Obama’s 3 Hour Speech to Reveal Everything on Monday!

Following up on last night’s Doug McCollum’s posting in the Free At Last Facebook group and my article comes more news this morning that Obama is speaking LIVE on television Monday night for 3 hours, April 1. Some comments hope this is no April Fool’s joke! This is not confirmed at this time, so please keep your eyes and ears open for pending air time. Hopefully, we will be getting a heads up to make sure we don’t miss this. Monday’s date originated here and here. Could these be more false posts like so many others? Those strongly following the Dinar RV re-set believe this to be true. But, for now, we must consider this as only a rumor until more is revealed. And, you can bet I’ll be blogging it when it does! [UPDATE: Doug just replied to my request about date and time of speech: “We know this is now in its final realm. Today is Easter. That’s a specific holiday. We are expecting all to go down between now and tomorrow. Announcements will probably start at mid noon or nite. Stay grounded but pray and be expectant.”]

However, when the speech does occur, Doug says, this 3 hour speech includes disclosure and announcements “we [have] been waiting for … after that, its 10 days [of] education on all media.” “There’s a lot entailed in these 3 hours including debt forgiveness, taxation, federal reserve and New UST [US Treasury], prosperity packages, new government and more parts of Nesara. The BIGGEST part which will take longest is the original 13th amendment and lawyers being agents. 3 hours will be enough time.”

When I first heard of this 3 hour speech last night that was planned for Monday, I knew something was up. I don’t recall any of his other speeches being this long before. And, in all honesty, I was never an Obama supporter. Even I have much to learn.

I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow night in front of my television set. Don’t have a TV anymore? I believe this speech will be aired online and on the radio as well. This is too big for anyone to miss. I will continue to find out more information about the airing of this speech. I hear we want to make sure you catch the first 15 minutes!

Some information that will be highlighted in the speech are the original hidden 13th Amendment:

Posted by Doug McCollum:
“From 1832 to 1878 the TITLES OF NOBILITY AMENDMENT(13TH ORIGINAL AMENDMENT) started to disappear from all textbooks and documents in every library and offices across America. Only one group had the accessibility, the availability, and the ability to do this..THE LAWYERS.” –Daryl Frech, April 2010.

By the time of the war of 1812 we had already seen 12 states ratify the TONA original 13th amendment. In actuality..Virginia commonwealth had been the 13th and required state to ratify this important amendment. Two states including Rhode Island were not proper states at this point in time so the union was not abridged to them. SOUTH CAROLINA had voted against the 13th amendment due to corrupt cotton industry southern lawyers already in their legislatures. So with Virgina passing their state to this TONA we had at that point of April 1810 a new amendment prohibiting lawyers from taking public office and receiving compensations.

Make NO mistake, when the attorneys who accept the BAR, whether federal, state, local, etc…they are all rescinding their American citizenship..every one of them. They know it instantly that they are then citizens of England, when they accept the BAR and receive the title esquire. ALL OF THEM, EVERY ONE, ARE GUILTY OF TREASON AND WILL BE DEALT WITH HARSHLY..IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATEs of America. They have no recourse and will have to face what they have done to our country. They are all the kings agents.

When we won the Revolutionary War in 1776, King George made a documented statement and he says ” I refuse to acknowledge the capitulation of Cornwallis to Washington on the war of the Americas, and I will use my OWN private agents to carry out this warfare forever in that country”. This statement was written in a journal and documented. THOSE PRIVATE AGENTS ARE THE ESQUIRES OR ATTORNEYS THAT RECEIVE THE BAR AND FIGHT YOU AND I ANY ANY FASHION TO ROB US OF WEALTH AND TO ILLEGALLY IMPRISON AND/OR IMPOVERISH US. It doesn’t matter if its a divorce, child custody, tax lien, rental/mortgage payments, whatever, they work to milk all Americans out of their wealth. This money is then sent to the crown of England. Only portions are kept to pay these high price attorneys.

