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We Are Free

The Time is NOW!

The Time is Now by Adena Sampson

IF is an illusion all of its own
IF is a question to lead down a path
IF forces the brains to think yes OR no
OR can only exist if BOTH exist
AND is the true nature of all here is
Heaven AND Hell have existed here long
WHEN is the question that supersedes IF
and the answer is forever right NOW

Current Local Time:: NOW
Mission Time:: Wave III

 “When the student is ready, the teacher will show up” that is what matters to recognize; whether people are aware of it or not.

It is in our interest to let go of our fears – that is one of the core messages. We have choice, we can choose to experience the world through the heart or just the brain. Luckily, if we are listening, we instinctively know when something is right; so let’s work together to change what we know deep inside feels right. Lets work together on what needs to be done to create a better world for each other.

There is no way to stop the accelerating transition now, it is up to each and every one of us to accept or reject. There is no right or wrong. It simply is. So, let’s learn together.

The Researcher and Truth Seeker.

gaia_energy1Transformations and transitions experienced during the 2-2-13 through 2-13-13 may be sudden, un-”expected”, and en-(In)-Lightening. All stones are being upturned in order to assist alignment with the true Light within each.

Humans are realizing/becoming Hue-mans, and stone-upturning at this time period is required.

Those who resist will be nudged, often strongly, to “cease and desist”. And to search within for the vision of their Higher Hue-man Self.

Be in your joy, and all will proceed smoothly.


DATA: Scientfically proven=Love is a frequency.so is FEAR.measurable.love.s frequency is shorter waves and touches many points with IN anything.while fear is longer waves and touches only on a few points with IN anything..All manifestations are pure energy.energy that formulates itself by various formulas that results in the manifestations you see and don.t see…

FOUNDATIONS: We each consciously choose TO DO this IN our eternal hearts connecting consciously to the eternal hearts of every manifestation IN creation.s universe and all that exists therein (multiverses, supraverses, galaxies, etc., heaven, paradise, etc.).the eternal hearts ARE the communication lines, the power grid, and the ENTRY POINT.only focus IN, ON, THROUGH, TO eternal hearts..

NO BAGGAGE: Consciously choose TO LEAVE any and all expectations, self-interest, special interest, ego, and fear in a corner in a different room (physically do this if you choose.get a bag and writed those things on separate sheets of little paper, put them in a bag, seal it tight, put in corner in another room and walk out.you can always go back for them later if you choose to


  1. Absolutely BE eternal heart (nothing else), feel it, see it, smell it, sense it in every way.set all of this with eternal gratitude (increases the power level and effect);
  2. Connect to any and all eternal hearts (without prejudice or selection);
  3. Pump absolute love through your eternal heart out to these other eternal hearts until your BE.ing is absolutely .buzzing. and .zinging. with Love;
  4. Connect to the eternal heart of gold, silver, and all precious metals and minerals;
  7. Ask all energy, if they want to have some fun..
  8. Ask them if they want to co-create IN ONE the visibility of Absolute Truth in a twinkling of an eye..
  9. Then BE there with them.see them, touch them, dance with them, love them, allow them to wrap you in their luminescence, to touch you to dance with you..to love you back.
  10. Ask the gold, silver, and other precious metals and minerals, in all their states.gaseous, liquid, solid.but all LOVE. TO GO to every city on earth and manifest visibly in each city a huge visible display of their eternal presence for all to see and know.
  11. Ask all other energy to protect the displays with transparent vaults.
  12. Ask that the displays and vaults shall let no other energy pass into that vault that is any thing less than eternal heart at Absolute Frequency and Vibration of Source..
  13. Ask that .THE TEAM., eternal, universal, galactic, and earthly, all be made visible in a Twinkling of an eye at each Display and Vault when the first eternal heart at Absolute Frequency, Vibration, and Intent of Source enters the Vault and dances with the eternal hearts of all inside for all the world to see and know.
  14. Remember, see, know the eternal hearts of the one people, the manifestations of all creation.s universe beating in a beautiful cadence and symphony of creation.s universe.
  15. See these displays and vaults intelligently move in the city, and play with the PTW and the one people there, by moving themselves as they choose by free will to increase the energy vibrations and frequencies exponentially and perpetually.













