Watch the World Come Alive – A Vision

Picture A vision from Dream Hopper:

There is your higher self and there is you; separated into this image projected into 3D.  You have forgotten how to access everything BUT the image (you) projected into the dream (3D world).  There will be a release of this incredible amount of energy that will alter your understanding of your 3D projection in this dream.

It is as if you had a huge cylinder of water with a spicket at the bottom.  The only thing you are conscious of is the spicket.  The water has always been there, you just weren’t aware of it.  This “moment” is like a releasing of the spicket.  It will all flow together and BE incredibly obvious; TRUTH.  There will be a “grocking” of the idea that the projection can be ANYTHING YOU SAY it is.

My dream from last night:

I am outside watching ships in the sky… they are lighting up the sky, drawing images of people, like stick people, along with beautiful designs.. they are playing!  This is happening all over the world at once.  In my dream I can “see” the other parts of the world where they are in the skies… day or night, playing.  They are flying around while we all watch, and we all do. This is at the same moment in time… for a long time.

Eventually we are all out of our houses… watching and talking.


“And the world comes alive…”

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for, and as my friend just shared “It is NOW the time we have been waiting for!”

Much love!