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RTS: There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch


Well my friends, it’s been a long time since I’ve given an update on this topic of the “RV”, and things are jumping like crazy right now, so I am going to give you some of the information that I know and my thoughts that go with it all.

The Disinfo Mill is spinning like crazy and the past week there has been an insane amount of ridiculous rumours and gossip and out right lies being spread like rancid peanut butter.  We’ve always known that the closer the “RV/New Financial System/Nesara” gets, the more bullshit would be laid down….. and this past week has been a doozy!!

I want to clarify a few points that really need to be hammered home here on the topic of the Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong (and many other currencies).

*YES there ARE tiers.  Anyone who tells you differently is an outright liar or a complete moron who’s only intel is coming from a magic 8 ball.

* Yes, tiers 1 and 2 have turned in their Dinar and have nice fat bank accounts with a lotta zeros….. which they can’t touch until the whole shebang goes live.  This is to try to prevent double dipping….. yea right!  who are they trying to kid!

* Yes, there have been a whole bunch of arrests, especially in the past week- but NOT 2000 bankers (I haven’t been able to confirm anywhere near that number)- and not just bankers either….. and a few people sorta disappeared for a few days. They weren’t on vacation.  (Geeee I’m glad I wasn’t in that “special interest” group)…. buhahahahhahahahahah!!!!!!!

* Several things happened last week to stop the RV from going live. I’ve verified two of them for certain- last tuesday and last Friday.  The “Bad guys”…. ok that’s a misnomer, lol, let’s call them the “loosers” are doing everything they can to stop the “winners” of this round of financial warfare from taking over.  They don’t like that they’ve lost their power and they’ll resort to just about anything they can to stop the steamroller from rollin’ on through, even though they know there isn’t a chance in hell that they can stop it.

*speaking of “bad guys”, a certain shrubbery lost everything in the family greenhouse….. they tried every angle they could to get their golden ticket to Wonka’s pushed through the various groups in the land of slot machines….. but in the end they got a big fat zero and not even a chocolate bar as a consolation prize.  They’re still tryin’, but the guys monitoring all these events have their number and no matter how many disguises they put on, they still ain’t getting a golden ticket.  I know that I’m suppose to be all love & light and stuff….. but I just can’t stop giggling.

* There are certain so called “gurus” who are running around bad mouthing various people, screaming outrageous lies about the groups. There is one that is basically freaking out like a dime store hooker that’s run out of bath tub meth.  This person in particular is making a complete ass of herself and has insured that the hole she’s dug is so freakin’ deep that she might end up in china way before she ever get’s a chance to cash in her Dinar.  Don’t poke the “hillbilly” honey, ’cause you don’t know who he might really be!  Moron.

* All the things that needed to be done to make the RV “Live” seem to be done.  (in some instances, again and again and over again, lol).  Everything is lined up.  We’re being told by ALL sources that this is it.  Will there be another delay? Another crash?  Another all out brawl at the OK coral? Could be.  But I do know that those on the top rungs are SERIOUSLY pissed about the delays and are making some very heavy threats.  So….. we’ll have to see what happens over the next 24 -48 hours or so.  Or less.  Like I said: We wait for the Call.

* When the Studley/General64 Email- THE Email– goes out I will let everyone here know immediately that it’s about to be sent.  Anyone that comes into any of the chat rooms or intel rooms etc.. saying “Studley is sending out the email in 2 hours”… let’s just say that a certain person might strangle them with the power cord from his computer.

So…… The one thing more that I want to talk about is NESARA, and all the hopes and dreams that a lot of people have that include sweeping strings and trumpets sounding on high and a chorus of “Hallelujah”.  I’ve been saying for months that NESARA has been turned into a cabal control mechanism, and it has become very very apparent in the past few weeks just how little of the original NESARA will actually make it’s way out into reality.