Invisible Enslavement

Invisible Enslavement

The whole notion of freedom can exist only in the contrast of slavery.  Without slavery, freedom would not be necessary.  This is the duality in which we’ve chosen to live.  It is a time when we will realize and understand what it means to be free because we have not been – and we know that now.

 The slavery system we’ve been in is brilliant; so subtle as to be invisible. Visible now, we realize with each revelation just how deep the enslavement is embedded.  It is part of our language, our customs, and our thought process.  We grow up striving to make “more” money so that we can attract partners and own stuff.  A car, a house, food, clothing, even knowledge carries a price tag.  How much and the quality of these things declare our worth.

Regardless of where you sit on the spectrum of ownership – there is someone higher up who has more stuff.  It could be a bigger house, a more luxurious car, a more advanced education, a more desired piece of real estate, finer clothing, pricier medical care or more enlightenment.  Even the most sacred systems we understand to be hierarchical.

None of this is true.  There is Source Energy/Prime Creator.  There is us.  We are One.  We’ve been part of an experiment, an exercise in slavery and ownership.  What is happening right now, with the UCC filings of the One People’s Public Trust, is that this experiment has run its course.  The findings are in, no more testing is necessary.  We have been, in the language and system used to enslave us, returned to our natural state.  Free.  Now, to understand what that means.

This will require us to re-think everything.  In 1963 my partner encountered an idea about car ownership that was so foreign as to seem to come from another planet or dimension.  Today we stand in a place where that idea is within our sight.

Already, in many cities, you can use a car for an afternoon and leave it parked some place where someone else can use it when they need it.  The two guys my partner met described a warehouse filled with different cars they signed out whenever they wanted to use them.  They drove a beautiful car because they enjoyed it; they did not calculate their self worth with its price tag.

In the dream from yesterday’s post, DH didn’t own the home, but rented it.  He found out he’d been sharing it with a few others the whole time; others that had never paid for the privilege.  It was a challenge to wrap his head around, yet he could see the sense of it.  “No harm, no foul” is how he would describe the conclusion he came to.

Slavery and ownership are one and the same.  In order to contemplate freedom we’ll have to get clear on the concept of owning.  The idea of owning/hoarding is one that was introduced into our psyche.  If every one and every thing is Source, then we simply ARE.  This is a hologram; the whole exists in each fragment.  Ownership is thus impossible.  All are ONE.

To bring this home, consider a place where money was not an issue.  We all have plenty, and “spend” it for the use of “things” .  These are not things that declare our worth, these are things we enjoy or want or suppose we need.  Without fear of loss, we would never have to “own” or “protect” these things – there is always more available and plenty of money to exchange.

Would it matter if you “owned” that beautiful pink Cadillac or beach front home?  If you could use each whenever you wanted, wouldn’t you care for them and respect the fact that it may be someone else’s turn?  These are new ideas.  When our worth is not tied up in stuff, and returns to Source, which is what has happened with the UCC filings, ownership is a moot point.  (Note – the video included below uses the bible to illustrate just how long these ideas have been implanted in the culture.)

You are worthy.  Period.  End of story.  You hold within you that spark of the creator that every other bit of life does.

The land, the water, the trees, the people, the gold, the silver – all hold unimaginable and equal value.  Superiority, subjugation, worth and importance are falsehoods.  We’ll be confronting them in every thought now. As we do, if we hold those ideas up to Agape – the truth will emerge.

We are ONE.  We are beholden to none.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


A member of the Free At Last Facebook Group also has a website dedicated to ascension, BEing and OPPT. Here is a post from her website. Thanks for sharing. . .

Saturday, 02 February 2013

BE Free!

Ask yourself the question. “Do I feel free?”

Now, test your answer against everything you do, for a day or two.

Are you free to wake up naturally or do you rely on an alarming clock to wake you?

Do you go to a job you love?

Do you get time to just be lazy or spontaneous?

Do you go to your job for any other reason than to collect a paycheck?

Do you have hobbies that you dream of making professions?

Are you doing the things you do because of obligation or guilt?

Do you feel free to spend your hard earned money any way you please?

Okay… maybe you don’t even need 2 days to test it. It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Right now we are like the frog in the slowly warmed pan of water. It feels so warm and soothing and progresses so slowly that before we know it, we’re cooked.

It’s time we each begin to deeply examine why we allow ourselves to be enslaved. What motivates you to do all the things you’d choose not to, if you only knew you were free.


