OPPT Questions From the People

OPPT Questions From the People

The OPPT documents that were disclosed on December 25th have swept across the land like wildfire. It has become a grassroots movement taken on by hundreds of thousands of people across the world (soon to be millions) who all want the same thing; They want freedom from the old enslavement system and a choice to live their lives according to their own free will.

Perhaps the most valuable asset of the entire OPPT movement is its ability to unite and mobilize the people. When dealing with overcoming old systems of power, it is through the power of the people that we can accomplish this.
Shortly after releasing the Fix the World Business Plan I began to dive into learning more about this OPPT movement. As part of my own personal role, I wrote a Primer to help explain the OPPT in laymen’s terms. This Primer is not yet published as it is awaiting further edits and additions from members of the OPPT-IN team.

In the process of my research I found myself flooded with emails, Skypes and phone calls from people all over the world. All with pressing questions and concerns that I am still looking for answers to myself. The thought of true freedom is so enticing for all of us, and I fully support and believe in the message of freedom and self-empowerment that the OPPT movement has brought to our attention. As always I plan to take a balanced viewpoint on covering this information wherever possible. My goal is to present the information to you with the best of my understanding and give you the data you need to come to your own conclusions. HopeGirl and the Fix the World Organization will always be putting the people and the planet at the forefront of our hearts and minds.

So, in the spirit of transparency I wanted to pose some of the questions that have come up from the people themselves here on this blog post and allow everyone to comment on them. Especially if any of you have the answers to these questions, hopefully we can all help each other out here. These questions do not come from me directly and I have kept the authors of these questions non-disclosed for the protection and privacy of the individuals that have asked them. What I can tell you is that they come from a wide variety of people, some in “high places” and others who work hard like the rest of us just to get by.

1)Why can’t I find the UCC filings from OPPT on the UCC site? The only UCC filings from the OPPT I can find are on the OPPT site. If I can’t find them on the UCC site, how do I know that they are legitimate? Could they have been blocked by the UCC site? And who actually runs the day to day operations of the UCC? (note this video with instructions on how to find the UCC filing was put out by Caleb, one of the OPPT trustees… please note that Caleb has a very “direct” personality http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmqGAcd3UQc)

2)Who’s going to enforce this on my behalf and protect me from being harmed? The judges are doing whatever they want anyway and what if standing up to them with these UCC filings make the judges very angry and I end up thrown in Jail or lose my home?

3)If the trustees reallocated all the money in the world to the people on the behalf of all the people, then where is the money (gold, silver) now and why have they not released it to the people who are in desperate need for money to survive?

4)What exactly is a CVAC, how do I know that its real, and how do I know that the OPPT funds are really there?

5)If all of this has been done on behalf of all of the people of the planet, then why is it not communicated in a way that the people can understand? What about those that don’t have the time or the ability to do hours of research or read legalese?

6)What if the old grandmother who doesn’t use the internet gets this information from her granddaughter whom she trusts, and then files these UCC filings and ends up flagging herself to the system, gets cut off from the system, does not have anything else to replace this assistance and can no longer get her medications. What if she dies from this? Who’s going to take responsibility?

7)If all of this is already done then why and how is everything still running? If we’ve taken over the system, then why are the banks still operating as usual and why haven’t we already switched the coding in the banks to implement this?

8)If the cabal no longer has control of the media and the internet, why have these filings been forbidden to be disclosed on main stream media by the political authorities, but not censored from the internet? Why haven’t the sites been taken down?

These are just a few questions that have been posed. I feel that it’s important that we all help each other find the answers. I look forward to hearing what any of you may have to offer to this discussion in the comments below.

As for me, while I await the completion of the Primer, I will continue to bring the Fix the World Organization forward. As this was created for the people and by the people, the business plan belongs to the people and it can change and adapt to the needs of the people. Our main goal is and always will be to find something that actually works in the end and brings the changes the people need into manifestation. For this reason I am excited to say that I think we’ve found a way to bring the people what they need that does not rely on one single thing. The plan will work with or without a new system, with or without the release of prosperity packages or currency revaluation. It is the bridge, it is the definition of our transition period we must go through to get to the new paradigm, and it is here now through countless hours of hard work and relationship building. Stay tuned, much more to come to you on this soon as we get the website up and running for all of you to submit your resumes, project ideas and input.

Forever in Service to all of you my beloved humanity,

Your Hope

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  1. I have some reservations about the attitude of the presenter (trustee) who stated that who ever could not find info about ucc filling as winders on more that one occasions on the video. That is sad my opinion only. I sense as if he didnt want to do it. Why did he? Did someone force him to do it? If we are talking FREE will, force is Out, thats the old system right?

  2. and please Heather do not give me again the sh… about trying to manifest the $ …. why you did not try that when you went into foreclosure.