The “New” Financial System that is about to be rolled out globally is nothing more than a change of management.  The “New” financial system might be under new ownership, but other than a fancy new logo and some spiffy new uniforms…. it’s still the same old game.  I’m not asking anyone to believe me. I’m not asking anyone to jump on my band wagon….  I am asking you all to watch very carefully.  Watch what you SEE and what you do NOT SEE.  Listen to what you are being told, then think about what you’re NOT hearing!  I’m not being jaded or pessimistic- I am giving you my opinion based on all the information I’ve had given to me.  I have spent the past few months reviewing intel and information that is so ridiculously  dirty that it makes the concept of a whole new financial system run in transparency look like the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the people of this planet.  Murder, bribery, blackmail, money laundering, and outright theft.  What a great way to set up a new system, eh?

It’s just new management.  That’s it.

Anyway my friends, things are about to get very very exciting. You are most likely about to get overloaded with a whole bunch of information and misinformation and a lotta bullshit.

and then….. SPEAK OUT.

This event is part of the Grand Finale.  This part- the RV etc- is the grandest contrast ever to be seen and once it’s live…. the FUN really REALLY starts!!

Final notes:

– when you get your email, call the 1-800 number and make your appointment- do NOT delay, because there will only be a set amount of time to exchange at the group rate.  If you wait around  for the fanfare and trumpets of ANNOUNCEMENTS, there is a good chance that you’ll miss out on your group rate.  Trust me on this one: Follow your INSTRUCTIONS.  That’s it. Stupid Simple.

– Do NOT NOT NOT give your Dinar to ANYONE except the bank. I don’t care what guru they say they are…. do not give your currency to anyone except the banker who’s in charge of handling your account.  Sheeesh people! Please stop being so gullible!

lastly, and most importantly:


You want to buy some fancy toys, fine.  But this is the time to PROVE that you have what it takes to be a Human BEing, instead of a Human Sponge. You got yourself a prize?  Now it’s time to step up to the plate and DO something with it!!

TANSTAAFL my friends:  There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.



Would the REAL Lightworkers Please Stand Up?

Not only is North Korea becoming warlike after the United States and possibly other countries have goaded them into parading their so-called nuclear weapons in front of the world, there is dissension in the ranks of the Lightworkers.

Drake has in the past attacked COBRA and said he worked for the CIA.

D at Removing the Shackles has recently said that Neil Keenan is a fraud to which Jean Haines vehemently responded to the contrary.

Some people think Drake is working for the dark.

Heather Tucci-Jaraff has twice recently ripped apart channeled messages and in effect discredited both the channeler and the information they shared.

Today Drake released a post that says Neil Keenan claims the OPPT is a fraud and Heather Tucci-Jaraff is working for the cabal.

Wes Annac blogged today that he doesn’t believe in Archons and thinks someone made them up to control us.

What is all this posturing about? Is it the last vestiges of 3D rising to the surface to be released forever?

There is much we don’t know going on in this world and off-world. Even the Galactics and the Spiritual Hierarchy have been unprepared and surprised by what has transpired to date.

What makes any human on this planet think they have all the answers? Who among us is the final authority on the truth of any channeled message? WE are. Individually. Each one of us decides what is truth and what is not—for ourselves, not for others.

Do I need to spell it out? Calling into question the validity of the work a channel does can affect their career and their ability to generate income!

What happened to tolerance? Understanding? Compassion? Suspending judgement? Working together as ONE for a common cause?

I’m not liking the energy flying around the Internet these days. It’s negative, confrontational and vindictive. Bad vibrations = bad manifestations. It feels like a lot of EGOS are getting in the way of our work.

When someone I believe is a Lightworker attacks another, it makes we wonder if I was wrong about them.

We create our reality, good or bad. Can we not rise above the slinging of arrows and focus on the positive? Can we not be the shining lights we set out to be for the world? Let’s try harder, shall we?

Let not present circumstances divide us. Please.


Know That You Know, and You Will Know!

