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Are you ready? 48 hours to decide on Gold. What is your worth?

goldJanuary 31, 2013 Free At Last


Heather Tucci-Jarraf, Trustee of the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT), commented via ‘D’ in the Removing The Shackles Skype room moments ago:

“Jarrafusa: i ask that every one focus on the gold exercise consciously for the next 48 hours. . . write “gold” on your hand, write it on sticky notes and post them every where or just put “gold” in your heart and brain so it is in every breath you take. . . time to supercharge and DO. . . let’s have some more fun (rock)(heart)”

It is time for all collective souls to decide on how we base our value: on Physical Gold, Silver and Precious Metals or Energy, which ALL is.

Your free will choice. Everything is a personal decision, guided by Higher Self. Choose wisely and from the heart. Remember that ALL things are energy. ALL life is energy. Do we want to continue with a financial backed object that could be manipulated again or allow that object of energy to be free as well. If you have gold, wear it with gratitude. 🙂

We ALL are valuable with insurmountable worth. Feel the energy of the gold, silver and precious metals. Set them free to BE. All energy is precious and of great value. People do not need money to represent their value and wealth. We already ARE! Once you can wrap your heads around this fact and allow your heart to show you the truth, the choice will be much clearer.

We’ve discussed this in blogs, groups, forums and among ourselves for the past couple of days since The Collective Imagination radio show announcing RIP THE BAND-AID OFF!

Here is an excerpt from Kauilapele’s recent article from Ginger:

So within this context for me, the 3 major Prime Points of this discussion was what I have been waiting for . . . that will allow me to more easily move out of duality and into the next level of multidimensional consciousness for my poor old half-fried 3D duality wired brain. This is why I am feeling sooo excited now! . . .

Given first, HOW Heather et al Trustees have given Humanity the key to Be Free again on paper (OPPT doc, UCC filings, CVACs) . . . and now combined with HOW we can begin to consciously re-create our new 5D reality/hologram . . . was all spelled out in Lisa’s 29th/30th round table discussion.

The following is my best attempt to lay out what I got as the 3 Prime Points being made by Heather, that now, is the time for us to fully embrace . . .

  • 1. Stop and release the ages-old paradigm programmings of our projecting our own Real Human Value outside of ourselves onto the material/physical world/hologram. For example the old paradigm was looking to others (gurus) for the answers. The new one is looking within us (gurus) for the answers. The old looked outside itself for exchanges of value, like money or gold. The new is most fully utilizing looking to ourselves for our inter exchanges of real Prime Source value. To step this down further, /”God” is in everything/, therefore, /each of us are the “Gods & Goddesses we have been waiting for”/, New/Old Age thingy. Therefore, our Real Human Value resides within us and our acceptance of this Absolute, IS the full Value. Our new Humanity anthem might go something like this . . . /”I pledge allegiance to the Absolute One People’s Republic Trust and for all it stands for, in the Absolute, indivisible with justice, liberty and sovereignty for One and All” . . . a/nd well anyways, how else are we going to be on the same page of inter galactic peace with the Galactic Federation, until we Absolutely “get” this?
  • 2. Start working with the Energies of the material/physical world/hologram grids, as that’s where “it’s ALL and Absolutely really at!” And this is the biggest secret withheld from Humanity, because it’s the Energies of the material/physical world/hologram who actually create it. Nothing could exist as a physical being or “thing” without a specific coherency Energy field around it. And this specific Energy is both an Energy field and what other’s call their Spirit or Soul (in a general not exactly correct manner of speaking), as it is our direct connection to Creator Source thought, manifesting itself each milli second into BEing . . . that is Us, manifesting ourselves into BEing.
  • 3. Consciously begin dissolving the old 3D holographic duality paradigm by understanding that each time we declare something “divine” or “sacred”, we are ALSO instantly supporting the position that other things are not divine or sacred. The solution here is to replace both with a single word that that cuts to the Prime Point . . . just simply use “Absolute”. Everything and everyone is Absolute . . . all equal and One . . . and /”that’s what we pulled down in registered into the Prime”/ (Creator) (that is each of us), on paper that has now been put into action (OPPT doc, UCC fillings, CVACs).

*The following is some additional familiar or supportive concepts that hopefully bridge comprehension more easily . . .*

For all 3 Prime Points, native peoples originally knew these in their own way, especially the Shamans and Kahunas. This is why they have been known throughout Gaia time as The Earth Keepers. They knew that Energy IS where “it’s All At”, and how to focus Prime Co-Creative Energies to maintain balance and harmony of Gaia’s holographic electromagnetic Energy grids, therefore her physical integrity, free of distortions. This resulted in many of our concepts of “paradise”.

They knew how to instantly heal themselves and instantly manifest for the same reasons. Whether they understood consciously their “true value and power” as humans in the way we now need to understand it, in order to fully reclaim it, is up for debate and another discussion. But it’s clear they never doubted standing in their full Absolute power and using their full Absolute Energy to do whatever was needed, to be done.

Therefore, they never wanted for anything. And just as Gaia is inherently an endless abundant Being of Loving Sofia manifesting Energies (restored once again), we Humans are now BEcoming again through remembering all we forgot . . . Primarily, who we Really Are and how to use who we really are, as Prime Absolute Creator Beings, in the Doing/Co-Creating.

Within the discussion about skipping the first step of using new currencies backed by precious metals, and just moving into abundant digital numbers in all our bank accounts plan, Heather made several points. The danger with moving into the former first is, we will still be existing within a belief-system where the real value in this reality is still outside of ourselves (ie, gold sitting in vaults) . . . AND the Energy of all that gold is still enslaved! Therefore, we would only be perpetuating the old enslavement system of external-value beliefs.

The next important point Heather made is, that by going to a digital system of exchange first, will result in immediately waking up and healing mainstream folk’s, no longer allowing further delays of The Absolute Data and of who they Really are to be revealed and discovered. Nor would anyone be able to or want to hoard anything of “value” outside of themselves . . . /enough of this one already!/

Then Heather suggested this to-the-Prime-Point liberation exercise as follows . . .

Raise our vibration to match ALL the currently enslaved gold Energy and then set it free!

And this is something we can start doing everyday with Absolutely every physical form in our current reality. It can be anything from in-nature to man-made, as it’s Energies have been enslaved for so long. It’s also an easy to-do entry point, into reclaiming our Absolute Power and True Value (no . . . not the True Value Store tools, as we are our own tools 🙂 (and maybe this is what some the strange highly unusual dolphin and whale behavior, second week in January off Kona, was attempting to tell us?) Heather also suggested we can also ask the Gaia Energy Grids to come play now!

Lastly, regarding the digital plan activated . . . this must also be orchestrated simultaneously with a constant streaming of “The Absolute Data”. To clairify, this means the un-Illuminatified version of the truth, most of us already know about . . . you know, the real truthiness of the Archon-Reptoid-Annunuki-Illuminati-Vatican-Royals-4thReich instruments of Human enslavement hologram thingy . . . that thingy no one wants to name – lol – but Harry Potter showed me the way, must be named now! It’s called disclosure on all levels.


Heart   Namaste