  3. I see that we are starting out comments with a BANG, if I may ,,,Attitudes , Thoughts, Feelings and Words “ALL” have energy my Friends. If one does not embrace this Truth all your comments merely slip through the filter as counter productive. Be aware that with Heart-felt intent you CAN manifest the energy of $ if the practice is performed with authenticity. If you want to understand how that can be achieved I suggest repeatedly watching Gregg Braden’s “Language of the Divine Matrix” taped in Italy in 2007. It explains very precisely how to accomplish it and the parameters required. In Service,, In Lak’ech,,

  4. Wow! So much fear showing up here in these questions. It feels like the old system really has a grip on some. May I suggest that people start with their imagination and visualize this new world. Trust that all is possible if you believe it is. Can we let go of judgement and come to appreciation for these UCC fillings? Start believing and the old paradigm shall fall of it’s own accord. All of the answers can be found within you. First you have to ask the question and be quiet so you can hear the answer. Peace and blessings to all. Be still and know I am dwelling in delicious chaos.

  5. I am not in a position of needing to use the UCC filings. i.e. I am not in jeopardy of losing my home or in conflict because of some one coming after me. For this, I am grateful. I did use the UCC filings 20 years ago against the IRS and was successful. However, the way I feel about this OPPT is to just let it play out and hold the space and the energy THAT ALL IS DONE. Supposedly, the team is putting everything in place to activate the CVACs. I think we will all know more when this happens. Meanwhile, I live in the forever NOW moment and KNOW that I am FREE. I live in GRATITUDE for all that is transpiring in each moment. I truly appreciate all who are dedicating their time and energy to move all of this forward. The Fix the World project is a beautiful work of art. My career has been in accounting, Barter Exchanges, Computers, etc. so I really admire the Flow Charts and the incredible presentation of FTW. It will be nice when OPPT is a clear. In the mean time, LOVE to all and enjoy the unfolding.

  6. well, Nick – another video to watch – I AM a LIGHTWORKER and on behalf of everybody who did not hear about Gregg Braden (on which I spent at some $ for his books, and so…) – do not give us more of this BS…- just manifest it for all humanity if Greg’s instructions work so well. what about that, Nick?

  7. here is a link to check about seeing the half full glass (in my humble opinion) http://www.thehealersjournal.com/2013/02/09/are-you-creating-lack-or-abundance-in-your-life/ – which is a lot of stuff that many of us know about it and passed through already

    what I am saying is that what’s presented in the link still looks as a “struggle” to me and does not eliminates the “slavery state” in which (with all promises) all of us still are – where are the prosperity funds, and the disclosure, and the light chambers, …

  8. To all concerned with receiving a financial grant after having sent a grant request:
    The grant program is real.
    The grant program has been closed to the enormous number of grant requests already received to allow time to process them all.
    Everyone who has already sent in a grant request will receive a grant, but the grant program is now closed and we are not able to accept or process any further grant requests.  Any further grant requests will be deleted.
    I cannot tell anyone exactly when the grant disbursements will begin, or how much the grants will be because it is against the law, as to offer such information is considered by the government to be an “enticement” and therefore a solicitation and that is illegal.
    Nobody has received a grant yet.  Not one.  The intention is to provide the disbursements of the grants to those who are homeless, destitute and in extreme financial and/or personal hardship, which thousands whose homes were destroyed by hurricane Sandy and the one in New Orleans because the government has not as yet released any funds to help them.
    The government has apparently released funds for disbursement, but has NOT stated exactly when this will happen.  I have requested to be told when the funds will be released, and was given the answer “soon”, whatever that means.
    It is the intention of the grant organization to re-open the grant program sometime later this year, but it is entirely dependent on how much funding the government actually releases, and when.  Please do NOT count on this because nobody can rely on what the government says or actually does or does not.
    If you receive ANY information for any other source other than myself contrary to the above it is NOT TRUE and ignore it as it is possibly speculation or miss-information.
    This grant program has absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with the NESARA farm claims program in any way, shape or form, period.  Do NOT allow yourself to speculate or to accept anyone else’s speculation about anything to do with the grant program under any circumstances.  If you hear it from me, it is the only information that will be released, period. so disregard anything else you may hear about this particular grant program from anyone else or that you may read or see on any blog or web site on the Internet no matter who places these alternative comments or information.
    I have been told there are at least 70 other different prosperity programs up and running now somewhere in the world.  Other than the so-called NESARA program, which is still being blocked, I personally have absolutely no idea what those programs are or who the people behind them are.  I know nothing about them and am far too busy to check them out, even if I knew how to find them, which I do not.
    I personally offer everyone reading this my very best  wishes for a truly wonderful NEW YEAR filled with fun, adventure, success and prosperity!
    Best regards to everyone
    Clayton Hanna
    Grant facilitator

    I received an email from Removing the Shackles telling us to apply for the first prosperity funds to be released. I applied by emailing Clayton Hanna who now says the grant is for disaster relief from government funds. A totally different story! So what do you think that was all about? Information gathering?

    We seem to be very gullible because we so desire to see change that we jump on the band wagon of every Drake and Heather that comes along. The problem is when the “real deal” comes along, we won’t believe them. Maybe that’s the purpose?

  9. Well for those who hold the right levels of energy they will know Heather is the real thing and Drake is not- not that Drake is not a good guy but he is being misled and there to keep the people distracted through negative energies.

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