These attorneys and judges love the idea of being rich, but with that BAR position comes…POWER. The power is what fuels this because of the control they can display over normal working citizens. This has been a warfare since the Revolutionary War against you and I. Personally i cant wait til they are infected with OUR republic CONSTITUTION and its penalties for being treasonous snakes in our society. I HOPE ALL OF YOU PASS THIS ON AND SPREAD THE WORD. SEND IT TO ANYONE WHO MAY EVEN HAVE A LAWYER IN THEIR FAMILY OR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS. Because this little well known secret is gonna be in the announcements coming soon.”

Farms.com hosts an article about the One People’s Public Trust’s action in the State of California posted October 15, 2011 by Wally Brown called stop foreclosures. The original article broke the day before on Before It’s News.

Most people already know about NESARA, the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. But if you haven’t, the entire NESARA history is on Nancy B. Detweiler’s website posted August 17, 2011 which started from the Farm Claims back in the 80’s.

On Nancy’s website, she also posted an article of Matthew’s Message dated March 11, 2013 titled Why Are Things Moving So Slowly? I normally don’t post channeling, but this one is quite revealing.

The fact that you are reading this now makes you a lightworker, spreading the news to others and to enlighten your own path. We are here for a reason. We have been united for a goal. We found our way to each other for a purpose.

Now that some of you have a better understanding of what’s been going on behind the scenes, tomorrows speech and the coming days, weeks and months shall be very interesting….

Here is a precursor to tomorrow’s scheduled speech:

President Obama uses his weekly address to mark a sacred time for the millions of Americans celebrating Easter and Passover, and he calls on everyone to use this time to reflect on the common values we share as a nation. The President says that this is a chance to embrace loved ones, give thanks for our blessings, and help those less fortunate as we celebrate our individual traditions as well as the thread of humanity that connects us all.

Love, Peace and Happiness to ALL

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  1. its not confirmed —- after all these years they have been lying to us and we are now expected to believe this jesus man im so sick of this shit but, im still praying i don’t know what for but, i am —- down and out in gettysburg pa is anybody in this area email me phbiz2700@gmail.com

  2. I with all my heart pray this will truly happen. There have been so much disinfo and so many let downs. I pray my heart isn’t crushed yet again. I will remain hopeful as possible that this will indeed happen.

  3. I, more than anyone, would like to know this to be true. I started to reblog it and started thinking. If Obama was a “Trojan” horse so to speak, why would anyone in the knowing of this could be historical event Monday, let such news out? On the other hand, I can see it being released thinking that most would not believe it any way. What do you think Eagle?

  4. I have seen items about Obama to speak on TV and nothing ever transpires. I checked Monday nights TV schedule and nothing appears on the media stations between 6PM – 10PM.

  5. So where did you get this info Eagle? I don’t see anything about it anywhere except from you. Where did you get your information?

  6. Really? I would love to believe this…but just like the carrot that dangles just out of reach for the rv…so does this speech. I would love for it to be real…sick to death of the evil in this world and really just can’t take another letdown. Jus sayin’…jus…tired of it all. Jus tired.

  7. The Obama 3-hour speech on Monday, April FOOLS DAY, is NOT happening. I can confirm this 100%

  8. All I can tell you Jerry is it is tied into other events that have already happened behind the scenes. They are done now. This now opens the door to announcements. I did not add anything to facts. All the facts are in quotations directly from the source. The White Knights are in control and are calling the shots now. They will do what they must do when they feel the time is right to do it. The source is also in the loop and a secondary level White Knight with info given to him. We are indeed all frustrated and tired. WE ALL ARE!!!

