillians…just sayin’ – I am not entirely skeptical here; but Iam a healthy skeptic. I am starting to feel like a sheeple of a different color. That just because ‘Heather’ says do this, we do. Reminds me of ‘Simon Says’ game. Just THINK WITH YOUR INTUITION HERE. – PS, re: digital data; does this mean everyone will be required to get a microchip to retrieve their data? Just sayn’

  10. Greetings Eagle. I am curious as to what is meant by “manifest” how we want this to unfold. If The People are holding up the last move on the chessboard, then it is imperative that absolute data be provided to the incredibly large majority of the world’s population lacking the required knowledge to make an informed decision regarding that move. This needs to happen as soon as possible in order for anything to manifest in my opinion. If the system is ready to activate and everything is ready to go, then there really needs to be some sort of immediate world forum or disclosure to discuss what you have all said has taken place. I understand that the CVACS have been discussed as a good place to start, so let’s get them up and running. I am ready to do my part just like everyone else. I agree with your sentiment regarding it happening NOW. It is time for the people behind all of this to come forward to the world and bring us ALL, and I mean ALL, in to the fold. How else can we move ahead on this now, but as one People, fully involved and allowed to make an informed choice with all of the information on the table? Let’s do it, we are indeed ready. How can we say it is The People holding up the last move, when a great great number of those People are still almost completely unaware that any of this is even happening, never mind understanding the nitty gritty details. Out with it I say. Allow The People to make that Free Will Choice informed by the Absolute Data claimed to exist for their assistance. NOW. As in NOW. I mean this in all respect and Loving gratitude and recognition of Oneness and hope my tone is not mistaken as hostile in any way.

  11. Eagle it was stated up there somewhere that we have to raise our vibrations high enough to meet that of gold in order to have and energetic connection with it on a higher level. But isn’t it true that Gold energy levels are actually low in their third dneisty capacity or manifestation in which case we would have to lower our energy levels to meet it or is the person ( don’t know who said it) saying that we can only connect with the higher energy and vibrational levels of gold which actually exist within fifth dneisty already- and are therefore of a different body and form than that of third dneisty gold? If I am hearing this person correctly they are stating that gold is us in its fifth dneisty energetic and vibrational frequency. Wow! Would you agree Eagle? Would like to open this idea up a bit with someone here.

  12. Twenty four hours or less to go guys. Is this way cool or what? Eagle do you have any idea why Heather and D do not get back to me. Could you ask them if it is me and I am asking the wrong questions- or if my energy levels are wrong for them. I would like to speak to one of them if even though email. Thank you Eagle —Daniel—-

  13. Boy do I have a lot of questions for you Eagle- for D- or for Heather. Another question that comes to mind is if the third dneisty system that is about to change over is going digital as well, as I see this is the best route for them to take, what is to keep them from just saying there is all those dollars or credits behind the curtain( do to speak) when in truth there is nothing to back up the credits or dollars for humans but numbers ( almost similar to the fiat currency that was backed by nothing. So what would be the difference between our digital system and theirs – other than the fact that we know our worth and what is behind the scenes backing up those digits in the energies and they do not know in the new third dneisty monetary system? Do you follow Eagle what I am asking dear one? WMULAR —–Daniel—-

  14. I understand that their digital system would only provide resources – credits- or dollars to those who earned them and deposited them into their account or those given to them by the third dneisty digital system for one reason or another- as the third dneisty system does not provide a set ( finite or infinite) value for each human whatsoever- and all will still have to be earned by everyone of third dneisty. Given this is the case for third dneisty – and we know we are each and all worth an infinite number of credits or dollars based on the Oneness we all truly share in life- I do not see why this digital system would not work very well for us and I say lets go for it. The way I see it Heather is saying ( and I agree) that the financial abundance and resources of the world do not belong to the people as we will own nothing now- but we have access to use it to our hearts content in life and barter with gold credits- backed by gold energies alone- and purchase all wants and needs in life with these endless supply of credits that are indeed provided to all the people of the world so as to have access to their energies and partnership for one and all. Does this make sense so far?