We each, and every one, has a Divine Birthright. We are gifted, by our Supreme Creator, with free will and we can make the free will choice to reclaim our freedom and liberty.

For a remedy to this situation search the “One People’s Public Trust 1776”

Are you ready? 48 hours to decide on Gold. What is your worth?

goldJanuary 31, 2013 Free At Last


Heather Tucci-Jarraf, Trustee of the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT), commented via ‘D’ in the Removing The Shackles Skype room moments ago:

“Jarrafusa: i ask that every one focus on the gold exercise consciously for the next 48 hours. . . write “gold” on your hand, write it on sticky notes and post them every where or just put “gold” in your heart and brain so it is in every breath you take. . . time to supercharge and DO. . . let’s have some more fun (rock)(heart)”

It is time for all collective souls to decide on how we base our value: on Physical Gold, Silver and Precious Metals or Energy, which ALL is.

Your free will choice. Everything is a personal decision, guided by Higher Self. Choose wisely and from the heart. Remember that ALL things are energy. ALL life is energy. Do we want to continue with a financial backed object that could be manipulated again or allow that object of energy to be free as well. If you have gold, wear it with gratitude. 🙂

We ALL are valuable with insurmountable worth. Feel the energy of the gold, silver and precious metals. Set them free to BE. All energy is precious and of great value. People do not need money to represent their value and wealth. We already ARE! Once you can wrap your heads around this fact and allow your heart to show you the truth, the choice will be much clearer.

We’ve discussed this in blogs, groups, forums and among ourselves for the past couple of days since The Collective Imagination radio show announcing RIP THE BAND-AID OFF!

Here is an excerpt from Kauilapele’s recent article from Ginger:

So within this context for me, the 3 major Prime Points of this discussion was what I have been waiting for . . . that will allow me to more easily move out of duality and into the next level of multidimensional consciousness for my poor old half-fried 3D duality wired brain. This is why I am feeling sooo excited now! . . .

Given first, HOW Heather et al Trustees have given Humanity the key to Be Free again on paper (OPPT doc, UCC filings, CVACs) . . . and now combined with HOW we can begin to consciously re-create our new 5D reality/hologram . . . was all spelled out in Lisa’s 29th/30th round table discussion.

The following is my best attempt to lay out what I got as the 3 Prime Points being made by Heather, that now, is the time for us to fully embrace . . .

  • 1. Stop and release the ages-old paradigm programmings of our projecting our own Real Human Value outside of ourselves onto the material/physical world/hologram. For example the old paradigm was looking to others (gurus) for the answers. The new one is looking within us (gurus) for the answers. The old looked outside itself for exchanges of value, like money or gold. The new is most fully utilizing looking to ourselves for our inter exchanges of real Prime Source value. To step this down further, /”God” is in everything/, therefore, /each of us are the “Gods & Goddesses we have been waiting for”/, New/Old Age thingy. Therefore, our Real Human Value resides within us and our acceptance of this Absolute, IS the full Value. Our new Humanity anthem might go something like this . . . /”I pledge allegiance to the Absolute One People’s Republic Trust and for all it stands for, in the Absolute, indivisible with justice, liberty and sovereignty for One and All” . . . a/nd well anyways, how else are we going to be on the same page of inter galactic peace with the Galactic Federation, until we Absolutely “get” this?
  • 2. Start working with the Energies of the material/physical world/hologram grids, as that’s where “it’s ALL and Absolutely really at!” And this is the biggest secret withheld from Humanity, because it’s the Energies of the material/physical world/hologram who actually create it. Nothing could exist as a physical being or “thing” without a specific coherency Energy field around it. And this specific Energy is both an Energy field and what other’s call their Spirit or Soul (in a general not exactly correct manner of speaking), as it is our direct connection to Creator Source thought, manifesting itself each milli second into BEing . . . that is Us, manifesting ourselves into BEing.
  • 3. Consciously begin dissolving the old 3D holographic duality paradigm by understanding that each time we declare something “divine” or “sacred”, we are ALSO instantly supporting the position that other things are not divine or sacred. The solution here is to replace both with a single word that that cuts to the Prime Point . . . just simply use “Absolute”. Everything and everyone is Absolute . . . all equal and One . . . and /”that’s what we pulled down in registered into the Prime”/ (Creator) (that is each of us), on paper that has now been put into action (OPPT doc, UCC fillings, CVACs).

