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Obama’s 3 Hour Speech to Reveal Everything on Monday!

Following up on last night’s Doug McCollum’s posting in the Free At Last Facebook group and my article comes more news this morning that Obama is speaking LIVE on television Monday night for 3 hours, April 1. Some comments hope this is no April Fool’s joke! This is not confirmed at this time, so please keep your eyes and ears open for pending air time. Hopefully, we will be getting a heads up to make sure we don’t miss this. Monday’s date originated here and here. Could these be more false posts like so many others? Those strongly following the Dinar RV re-set believe this to be true. But, for now, we must consider this as only a rumor until more is revealed. And, you can bet I’ll be blogging it when it does! [UPDATE: Doug just replied to my request about date and time of speech: “We know this is now in its final realm. Today is Easter. That’s a specific holiday. We are expecting all to go down between now and tomorrow. Announcements will probably start at mid noon or nite. Stay grounded but pray and be expectant.”]

However, when the speech does occur, Doug says, this 3 hour speech includes disclosure and announcements “we [have] been waiting for … after that, its 10 days [of] education on all media.” “There’s a lot entailed in these 3 hours including debt forgiveness, taxation, federal reserve and New UST [US Treasury], prosperity packages, new government and more parts of Nesara. The BIGGEST part which will take longest is the original 13th amendment and lawyers being agents. 3 hours will be enough time.”

When I first heard of this 3 hour speech last night that was planned for Monday, I knew something was up. I don’t recall any of his other speeches being this long before. And, in all honesty, I was never an Obama supporter. Even I have much to learn.

I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow night in front of my television set. Don’t have a TV anymore? I believe this speech will be aired online and on the radio as well. This is too big for anyone to miss. I will continue to find out more information about the airing of this speech. I hear we want to make sure you catch the first 15 minutes!

Some information that will be highlighted in the speech are the original hidden 13th Amendment:

Posted by Doug McCollum:
“From 1832 to 1878 the TITLES OF NOBILITY AMENDMENT(13TH ORIGINAL AMENDMENT) started to disappear from all textbooks and documents in every library and offices across America. Only one group had the accessibility, the availability, and the ability to do this..THE LAWYERS.” –Daryl Frech, April 2010.

By the time of the war of 1812 we had already seen 12 states ratify the TONA original 13th amendment. In actuality..Virginia commonwealth had been the 13th and required state to ratify this important amendment. Two states including Rhode Island were not proper states at this point in time so the union was not abridged to them. SOUTH CAROLINA had voted against the 13th amendment due to corrupt cotton industry southern lawyers already in their legislatures. So with Virgina passing their state to this TONA we had at that point of April 1810 a new amendment prohibiting lawyers from taking public office and receiving compensations.

Make NO mistake, when the attorneys who accept the BAR, whether federal, state, local, etc…they are all rescinding their American citizenship..every one of them. They know it instantly that they are then citizens of England, when they accept the BAR and receive the title esquire. ALL OF THEM, EVERY ONE, ARE GUILTY OF TREASON AND WILL BE DEALT WITH HARSHLY..IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATEs of America. They have no recourse and will have to face what they have done to our country. They are all the kings agents.

When we won the Revolutionary War in 1776, King George made a documented statement and he says ” I refuse to acknowledge the capitulation of Cornwallis to Washington on the war of the Americas, and I will use my OWN private agents to carry out this warfare forever in that country”. This statement was written in a journal and documented. THOSE PRIVATE AGENTS ARE THE ESQUIRES OR ATTORNEYS THAT RECEIVE THE BAR AND FIGHT YOU AND I ANY ANY FASHION TO ROB US OF WEALTH AND TO ILLEGALLY IMPRISON AND/OR IMPOVERISH US. It doesn’t matter if its a divorce, child custody, tax lien, rental/mortgage payments, whatever, they work to milk all Americans out of their wealth. This money is then sent to the crown of England. Only portions are kept to pay these high price attorneys.

These attorneys and judges love the idea of being rich, but with that BAR position comes…POWER. The power is what fuels this because of the control they can display over normal working citizens. This has been a warfare since the Revolutionary War against you and I. Personally i cant wait til they are infected with OUR republic CONSTITUTION and its penalties for being treasonous snakes in our society. I HOPE ALL OF YOU PASS THIS ON AND SPREAD THE WORD. SEND IT TO ANYONE WHO MAY EVEN HAVE A LAWYER IN THEIR FAMILY OR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS. Because this little well known secret is gonna be in the announcements coming soon.”

Farms.com hosts an article about the One People’s Public Trust’s action in the State of California posted October 15, 2011 by Wally Brown called stop foreclosures. The original article broke the day before on Before It’s News.

Most people already know about NESARA, the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. But if you haven’t, the entire NESARA history is on Nancy B. Detweiler’s website posted August 17, 2011 which started from the Farm Claims back in the 80’s.

On Nancy’s website, she also posted an article of Matthew’s Message dated March 11, 2013 titled Why Are Things Moving So Slowly? I normally don’t post channeling, but this one is quite revealing.

The fact that you are reading this now makes you a lightworker, spreading the news to others and to enlighten your own path. We are here for a reason. We have been united for a goal. We found our way to each other for a purpose.