  15. Wow- what would keep fifth dneisty folks from hoarding or buying beyond their needs in life? I would have to suggest that it is the fact that fifth dneisty folks do not need to hoard as they will own nothing but will only purchase digitally those things they need to live a comfortable lifestyle and that is it. All other things they may purchase for everyday happiness and recreation would be given back when they were no longer required by each human for their happiness or recreation. Therefore nothing that is owned is actually purchased – right Eagle? In other words we can ( or I can) now say that we will purchase nothing as it cannot be owned any longer but only rented or borrowed. Those things that lose their energetic body and form because they are consumed or used up by the human however were not owned but consumed and had therefore become a part once again of the energetic whole or the One. Now does this makes sense you guys? Am I getting warm?

  16. Not at all Solace One. Your energy is greatly appreciated. Have you listened to the radio shows/audios? Many of the blogs speak of manifestation and explain what this is. Please continue researching and your awareness will greatly increase. Eagle <3

  17. Heather explained this in the last show on The Collective Imagination Wednesday. Listen to the show again for more clarity Daniel. Eagle <3

  18. This is the reason I believe they will wish to go digital in the third dneisty timeline as well- but they will wish to go digital so they can chip everyone whereas we of fifth dneisty earth will not use chips because we do not need to follow or spy on human beings in our new reality and system. But there are still a lot of questions here that I believe Heather has already worked out and is very close( hours away) to providing all the answers to our questions. We will see.

  19. LOL, it is NOT you Daniel. They are extremely busy. There is much going on. D is setting up a whole new website and advancing at great speed. Heather has her hands full too. Remember, she is also a mom of small children…that alone is a full time job! 🙂

    I also have an email to all of them that I am waiting for a response to, you are not alone. Eagle <3

  20. Thanks Eagle I will do just that. But I have already listened to it three times- so I must have missed that part. Care to share so I don’t have to search a fourth time? lol

  21. This is where you are confused Daniel. Energy has greater value than all else. Everything is Energy, We are Energy. Energy has always backed all systems from creation. This is Truth that has been denied us. Our Free Will Choice now is to decide if we stay with the old paradigm, gold backed value for Prime Energy or move to the new paradigm of Energy backed value for Prime Energy. What does your heart tell you? Eagle <3

  22. Me again – just killing time and pondering on this whole digital thingy. Hey Eagle listen to this: Since we will not own anything ever again- as ownership is what got us in the mess we were in when we were of the third dneisty system – what is not borrowed for our happiness; entertainment; or wants in life now ( do not believe we have needs any longer) is everything consumed by every human being that is now fifth dneisty and a part of the One or whole. What is not consumed goes back to the One or whole so as to be used again by someone else- and what is consumed by one human being or another ( fifth density only) is absorbed by the collective energy source of the One or whole i n which case it too will be returned to the One or whole. Nothing is ever again wasted and nothing is ever again bought or sold as this assumes ownership. And so if we begin our new world and reality separate from third dneisty with a certain level of resources within our system we all borrow from this system (digitally accounted for however) so that third dneisty human beings cannot steal or hoard the resources – not that they will not be offered to borrow as well as long as all transactions are monitored digitally, and all resources returned to their source- their warehouse- or another human being that requires their use afterwards. Whats say Eagle -sound good so far?

  23. You are correct Eagle that sometimes I still think three d – but by me posting these questions what I learn from the one or whole today others will learn as well from my questions. So every once in a while I allow myself to fall back down into third dneisty so as to help guide. And you are doing a marvelous job of assisting me – or should I say lifting me up. I like your style Eagle. Mind if I keep posting this stuff? Don’t want to wear out my welcome. lol

  24. My heart has always told me to get the hell out of monetary systems and usury Eagle- but I am sure a lot of folks are wondering just as I have in the past ( now have a different understanding however) as to whether we are to move to a moneyless society gradually or immediately upon the understanding that this is the system we need in the end. In other words there are many folks out there who believe they are awakened and are now fifth dneisty humans- but they are poor and do not have the faith to hold on long enough to move straight into the moneyless society. They believe ( as I did in the not too distant past) that they must first receive a big fat check and bank account- and then after they buy everything they need and want in life that they can then gradually switch over to the moneyless and non- usury system. Three weeks ago I thought we would first take back all the gold- give everyone a bunch of money to buy everything they wanted and needed in life- and then bam! – we would switch over to the moneyless system. But because I know truth when I hear it- I know that Heathers way is how it will indeed get done. You- me- and everyone else still has third dneisty souls living within us- and they still need to be guided just as those souls did who are now fifth dneisty within us. Make sense? Bet you can tell I am a Leo huh/ Can’t keep my mouth shut. lol