  9. Robert. Think of this. What if everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, we’ve been told and taught since birth were a lie. An illusion. This is crazy, it sounds crazy. But is it crazy? All any of us can do, is keep the faith in ourselves THAT WE CAN DO THIS!!! Everything else is transpiring as it is supposed to. Oh and…your questions…there are many answers to each of them. You WON’T like any of the answers though based on your statements. You BELIEVE in the lies you’ve been taught. You need to do a lot more research and reading. ONLY you can believe what you choose to believe when the time is right for you to believe it. I, nor anyone else, can force you or anyone to believe something they are not ready to believe in. Everything we have done in our lives getting us to this point has been on a path to our disclosure of truth. No, it wasn’t sudden, in a blink of an eye or in 5 minutes. It’s taken our lifetime to get here. But, there are many other powers at work now for the entire universe that IS speeding everything up for full awakening of EVERYONE on the planet. Be patient, no one is being left behind. When the shift comes, even those that have no clue or idea that governments are corporations, any of the conspiracies in our world or that we should not work and pay taxes will be awake. THEY are the ones that will take it the hardest. They are not on the path to truth. They merely accept what is. This will ROCK their world in a different way then it will rock ours. At least we know some stuff. What’s coming….we don’t know about. No one will get off scott free either. So…i will not confirm nor deny your statements as they are yours based on your belief on YOUR path. Anything I or anyone else says to you…you won’t believe us anyway. BUT HEY! I LOVE YOU!!!!! We are family. 🙂

  10. I’d be extremely surprised to see it published anywhere. How can surprises of this magnitude be advertised. An insider posted in a facebook group some intel from a group of insiders. I was given permission to post in this article. I didn’t need to do anything at all for any one any where. The messenger is getting shot here. MAKE ME WONDER WHY I EVEN BLOG TO PEOPLE IN THE FIRST PLACE. It is an ungrateful VOLUNTARY job!

  11. Given that the US just sent fighter jets to South Korea, I doubt that this event will take place. It simply does not fit together. On the one hand a big disclosure of freedom and on the other sending fighter jets.

  12. My dear friend Eagle,
    The news you bring is awesome. Im not an insider and I dont have any inside intel. What I do know is what it feels like in my heart when I read your words. I want you to know that its because of people like you bringing us all this beautiful vision of love, peace and freedom that I cant wait to get up every morning, turn on my computer and for me your message this day has electrified my spirit which is now dancing the rest of my body around the room in the most intense joy and happiness. I live in the UK and we are waking up over hear and we love your messages. The first I heard about what was going to happen was back in the 70’s when I used to read the work of T Lobsang Rampa. The path I took back then has led me to here and this moment and your blog Eagle. For me personally, I really feel that I am closer now than I have ever been to the great awakening moment for all mankind.
    For those who cannot find words of kindness and support for my friend Eagle.
    Its make your mind-up time. Who’s side are you on. Rampa said ” Its better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”.
    We are all one. In la’kesh!!

  13. Robert, Why did God allow? It’s called Free Will and was supposed to be a gift to us. You have chosen to use your free will gift to focus on negative events. And so you feel miserable. For a long while in my 80 years of living, I too chose to focus on negativity – and I wasn’t very happy, either. But over the years I began to be persuaded – by lots of people and events – that to focus on a particular thing brings it stronger into my life and “reality” – and so I learned to focus on the positive – the result being that although there still are lots of negatives in my life, I’m happy. I’m learning that negatives have a purpose, which is to teach us to focus on positive events, people and outcomes. I do hope you’ll try this. We are indeed ALL ONE. And do remember, once God gives us a gift, He/She does not reneg on the promise! God will not interfere in our use of this Free Will gift.

  14. dutchman here, so nothing to see on 21 dec 2012 and this is the end date of the transition time, if it does not happen , I wil get on with my live as I used to when I was stil not awake and wil have to live in the old system, and I wil not BE happy .

  15. Robert, you have to leave the old paradigm thoughts behind. Everything you’ve been taught in order to see things another way. The shackles most bare that have not awakened much yet are the shackles of religion and authority. Within both religion and authority hides a many great untruths. And the traditional teachings about God in one major. Everyone has a birth given right to free will. How could God or any other entity that gave us that free will step and do anything. That in and of itself would be interference.

  16. Nesara News is not a reliable source. They have been putting this type of info out forever.

  17. You’re not floating in a boat all alone Nancy. There are powers in numbers. Keep with the numbers and don’t fall back. That is the fodder for the very thing you and everyone else is tired of.

