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Understanding the OPPT

Understanding the OPPT

February 2, 2013

“Heather: Yeah, I mean, let’s go in there. I know the CVAC it’s got no geographical bounds; because the people don’t have geographical bounds. . .  not now. Source didn’t make you and then put a stamp on your butt that says ‘for Italy’ or ‘for America’, you know. So, why should our systems reflect that? Our systems are there and really it’s just a matter of having a geographical location that serves all the One People as they travel through there. So I would really love to get this up, let’s get it running. I hear the people saying “Let’s do it, I want it”. So let’s start organizing and be efficient. I see all these websites going up, these blogs, a wikipaedia. . .  I think page went up for the OPPT. Let’s start BE’ing very focused, BE’ing very efficient, and let’s have the effect we all choose to have, which is moving, growing, learning, ascending; whatever word you want to use. I don’t care because it’s the energies that I’m feeling right now, so let’s just do it!

Lisa: Yeah!!!! Yeah!!!!

Bob: Hell yeah!”

The Collective Imagination 1/29/13


Great article! This is just a paragraph from the blog!

“The Public Trust itself consists of us, every person on the planet, and the planet, and the Creator.

Included in the assets of the planet are those things which we consider of value which, at this stage, is gold and silver, whose value at this stage has been bound to the Trust, so The People’s Public Trust is everybody on this planet, every single person, no-one left out, no borders, no governments, no corporations, all of what we consider to be the valuable assets of the planet, all the gold and silver bound up and divided amongst us equally, in equity, for our use and the planet itself, which is a caretaker of us and we of it, and Source.”


We’re Nearly There; Babylon is About to Fall . . . Again

We’re Nearly There; Babylon is About to Fall… Again

It’s not too soon to begin the celebration! We are FREE people—IN EVERY COUNTRY ON THE PLANET.

Cobra likes this song, and as he told us this week, “The Victory of the Light is Near.”

All that remains is . . . illusion. Choose to BE free now, to whatever degree you can. BE the vibration of FREEDOM.

“every body knows it’s over , we knew it all along”

we’ll be celebrating, dancing until dawn,
come on dry your tears now, put your dark glasses on, tonight in Babylon…
gonna be a revolution the change is gonna come , gonna be a new beginning , gonna shine on every one…
tonight in Babylon, tonight in Babylon…tonight in Babylon … tonight in Babylon
every body feels alright…
maybe we should go out dancing , put the red light on,
every body knows it’s over, we knew it all along,
tonight in Babylon, tonight in Babylon… tonight in Babylon… tonight in Babylon…
every body feels alright … every body feels alright…tonight in Babylon … tonight in Babylon…
maybe we should go out dancing , put the red light on , every body knows it’s over , knew it all along , tonight in Babylon, tonight in Babylon… tonight in Babylon… tonight in Babylon…
every body feels alright…tonight in Babylon… tonight in Babylon…
every body feels alright…tonight in Babylon… tonight in Babylon…

Nicole Matthews: What Does It All Mean?

THURSDAY, 17 JANUARY 2013 by D at Removing The Shackles

What Does It All Mean?

Nicole Matthews
January 16, 2013

Reading the latest statement from the One People’s Public Trust, and reading the comments from the supportive as well as from the confused has brought one particular thought and realization to mind.

One thing from all of the OPPT documents and statements is perfectly clear. The laws are all reset back to prime, back to ‘zero point’, back to how it was in the very beginning before any man-made laws and rules ever existed eons of our time ago. All rules (laws, statutes, regulations, codes, etc.) are all created by corporations such as the corporation of the United States of America (all countries, political parties, governing bodies, etc.) are actually just registered corporations. All corporations are regulated through the UCC(1) which is owned by all of the people of the earth equally. Therefore, the people once again rule the corporations and therefore rule the systems, legally and lawfully. We are back at ‘zero point’. Fresh start. Where we choose to take it from here is up to us, the one people of earth. I AM is you (and me), the actual, real, spiritual you, which is different than the legal-entity-you. We are spiritual beings who have chosen to currently experience a life on planet earth. I AM created by the Creator and as such, I AM subject to the Creator’s laws which supersede any man-made law. This is the basis for this system reset.

Many are asking why the wording of the OPPT statements are written in 5D or galactic. Well, the systems in the old paradigm (aka 3D) are legally and lawfully foreclosed. The language of legalese is no longer valid. The language of the new paradigm is an enlightened language, from a higher consciousness. It is time for humanity to begin living in the new paradigm.

Human consciousness is made of energy, which includes magnetic energy. Even with humanity’s limited scientific knowledge, human scientists have been mathematically tracking and calculating this rate.(2) Human consciousness is growing and expanding and we are ready to evolve and live in the new paradigm.