  25. Hello Eagle, and thank you for replying. I have been following all of this for some time and can’t get past the point I have raised above regarding The People having access to an informed decision. I understand what is meant by manifestation, I am curious as to what YOU mean when you say it is up to The People to manifest for the next move to be made when the general lack of this information being available to the over whelming majority of the population is taken in to account. With all due respect, I don’t feel that you addressed the points I brought up in my previous comment. What is your take on The Peoples’ ability to manifest and make a move without access to Absolute Data on a wider scale? There is a pretty major discrepancy here that I can’t reconcile. How can The People make a choice that they don’t know exists? It seems to me that responsibility for clarity and further exposition lies with the people that have stated that these changes have already taken place and it is all ready to go. If the population at large has not been informed about all of this, how can they be told they are the ones holding up the final move? Do you see my point? Some form of disclosure is absolutely necessary. It’s only logical considering what you have said.

  26. Dear Solace One,

    I do understand your concerns. D and Heather have already addressed your questions in the last two interviews.

    As to MY understanding of what we have all been told so far, it is up to the people individually to manifest how they want to proceed with the digital data. Will it be a continuing gold based value system as we have now (or did eons ago, old paradigm) or do we move forward into 5D new paradigm thinking and place the Prime Value on Energy. Afterall, Energy is what all is, including the gold. Set the Gold free to BE. This is the best answer I can give you. It has taken a little bit of time for me to understand this but in the NOW, I most certainly do.

    As one of the guys said in the last show, in just one month we have all raised our vibrations enough to fully understand that realizing the gold is energy we have already moved beyond the concept of needing a physical object to be used to substantiate our worth. Energy is priceless. Any value placed on it has been equated to the old paradigm for people to understand. This IS the Absolute Data. The KNOWING what Gold is. KNOWING what energy is. KNOWING what we are and what all is.

    As far as feeling people are not awake to make a 3D decision is determined by where you are in your ascension process. Those that are blissful in not knowing what is going on actually DO know, they are just not aware of it yet. This is about to change.

    Hence, the Ripping OFF The Band-Aid. The forced awakening of the masses that are asleep, as many call them. The public disclosure and announcements are still forthcoming. Perhaps this is where many people feel the way you do, because they have happened yet. Heather said EVERYTHING is a go NOW.

    Eagle <3

  27. Opinions at this point or speculation gets us no where. I am content to see where we are heading as the outcome is far better than we have now. But it’s fun to think about! <3

  28. I see now, thank you Eagle. I was not aware that any sort of public disclosure to the masses had been arranged. While listening to the last two interviews I must have spaced on any mention of a public disclosure being planned. I am giddy at the prospect of this information being available to The People of our beautiful world at large and the fact that it is imminent is quite thrilling to me, despite how many times in the past we have been told “tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, soon, soon, soon”. I know that you all can understand the skepticism that many involved in all of this have at this point and I look forward to the public disclosure that is forth coming. I fully understand the choice we are making and I am of the Energy camp as opposed to the physical Gold camp because I get what it is to look at this from a 5D perspective. The fact remains however that a vast majority of our fellow human beings are in a decidedly 3D predicament. Many are far from blissful and are in fact experiencing great suffering and hardship and can not move forward without access to Absolute Data. Perhaps instead of saying The People are the ones holding up the last move on the chessboard then, it would be more accurate to say that, until the public disclosure occurs, The People are unable to make a Free Will Choice regarding this move they are being asked to make. It would seem to me that the lack of freely available, and more importantly, wide spread sharing of the facts regarding all of this is what is really holding things up, so I am encouraged by your statement that this information is on its way to those outside the blogoshpere with the world still pulled over their eyes by the powers that were. Let’s rip that Band Aid off and let the Sun shine on in, as even after the announcements are made there will be an immense amount of work (Play) to be done. The sooner the Band Aid comes off the better. Thank you for this exchange friend. And thank you for the role you are playing in all of this. Much Respect and Gratitude.