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In the beginning was God, nothing else was, only God. So all that there is had to come from God, is of God. There was nothing with which God made everything from except Himself. So everything IS the expression of God. God expresses everything from Himself since He is the only source of everything . Everything IS GOD being expressed in different form.

This is the greatest TRUTH! This is what we need to remember (re-member). We knew this truth and deep inside we KNOW this truth. This is what Jesus meant when He said “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”.

Sometime back we decided to forget and experience our creation of separation when in truth we can never separate from the only source. All we could do is create the appearance of separation, the illusion of separation. So here we are living our lives not knowing who we are and what we have created. We have been trapped in our own creation of separation thinking there is nothing we can do to change it. Since we are God expressing in the form of a human, we also have the power of creation. You see it’s not really you or me that is creating it is God expressing and experiencing His own creation. You and I are individualized centers in God Consciousness with all the power of God to express however we choose. Learning through experiencing is the way we have chosen to express. Our quest has been to express, experience and remember (re-member).

Know that you know…………..and you will know, it will return, you will remember who you are and why you chose to come here and express and experience your expression.


 Source works through the principle of WORD. God said, thought and acted and it was so. Every thought is a seed that is creative. The universe is mental, everything exist within the mind of God. There is only one mind and that is the mind of God. You and I use the same mind that’s why we can communicate. If you had your mind and I had my mind we couldn’t understand. Every single word we think is powerful! (Jesus taught more about our belief system than anything else. Many times He said “according to your belief”, or “be it unto you even as you have believed”. He fully understood the power of belief. What we believe governs our creation. Beliefs are ways of thinking, patterns, a thought we keep thinking about. Much of our belief system has been spoon feed to us, we have not spent much time creating our own personal beliefs, based on our own understanding). It’s been said everyone has between 50-60,000 thoughts a day. Each of these thoughts are powerful seeds. When many thoughts are of like kind that kind is created. Once we understand the powerful concept of Word we will guard our words more closely. Now we can begin to see why things happen the way they do and we can stop wondering why. We know why!

All of these 50-60,000 thoughts we have had have attracted together and created. Don Miguel Ruiz in the Four Agreements talks about “the impeccability of our word”. Once 51% of our thoughts are of a positive nature, the creation will be positive but the opposite is also true. We have been so long in the illusion that it is a challenge to guard our thoughts properly. 50-60,000 thoughts are a lot to keep track of. The Abraham-Hicks teachings talk about our Emotional Guidance System. Our emotions can show us how we are thinking at each moment. The guidance system works like this. You know when you are having a great day and everything is going great, you are “feeling” great. When you “Feel” bad you know something is up, you are “feeling” bad…it has been a thought that created how you feel. It’s been said our emotions were created to show us how we are doing, directing us and if we listen to them we can make corrections along the way. We can think better thoughts and change how we “feel”. So we have extra help to fine tune our thinking, our creating. With practice we can design our lives more to our liking.


Thoughts go into the mind, the universe, the energy and as more like thoughts gather together those thoughts materialize. In our world everyone’s thoughts gather together and we see its manifestation. Only you can create your individual world, but you can be influenced by others and think their thoughts and create based on those thoughts. (accepting others beliefs). There are many in this world who know these principles and use them to manipulate others, to create their desire to control others and use power over them. Remember NO ONE can invade your space without your permission. It seems like they can but they can not…some how or way we give them permission through thoughts or actions. Some would use fear (false evidence appearing real) as a means of control. We just need to Re-member who we are and we can then “free” ourselves from our own false creation. In the creation process thoughts go into the energy and the energy uses the Law of Attraction to add more thoughts to those thoughts and that idea begins to form, (thought form). Energy uses information to create form. The mind of God is consciousness and energy. Every thought is like a snow flake, individual and unique, no two alike. Each thought has its own individual vibration. For example, love vibrates differently then fear and we can physiologically “feel” the difference. As we think more loving thoughts, loving situations are formed. As we think more fear based thoughts, more fear based situations appear. We are Energy being expressed in form. It’s much like the movie Avatar. We are individualized centers in God Consciousness connected to five sensors in the body (sight, smell, taste, touch hearing). We give information to the body and arms move, breathing takes place and thousands of other functions take place. We are not the body because the body is just a bunch of vibrating atoms. We are the Consciousness directing the atoms that form the body. Remember all there is, is God, Consciousness and Energy. There really are no solids, they appear as solids because of the sensors we are connected to…but there is no solid!