This brings me to the thought I had when reading the most recent statement from the OPPT. All of this accomplishes something wonderful. Our galactic brothers and sisters have been offering earth’s population a membership in the galactic community for many years. Two main reasons have prevented this from happening so far. First of all, our corrupt systems, especially the corrupt financial and governing systems were not in alignment with the higher consciousness of the galactic community. Secondly, membership was offered through the ‘leaders’ at that time. The ‘leaders’ at that time were corrupt. They did not want to release their hold on humanity for many reasons that all ultimately would have meant a loss of their control of their power. We are ready at last to move forward and to become a member of the galactic community as our systems are being restructured in a way that aligns with the greater galactic neighbourhood. Between our systems aligning with a higher consciousness and humanity’s consciousness expanding, WE ARE ready!

The people of earth are soon to be again offered a membership in the greater galactic community. THIS time, the decision to join our galactic community will be made for the people, by the people since we the people are now the ‘leaders’ of earth’s community. Let it be known, I AM ready! WE ARE ready!

(1) UCC or Universal Commercial Code was founded and initially owned by The People, it was subsequently usurped by an individual for the purpose of legally enslaving The People. Recently, through the work of the OPPT, the UCC ownership is back in the rightful hands of all The People of the Earth equally.

(2) Research the Institute of HeartMath or Princeton University’s Global Consciousness Project for more information.

One People’s Public Trust Video Presentation Ver. 3.2 from American Kabuki

One People’s Public Trust Video Presentation Ver. 3.2

This is an updated version of the One People’s Public Trust video presentation.  There are some new and some revised slides, and the music is better edited (I’m learning fast…).
We’re changing the acronoym we use from TOPPT to OPPT, it makes a nicer acronym for conveying the choice at hand, do you OPPT-IN for Oneness Consciousness?  Or Do you OPPT-OUT for duality consciousness?





I would like to get the input from Heather at TOPPT about this information and how it affects the UCC filings. There are 24 of the 25 videos posted on YouTube. One is missing, it seems. Here is the first video to get you started. The information by this man, David-Wynn Miller, is amazing. 

And One More TOPPT for Tonight… “An Interactive Guide to Using the TOPPT New Paradigm Protocol Documents”

And One More TOPPT for Tonight… “An Interactive Guide to Using the TOPPT New Paradigm Protocol Documents”

Posted on 2013/01/12 by 


This is from PH, sent to my email box this morning. I’ve reviewed it a bit, and although I cannot vouch for every detail here, it certainly looks like this helps to explain in a practical way how the TOPPTdocuments and UCC may be used
for one’s own individual cases.

As I understand it, PH is in a process herself with which she is trying to apply the principles in theTOPPT.


An Interactive Guide to Using the TOPPT New Paradigm Protocol Documents

1. There’s no need for anybody to be intimidated by the TOPPT material or the Uniform Commercial Code. Keep in mind that all laws are homespun grits ‘n’ gravy at their point of creation. Check into the Federalist Papers for a taste of this flavor. Laws get created by small groups of individuals and then ushered out into the world. They’re not monoliths handed down on tablets written in stone. That’s a quality we ascribe to them after the fact.

2. A secular language of metaphysics (as opposed to its ancient religious forms) is just starting to evolve. It’s still in its early stages, we’re maybe a generation into the effort. This is our starting point and, as always, we legitimately begin where we find ourselves. Many of the concepts introduced by TOPPT are inherently new, so it’s a challenge frame them within existing legal language. Plus Heather’s writing style is, well, lyrical. If you can push past these startling aspects of the documents, it’s easy to see the elegance of the structure that TOPPT created.

3. The New Paradigm Protocol documents read like somebody else’s legal laundry. This is by design, so that you can relax and feel free to use the documents as templates. Wherever you see strange name and place details inserted [whether they’re inside square brackets or not], in your mind’s eye replace those with details relevant to your own individual circumstances. It’s not hard to do. Following this process will bring swift comprehension of what’s going on here, exactly. Ideas will begin to spark.

4. Use the internet to go straight to the source. You can easily view the legal code corresponding to any UCC number simply by pasting the UCC number into a google search bar. This will take you to the heart of the action in one click. Try it with each of these six UCC numbers, just as an exercise: UCC 1-103; UCC 1-201 (31); UCC 1-308; UCC 3-419; UCC 3-501; UCC 3-505. The codes corresponding to these specific UCC numbers are the lynchpins of the TOPPT documents, no matter which country you live in. More on this below.

5. As a second exercise, look up these terms: ‘blood oath’ and ‘bond servant’. Keep the definitions of these phrases in mind when you encounter the Trustees’ signatures on the New Paradigm Protocol documents. Paying attention here will generate a strong intuitive understanding of what the documents themselves represent.