*The following is some additional familiar or supportive concepts that hopefully bridge comprehension more easily . . .*

For all 3 Prime Points, native peoples originally knew these in their own way, especially the Shamans and Kahunas. This is why they have been known throughout Gaia time as The Earth Keepers. They knew that Energy IS where “it’s All At”, and how to focus Prime Co-Creative Energies to maintain balance and harmony of Gaia’s holographic electromagnetic Energy grids, therefore her physical integrity, free of distortions. This resulted in many of our concepts of “paradise”.

They knew how to instantly heal themselves and instantly manifest for the same reasons. Whether they understood consciously their “true value and power” as humans in the way we now need to understand it, in order to fully reclaim it, is up for debate and another discussion. But it’s clear they never doubted standing in their full Absolute power and using their full Absolute Energy to do whatever was needed, to be done.

Therefore, they never wanted for anything. And just as Gaia is inherently an endless abundant Being of Loving Sofia manifesting Energies (restored once again), we Humans are now BEcoming again through remembering all we forgot . . . Primarily, who we Really Are and how to use who we really are, as Prime Absolute Creator Beings, in the Doing/Co-Creating.

Within the discussion about skipping the first step of using new currencies backed by precious metals, and just moving into abundant digital numbers in all our bank accounts plan, Heather made several points. The danger with moving into the former first is, we will still be existing within a belief-system where the real value in this reality is still outside of ourselves (ie, gold sitting in vaults) . . . AND the Energy of all that gold is still enslaved! Therefore, we would only be perpetuating the old enslavement system of external-value beliefs.

The next important point Heather made is, that by going to a digital system of exchange first, will result in immediately waking up and healing mainstream folk’s, no longer allowing further delays of The Absolute Data and of who they Really are to be revealed and discovered. Nor would anyone be able to or want to hoard anything of “value” outside of themselves . . . /enough of this one already!/

Then Heather suggested this to-the-Prime-Point liberation exercise as follows . . .

Raise our vibration to match ALL the currently enslaved gold Energy and then set it free!

And this is something we can start doing everyday with Absolutely every physical form in our current reality. It can be anything from in-nature to man-made, as it’s Energies have been enslaved for so long. It’s also an easy to-do entry point, into reclaiming our Absolute Power and True Value (no . . . not the True Value Store tools, as we are our own tools 🙂 (and maybe this is what some the strange highly unusual dolphin and whale behavior, second week in January off Kona, was attempting to tell us?) Heather also suggested we can also ask the Gaia Energy Grids to come play now!

Lastly, regarding the digital plan activated . . . this must also be orchestrated simultaneously with a constant streaming of “The Absolute Data”. To clairify, this means the un-Illuminatified version of the truth, most of us already know about . . . you know, the real truthiness of the Archon-Reptoid-Annunuki-Illuminati-Vatican-Royals-4thReich instruments of Human enslavement hologram thingy . . . that thingy no one wants to name – lol – but Harry Potter showed me the way, must be named now! It’s called disclosure on all levels.


Heart   Namaste

I AM FREE! OPPT-in Campaign

Good Afternoon everyone.

After listening to Lisa Harrison’s blogtalk show yesterday, the Santos Bonacci show on Monday and the failed WH Petition fiasco (TWICE!), the Free At Last Crew have come up with other methods to DO by spreading awareness.

1. Create a photo of yourself with your choice of I AM FREE OPPT-in messages on them. Here are a few we’ve done to give you an idea.

150641_584906431536191_166304917_n  321337_584881131538721_1065889403_n  528858_584889461537888_1463808552_n  OPPTin

2. Twitter a hash tag #IAmFreeOPPTin to spread the word.

3. Blog or write articles about the One People’s Public Trust.

4. Share the OPPT website and stories from Free At Last, Removing the Shackles, American Kabuki and Kauilapele Blog’s 

Let the People KNOW they are Free and how. The next step to be aware and to hold our governments and others accountable, but more importantly, we must just BE.

What Would You Create If You Had What You Need?

Reblogged from D at Removing the Shackles. I just love you D. Right to the point and blunt. 🙂

What Would You Create If You Had What You Need?