  29. The imagination is everything.
    You come from realms of
    unimaginable power & light,
    … and you will return to those realms.
    It is the imagination that argues for
    the Divine Spark within
    human beings.
    It is literally a decent of the
    World’s Soul into all of us.”
    —Terence McKenna

    If Money ought to be a moot subject in the formula for orienting society, in a emergent, healthy and axiomatic methodology, here on Planet Earth, then we might need to consider the following concept:

    Golds Practical Utility

    Gold should be the conductive wiring of the Internet that mimics the super-conductivity of a nervous system, operating at full capacity. This affords all to have access to the only source of value and success—information. It then resides with each individual, to use ones own merits (meritocracy) to utilize the open-sourced cybernated minocracy, (Natural Law-RBE/Venus Project) to achieve a desired level of comfort or standard of living. In this way the collective consciousness and beings of the planet will “pay” it’s own fee of “intellectual property” that forms a new social contract of symbiotic reciprocity of voluntary exchange. Money would need to be abolished and all of its derivative occupations dismantled. A “Free Market/Vegas-Like Casino” could be voluntarily self organized to have an arena to establish game like status, if one so chooses. A ludic lifestyle could then ensue and then foster a global golden age of enlightened self-interest coupled by a philosophy comparable to Ubuntu. All things in accord with the Golden Rule and in pursuit of the non-aggression principle. United as one species, on the Planet Earth. Providing stewardship, grace and honor to all life forms domiciled within the sphere of the planet.

    Commerce can still be the life blood of the planet. This formula however, precludes people from stagnant and cancerous accumulation of wealth. Alternative and parallel non-tangible currencies such as gratitude, kindness and love will be commonplace.

    It is after we have mastered peace as a unified species, that we may then join our cosmic brothers and sisters in a new galactic community.

    Remember: Use your imagination; where anything is possible.

    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
    To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
    ―Buckminster Fuller

  30. Nothing wrong with mass meditation as the collective consciousness is then hard at work creating. It is mass prayer or single prayer that is feeding the dark energies as we need not ask for anything from another as though we do not already possess it or at least have access to it given all things are truly connected as one. But we own nothing- and so neither do those of the negative side- but they give the appearance that they do. Do not pray- do not fast- and do not give!

  31. If I may interject here Solace One – The people who will be creating and co- creating here are the ones who are awakened already or are in the process of awakening and they are even now creating the absolute data by doing and knowing. As far as some sort of disclosure we need none if we are of this group as everything we need is already within us and we simply need to pull it out through connecting to our higher selves. If someone is awakened they know how to connect to higher self and if they are not then it is not yet their time. Keep in mind that those who are not yet awakened will eventually awaken as they have to given they are all a part of you and me and Eagle. In other words those who made up our world before are those who will make up our world now in fifth dneisty. So if they do not come around to awakening now- they will very soon. But not everyone will awaken- only the numbers of humans that are required to achieve equilibrium in our world. Believe me friend there are plenty of people around now that will explain every question you have. Hope this helps. WMULAR —Daniel—–

  32. Okay here goes: I do not see how our digital system can be backed by money or credits and I therefore think we can only keep track of them movement of all resources and services rendered to everyone throughout the world. Even bartering will only be an extra goodie added to the mixture but the people cannot be provided for simply through bartering. Every service and resource in our new world and system has to be free to everyone. Therefore everyone will bring what they have in the beginning stages to the table and they will no longer own anything but will share all that they have in order to get this thing moving. Kind of like everyone involved in this new system of ours will state what they have to put into the piggy and we will lump it all together.