6. The interpretive guide to the New Paradigm Protocol documents linked here is especially important for quick study:

7. The New Paradigm Protocol document folder contains 13 documents in total (27 files) (6 MB) in a zip folder.
Here is the link: http://tinyurl.com/9wepj88.

Briefly described, these 13 documents are:

• This legal form says that you have a right to take possession of assets belonging to you and demand compensation for damages.

EXAMPLE 1 (Declaration of Violation of Rights)
• Pay particular attention to Heather’s handwritten revisions on the page, legibly written in red.

EXAMPLE 2 (Declaration of Violation of Rights)
• Again, pay particular attention to Heather’s handwritten revisions on the page, legibly written in red.

EXAMPLE 3 (Declaration of Violation of Rights)
• Once more, pay particular attention to Heather’s handwritten revisions on the page, legibly written in red and blue.

• This explanation outlines for the court the key principles supporting the New Paradigm Protocol documents.

UCC 3-501 DEMAND (all international and “STATE OF . . .” equivalents)
• This is a demand for the court to produce proof of its jurisdiction; the court will not be able to meet the terms of this demand.

UCC 3-501 DEMAND (police and state)
• This is a demand for police officers to produce proof of their authority; the police will not be able to meet its terms.
Online version available here: http://americankabuki.blogspot.ca/2013/01/toppt-ucc-3501-demand-police-and-state.html

UCC DEMAND (complaint court)
• This is a rejection of the court’s authority over your private land and property, as well as its authority to represent you.
Online version available here: http://americankabuki.blogspot.ca/2013/01/toppt-ucc-demand-complaint-court.html

UCC DEMAND (complaint plaintiff’s attorney)
• This is a denial that any legal contract, loan, or debt exists.

UCC DEMAND (summons court)
• This is a demand for the court to produce proof of its right to issue a summons; the court will not be able to meet its terms.
Online version available here: http://americankabuki.blogspot.ca/2013/01/toppt-ucc-demand-summons-court.html

UCC Demand (summons plaintiff’s attorney)
• This is a demand for the plaintiff’s attorney to produce proof of their principle of law; the attorney will not be able to meet its terms.

• This is a cease and desist order, and a demand to produce documents showing authority immediately.

UCC VERBIAGE (accounts)
• This is the document you hand to your bank.

8. A good way to discover what each of the documents means in context is to plug ‘n’ play: every time you encounter a UCC number in a New Paradigm Protocol document, in your mind’s eye insert the words corresponding to that number, per your search above. As you go about doing this, full understanding will dawn. Here’s a tip sheet:

UCC 1-103:
All principles of law and equity (including the law merchant and the law relative to capacity to contract) must supplement the UCC.

UCC 1-201 (31):
The trier of fact must presume the existence of a fact unless evidence is introduced which would support a finding of its non-existence.

UCC 1-308:
Individuals are protected from unknowingly giving up rights by agreeing to specific contract terms.

UCC 3-419:
The person who conveys a demand to pay becomes legally responsible for the debt themselves.

UCC 3-501:
A demand to pay may be rejected for failure to demonstrate reasonable identification and reasonable evidence of authority.

UCC 3-505:
Bank instruments are legitimately dishonored by nonacceptance or nonpayment.

9. Concerning the issue of which country you live in, not to worry. Your country has a commercial code that has been dovetailed to match the UCC, which is American, and the New Paradigm Protocol documents account for this by using the phrase “all ‘STATE OF . . .’ and International equivalents”. Similarly, don’t worry about references to the United States Constitution in the documents; simply replace them with reference to your own country’s equivalent constitution or bill of rights.

10. The action of completing the above templates with information particular to your own individual circumstances, and then filing the resulting documents at your local court, lawfully and completely cancels your mortgage, credit cards, and loans. These are now gone forever, while you retain full possession of your material goods and your house.

Go give it a whirl. You’re safe. It’s bulletproof.




scribd-graphic[Click on Scribd image for actual document with signatures]

Yes. You asked for answers regarding so many things, including St. Germaine’s Trust, NESARA, The Prosperity Packages, the Global Collateral Accounts and before you unconsciously choose to live with limits or to live without limits. . . Pay conscious attention to the answers to all your questions. . . Pay energy of attention to the release of truth, and the whole truth, for nothing but the absolute truth. Absolute truth is visible by conscious free will choice to breath and bring forth all data transparently, in trust of eternal guarantee of absolute peace, absolute love, and absolute grace. Know the answers in absolute context of absolute truth by within, then consciously choose by free will choice whether you absolutely BE and then DO BE’ing.