This brilliant article was emailed to AK and he forwarded it to me to read.  The question that gets asked over and over by many is how does the world run if everyone doesn’t “need” to work to put food on the table and a roof over their heads.I have had several jobs that I loved.  I love what I do here everyday.  I would love to learn  to do other things as well.  The vast majority of people do not want to sit on their asses all day eating bon bons and watching the lint ball in their belly button get bigger.You cannot judge people nor society by what it and they are doing today.  Free people are not repressed slaves forced to work to earn the right to live.  You cannot judge people’s reactions- as slaves- to freedom.  It is only by KNOWing freedom that we can truly be ourselves, to choose to do with our lives whatever we wish to do.

Once people waken up to the reality of the true nature of humanity and are welcomed into a community where the words “Want” “Need” “Hope” have been eradicated  they will heal themselves of the exhaustion of repression, the rebellion against society, the addictions to drugs and alcohol that they hide behind, the violence and hatred that smoulders against injustice….

“I want to be” will become “I will be” and then “I AM”

“I want to learn” will become “I will learn” and then “I Know”

When people are surrounded by others that are DO’ing and BE’ing, they will DO and BE too.

Just because I no longer have to struggle to earn a pay cheque doesn’t mean that I will not do what needs to be done.

I use to be a hairdresser- I still cut peoples hair, because I enjoy doing it.
I use to be a professional Make up artist- I still do peoples make up because I love doing it.
I love to cook, and I cook for people, because I love doing it.
My husband loves to fix things, and he is constantly fixing things for everyone around us, because he loves doing it.
A friend is a tree surgeon and on his days off you can usually find him pruning trees for neighbours, because he loves doing it.
A friend is a midwife and on her 2 month sabbatical she goes to Africa and Haiti to deliver babies, because she loves doing it.
A friend is a teacher and on her holidays she teaches private lessons and summer school, because she loves doing it.
My cousin is a bus driver, and on her days off she drives the bus to local camps for kids, because she loves doing it…..

Our family lives in a townhouse complex in a bit of a down trodden area of town.  Every few weeks, we go out to the common area with garbage bags and we clean up all the bits and pieces of garbage that are laying around.  With in minutes many of the other children come to join us in our clean up.  After a month or two other adults joined us.  A couple of months later other people would  go out and clean up on their own.  WHY?  Not because we like picking up garbage, but because we like to have a clean area for the children to play in.

Do not judge society and humanity by their reaction to the slavery that they have been forced to live in today.  Humans are awesome beings.  Humans that are FREE will be amazing beings.

What Would You Create If You Had What You Need?

From: Palmi
Subject: Hello my belowed lightworker
Date: January 19, 2013 9:06:29 AM PST

Thank you so much for all your work regarding our new world.

I´m not sure what I want to do with this but I somehow felt that I needed to write this to help people better understand what we are going through. I live in Iceland and I sure I am on this planet for a good reason like yourself and that I´m trying to think about how one can contribute to our efforts in getting the message out to the rest of the world and what we should DO in the near future.

It´s important for people to start realizing and understanding this issue in plain 3D English. Maybe you and the readers of your page can help us get an article up that will do just that. Bellow is what I have written so far but I´m sure there are sooooo many things that I am missing and together is the new word so maybe we can work something like this out together.

Thank you my dear love for all the work you have done and will DO in the future.
Lots of love. 

The GOLDEN AGE of mankind.

Google “One People’s Public Trust” or “OPPT” (lot of this is written in “legalese” but that´s kind of required for this kind of action) but you will have to do some research to find this since no one of the mainstream media has picked up on this yet.

I also encourage you to look up these documents in the legal system:


All the financial/corporate structure (owned by the “ELITE” or sometimes called the “CABAL”) that were in place is now foreclosed upon and does no longer have any authority to claim anything from you!

I realize this is so unbelievable and amazing and many will cry “wolf” before generally excepted but never the less then I encourage you to read up on this as it is very inspiring and eye opening as you start to ask yourself questions like:

Am I really free?

Have I been in chains all my life
and not just realized it until now?

Who do I really report to?
My government?
My bank?

Who owns me?

If you think about it, no matter what religion you belong to then you have to admit that someone created all of this, can we agree on calling “this force of creation” GOD? If we can agree on this then it is him, and only him that you can and should report to. Now, since this creator GOD is not readily available here on planet earth to claim ownership over YOU then it is only one person that can rule over you, “YOU” are in charge of yourself until someone else claims “ownership” over YOU.