Now that some of you have a better understanding of what’s been going on behind the scenes, tomorrows speech and the coming days, weeks and months shall be very interesting….

Here is a precursor to tomorrow’s scheduled speech:

President Obama uses his weekly address to mark a sacred time for the millions of Americans celebrating Easter and Passover, and he calls on everyone to use this time to reflect on the common values we share as a nation. The President says that this is a chance to embrace loved ones, give thanks for our blessings, and help those less fortunate as we celebrate our individual traditions as well as the thread of humanity that connects us all.

Love, Peace and Happiness to ALL

What IF. . .

What If…..

What If……

There was a new financial system
…… that left the same banks in charge of your money?

What if

There was total debt forgiveness- both national and personal
…… but you still had to pay rent, buy food & gas & necessities and to pay bills?

What if

There were Prosperity Packages for those who signed up for them
….. but only for those that knew about it in advance?

What if

There was a new government
….. but it was made up of the same ol’ politicians?

What if

There was free health care
….. by the same doctors we have now pushing the same drugs that already exist?

What if

There was new Laws
….. enforced by the same thugs/authorities we have now?

What if

There was a global revaluation of currencies
….. but you don’t own any foreign currencies?

What if

You were told that  it’s a whole new system
…..but the same CEOs were still making millions
…….but the same mega corporations we’re still making vaccines, GMOs, fast food, toxic chemicals
……….but the oil wells were still pumping and the gas companies fracking, chemtrails still cris-crossing the sky?

What if

You had no say in the new financial system?
…or the new money?
……or the new government set up?
………or the new laws?

What if

Countries were still controlled by religion and their laws controlled by a few zealots in fancy robes with fancy titles?

What if

Those checks they sent you, paying you back all the illegal income taxes you’ve had stolen from you for your entire life is a payoff to keep you fat and indolent,  happily counting your shiny pennies for a few years?

What if

Their new era of prosperity and freedom still included passports to travel in and out of your country, drivers licences and insurance to own a vehicle, government registration of who you are, and continued to force you to prove that you are not a criminal?

What if

Everything they told you was new and wonderful, was actually the same old thing with a fresh coat of paint?

NOW………  Think about this:

What if

There were no countries and no borders ?
There were no politicians and no royalty?
There were no lobbiests and no lawyers?
There were no religions, no sects, no cults?
There were no businesses harming our planet and ourselves? 
There were no wizards hiding behind the curtain controlling your life?

What if the universe had suddenly changed, releasing your mind from the confines of it’s prison and allowing you to know WHO you are?

What if the YOU that they convinced you was you, was really a construct of their system and not the real YOU at all?

What if you looked inside and remembered WHO you are and the TRUTH of who you BE and what it means to DO?

What if THIS is what they are desperately trying to hide from you?


Update Jan 20th: Where is it?

Reblogged on SUNDAY, 20 JANUARY 2013 from D at Removing The Shackles

Update Jan 20th: Where is it?

Good evening my friends! After a ridiculously busy day I returned to RTS tonight knowing that there would be a shite load of negative comments and taunts.  I’m exhausted so I’m not going to get into a major article tonight though.

I’m not even going to attempt to reply to each of the 276 comments on yesterdays article- I think that Blogger might have a nervous breakdown if I did, lol.

So let’s just talk about it here.

Now, many people are calling me a disinformation agent, a shill (not sure how that works as this is my blog, lol), a psy-ops agent, etc . . . and of course belittling  and jeering the intel and information that I reported here.  That’s fine- as I always say, everyone is welcome to their own opinion and to believe what they want to believe.  I think that most of those who posted ranting comments don’t really want answers, but are more interested in getting other readers to turn away.

Those are NOT the people I’m writing this for.

Right now, all over the world there are a huge amount of people who are sitting back scratching their heads, saying “WTF?!” . . . and I’m not talking about you guys.  I’m talking about the people who KNOW what’s been going on in Washington DC and all over the world.

There are a shit load of people basically having a freak out right now and I’m not talking about your average John Q Public type people here. Why?  Because they Know what was suppose to happen, they know what they were told would happen, they know what (supposedly) happened this week….. yet, there is Supreme Court Justice Roberts swearing in Obama.

The information and intel that I have written about over the past few weeks is absolutely correct.  We’ve had so many confirmations of so many facts from so many areas of government(s), 3 letter agencies, military, business/financial . . .  the cross examination of every aspect of every piece of information has been meticulously combed through and everyone involved has agreed that it is accurate.

For weeks we’ve been hearing “Announcements today/tonight/tomorrow!!”  and yet . . . nothing.  This past week we were told “Announcements will happen any moment!”  and yet . . .  nothing.

If you listened to the radio show I did with Lisa Harrison last week HERE I talked a bit about what is happening, and the Why. (I come in at the 43 minute mark)

Why haven’t they made “The” announcement?  Why hasn’t the RV, and the new financial system, and the release of the various funds happened?

What else happened in December? There were two extremely exciting things that happened.  On December 21st the energy of our planet shifted dramatically.  On December 25th The People’s Trust UCC filings were made public.

I will go into more detail on both of these topics tomorrow as I’m seriously wiped out and in need of sleep.  I will say this for now though:  This week should be an amazing week.