  33. And so everyone who has money- whether a lot or a little should buy things( resources) that people would need so as to put it all in the piggy so to speak. Money and usury will no longer be a part of our reality. Once everyone is aware that we are to share everything the creative abilities of the people will become more and more instant and accurate. Therefore the resources will become more abundant very quickly for our new world and system and we will share everything now and no one will own anything in life. What we consume will of course return to the collective energy field of our new reality and what we do not consume will move to the next person when each person is done with it. If you create something for yourself to keep or own that is third dneisty thinking and that alone will remove you from the fifth dneisty collective and your creative abilities will be immensely hindered.

  34. So in other words our creative abilities to create abundance for all people of our new world and reality is based on the collective consciousness of the collective ( or people) who make up our new system. The numbers are not important at this time as we simply need the right people and not a lot of people. The right people meaning everyone who has awakened in the world to come together in co -creation of this new reality and system. This is because we have truly been awakening in the world but we were not in touch with one another before like we are now- and we can now therefore co- create this reality and system we have all already created within the spiritual realms- and we are simply manifesting this realty and system in the material and physical realms now. But remember everyone that this is my truth and until we all come together with our collective truth my truth is only speculation. WMULAR —-Daniel—-

  35. James you should not accept anything on faith nor do we create now form faith- but from a knowing. Those who come on board with this thing will either know it will work or they will trust those who initially guide them to come on board with this thing simply because they know those persons who are awakened and know they can be trusted. And for those who are not yet awakened and are afraid ( or simply do not trust this idea) will all eventually come around to a higher way of thinking and will like this new system a lot as well – and will understand and trust it through simply knowing it is the correct change for us all – but Faith and hope have no part in this whatsoever friend.

  36. Now because the people cannot charge for their services as there is no monetary system or rate of exchange (other than bartering through each individuals free will choosing to provide a service for another service; resource; or raw material object) this is where bartering has its value in society. Certainly ever raw material and resource is available to all citizens of the world in this new system of ours, but one human being or their labor cannot be held accountable to another human being or their labor as all are free to think- do- say- and live as they wish in life, while owing nothing to another human being without their free will choosing or consent. So you see all labor and service provided by one human being to another human or group of humans is and will always now be based on the consent of every human being on the planet. There is no more majority rules so that a minority is immediately created from this type of choosing within society. Every man and woman will now choose for themselves and will never again be forced to join or become a part of a single group throughout the world any longer. (cont.)

  37. No more paying for services with money or credits as all value is now found within every human being individually. If you were to pay for a service then our society would once again have to be reliant on a monetary system which is what we want to get away from now. If every resource and raw material is now free to all the people what would you now buy with the money someone payed for your services with? Nothing! Oh but wait! I didn’t think about this! What if instead of relying on the barter system for services that we did at least enact the credit system ( not money that someone can inherit or be given as a gift) so that Joe down the street can get a new house built by you simply because you owed his brother ten thousand dollars and you want the other guy to pay you what he owed your brother before he died. Therefore any agreement between you and another is simply between you and another as there will be no laws to make you pay someone what your brother might have owed them. So my friends indeed we can either use a digital system of credits or we can use a system where services are rendered based on the barter system and all resources and raw materials are completely free to the people. Now that I think about it Credits would not be so bad- but they will allow for one person to keep track of the credits owed them and then they could expect payment of credits from another based on what their family member owed before they passed from this world.

  38. But what I am not considering here friends is the fact that we now live in a fifth dneisty society – the one we are presently manifesting in the world – ( but has already been created by us as the One) and each person of this society would not wish to require another human being to pay the debt of their friends- family- or ones who owe them a favor before they passed on. In other words every man and woman is now completely responsible for himself and herself – and that is it. At the same time if you Dave owe Joe down the street three thousand credits and Joe wants a house built by you then that is between you and Joe and no law exists now that will require you to pay up with Joe as the agreement was between you and him. Can Joe kill you if you do not pay up? No! Why? Because the society we have already created and are presently manifesting in our world is one that believes in complete peace and no violence- no punishment- no wars- no jails- no prisons- and no harm or loss from one human toward another in life. What happens then if you go against these universal fifth dneisty laws of the heart? Cannot be done as any human who makes it to fifth dneisty existence does so because they have long given up these practices.

