Eternal Heart Game. Who’s Up to the Challenge?

From what I understand from what Heather has been saying lately, is that all our Eternal Hearts have been activated. We each chose a trigger and the role of the person we are to BE before entering the child’s body prior to birth, while still in the womb, to open our Eternal Hearts to remember who we are and what we already know. This is the key. Who’s up to the challenge to play the game?

Apparently, when we chose to come to Earth to experience this paradigm and entered the child’s body, we chose the child, the parents, the circumstances and the path. We knew this going in. We also knew we would forget who we are. The game is to remember who we are by going about our lives on the paths chosen, provided we didn’t stray too badly, we should find our way back to that path.

On that path, we meet people, we experience events, we learn, we grow and we accomplish talents along the way which all make up who we become. This is our BEing. Our DOing is putting forth our love and passion for what we have learned to be of service to self and others. How are we doing?

Many are DOing what they love as their career. Most are not. So perhaps, most of us are not DOing so well in that department. Who knows? But, the outcome is far from over yet. We each learn along our paths to enlightenment.

I know I’ve strayed and gotten back on my path a few times. I’ve met some wonderful people, have a great family and consider myself one of the lucky ones. There are far too many that don’t have that luxury.

What have we learned along the way and the people we’ve met that have triggered certain milestones in your life? Each step to where we are now started somewhere. First the conspiracies, the doubts, the questions, the searching and the inner seeking are usually considered milestones to awakening. You actually questioned the authorities that have been ruling your lives. Congratulations!

Once you have begun to wake up and followed several more paths to enlightenment such as conspiracy theories, the falsehood of religion, corruption in corporations, governments, political, medical, entertainment or what have you, you begin to go down many rabbit holes seeking truth. I believe each piece of the puzzle is what Heather calls “Absolute Data”. When you have learned a lot about what you have put together, lay them all out on the table.

Then you take more data from friends, family and more searching and add that data to the data you have. The pile begins to grow. Soon that pile is pretty big! When you speak to others that are like minded, this pile gets humongous.

When do we stop gathering data? Never. There is far too much of it and even in areas that we haven’t looked yet or known to look yet. However, our Eternal Hearts KNOW all the Absolute Data.

When we figure out the trigger to open our Eternal Heart, then the Absolute Data of all data will be known to us. But, until then, we do it the hard way.

So, we ask ourselves, starting out as a very higher BEing, what could we have set our trigger points at. What in our 3D suppressed BEing state would trigger this? Obviously, awakening is one of them, gathering data is another. Each are trigger points, but are they the final trigger? I don’t think so. I think it’s something much more. But, what is it? Where is it? How can we find it? This is the challenge.


So, the game challenge is….remembering what our triggers are. This can be fun or frustrating. We already know what it is, but we need to remember what it is.

Once we figure it out. The game is over, but the ascension begins. 5D and beyond Baby!! 🙂



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