Now, what these filings from the OPPT, DO claim in legalese is: ONLY THE CREATOR OF YOU CAN CLAIM OWNERSHIP OVER YOU! This is now on paper in our legal systems and everything is properly done from the legal standpoint. What was then done at the same time was to overthrow all of the monetary system that we are born into and we claimed sovereignty from those who have kept us in shackles for a long time (remember that the “old” monetary system is based on dept! there were no funds to begin with, it was created out of thin air, e.g. hence the FED).

Now here is where this becomes very interesting. According to the OPPT then the gold and silver amount owned by OPPT is quite a lot! 🙂 (NESARA Fund and St St. Germain Fund, please google these) or about $500 billion in Gold and Silver per person on the planet… This means in plain 3D English that the 7 billion humans on planet earth have now pretty good funds to build a new world, hence the Golden Age Of Man Kind.

It is interesting to note that the final filings from OPPT are dated on the 25th of December 2012. Those of you that know astrology know that this is the day that the sun rises after three days of darkness and then on the 25th it rises again and a new AGE is born or The age of Aquarius (we are coming out of the Age of Pisces (hence the letters “Jesus” are often depicted in a fish symbol). Again, those who know anything about astrology know Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Bearer. In much the same way that the Water Bearer brings that precious liquid as a gift, Aquarians shower the world with their thoughts and new ideas and are the bringers of prosperity and growth.

We know that the earth does  wobble on its axis and it takes the earth 25.960 years to do a full circle or 2160 years in each Zodiac (this number 25.960 is also the Mayan long calendar). This 25.960 years are just like our 24hour day cycle with 12 hours in night and 12 hours in the day or with two seasons in growth and with two seasons in hibernation but there is a much longer cycle as well and in the long cycle this is 12.960 years of “night” and 12.960 years of “day”. On the 25th of December 2012 was the first day of “day” timeline for our planet in this long calendar count. In other words we have been going through 12.960 days of night but 25th of December 2012 was the first day of our next 12,960 year cycle. It is worth noting that in the past 12.960 years of our planet being in the dark side of this cycle, all kind of negative things can manifest. However, as soon as we come on the bright side of the cycle those negative things cease to exist although it may take some time to get rid of all of it.

Having spent many hours over the last year reading/viewing material on astrology, astronomy, cosmology, religion, politics, financial etc. then I find this new information quite interesting and well worth researching as we know that our monetary system is on the edge of collapse, our way of living on the planet is on the edge of no return in terms of destruction, we see people rising up and demanding justice and fairness, we see corruption pretty much everywhere in our societies and people are crying out loud for change. It seems to me that here it is at last.

After about 20 years of creating crap that was designed to last a very short time (remember, pretty much everything is designed to have a certain lifespan so we can keep the economy running) and using resources and materials un-wisely, I realized that I did not want to design “crap” anymore since we do not have materials to keep this going. Over the last 30 years or so we have depleted about 1/3 of all resources on the planet. Now, since I have 4-6-21 year old boys I know that when they will reach my age at 43, we will have depleted completely every resource on our mother earth. As far as I know then we only have one mother earth that we can life on so we better start thinking about this very seriously.

Now we are finally free and have wealth way beyond our wildest dreams, but, what does all this mean for us as free human beings? Are we all now just going to put our feet up and stop working? Why would I work anymore since I have all this wealth? Well, here is the thing. What this means in my mind is that now we have to look at our world and ask our self: How are we going to continue? If everyone stops working nothing will get done, that is for sure. Now we will have to rethink our very BE’ing on this planet together. What we need to do now is to merge into 5th dimensional economics, and in 5D economics everything is free. You say, wait, if everything is free and no one is going to work how is that going to work?  Well, that´s up to you weather you work or not, but now it is YOU that will have to make up your own mind regarding what you want TO DO. I personally want to start living/co creating this new world with our new economics, in a world of peace, prosperity and abundance.

How I would see 5D economics work.

You see, I studied Industrial design because I loved CREATING something. Now, since I now am free and can live a life in abundance do you think I want to stop creating? You see that many people on the planet are actually doing what they absolutely love doing. E.g. a nurse in Iceland does study nursing because she or he wants to nurse people, they want to help those who are in need. This gives them life pleasure. Nurses in Iceland have always been on very poor salaries. There was a article in the paper here in Iceland few weeks ago about a nurse that was leaving her job because the salaries where so shamefully low that she was being forced to leave her job and look for an alternative job to make ends meet. Do you think this same nurse, now when she does not owe anything, she does not have to worry about mortgage payments next month, she does not have to worry she will not be able to buy food and clothing for her family next month is going to sit home and do nothing? Or is she going to stand up and say: I WANT TO CONTRIBUTE  to my society and be a part of society where we all can live in abundance peace and love. I can assure you that I will do the latter. I will not stop designing products, no I will START designing products that are designed to last, that are designed with our resources in mind, that are designed to minimize pollution, designed to please someone, designed to inspire someone, that´s what I would LOVE to START doing and that´s what I AM going to start DO´ing.