  39. So in closing on this topic I would simply say that the credit system sounds like a good one as long as it is not backed by anything but energy put out by each human and energy received in turn. You will not do your neighbor wrong and your neighbor will not do you wrong because this is not how fifth dneisty (heart) works. Credits are therefore for nothing more than keeping track digitally of who has given what services and who has received the same. At the same time I believe there will soon come a time when everything can be kept track of from within- and no digital system will ever again be needed by or for the people. So far this to me sounds like a wonderful system and one that I have created ( or co- created) already- and am about to now manifest within the world and new system. So we will have credits for services rendered and services received- and all resources and raw materials within the world will be free for all to share as is needed in life. Anyone wish to weigh in on this feel free. WMULAR —Daniel—-

  40. Gold and all precious metal have a need to be free just like all of us. It was created free and needs to be free. Energy is all there is…

  41. Hey Eagle am I to understand that in a matter of a couple of weeks we can have the digital system up and running and we would have digital dollars whether we decided to use the gold backed system or the energy of the gold and silver backing the dollars.? If this is the case when would we be getting rid of money? Or is this actually the getting rid of the money and eventually we would not even need the dollars found in the digital system any longer and everything would eventually become free for all? If this is the case am I to assume the gold and silver is going to bring about the St. Germain trust funds no matter what – so as to get the ball rolling/ Is this a better interpretation of what is coming girly? WMULAR -Daniel—

  42. My understanding is, and I can be wrong – I’m human! :), is that it will be digital. I don’t believe there will be any currency to hold. We will have to see what is rolled out.

  43. Yes Eagle I realize it will be digital one way or the other as this makes perfect sense to us all- but will those digits be backed by money- will they have value or will they simply be tracking the providing of free resources? Any ideas? Also what I am understanding to actually be the case myself ( and I could be wrong as well) is we are deciding now if the digital system will reflect financial abundance backed by energy only or we have to decide if it will actually be backed by gold or silver. You see Eagle my situation is like that of many of you —I have learned to do with little in life and I can make it for some time with very little- but my family is hurting badly because they actually have nothing but the clothes on their backs because I gave everything up- like many of you I am sure. So I want to see money now only to pick them up to a point they are satisfied until all hell ( actually heaven I suppose)breaks loose for us all. If I were to guess I would say everyone pretty much wants the same as me- help our families who do not understand yet- and then later get rid of money all together. What are your thoughts on what will happen? WMULAR —Daniel—

  44. Apologies Daniel, but what you have said here just doesn’t sit well with me at all. How is what your saying aligned with the spirit of transparency and community? Who decides who is ‘awakened’ enough to take part in such an incredibly important moment in our civilization’s history? If The People have been kept in the dark by some sort of nefarious cabal, why not extend them a helping hand and supply them with the necessary information to open their eyes? How can so few be involved when there are 7 billion people on our planet? When I connect with my Higher Self, I instantly desire to share this event far and wide. Shouldn’t the idea be to gather as many of our fellow brothers and sisters as possible and to sing this song of transformation and Freedom from the mountaintops for all The People to hear? I think you are selling many people short with your line of thinking. I truly believe in my Heart of Hearts that many many fine folks would be highly interested and indeed quite awake once this information was made public, and who knows what latent genius and talent would then come forth to assist with all of this. What a joyous thing that would be indeed, don’t you think? Why in the name of everything good and beautiful in this world would anyone be expected to sit on the sidelines or be left behind? How does what you are saying here honor The Peoples’ Free Will Choice if they have no chance to be involved and everything is being done for them by a select few who are ‘awakened’ enough? If the good people behind all of this can foreclose on all of these ingrained institutions, teleport vast quantities of precious metals, and wield the power to transform our world, surely some form of public announcement or disclosure of sorts is not beyond the realm of possibility. I’m sorry, but to me it just feels really really wrong to go about all of this without the input and involvement of the population at large. It’s their world too. One People, One Love, One Destiny. All united and Free At Last, and All playing a role in Creation. OPPT, just put this out there already, would you? I think we will all be pleasantly surprised at how many supposedly ‘unawakened’ people will hop right to it once given access to Absolute Data. Anything less, in my opinion, is doing mankind a great disservice and doesn’t feel justified or even logical to me.

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