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Saturday, 02 February 2013

BE Free!

Ask yourself the question. “Do I feel free?”

Now, test your answer against everything you do, for a day or two.

Are you free to wake up naturally or do you rely on an alarming clock to wake you?

Do you go to a job you love?

Do you get time to just be lazy or spontaneous?

Do you go to your job for any other reason than to collect a paycheck?

Do you have hobbies that you dream of making professions?

Are you doing the things you do because of obligation or guilt?

Do you feel free to spend your hard earned money any way you please?

Okay… maybe you don’t even need 2 days to test it. It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Right now we are like the frog in the slowly warmed pan of water. It feels so warm and soothing and progresses so slowly that before we know it, we’re cooked.

It’s time we each begin to deeply examine why we allow ourselves to be enslaved. What motivates you to do all the things you’d choose not to, if you only knew you were free.


We each, and every one, has a Divine Birthright. We are gifted, by our Supreme Creator, with free will and we can make the free will choice to reclaim our freedom and liberty.

For a remedy to this situation search the “One People’s Public Trust 1776”