Everything is energy being expressed through vibration. When we look at something the vibration of the light goes into the eyes and sends an electric signal to the brain. The brain interprets in a way we can understand, it appears as a solid. Now something else is also happening. As we are looking at something, in the back of our minds we are also Aware that we are in the act of looking. There is the awareness and the act of looking, both are happening at the same time. If we can deeply understand that we are consciousness having a physical experience then we can begin to direct our creations more to our liking and not “feel” that we are victims.

Here’s how I see the universe, creation. The universe is full so it does not collapse. There is no empty space. Again it appears empty when we look at it but it can not be or it would collapse. Energy with no form is resting, silent, but has the potential to form into anything based on the information given to it. It’s much like a stem cell. Dr. Bruce Lipton a cellular biologist since the 60’s found that identical stem cells would form differently based on the environment it was given. One cell would form lung tissue and another a toe based on the environment (information) it was given. Identical cells with two different outcomes.  Each cell has the possibility to become anything…pure potentiality as Dr. Depok Chopra says.

Another example is creating a new life. It starts with a single cell and divides, one becomes two, two become four, four become eight and it keeps multiplying. The same identical cell has the potential to become every organ in the body.

Remember in the creation process everything starts with one cell. It is the same cell duplicating itself yet in turns into all sorts of different organs in the finished body. (It is interesting that once the cell growth has reached 512 cells it forms the basis of the heart. The heart is the first organ to grow. You might find this interesting that the next organ to form is the tongue after the heart). Remember that each cell is identical and has the potential to become what ever information it is given. This is how all creation works. Each cell of God, so to speak, has the potential to form anything based on the information given to it. Creation is pure possibility. Everything and anything is possible since it is ALL mental.

When our arm moves we would say the arm is moving through the space but it is not. What is actually happening is, since the universe is full, the essence of the arm fills the space in the next spot. It could be like; what appears as all space is tiny balls of pure energy filling the space. As the arm signals to move, the next tiny ball of energy fills with the essence of the arm. Remember all there is, is energy no solids. Each tiny ball of energy transforms into the information of the arm and it appears to move through space. Since the universe is full there is no space only the transformation of energy.


 When we look at this world and everything in it, we know everything is made of vibrating energy in the form of atoms. Each atom receives information and vibrates at a particular frequency forming that information. Each atom has subatomic parts, the proton, neutron and electron. The neutron and proton form the center and the electron orbits the center. It appears that the electron spins around the nucleus but again it does not. The essence of the electron fills the next space then the next and the next etc. Just like the tiny balls of energy being filled as the arm moves. To give us perspective of size, if the nucleus was the size of a basket ball, the electron would be stretched out 25 miles in its orbit. We would say the proton, neutron and electron are part of the mass we believe to be solid the part we see. However they are photonic, light, vibrating energy and not solids. When we look at the total space that the atom occupies, the mass, the part we see, represents only 1/10th of 1% of the overall 25 mile orbit of the electron. That means we only see 1/10th of 1% of everything we look at. 99.99% we do not see. There is a lot of information and action taking place in the 99.99% that we never see.