  18. No it is not Eagle. I appreciate what you put here and understand a great deal more than most I have seen post here. My original post was a question more so than a belief that all this is BS. However, you know as well as I do there are those from the dark side putting out disinformation that also at times feel good. We are in the battle of Armageddon…light against dark right now that most religious followers don’t even see. We’re in the end game don’t stop now because of lost souls looking for answers and tired of believing.

  19. See FJ. The plain and simple fact that you’d go to the white house website in search of truth proves…you don’t get it. Sit in quietness and observe.

  20. Yep he DID his Special speech this morning. It was a kid pretending to be the President, kind of like Obama. And the kid wished everybody an awesome April Fools Day. I knew this couldn’t be true. The day will probably come when the President does have to make a speech kind of like that, but it will be after things totally collapse and they are trying to sell the one world government. Anyway, Happy April Fools Day! 😉

  21. well, where is the speech? and “ALL MEDIA [will be covering the announcements?

    maybe you should learn to better discern what’s true or not, check your “closed’ friends, and expose them for what they are.

  22. Yeah, where’s the speech? your credibility is on the line here. Is this some sort of sick April fools joke? I want NESARA, and I want it now. Stop stealing our hope. Now if this doesn’t happen, I/we will have our hopes dashed again. Please stop tormenting us!

  23. 1st April is fools day. Dear Eagle, I think, someone was making a joke with you. Such an important speech would be officially announced. Only emergency speeches are done without announcement.

    I can understand the people, which are thick because of never ending empty announcements, where nothing happened. And this may be also only a carrot in front of the nose of the monkey. People don’t like it. Because of this everyone, who places such informations is walking on thin ice.


  24. this site should be shut down for this misinformation ,, this is not the first time,, it is not like you said “it would be nice” or ” it may happen” once again this stupid Eagle or whoever is allowing people to provide statemetns that have no backing whatsoever, is misleading so many with false hopes,, Your site really should be shut down!!!!! Where is ANY proof whatsoever that this nonsense is going to be addressed on the public major networks ? There is NO mention of a time or a station ANYWHERE. Not even on WhiteHouse.gov.. Nothing ,, how could you,, you really ought to be ashamed of yourselves for misleading so many with false hopes and dreams of this being a possibility .. Peoples Public Trust , my ass!!!!

  25. Beliefs are no more than lies we tell ourselves and each other to perpetuate the systems in all its forms. Perhaps we don’t consciously look upon them as lies but even the word be-lie-f is showing you what they are. It’s important to be aware of what your be-lie-ves are as oppose to what you KNOW. And I know very little.

    Being positive for positive-sake is a feel-good exercise, or worse, dangerous, if it leads to a deleterious psychological state, kind of like the niece hoping against hope that her kind old Uncle Gropy’s hands are simply searching for his lost keys all over the place. TPTW know exactly who they’re fondling and it includes the entire 99%, and the “regulators” watch on.
    I’m not saying you should frown, just make sure that your feel-goodness doesn’t gloss over the true nature of current conditions.

    With all the current disinformation on the internet geared to mislead those who are awake and those who are not I feel its important we use more discernment when posting information. We need to ensure there is evidence backing it up. Unfortunately humans tend to follow along like sheep to slaughter believing (there’s that word again;)) things they’re told or read without demanding proof. It has a lot to do with why we’re in the mess we’re now in. We need to ask more questions and expect verifiable answers from those who share information. It’s amazing to me that at this point in our evolution we are still just relying on hear say.

  26. Good Sir,
    God was never there to prevent deaths…each soul coming for different reasons. If I took my own life, or someone else’s this night, how would God be involved? It is about free will and I doubt, God likes it any more than you. The Earth is a hell because Satan(ists) took control…let’s let God take control now…and I only have faith that this has some truth to it…nothing as evidence. Let it be.

