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Drake, Judge David-Wynn Miller and Quantum Language Parse Syntax Grammar

JANUARY 17, 2013 reblogged from 2012thebigpicture
I don’t know who the blogger is at 2012thebigpicture, but this commentary cracked me up! Major KUDOS!! Thanks, Eagle

Drake, Judge David-Wynn Miller and Quantum Language Parse Syntax Grammar

Did you listen to Drake’s Wednesday update call yesterday, January 16th? I did, and I wish I hadn’t.

Talk about a distraction, Drake!!!

Drake’s guest, Judge Miller, was an hour late, but I guess he has a Quantum Language clock.

He proposed that we all learn the “correct” way to speak, so that we don’t get “harvested” by the courts. Harvested! That was his word, and he used it generously.

Legalese has nothing on this language!

If you had heard the judge explain to us guttersnipes how to speak properly, you just may have ended the show on the spot.

He said that the 60 per cent of the population who are literate should be re-educating themselves in this language that may as well be Greek.

This Parse Syntax Grammar is all about negatives. Pardon me if I don’t have this quite right. For example: the word ‘Account’: The vowel A in front of the two consonants CC creates a negative, meaning “can’t count”. See?

Further, sentence structure must be mathematically correct.

Apparently even our parking signs need to be rewritten, and we would need two of them rather than one to get the message across.

I lasted one hour, my computer crapped out (there are no accidents) and that’s where it ended for me.

Apparently, the judge hasn’t heard that the ascended beings/Galactics we will be communicating with don’t use language, but telepathy.

I’ll be damned if I’m going to learn a whole new way of speaking when I don’t plan on ever needing to visit a court room, prepare a deposition, or defend myself in a court of law.

Soon, we won’t need courts, but until they’re outdated we have attorneys who get paid megabucks to learn all that jargon so We, The People, don’t have to.

If you’re a barrister and don’t know the Quantum Language, by all means go to Judge Miller’s 0000ps, sorry, it’s  “JUDGE David-Wynn: Miller” (note the punctuation—and maybe even the capitalization, for all I know) anyway— his website and avail yourself of his videos so you can represent your clients without getting laughed out of court. Then perhaps you can add a few more letters after your name so the public knows you speak and communicate to the courts in Quantum Language. Yes… QL would look good, wouldn’t it?

Me? I’m going within to hone my Source-given gifts.