We don’t have to understand all the creation processes because it is already designed to work. The principle of Word knows its function and Source Energy knows its. All we need to know is that our every thought (consciously or unconsciously) is acted upon and the Law of Attraction builds upon all thoughts. Our Emotional Guidance System helps us to be aware of what thoughts we are thinking, (by how we feel) so we can correct as needed. We are here to relearn the process of creating and to realize who we are…Remember, all there is, is God and Him expressing Himself as you and me and everything else. All there is proceeded from God because God is the only Source of All. God creates by becoming the thing created.

Here is what our TRUE nature is. As God Beings expressing, we are LIFE, LOVE, INTELLIGENCE, WISDOM, CREATIVITY, BEAUTY, PEACE AND JOY.  We are full of LIFE, able to give and receive LIFE. LIFE expresses in the form of LOVE. In LOVE, we are all KNOWING, INTELLIGENCE which leads to WISDOM. We always KNOW, there is nothing outside our understanding, because we are WISDOM.  We are continually CREATING through the principle of Word. The creation process works perfect. This leads to BEAUTY, creating BEAUTY leads to PEACE. PEACE IS OUR ESSENCE and because we are PEACE there is ONLY JOY! 

If our creation is not to our liking, we can always change it!  We are POWERFUL CO-CREATORS WITH GOD, creating within the Mind of God (whether conscious of it or not). At anytime we can change, re-member with who we really are. The world that we see with our sensors is only temporary, changing moment by moment and all happening within the Mind of God. So, there is no reason to get all excited about what we have created, for it is only for a moment. Time as we know it, is only for us to experience our creations now. There is no need to worry or be ashamed or sorry because everything is Mental and designed in LOVE for us to learn and experience the art of CREATION. We are Centers in God Consciousness. It was our Idea to create this way of experiencing our own creation, by becoming the thing created. We have learned what we came to learn. NOW let us consciously co-create, on purpose, LIFE, LOVE, INTELLIGENCE, WISDOM, BEAUTY, PEACE AND JOY! Our TRUE nature.

Dana Salisbury            azaminow.bravesites.com

The OPPT-IN.com Website is Currently Re-Directed to AK…

Posted on 2013/03/29 by kauilapele

oppt_logo_blue22Don’t be “surprised” if you try to get to OPPT-IN.com, and you get American Kabuki. The OPPT-IN.com website is currently being re-directed to American Kabuki’s website (why? how?). This may be a temporary issue related to the upgrade of the OPPT-IN.com site.

In any event, most of the material on can be found at AK’s site, Removing the Shackles, and this blog.

I and the UV Exchange

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RTS: The Energy is Real

The Energy is real

Posted on March 19, 2013 by D at Removing The Shackles

I woke up this morning to a message from Heather, that had been sent to her from one of the awesome people in the Skype rooms.


“Hi guys  just wanted to let you know that as I cut and pasted the full text of the new filing from Dees web site into a word doc format on my pc, the magnetometer app  that I have open on my tablet went off the scale and gave me an audio signal indicating the surge…confirmation of the energetic coefficients attached to these docs or what.  :)”
I read in the party room about magnetometers so I thought I would switch mine on. When i cut and pasted the filings it beeped. Totally unexpected. (cool)
just checking ”

Then a little while later I received this text:

“OK THIS IS GETTING FREAKIE!!  I just printed out the latest filing and the magnetometer beeped again!!!! So I printed out another random document to see if the device was playing tricks…and it did not beep. That was the control sample so to speak.  This is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Needless to say, everyone thought this was extremely cool!

Since then two more friends have tried it and confirmed that it works, and just a while ago this was posted in one of the skype rooms:

“Ok… So I have now got the app with the magnetometer on my iphone… as an experiment I printed out the latest filing and sat the phone on top and the magnetometer went totally off the scale in every way…just as it did with Heather… and made me totally jump out of my skin! I did a control too on another document… nothing… So the energy in this filing is huge!”

Then Brian just bought a magnetometer app for his phone and…

[1:14:45 PM] brian kelly: THIS THING IS CRAZY!!!!! Off the charts!!!!!