  27. Hearsay is all the people have until AFTER anything happens. Obviously, then all would KNOW anyway and there will be no more need for blogs, writers, or information. These ongoing attempts to right the wrongs of the Powers that Were or Be by all groups (political, spiritual, religious, activists, environmentalists, etc.) have been going on for how long? Do all the work done from the heart to make things right go unnoticed? No, they do not. Do the messengers take all the heat? Yes, they do. Readers read. Writers, write. Trying to get details on a conspiracy of what goes on behind the scenes is virtually impossible and it is ALL speculation. ALL communication should therefore be cut off from all people as it is all interpretation, hearsay and what if’s. Plus, it is so easy for readers to criticize unless they themselves are doing something to help right these wrongs.

  28. excerpt, in my words: This is not confirmed at this time, so please keep your eyes and ears open for pending air time. Hopefully, we will be getting a heads up to make sure we don’t miss this. Monday’s date originated here and here. Could these be more false posts like so many others? Those strongly following the Dinar RV re-set believe this to be true. But, for now, we must consider this as only a rumor until more is revealed.

  29. Please do not assume that most of us are not doing our part in facilitating change for all that is. And with all due respect hearsay may be what goes on until it happens but without having verifiable proof of what one is blogging, writing, or however one is putting it out there for public consumption without the facts is irresponsible. Messengers, bloggers, writers, journalist or anyone who is sharing information that has the potential to impact the public have a responsibility to that public to verify their sources and if you are not able to do that then perhaps it would be in the best interest of all to not just share whatever you happen to read elsewhere. Messengers only take the heat when the information shared is questionable because due diligence on that information was not done. It’s a tough lesson but an important one especially in this age of (mis) information. We must not allow ourselves to continue doing this kind of thing.

    Information which leans more to rumor instead of FACTS need not be shared in the way this information above has been. It is being done by the seat of your pants and it is causing harm to those who rely on you and this website for the facts. Look, what you’re choosing to do is not easy but you are choosing it. What most of us are asking is for you and others to be more responsible in the way the information is shared.
    People have grown tired of the BS. Verify your sources, get the facts that back up what you’re story and if you can’t then don’t share it. This article about Obama is not a conspiracy but something that was to supposedly take place however where are the facts to back this up? Who are the sources with this information? How did you come upon it? This kind of thing is no different than what the lame stream media is doing…putting out misinformation based on non-sense. We owe it to ourselves to do better than that or else how are we ever going to make real change?
    Please know I truly do appreciate the energy you put forward in doing this and I know it is being done from your heart…it also comes with a huge responsibility.

  30. For all of you “poo-pooers”, a reminder that this website is free for you, not free for the blogger. No one is forcing you to come to it, to read this blog. That is what it is, a blog post. If you don’t like it, don’t read it, don’t come back. Some of the rest of us, while maybe disappointed that this didn’t manifest today, perhaps took away something positive.

  31. Eagle, It looks like the powers that were have hoodwinked us again. Best advice I can give after so many let downs is to NEVER give a date OR time for any event. Everything will happen exactly how and when it’s meant to.

  32. Hi Eagle, I just want to send my Love to you. It makes me sad that people looking for change still lash out at fellow human souls, especially messengers such as yourself. I personally have much gratitude for you and other bloggers like you that spread the good word of CHANGE. SO things don’t manifest as we hope but we are in transition. It’ll happen soon. I think its most important that we all support & Love one another. We are all we got! If we don’t stand together then they’ve already won, people!! So thank you Eagle for your work on this blog. I check in every day with you! Keep up the open flow of posting. It does so much good.

  33. So what happened? Why no speech? Why no “new UST bills”? I am really having a hard time trying to figure out why, after so many years of this sort of talk, people are still buying into this sort of BS and garbage. The NESARA “bill” was never even assigned a bill number by Congress, much less ever made it to the floor to be voted on, folks. It was an idea or paper written by some guy as a way to try to get the US economy back on an even footing and the tax code simplified, back in the early 1990s. Some idiot took the name of it and the basic idea of it, mashed it together with a few twisted facts from a lawsuit in the 1970s and 1980s against savings and loans that had to do with farm mortgages, and a bunch of wild conjecture, and came up with the NESARA that we hear so much about today. If you ever read any of the garbage they claim to believe (among them, claims that several members of our government, including a few previous presidents, have been fully developed, functioning, adult clones) I truly don’t see how you can even entertain the idea that this stuff is real and legit. And then to tie it together with an ACTUAL investment/currency speculation is just the ultimate in irresponsibility, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.