Now is the opportunity for all those that decided to learn something for the money to start learning what they really want to do for the rest of their lives. Now is the time to reflect, WHAT DO I WANT TO DO? WHERE WOULD I LOVE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE WORLD? Now you can learn many different things and DO different things. You would be able to work in one field for as long as you want but if you ever wanted to learn or DO something else you would just stop DO’ing what you have been doing and just learn the next thing and so on. Now, you will of course say “hang on Palmi” what the hell are you talking about, if everyone starts DO’ing what they want to do, who’s going to DO the things NOONE WANTS TO DO? This does never work…or so you think. I think there is a simple solution for this. You see, since we now have abundance and have new economic system there will be a time period where we will have to start by building this new WORLD. With the new economic system there will be a lot of people that will be out of a job, all the banks are gone, all the military is gone, there will be a lot of resources that will become available to us since people will want to CONTRIBUTE. So, just imagine, think about all the resources that will become available from e.g. the military or other institutes that are no longer needed. Imagine all the brilliant designers, engineers, scientists, technicians etc. out there that we will have access to. We will use these resources to design solutions to solve those jobs NO ONE WANTS TO DO. We can design robots or machines to do all this work that no one wants to do. In our new society our goal should be to “WORK” as little or as much as we want. Our goal should be to spend more time living, not working. When I´m designing I´m not really working, I´m loving what I do therefore I´m not really working I´m enjoying myself. If you do not want to contribute then there is no one (except “GOD”) that can kick your butt… but this is your FREE WILL.

This will not happen overnight but, this is what we are faced with and I know in my heart this is what we can very easily do and what we have to do. I promise you that the technology that has been kept hidden from us for a long time or used in special ops. will blow your minds. When we will get access to these technologies things will look and work differently than you could ever dream of.

Being an Industrial Designer and having good background in research and development I have a pretty good understanding of technology and design and I know things can be designed to last. For example, there is nothing in the way of designing cars to last several hundred years. Today our cars are pretty much done after 10years specially here in Iceland where weather does not act in our favor most of the time. Why do we all need to have e.g. golf clubs hanging in our garage that we use couple of times a year? Why does my garage have to be full of tools that I use couple of days a year? Now we will just go to the golf club and pick whatever clubs you want to use (and they will always be the latest and greatest), if you want to keep it then…keep it, you transport the damn thing back to your car and back to your garage, I´ll personally will just return mine to the clubhouse for others to use. You see, we will need much much less of things in 5D since we will start sharing everything much better than we did before.

So, where do I go from here? Well, first, research for yourself everything above, second, share the word, third, start DO’ing. Remember, we have to give this some time to sink in and remember we have to keep things going for awhile in the old system until we have redesigned it. If your job becomes obsolete, ask yourself, where do I want to CONTRIBUTE and go from there.


Things we have to make sure will stay in place during the transition and have absolute priorities.

1) FOOD FOR EVERYONE, AND I MEAN EVERYONE, NOW! Food production is essential, and will have to continue as it is but I´m sure the workers in the food industry will quickly change their practices when it comes to the QUALITY of the food.

2) SHELTER FOR EVERYONE! There is a lot of property that are owned by BANKS and no one is living in. We need to get those who do not have shelter into these houses, NOW and turn on their utilities. The military and other organizations will focus on getting our so called 3rd world assistance in bringing them food and building houses.


4) TRANSPORTATION IS ESSENTIAL. Since we need to keep food, materials and personnel moving.

5) ENERGY PRODUCTION! Needs to keep running as it is but I´m sure new technologies will transpire quickly that will deplete some of the old energy technologies.

6) FORM SOME SORT OF ALLIANCE BETWEEN GEOGRAPHICS AREAS WHERE WE CAN GET OVERVIEW OF OUR PROGRESS. (Since there are no borders anymore and the people of the world is one nation I say geographic areas).