The POWER of words.  The ENERGY of thoughts tied to those words……..  This is why I always recommend that you read the filings out loud, and with your heart!!  Our Hearts are super sensitive detectors- able to read energy and relay that current to our selves.  When we say “Do What Resonates With YOU” we are asking that you listen to your heart detector and you will KNOW what is truth and you will KNOW when something resonates with a great big “YES!” in your heart.

When you read these documents and your heart begins to pound and your chest feels like it’s going to explode….. that because your heart is actually READING the energy of the documents!

…..The energy surrounding us right now is at an unbelievable pitch.  The anticipation is literally palpable, and the air is buzzing with the energy of change.  Take a moment to sit back close your eyes and drink it in.

….. don’t be surprised if you see yourself surrounded by a sea of blue, swirling and dancing around you.

………….Oh we are going to have so much FUN!!!!!!!

RTS: Thoughts of OPPT, from Judith

Another wonderful article from the heart of an awesome Being who’s BE’ing.  Much thanx and love Judith! ~ D, Removing The Shackles


OPPT……My Thoughts

The pass few weeks have been truly amazing. The absolute data that we’ve all attracted / co-created is life changing. The big question: what do we choose to do with it individually and collectively? Are we consciously recognizing the plethora of opportunities that are being offered right now to choose who we BE. For me the choices are as follows:

  1. Continue allowing the old programs and beliefs to take the lead. Continue to relate to, feed and empower, fear, judgment, us vs. them mentality, lack, good/bad and vengeance. This choice is still available for those that are not choosing to move towards a 5D experience at this time for whatever reason. However, this paradigm will not be supported energetically as they no longer resonate with the new energies that are in place now. It will be challenging to hang on to this mind set and thrive simultaneously. So many people are concerned with accessing their value. Yes, we are the value because we are energy and what we choose to emanate is energetic as well. So, where ever you are in this very moment in Being and Doing, energy is being accessed and spent. Remember, you cannot experience what you are not the vibration of, probably now more than ever. In wanting to experience abundance, flow, plenty, 10Billion, you have to be in that vibration. Fortunately, we are in full charge of that all day every day, not OPPT, the trustees, or your next door neighbor. This is what determines your experience; this is what determines your reality. Once you resonate with and are in alignment with your desires, no one can stop that momentum. The universe will support you fully, lovingly with grace and ease. Like you, for me also, the letting go part can be a bit dicey. Perspective is a powerful tool available for our use. We experienced 3D and all that comes with a separation age by choice even though we may not consciously remember making that choice. Forgetting who we really are is all a part of it. So are villains. They agreed to play this part so we could have the experience. Some may not be willing to let go now. This is not a one size fits all experience. We can choose to appreciate them for playing (still playing, not awake yet) a difficult part and hold a space of knowing that they will eventually return to the light of their true selves. In the meantime we can individually and collectively move forward with building our new earth experience without judgment or resentment.
  2. Create the experience you desire with conscious intent. Align your thoughts, words and actions accordingly. Does it feel good? Do you feel excitement? Are you having fun yet? Great indicators of what you’re creating and provides an opportunity to change gears anytime you choose. Peace, Joy, Freedom, Love, Abundance, Compassion, Wisdom, Kindness, Clarity and Grace, all great ingredients we can use to be part of our foundation for a new earth experience. How incredibly delicious does that sound and feel?
  • Imagine all of us (those who choose) holding this intent collectively, passionately, consistently, lovingly…..ahhhh BLISS!
  • Imagine sending Courtesy Notices with the intent of the highest outcome for all.
  • Imagine being effortlessly inspired (in spirit) with solutions that meets all of our needs.

As you probably may have guessed, I am choosing option 2. This is an ongoing choice all day every day. The opportunities may be disguised as obstacles but they offer the unique and powerful avenue to choose who I BE over and over again. For that, I am truly blessed.