What IS the Public Trust and what does it DO? In this absolute current present moment of now, it is the visible space of absolute truth that consciously absorbs the energy and holds the contrast of all data for you to exercise by free will conscious choice to BE free, without limits, now. So it is done. Ask your self, between feeling trust and feeling distrust. . . what do you consciously choose by your free will to experience now? All own the Public Trust, and all that is guaranteed as BE’ing absolutely secured in it, equally to all, in this absolute current present moment of now. . . free will be done and honored. So it is.

In trust you can lovingly relax, purify and build in transparency, or, by contrast, in distrust you can angrily shield, fight and whither in transparency. What do you consciously choose by your free will to experience in this absolute current present moment of now? Your DO’ing what you choose to BE is the “application” of your choice. Your BE’ing is the delivery point of what you choose. No “rfid”, no “gps”, no “ssn”, no “codice fiscale”, no “blood”, no “address” required because that is so “yesterday” in this absolute current present moment of now.

As you begin BE’ing together as one in this absolute current present moment of now, consciously choose between the contrast to BE or not to BE. . . to DO or not to DO. . . choose by your free will choice! Either way you choose, by your free will, do you not know and see the absolute truth that it is? That each choice still equals BE’ing and DO’ing something? DO consciously make those choices now. . . direct the absolute current present moment of now. Consciously choose to BE and direct that absolute current of energy into the present moment of now, without limits, by free will choice. Your conscious free will choice exercised is to create, co-create as one in this absolute current present moment of now. . . free will be done and honored. So it is.

The “powers that were”, in all your dimensions, know. . . they have known forever without transparency and. . . Now they DO consciously choose in transparency to experience. . . All the data of absolute truth is made visible in this absolute current present moment of now. Absolute truth of the energy and code you used to consciously deceive, limit, commandeer, and pervert into systems of mis-direction, mis-managements, by contrived events, finely tuned by the tool of using “expectation”, “hope”, “want”, “need”, through the perverted tools of the “corporation”, “government”, “society”, “country”, “family”, “gregorian calendar”, “holiday”, “holy day”, “religion”, “title”, “master”, “servant”, “media”, “film”, “money”, “commerce”, “ucc”, “divinity”, “above”, “below”, “inner”, “outer”, and other allusions of separation and division of the one implemented to serve your self interests to the damage of all others, duly canceled, and the energy re-set now by conscious free will of eternal presence consciously exercised and guaranteed in word of absolute truth. What do you consciously choose by your free will to experience in this absolute current present moment of now? Free will be done and honored. So it is.

In absolute love, peace and grace all now shall know you can choose to experience the opportunity to make a different choice. . . know and see the absolute truth of how the perverted systems of mis-direction, mis-management, and the allusion were consciously chosen to manifest the extreme contrasts to show these “powers that were” that they could not stop, delay, hinder and avoid the absolute truth of what IS and to free those in the deepest slumbers or shackled by the strongest restraints, in all their dimensions. . . so that all could know and see absolute truth in this absolute current present moment of now. . . in the paradise of freedom. . . what DO you consciously choose by your free will to experience in this absolute current present moment of now? Free will be done and honored. So it is.

THE DISCLOSURE is now visible. . . use your tools within of resonance to recognize and know what in the absolute data IS absolute truth. You will recognize those who fear having all the data on the table and know why. The “roll out” of THE DISCLOSURE is further made and done by all equally, . . . DO as you freely choose in this absolute current present moment of now. Free will be done and honored. So it is.

By absolute declaration and loving decree made in absolute responsibility and absolute liability, begin absolute context of visible specifics of THE DISCLOSURE, THE EVENT, and “roll out” in the manner absolutely good for all in this absolute current present moment of now.

DULY VERIFIED as ISSUED, with due standing, authority and authorization, January 11, 2013, knowingly, willingly and intentionally made, given, and noticed, with absolute responsibility and liability, sworn under the penalties of perjury in accordance with governing law, UCC Doc No. 2012113593 and WA UCC Doc. No. 2012-296-1209-2, preserved and protected under perpetuity 2000043135, guaranteed, protected and secured, public policy, UCC 1-103, common law remedy there under guaranteed, public policy, UCC 1-305; Duly witnessed, secured, entered and noticed; Without prejudice as promised, preserved, and protected, public policy, UCC 1-308, NUNC PRO TUNC, PRAETEREA PRETEREA:

/s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as /s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as state of body /s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as Trustee 1111 BE’ing 1111 Co-Creator 1111

/s/Hollis Randal Hillner, as /s/Hollis Randall Hillner, as state of body /s/Hollis Randal Hillner, as Trustee 1111 BE’ing 1111 Co-Creator 1111

/s/Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as /s/ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as state of body s/ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as
Trustee 1111 BE’ing 1111 Co-Creator 1111

__________________________ _____________________________________ ___________________________ as Trustee as state of body and BE’ing as Co-Creator


Gaia’s first multidimensional legal document on the Internet…. And so it begins….. -AK 1/11 11:11