  34. This is 100% bullshit like everything from this site. When this system collapses I hope you people who put out this BS are in jail right next to the bankers!

  35. i read many of the comments and understand both sides of the coin. Although it did not occur on Monday – which “seemed” like an inopportune date to begin with (so-called April Fool’s Day?) – and it seems like Tuesday will not happen either, i am on the side of the coin that is exercising Faith and Trust. So Eagle, while it appears best to stay away from dates – Our Galactic Family does it which means We on the surface would probably do well to follow their lead – i/We appreciate your Love and Willingness to Share information you felt to be accurate and of assistance~your responses to some of the comments were a Great re-minder of “turning the other cheek”…Many Thanks for that! And for all any of Us know, it was accurate but things changed. The ALL-Oneness Is Change thus plans are allways subject to change and flexiblity. Would Our heart~minds not be closer to its essence if We were just as flexible as the change that unexpectantly happens? i have no intention to come across as preachy because i definitely have my share of rungs left to climb, i simply want Us to come together on Our Faith as well as Our discernment and stay tuned-in to the fact that We are Co-Creating this New Age not just sitting around waiting on it, and that means We’ve got to leave the 3D-4D thinking/activity behind and Be in this 5th dimension that IS…let’s strengthen it with Our intent to make it happen because We KNOW deep inside that it IS happening, more and more by the moment, lest We deter it with Our attitudes of pisstivity instead of doing Our best not to get bent out of shape and supporting what happens by simply going with its Flow…for what is happening is in Divine Order if We choose to see it that way. Much Love to ALL! In peace…

  36. Thank you for your kind words. You are right, for eons many people think there is no way in hell Earth Humans can live in harmony among themselves. By the statements of many in these comments, I understand that statement more than ever. People can be nasty and down right cruel, mean even.

    When I learned the news, I was ecstatic and wanted to share with everyone. Yell it from the rooftops! I guess keeping it to myself and not telling anyone at all was the better choice. But…you never know what will happen.

    I am not the only blogger that has been viciously verbally attacked over a post or two. It is sooo easy to sit in the privacy of your home on your computer yelling at a computer screen. BUT GUESS WHAT…the negative energy flying my way through that screen cuts me to the bone. If this was their intent, they succeeded.

  37. I agree with you Eagle, why do they need to post their comments at all? Why don’t they just leave it alone and go somewhere else for their news? I was like you and would want to share it with everyone, just in case! That energy is worth spreading because it has power in it, just from sharing! Thank you and DO IT AGAIN if you want to!

  38. I told you the speech wouldn’t happen. But, you ask who I am, I will give YOU a 48-hour notice of when things will happen. Your inside info is horrible, but now you have me and my contacts. Why would I give you a heads up? Because I want as many people as possible to be prepared. For one, and the main reason is, many think NESARA will be a good thing. Yes, on the surface it sounds great! Everyone will get thousands upon thousands of dollars monthly. All debt will be wiped out, including credit card as well as everything else. Tesla’s wireless technology, or “free energy” will FINALLY be released to the world like he wanted it to be before “they” seized his papers upon his death and made everything corded so they can charge and tax everything. And, a few diseases will also be cured, cancer and Alzheimer’s being 2 of them. This all sounds so great doesn’t it? Did you ever stop to ask yourself, why? Why would they do this? There’s a reason for all this –many reasons. Why give all of this away? Just exactly what, or who, are they trying to buy? The answer is: YOU! This is what will be called the “Golden Age.”

  39. Don’t let ’em get you down man…..You know better. These people are a product of the world they were born into. It’s not “entirely” their fault.We can’t erase thousands of years of brainwashing in a day! Keep chipping away my friend…Let the peices fall where they may.

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